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Napoleon Blownapart
16-07-2008, 15:50
Hey, I'm looking for a versatile infantry force in 5th edition that uses little to no armor and can advance across the table and take all comers, not just sit back and shoot. For those of you who have been talking about the new SM rules, what chapter if any would be suitable?

16-07-2008, 15:54
any can be configured in the way you want, i would recommened BT ( 20 Man sqds that run at the enemy if they take a casualty! as a good example ).

or BA, they can be a all JP force and dont need to take transports because of this.

16-07-2008, 17:39
What about DA ? if you use a RW / DW force then the bikes / termies are troops, have great advancement rules (DW assult rocks) and are very hard to kill.

Throw out enough tac's to support the lines and dig in where needed and you have a force that will require more than basic stragety to beat. (plus I love to throw something different at my opponent every now and again)

16-07-2008, 17:42
as much as I hate Black templars that souns like the army for you. (I like the idea of them its just I hated the book I spent $20 for a cut and paste of SM codex with 3 pages of new stuff....yes I am a bit sarcastic)