View Full Version : what should i buy next?

eshin's claws
15-07-2008, 17:20
i dont know what to buy . i have DARK ELDAR. i have 2 raider squads (8 warriors per raider) and urien rakarth,and 3 hellions(which i regret buying, though they look cool). i know i need an archon, and i want some incubi. any thoughs on what to buy?

15-07-2008, 17:41
A different army? :D
Just joking...

Archon and incubi are always good. Wyches in general are always popular too...

15-07-2008, 17:45
talos are good addition and definatley get a jetbike squad at least 6 strong

15-07-2008, 18:43
i second the recommendation for jetbikes.