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29-10-2005, 23:15
Hello all this is a RPG based off of the Warseer chapter that is currently being created on the Battle Barge (insert url link) you are all recruits that have been taken form different worlds you can make up your back story as you wish. All that I require is that some where in there you have they you have been taken by the Space Marine of the Warseer chapter you may or may not have know what he was.

Rules for character Creation

No god characters
No women (they canít become space marines)
1 Pskyer (not a active psyker some one that has the potential of becoming a Liberian)

you may have some training in fighting but no formalized training so your not gonna be able to kill any one easily.

You have no weapons of any kind at the moment besides the clothes that are on your back.

I will not have a spefic character Iíll just be the different Space marines in charge of your training and when you finally become a space marine scout your sergeant but these will all be completely different marines.

You will be in a holding cell aboard the battle barge Sword of St Nicolas. The only ship still remaining form the orginal Battlefleet. (yes the ships name is named after Nick)

Not that I feel I'll need to but all characters will be approved by me.

Brother Smith
30-10-2005, 13:22
For the love of God man, paragraphs!


Name: Adam Smith (later renamed Bathory by the chapter)
Rank: Just picked up
Items: Nothing, exept the ragged clothes he wears
Background: I'm going to wait for the official Warseer chapter fluff + homeworld before I post this.
Appearance: Red eyes, long red hair. 5'11. Has a stuble beard that covers his face. Strong, yet quick - he combines the strength of a bull and the agility of a horse.

30-10-2005, 13:25
My head hurt and I was covered in bruises that were still tender to the touch. The amount my wounds had healed was the only indication I had about how long I had been here, all the recent events and new experiences made judging time difficult. The heavy knock to the head couldn't have helped either.

It hurt to remember where I had come from. The city-state of Incoln, a beautiful place to live and grow up in. The high walls of the city always made me feel save, as did the high walls of my master's monastery building and the knights that lived within. My master was one of those knights, he was of high rank too with all the respect and responsibility that brought. He had earnt that rank by performing glorious deeds so the respect from the other knights was very real. I couldn't tell you exactly what those deeds were or how many of the rumours were true, or at least only a little exaggerated, since they all occurred before my time. He had been old even when I began my service under him as his squire, cleaning his armour and weapons, ensuring his meals and his steed's were probably cooked and his chambers clean were just a few of my duties. In return I was granted the honour to observe him in battle, either against our cities' enemies or training with the other knights.

He had not given me the honour yet of formally training me. All squires my age that were likely to be trained as knights themselves had to go through this period of passive learning. We would pick up on the stances and techniques from observing our masters in battle or training, you could learn a lot from listening and watching closely even if it wasn't anything like the real thing. I'm also sure I wasn't the only one to take practice swings with our master's weapons while cleaning them. I didn't expect to have to swing a weapon in anger for a long time but the day arrived early that I ever thought possible.

I remember waking to the alarm horns of the city blaring. A threat was approaching and the city's defences were being readied, which included my master. Much of this preparation was a blur of well practised ceremony and the only thing I could remember clearly was my master's face being the grimmest I had ever seen it before battle. Looking back it is almost as if my master knew what was to befall him on the field of battle.

When myself and the other squires ran out of the city's gates behind the charging knights I remember the feeling of dread as we saw for the first time the enemy force arrayed against us. We were out numbered horrendously but I'm proud to remember clearly that none of us faltered in our charge. I do not clearly remember clearly what happened during the battle except for a few key events. The first being my master, after charging deep into an enemy squad and killing all that stood before him being surrounded and killed by a dozen spears. The enemy made the mistake of not finishing him quickly though as he continued to kill even as they dragged him off his horse. I remember the rage that gripped me as I imagined the indignities the enemy would be subjecting my master to. The last clear memory I have is of picking up a sword from another fallen knight and charging forth.

I remember flashes of violence. Men dieing at the end of my sword. The feeling of power and hatred that allowed me to ignore their pleading eyes as they died. I remember a spear in my gut, obviously it did not hit anything vital as I remember ripping it out and using it on my foe. I know I got to my master's body and I know I fought over it for a long time and received many wounds in the progress. At least I assume it was a long time, it could have easily been a few seconds stretched out to eternity by the intensity of the moment.

I should have died. It would have been a gloriously heroic death.

But I did not die. Or at least I was not allowed to stay dead. One of the Emperor's celestial knights had been watching the battle and I must have impressed him. I remember the joy at thinking my soul was to be carried away to paradise as reward for giving my life so valiantly. I do not remember paradise being described to include so much pain and drab furniture so I suspect I am still alive. Although where I am not certain, neither am I certain why. I do know that I will not see my home again, and I feel that my future will be full of pain and uncertainties.

(It appears I got carried away. All those words and so little actually revealed...)

[edit]Name: Marcus Smithson (later to be renamed Canities Pictor)
Appearance: Tall and lean. No excess fat but not heavily muscled to a huge degree. Dirty blonde hair and bright crystal blue eyes.

Rabid Bunny 666
30-10-2005, 13:29
Name: Jack (renamed Rabidus :))
Rank: just before neophyte
Items: nothing
Background: from a small mining colony which was raided by Dark Eldar, one of only 3 survivors
Appearance: long, brown hair, kinda blky, about 6'. slow and methodical in doing stuff*

*read lazy

30-10-2005, 13:56
im in, Vheissu Potemkin will make his appearance

30-10-2005, 15:55
name: ruben quinn
rank: just before neophyte
homeworld: malphsteron primus
items: clothes
background: basicaly in the 1st war for malphesteron primus (fluff coming soon to warseer) he was taken in by some traders who were fleeing malphesteron primus and dropped of on the warseer chapter homeworld were he fought on the streets for himself, because of this he was bought in and implanted now starting training ect.
apearence; space marine size, balde, deep sea blue eys, a cople of devotonal tatoos.

30-10-2005, 18:07
welp, never mind

30-10-2005, 20:56
@Brother Smith form what I understand the Warseer chapter has no homeworld and is a completly fleet based chapter.

and yes you are all pre implant pre training stage. just normal (well if you got picked to be a space marine your not that normal :) ) teenage boys.

good characters im gonna wait a while and see if anyone else is interested tell all yourt freinds!

Rabid Bunny 666
30-10-2005, 21:07
updated mine a bit :)

30-10-2005, 21:55
I awoke fuzy from the blood loss of my wounds, expecting to be chanted over by our village shamen, or at worst in the cold snow of the mountains, not this drab room, wonderously wrought out of metal.
Slowly my memories of what had happend came into focus.

My rites of passage had started with me setting off from my village. with nothing more than the bow i had made myself and the knife that was every boy who would become a man's gift.
Walking up into the mountains I had to hunt and trap my own food and dress in the skins. I had to knap my own arrows and sharpen the iron of my blade of stone.
High in the mountains I had found what I was looking for. A great, shaggy haired beast. I had used cunning to smoke it out. shooting it with my great bow. But as it realised the source of it's pain it had come charging across the flames to get at me. As my arrows failed to slow it. and as it reared up to smash me to sunders. I lept at it with my knife.

And that is all i remember up to now. Though the scars fresh forming on my torso and arms show that it struck me. And the fact I'm not dead shows I managed to cut it's throat.

Slowly it dawned on me, The great beast Hunters of the Wildhunt had taken me, to be judged before the huntmaster and to join him If i was worthy.

Name: Ad'lan
Background: Taken from a primitve mountainous death world, rescued from death by exsposure after killing huge mountain beast.
Appearance: Tangled black bramble hair, with green eyes and already weather beaten skin. His cloths are wolfskins. and around his neck is a braclet of sharp canine teeth.

30-10-2005, 23:50
Name: Sethos Drake
App: tall and well built with dark brown hair and Ice blue eyes
equipment: cloths

backstory: I was born on a primitive world. my father was the village blacksmith and my mother was a healer. Sh tought me the ways of nature and what plants could be used for differet perposes. My father tought me the ways of the fordge and how to use the tools and weapons that we made together. One day our village was attacked by raiders like we had never seen before(dark eldar) they killed many and took the rest away. His father died trying to hide him but befor he could hide Sethos had to fac the warrior who killed his father. He drew his sword and attacked. that was the last thing he remembered. now he was in a room with other young lads like himself. he was confused but kept silent as he was just happy to be alive.

31-10-2005, 00:48
Im really likeing the characters im post the IC thread tomorrow so any last mintuie people want in post your characters

31-10-2005, 11:34
Just added a brief appearance description and name to my character.

31-10-2005, 11:39
Angelus Satarion

Asteron Secondus

rags & father's dagger

Asteron Secondus was an isolated world on the Eastern Fringe where the governor ruled in a monarchy. Angelus was the son of Lord Satarion, Master of Asteron Secondus. Asteron was a feudal style world, where chivalry was held in a very high regard.

Angelus, as son of the Lord, was trained from birth to one day rule Asteron. As part of this training he was taught the Asteron codes of battle & taught to weild all manner of weapons. He preffered this over the bureaucracies of royal life & would often talk with the planet's military leaders of strategy & Imperial lore.

At the age of 11 a tyranid fleet surprised the planet's defenses & destroyed most of them. The Lord assembled the planetary defenders to meet the invaders & kill them. Angelus pleaded to go with them, but was forbade by his father. But Angelus was determined to go & hid himself in a supply carriage. The army marched for 2 days before arriving at the tyranids landing zone.

As the spores began to fall the horse pulling the carriage became scared & fell down a bank & into an underground cavern. As Angelus fell he heard the sounds of battle, & the screams of dying men. Then he hit the ground & was knocked unconscious.

When he awoke in the cave he found the horse dead & a thin layer of ash blanketing the ground. As he ascended out of the dank depths the smell of charcoal began to grow. When he finally breached the surface he saw that the ground was black, & the verdant plains & forests of Asteron were burnt clean. In shock at the cleansing of his world he stumbled around the battlefield & tripped over something half buried in the ash. It was his father's dagger. The vibrations must have awoken something as at that moment rippers began to crawl from below. Furious and vengeful at the loss of his father & his world, he threw himself at the beasts and tore at them with the dagger & his fists. They lashed his face & bit savagely on his legs, but all he felt was rage. He cut them down one by one until only one remained. The ripper slid under the ash & leapt and Angelus from beneath his feet. It's tail carved a deep gash across his left eye & as the adrenaline of battle left him, despair & fatigue took him & he fell once more into darkness. Just as the ripper was about to begin feeding on his flesh a loud throbbing hum from above sent it scurrying back beneath the ashes of the newly lost world.

Overhead, a landing craft circled the field.
"Down there, I think I see something".
The craft descended, & hovered beside Angelus, blasting ash & rubble against him. Strong hands lifted him from the earth & placed his body on the deck.
"Sir, this one's alive".

appearance: long blonde hair, tattered, dirty robes, green eyes, and a large scar on the left eye.

31-10-2005, 17:13
We all have to be at the oldest 12. As thats the latest some of he implants can be put in.

31-10-2005, 19:29
thanks I wasn't sure what the max age was.

so edit all your characters to be below 12 also please roleplay as though you are tewelve. ovbloisu you will be mature for your age but your still a kid

31-10-2005, 19:35
Ruben is the same, just rewind to when he first arived with the space marines at the age of 11.

31-10-2005, 19:53
heres the IC Theard http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=297996#post297996

Grand Warlord
31-10-2005, 23:39

A 10 year old from the feudal planet of Tyrion IV. Having been trained in basic warcraft since he was old enough to draw a weapon ... he was found on the battlefeilds part of a trebuchet crew defending against the siege of another lords army, he fought back a few of those who would destroy the castle... he clearly saw the arrows pierce his flesh ... he kept fighting on until there was no more blood in him ... next he awoke in the cell ... unsure of what had happened ... a fresh scar over his arrow wounds.

He is pretty standard for his youth and age with a lot of headaches....

01-11-2005, 03:49
Name: Kasra Entaal

Age: 10

Home World: None

Story: At birth Kasra was seperated from his parents, who were workers on an agricultural world, and sold to an Imperial Navy captain as a protegee and surrogate son, for his parents' good genes. His life as the son of an Imperial Navy captain was short lived, as his new father's frigate was boarded by a pirate vessel when Kasra was six years old. Kasra was the only person on the frigate who was left alive. He was taken aboard the pirate vessel as a slave, and here he worked for four years. His treatment in these developing years was harsh, and molded him into a quiet, bitter young man. He rarely speaks, and tends to answer in monosyllables. He was found by a Warseer chapter Chaplain when the Pirate vessel was boarded by Warseer Chapter marines. His strong demeanor and excellent physical form was picked up on immediately, and he was brought back to the boarding vessel and taken to the chapter Battle Barge.

Items: none (clothes)

01-11-2005, 11:37
IronIon you can post in the IC therad whenever your ready nothing has happened yet.

01-11-2005, 16:10
Name - Omar
Items - clothes
Appearance - dark curly hair, brown eyes, dark skin

01-11-2005, 21:49
you can post your character as well Wildoxmoan

thats it for late characters. no more but don;t fret I can accept more people later