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16-07-2008, 03:27
General of the Empire
Sword of Justice
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Laurels of Victory

Captain of the Empire
Full Plate Armour
Great Weapon
(this guy goes with the Greatswords because I don't want my general in with a unit that will be top of my opponents kill list)

Battle Wizard
Level 2
Power Stone
Rod of Power

24 Swordsmen
Full Command
10 Halberdiers (Detachment)
10 Crossbowmen (Detachment)

25 Spearmen
Full Command
10 Crossbowmen (Detachment)

10 Handgunners
Hochland Long Rifle

10 Knights
Full Command

Great Cannon

5 Pistoliers

20 Greatswords
Full Command
10 Halberdiers (Detachment)

5 Outriders

Helblaster Vollygun
Total 1998

So I have 1 or 2 questions.
1) Should I get rid of the Greatswords detachment the swordsmen crossbow detachment and trim a few points off here and there to get a warrior priest with the speculum?
2) Should my greatswords detachment be free company or halberdiers?
3) Should I get rid of the same units as in 1 but get a BSB with the war banner instead?
4) I chose Outriders instead of a Rocket Battery because while they are never as spectacular they are far more reliable, which do you think I should take?
5) Should I shave of 74 points and get a mounted captain for my knights?

Also any advice or general comments are more than welcome.


16-07-2008, 03:44
The first thing that jumped out at my is the lack of anti-magic. Any amount of enemy magic will blow you away - I don't know what's you'd do if you faced any VC players at this tournament. I really don't see your lone wizard casting anything, so I think you'd be a lot safer in that department if you demoted the wizard to a scroll caddy. At least you could stop game breaking spells that way...

Another thing that jumps out at me is the knights: why not take 7 knights (in one rank) with a war banner? It costs less, generates the same static CR, doesn't lose any CR after one casualty, has more attacks and costs less points. As you might be able to tell, I'm really not a fan of knight units with ranks but I think there is a good reason for that.

In any event, you asked some questions. I'll give a shot at answering them:
1 - I think you need the shooting too much to drop 20 crossbows. If you really want the priest, why not drop the captain for him. He'd be a few more points, but you could certainly save that on the knights (doing what I suggested above).

2 - I think free company are definitely better, though halberdiers are fluffier. I suppose it doesn't make a huge bit a difference since detachments are mostly there for CR purposes. Use what you think looks/feels cooler I suppose.

3 - BSBs are great in infantry armies, though I think magic armor is better for them than a magic banner. At any rate any of your units can take a war banner right now, so why give it to a fairly easily killable model? I would say this option is better than the priest, though I'm not sure it's better than the detachments. What if you made your current captain a BSB? It's only 25 points minus the cost of his great weapon; you could get there dropping just a couple of crossbows.

4 - I think you made a good call on the outriders.

5 - I kind of addressed this elsewhere, but I suppose I'll just say here that I don't think you should get another character.

16-07-2008, 03:54
Few things.

Laurels are a waste that character (sword of justice wont do alot). Either give him a great weapon, or mount him, give him a shield (1+ save) and then give him sword of sigismund (+1st ASF much better with the laurels).

BSB: as above, i'd recommend dropping his magic banner, putting him in the greatswords. Armour of metriotic iron + immune to fear/terror causes fear icon. That unit is there to not flee, and with immunity to fear and rerolling breaktests, they wont be any time soon.

16-07-2008, 09:52
Hmm interesting list...

1) As above; "Magic?" like er you have a power stone and a rod of power - you need like more dispell dice and like scrolls since if ur playing competitively people just seem to play cheesy lists...don't ask me why it's just the notion i have at the back of my head...

If you want to remain combaty...then drop the Battle wizard and toss in like 2 warrior priests with just maybe heavy armour/shield to add more bang! in ur state troops...i think warrior priests go well in units of greatswords since the re-rolls to hit help heaps...makes it more into a unit of like doom then just a unit that could hit hard...

2) Detachments...Er why do u have like units of 10 detachments...like when i played empire 7th ed er they were just their to die...like honestly...use them to redirect chargers and protect ur main units from shooting...like for ur swordsmen...more the unit of 10 crossbowmen into a parent unit and then split the unit of halberds in 5-5 then just use em as a missile screen if u plan to cross the board...

3) You need a BSB...like as empire low leadership is like er unhelpful...so yesh need BSB maybe a warbanner but nothing too magicky..

4) Er smaller detachments again...big units of ten means that ur oppenant can just focus like a unit or two into removing a detachment to stop negating their rank bonus...if you take two detachments then ur oppenant must waste two units to negate the ranks...makes a difference when ur oppenant rolls well.