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17-07-2008, 16:25
im taking this list into a game against a chaos player tomorrow, does anyone have recomendations for future expansion of the army?

High priest(245)
Golden ankhra(45), cloak of dunes(20), dispel scroll(25)

Armour of ages(35), shield(2), great weapon(4)

Lich priest(115)
Horse(8), hieratic jar(25), dispel scroll(25)

Light armour(2), enchanted shield(10), brooch of the great desert(25), great weapon(4)

30 warriors(240)
Hand weapon, shield, light armour(30), command(25)

30 warriors(240)
Hand weapon, shield, light armour(30), command(25)

34 warriors(340)
Hand weapon, shield, light armour, spear, command(25)

15 bowmen(120)

4 tomb swarms(180)

4 carrion(96)

3 chariots(120)
Standard(20), banner of the undying legion(25)

Tomb scorpion(85)


20-07-2008, 00:36
It's a matter of personal preference of course, but I think your skeleton units are a bit large. In theory it's all good because you get the outnumber bonus, and you need to outnumber to auto break them, right? Well, in practice it rarely works out that way simply because your skeletons are utterly inept at actually inflicting any damage. You can have all the models you want in there, but they're not going to do any good if you're not winning combats in the first place. Skeletons are, however, very good at lending ranks and numbers to a fight as long as they have someone else doing the actual winning bit for them, and as soon as you have two units locked in combat, you're bound to have the numerical advantage.

With this in mind, I'd trim down the skeleton units to 25 or even 20 men (I run mine 20 and it works just fine). 20 is the bare minimum you need to get the ranks, and if you absolutely positivly need full rank bonus and have lost some earlier, they're easy to raise back to full size. 25 is more of a luxury, but it gives you a little redundancy. Again, a matter of taste.

I'm not sure about the spears. I have very poor experience with my skeletons when it actually comes down to business; they're good for lending a little weight to a fight, but are absolutely useless when it comes to hurting anything. I would love to be proven wrong, but personally I stick with handweapon and shield, because it means they demand less attention, and it frees up more points for units that can actually do the killing for them.

On that note, I think you'll find yourself lacking punch. The chariots is the only purely offensive unit you have. I'd drop a unit of skeletons completely, and get something hitty. Ushabti are great, so I'd suggest four of those.

3 chariots work, I guess, but I'd recommend 4. It just makes them a bit more versatile with regards to what they can attack.

I think you'll find 15 bowmen a bit unwieldy. I play with units of 10, and even that gets a bit awkward sometimes. Perhaps move some skeletons from the melee blocks over to archer duty, and run two times 10 instead.

Carrion are awesome and brings a lot to the Tomb Kings army, but 4 strikes me as an odd number. Either go for a minimum unit of 3 and use them exclusivly to hunt warmachines, wizards and such, or get another one for a unit of 5. This gives you US5 which means you can (in addition to their normal duties mentioned above) place them in the flee path of enemy units. Sneaky!

20-07-2008, 01:15
I second Makaber on everything he said in his marvellous post above. I only have to add a simple maxim for list-building I always use myself, to stress the point:

All the really good units are special or rare. Pick as many as is allowed... :)

Catapults, chariots and tomb scorpions are the traditional safe choices, but there's not much wrong about the others either.

Also note that if you some time happen to pick a Tomb King in your army, chariots will count as core choices and you will in a manner of thinking have an infinite amount of special choices... Needless to say, Khemrian armies with a preponderance in chariots are very powerful indeed.