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18-07-2008, 17:12
1 Oldblood: Spawn of Itzl, Tepok and Sotek; Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, Glyph Necklace, Enchanted Shield, Light Armor, on Carnosaur: 493

1 Skink Priest: Level 1, Cube of Darkness, Blessed Mark of the Old Ones: 135
1 Skink Priest: Level 2, Diadem of Power: 135

18 Saurus: Full Command: 246
15 Saurus: Full Command: 210
12 Skinks: Scouts: 84
12 Skinks: 72

6 Saurus Cavalry: Standard Bearer, Musician, Jaguar Standard: 265
4 Terradons: 140

1 Stegadon: 235
1 Stegadon: 235

Total: 2250
Power Dice: 5(3)
Dispel Dice: 5(7)

The idea is that I have a fairly fast moving hammer consisting of 2 Stegadons, Cavalry and the Old Blood, with an anvil of Saurus Warriors. Skinks to protect a flank and march block. The Skink Priests are purely for anti-magic, only one effective scroll with the Cube of Darkness, but the Blessed Mark means I can re-roll the dice if I fail ending the entire magic phase, as well as dispel attempts made by him.

Edit: One thing I'm considering changing is dropping a Terradona to upgrade both of my priests to Level 2. More Power Dice means more to dispel Remains In Play spells, also better chance to cast spells that are weak on magic (2 spells each, 2 more power dice, 2 more with Diadem).

Lord Dan
18-07-2008, 20:00
I would drop a stegadon for some Kroxigors. Switch one saurus from the 18-man unit to the 15-man one, giving you two units of 17 and 16, respectively.