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16-07-2008, 15:24
Ok then,

the reason I'm posting this is that I need a few ideas - for me, it's not that easy to come up with feasible campaign/scenario objectives for these 2 armies other than 'Eat everyone' or 'Take More Slaves!'

As Tyranids are very much big swarm run across the table and are always on the offensive, this makes them a bit limited regarding campaign plots, and the same with Dark Eldar, who are always described as the ultimate raiders, which means one battle and they're out of there.

Any thoughts.

16-07-2008, 15:30
Not sure about the Nids, but for the Dark Eldar remember they will also work to protect the portals to the Webway. If nothing else it is something besides more slave raiding.

16-07-2008, 16:52
Are you meaning objectives as in what sort of objective counters would look good or objectives would be good for the "story" of a game?

1. Objective counters...
A. Bugs- half of a plastic easter egg inserted into foam and done up to look like it fell from orbit.
A "female" of one of the species.
B. DE- Concubine models or webway portals.

2. Story objectives...
A. Bugs- A particuler bug has escaped the hive mind and the bugs need to bring it in for "recycling".
A planet has a particuler life form that they need to assimulate first or the rest of the life forms on the planet will be poisenous to them.
The bugs are the remnants that were left when a previous attack was repuled. They are only trying to build up to survive.
B. DE- As has already been suggested, discovering or protecting or even purposely closing webway portals.
Assassination of someone who has learned secrets likely an escaped slave.
Killing a rival or killing a "renegade.
Raiding for reguler basic supplies beyond slaves.
Scouting or feeling the defenses out for a future all out raid.
These are just a few ideas.

16-07-2008, 20:55
yeah, some sort of half-submerged egg/pod for nids

16-07-2008, 21:06
For 'nids they could be trying to capture/absorb an enemy commander so that they can eat his brains and find out what he knows - sort of like the brain bugs in starship troopers, and a concept that was unearthed in the 13th legion novel.

DE could be after a particular plant/animal to use to make a new poison.

For objective markers civilians would be good for either race.

The Laughing God
16-07-2008, 21:45
Dark Eldar could try to get an old eldar artifact, or a wounded eldar model?

I've seen the egg idea done before, it look really cool.

16-07-2008, 21:52
1. Objective counters...
A. Bugs- half of a plastic easter egg inserted into foam and done up to look like it fell from orbit.

Somehow i managed to insert Cadburys cream egg in there instead of easter egg. However this would be both fluffy, large amount of energy producing biomass aka sugar and a tasty treat for the winner. If you buy the eggs people will queue up to play you.

16-07-2008, 22:30
GW has a few objective markers here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammer40000/rules%2Dof%2Dengagement/2/).

That might give you a few ideas.

17-07-2008, 00:07
Guess you are talking about story objectives, not models (too many ideas for those).

1.) What's wrong with eating a planet? Still a viable objective for Tyranids.
2.) Medusa campaign: Search for Red Terror, save this rare genetic material from destruction. Reward: Get Red Terror as special character.
3.) Genestealer cult was discovered, sends distress signal. Or Brain Bug.
4.) Strategic food source on a Tyranid highway.
5.) Attracted to Astropaths' cycle/warp anomaly, want to silence it.
6.) Revenge of some sort.
7.) Other interesting genetic material to devour, like a BigMech with genetically implanted warp tech knowledge (cf. Kroot).
8.) Stranded Hive ship with "Tyranid queen".
9.) Relict of another Hive Fleet, absorb and learn.

17-07-2008, 01:21
Tyranids story objectives

* An imperial world has captured a creature that is in fact a tyranid synpase beast of some importance and is unaware of what it actually is. Perhaps they are having it breed beasts for cattle or for burden. The Tyranids are drawn by the beast's psychic distress.
*A world that was undergoing consumption by the Tyranids was suddenly cut off by a warp storm. centuries or more have past and perhaps these tyranids have evolved into something wholly different maybe even self sentient in some way. But they are now the target's of a new tyranid approach that wishes to consume the abberent splinter. (Would be good cause for the old stand by of the Dark Eldar. Here's people to torture and enslave. and thus compete with the tyranids for consuming)
*A world was responsible for teh death of a norn queen or fleet leviathan and now what ever leader beasts remain are acting like a mother wolf who has lost her cubs, its out for blood revenge and perhaps enough genetic material to stimulate the birth of a replacement.

For Dark Eldar. (i'll have to pull from the wealth of dark eldar story information that is out there... oh wait...)

*An exiled Acheron is plotting his revenge against the kabals that ran him out of town an dto do it he needs to enslave some very powerful beasts, Tyranid beasts.
*A dark Eldar Acheron has been poisoned by his kabal enemies and condemned to a slow painful death but there is a cure and its many components are found only on one world. (and thus the old stand by for tyranids of "I'm hungry, time for brunch" targeting the one world where said acheron can find his cure)
* For BFG the dark eldar have no battleship class ships. Perhaps one particular world has a crashed and lifeless Eldar Voidstalker on it. Its made of wraithbone and will surely be consumed by the tyranids if the Acheron doesn't act fast to capture this ship and use it to earn serious bragging rights among the kabals.

That's all i got but seriously, let us know what you pick and how it goes.

18-07-2008, 04:48
Tyranids have every reason to capture a spaceport or a bunker. Capture the spaceport to cutoff defenders renforcements or to capture a ship for infiltrating another planet. The bunker may house the command center for planetary defence grids or a generator for the planet's defence batteries.

19-07-2008, 18:23
Tyranids will have any objectives just like any army. They would have to shut down the shields so the rest of the army can get through.

they want to cut of the suply lines so the enemy becomes weaker and can't regroup. Just take what you would for any army and put in the 'Nids. You have 'Stealers that would act as Special Ops etc.