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17-07-2008, 11:29
GW released thier rules and codexes in a ring binder or filofax (for portability) format? :D

When you think about it - there are a few nice advantages for gamers and GW:-

1) No breaking the spines on books while sitting them on the table whilst gaming.

2) Revising and updating codexes is super easy, just release a small pack of replacement pages every so often to replace the sections that need updating in a particular codex (available for download from the GW site as high quality pdf's, given away with white dwarf on prepunched "codex quality" paper, or even printable by the local GW stores for a small fee?).

3) Easy to incorporate any optional "Chapter Approved" materials, additional scenarios etc etc given away with white dwarf or at GW events - allowing games to build up a tome - scenarios etc could be upped on the website a few months after thier release in WD.

4) Encourages gamers to buy codexes they would not normally have purchased - having a single complete unified "tome" with a common format that gamers can add to as they go would be really nice.

5) Digital Distribution possibilities (not really a GW "thing", and hard to control piracy, but possible!).

6) GW get to flog us some really nice folders - possibly army themed or whatever? Special ones (Gamesday 2009,Grand Tournament 2009?) Would make nice giveaways (cheap and unique).

7) MUCH faster and more robust turnaround on FAQ's etc. GW could stick up an online submission form for "FAQ requests" - you fill in your request, and it gets added to a dirty great list at GW hq. Once every month / six months whatever, the games designers sit down and go through the list, and agree on an answer to each (sensible) question - these are then incorporated into the next set of FAQ's or codex page updates.

1) Version control - all pages would have to be dated or given revision numbers to ensure that the latest revision is in use (not the end of the world - there are simple ways to do this - a constantly updated "Chapter Approved" reference sheet stored online that lists the latest revision of every page of each codex would do). Plus, the only pages likely to need revisions are those containing rules and points values, not the fluff sections that make up much of any current codex.

2) Cost - though I'm not personally convinced, a binder based system might cost more for GW to produce than the current books - though I expect that not needing to commision complete re-sets and print runs to fix minor typo's, and not needing to "bind" the books could actually turn out significantly cheaper to manufacture...

3) GW get to sell us a whole new set of our existing codexes. Not a disadvantage to THEM of course :P

So what do you folk think? Stupid idea or not?

17-07-2008, 11:40
I have a friend who breaks all his books down and put them in a binder, it works fairly well, but the idea of switching pages is not, the plastic spines will loose their shape if you keep pulling them open, they were not main for it.

17-07-2008, 11:59
I was meaning more of a ring binder (4 or 6 hole even) rather than a comb binder (which is what I think your talking about).

but just being able to sit a book open at a page on your gaming table is fantastic :P

17-07-2008, 12:03
I'd actually like to see GW use the living rulebook/codex idea for more of their products in the same way that they do for the Specialist Games lines. It'd be nice to be able to pull down an up to date rulebook or codex at need.

They'll have to let go of some money to do it though since I doubt as many folks will be buying books if they can pull them off of GW's site for free.

17-07-2008, 12:04
Been there (2nd edition), done that, lost the pages to prove it... ;)

Version control just kills this one. :( A codex and an FAQ is just so much easier to carry and keep track of.

17-07-2008, 12:06
Frankly, a binder just isn't the weapon of choice when one needs to beat a core gamer over the head with a rulebook.

GW realised this in time for 4th edition, hence the hardback rulebook then and now.

Foolish Mortal
17-07-2008, 12:26
If they did this, then I would hope they would do it to all there books (NOT BL novels obviously), I was thinking more like the painting guide - it would be so useful to have that lying flat when your trying to follow a how to while juggling paints/figures. Other companies can manage it, why not GW?