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18-07-2008, 01:27
Hello Warseer. I intend to take the plunge into Warhammer real soon, and after reading the fluff of the empire provice's, I decided that I wanted to play a Hochland themed force.

Heres the list I made.

Warrior preist, Great Weapon, heavy armour. 98 points ( does Heavy armour give only a 5+ armour save? but if I add a sheild instead of the great weapon, it will be a 4+ save?


20 swordsmen, Muscian, 165 points

10 crossbowmen 80 points

10 Handgunner's 80 points


5 pistoliers-90 points

Total: 468 (i've left some points to possibly add a detachment or such.)

My general plan, is to have the block of swordsmen advance with the warrior preist in the unit towards the enemy, and the crossbow men will give supporting fire at the unit that my swordsmen intend to charge. The handgunners will be placed on the flank, and the pistoliers will move around the other flanks.

I intend to buy the Battlion box, the warrior preist, and a box of free company. Would these purchase's be enough to give me a good base of my army?

18-07-2008, 02:19
To answer your Warrior Priest question: yes, and in combat if you're armed with a hand weapon and a shield you get another +1 to your save (bringing it to 3+). It's usually wise to give characters a GW and a shield so they can choose to hit hard to defend depending on who they are fighting.

As to your army:
You ought to get a standard on the swordsmen. I'd make one of the missile units into a detachment and drop a man or two from it to afford it.

It's a pretty good list, though 500 points is awfully small and you don't get a lot of options. I'd advise you not to go too hardcore into the shooting theme though, as it's not very fun to play with or against and it will likely cause you to quickly lose interest in what I've found to be a very fun hobby. Infantry and cavalry (and to some extent magic) require tactics and planning. Shooting can add some tactical flavor to the game when used as support, but if you rely on it games quickly dissolve into a dice rolling contest.