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18-07-2008, 11:58
Hi guys.

After mulling over the responses on a few threads, it got me to thinking-are certain armies/races more popular in given geographical locations?

For example, on one thread I mentioned that noone up my way seems to play Lizardmen (or if they do, they've been hiding from me!) while another dude said he couldnt move for em. This was brought home at the recent Watchman tourney when after years of never having seen a Lizardman army in the flessh, there were 2 or 3 on the day. So I was wondering-have any of you noticed anything similar, or does the area you live in seem to, for example, be an Ogre Kingdoms stronghold, or is every other army up your way Bretts? that sort of thing.

18-07-2008, 13:29
There seems to be a pretty even mix in my area. Chaos is usually a strong favourite though which I think is the case overall.

18-07-2008, 13:33
I think that there's quite some variety between regional groups. In terms of army choice, views upon the game and other aspects. This might have been toned down a bit by the Internet (and the varying use of internet forums of the group's members as a discussion and information platform) and the local gaming infrastructure but generally I believe that there are still bigger differences between gaming groups than we think.

18-07-2008, 13:42
My gaming group loves shooting, so any army that has some good shooting will be represented. Except Skaven, but i'm working on that.

We have 2 Lizardmen players, both who love their skinks. But the most would be High Elves, as we have 3 players who regularly bring them down.

Count Sinister
18-07-2008, 14:35
Chaos (of course) and Vampire Counts seem to be the order of the day in my neck of the woods here in Southern Kansas. That said, though, the other armies do get some representation - Skaven, Empire, Dark Elves, High Elves, and even two Bret armies (one of them mine).
Back in Ireland, I noticed that Chaos was very popular, although dwarves had quite a following in the group I played with too. Haven't seen any dwarves where I am now - not a beard in sight.

J.P. Biff
18-07-2008, 17:27
Fear causing armies are overly abundant in Victoria B.C. Canada. Alot of VC's right now, the other armies have one or two people who use them but Lizzies and Mortal Chaos, Brettonia have no one that uses them. Skaven, OK, make an appearance only if I use em (which is rare)

19-07-2008, 16:47
I think what the OP wanted to know was, apart from the most recent and powerful army, which army or armies are mostly found in your area.

Where I play there are many different armies. Many Elves (mostly High, with several Wood and some starting Dark when they come out), Empire and O&G also represented. Lacking on Chaos/Deamons though.

I have sometimes thought about this idea too. Imagining many Dwarfs in Germany (Beer!) and Scandinavia, Elves in the UK, Bretonnia in France and Italy, Chaos in America (no offence).
Perhaps GW could give some sales figures from different countries and which armies are sold most.

General Squeek Squeek
19-07-2008, 17:34
My store is fairly new (opened >1 year ago) so whatever codex's came out over the last 6 months is the most common army (right now dark elves, vampire counts, and high elves). Matters not though my skaven have devoured them all so far.

19-07-2008, 17:54
my store is very obsessed with modeling and painting, so almost every army is represented in both 40k and fantasy. (most players don't want to field an army that someone else has.)

19-07-2008, 19:04
Hmmm interesting. A lot of different responses, so I guess there IS a degree of regional variance. Skaven (including me) seem to be quite well represented, where I live, Orcs and Goblins less so, which surprises me, to a degree, as I seem to remember a lot more. Very few Wood elf players my end either, and AFAIK, Im the onlt dude playing Tomb kings. hmmm. Havent seen Brets in a while either. Within my regular group, im about to start a 3rd army. If I wanna do one the group doesnt already have between us, that basically means an Elf force (yes, out of four of us, there are NO elves of any kind!) OK, or Lizzies, which would also work out well for going to the FLGS, since none of them are really represented. Its odd, though, how some forces are better represented i different areas- I wonder if GW would share the info, purely for personal interest? I cant believe they dont HAVE info like this through market research.