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Partisan Rimmo
18-07-2008, 14:33
Hello friends!

A modelling log is something I always wanted to do, and it occurs to me now is the time.

I, sadly, am one of those people who feels the need to go back and repaint old armies, and as a result and currently working my way through my back catalogue. Having just completed the first half of my Imperial Guard, I felt like a change, but wanted something which could be prepared easily.

After much consideration, I decided that my Dark Eldar, which I painted maybe three years ago, are well painted enough that they needn't be resprayed (huzzah!) but are definitely not of a standard I would want to be considered representative of me now. With that in mind, I have begun the Redux project of my 3000pts of Dark Eldar!

Firstly, the Warriors (of course). I have about 50 of these guys, but I don't think I'll paint them all at once. Here's a photo of how they started this process:
And how they are after their Redux:
The hindsight of three years has allowed me to decide that I don't like the 'covered in bodyspikes' look and so those have all come off. Similarly I now know how to base, and so that is applied to them all. The big change though is my decision that a white helm is better than a silver helm, as well as much more carefully painted helms and touch ups on the armour where needed. The weapons still need to be redone (I'm thinking blacklined boltgun metal) and I can't decide if they look best with black eyes or coloured eyes of some kind.

Thanks for any feedback!

18-07-2008, 14:52
looking good mate, always enjoy seeing more dark eldar armies around, any chance of an army shot of what you've still got to do.

Getifa Ubazza
19-07-2008, 01:20
Seconded on the army shot. The new helms make a really big differance. Ive always wanted to do Dark Eldar. Cant wait till they are redone.

19-07-2008, 10:44
On the one hand, I agree that the white does look much better than the metal.

On the other, the white really draws attention to just how incredibly bad and ugly the actual sculpts are..

Partisan Rimmo
20-07-2008, 12:13
Hmm, looking back, those pics have come out slightly pixelated. The lines are much smoother in real life. I'll fix that for the next photos.

I'll put up a whole army pic later today. I have a few bits I haven't assembled, but I have at least 2000pts that is fully painted up.

Getifa Ubazza
20-07-2008, 12:28
On the one hand, I agree that the white does look much better than the metal.

On the other, the white really draws attention to just how incredibly bad and ugly the actual sculpts are..I know im in a minority here, But i really like the Dark Eldar Warrior models. The Incubi are among my favourite models GW make. With that said, i really dont like anything else in the range, although the Jetbikes are not to bad. Despite saying all that, im very much looking forward to the new book and models. Hopefully then i will get my own Dark eldar on the table.

Partisan Rimmo
22-07-2008, 09:58
Hello everyone!

I have army pictures as asked. These are just the models I had painted to a non eye burning degree, and I didn't include Raiders etc. as I just couldn't fit them into the pic. The bases never really got finished on quite a few, but then that's why I'm here now!
Also, I've added close ups of the Wyches and Grotesques as these were the best painted models out of the army I think, although the I have plans to change the Grotesques a reasonable amount.
I also now have a list I am working towards! I've decided to paint up a nice 1500pts ready for a tournament, and in order to do this I will need:

30 Warriors (some with special weapons)
16 Wyches
5 Incubi
Dracon + Archon
2 Ravagers
5 Warp Beasts + Beastmaster

With that as my plan, I think I'll move on to readying a few Wyches now for variety. Also, the observant will notice that the total number of redone warriors in the pic above is now 10.

I'll post information about my full itinerary of Dark Eldar models if there is interest. Also, does anyone know of anywhere on the internet Dark Eldar componants can be bought? All the bits suppliers that I've found don't have anything for them. Thanks.

Partisan Rimmo
27-08-2008, 19:22

I've still been working, despite the lack of updates. Rather than each model individually, since my camera and I have fallen out at the moment, I'll just show an example of what I'm working on.

11 of the Warriors have now been complete. I attempted something new and silvery with the guns, but after much decision I prefer it the old way, so there will be no more of that. I've also been masterminding a method to scratch build Blasters that I shall share with you some time soon.

No less than 6 Wyches have now been reduxed, with a further two very close to that state. I've also redone a Grotesque as a test piece for how I would like them these days. I've very pleased with the results.

Here's pics!