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16-07-2008, 20:58
1. Before you start calling me crazy i will beat you to the punch. i already know i am.
2. I know i have more money than sense, if i had a penny to my name i would have....
3. my idea of a small project is a 2000-3000 point army....

Now the main things i have going at the moment are....

My Steel Legion (17th Prussian Battle Regiment - Explanation Later) - Getting Painted By Nick Landrick (at least that how i think you spell his name???)
My Sisters Of Battle (Order of the White Rose) - Getting Painted By Rocco (AKA My Painting B!&*%) (he has a Warseer name but i canni remember it.
My Tau (Ordo Xenos: File Deleted (not thought of one yet) - Getting painted by me
My Cadians (Cadian PDF (pronounced Ka-dian not Kay-dian) 3rd Generation - -Explaination also later)

Now i am one of these people that will write a full army list as how i think the ar,my should be, i.e. what one full company of guard is or what my PDF have in them. so i have several lists for the Prussians (I know the name is not very original but the theme works with it) which has everything preset (aside from one HQ and 2 Troops Choices For allies like sisters or the like to be added or even PDF)

The Tau i have are the only one i have painted in some form. now my justification for getting others to paint things for me is one that work is generally a pain in the backside and will restrict what i can paint. plus have you ever tried to paint in a sea state ten.... i haven't even bothered trying.

so if you haven't guessed i am in the navy (Royal to be precise, and don't ask me which one as there is only one - no offense intended), and leave the obvious jokes out please i have heard them all before.

so i will try to attach some pic'y's and see how they come out (bare in mind the camera is 4 or so years old and some better ones will be procured in the near future - Erm how'd you do it on here (help needed)

Whole Army Shot
Fire Warriors Squad 1
Fire Warriors Squad 2

Look For the Next Post With More of whats finished

16-07-2008, 21:10
*emerges from the darkness known as lurking*

I will be watching.

*disappears into the darkness from where he came*

28-07-2008, 21:54

You continue this now, y'hear?