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18-07-2008, 17:32
Here is my first army list using the new White Dwarf printed rules. Comments and suggestions welcome.

1x Daemon Prince of Slaanesh(Gen) - 350 Total: 495
Mark of Slaanesh - 25
lv3 Sorceror - 120

4x Chosen Knights of Slaanesh (38ea) - 152 Total: 207
-Shields / Chaos Armour
w/ Command (30) and Mark of Slaanesh (25) - 55
1x Exalted Champ of Slaanesh - 90 Total: 180
w/ Steed (20) Shield (10) Mark of Slaanesh (20) - 50
*Whip of Pleasure - 40

14x Chosen Warriors of Slaanesh (18ea) - 252 Total: 360
-Shields / Chaos Armour
w/ Command (18) and Mark of Slaanesh (40) - 58
*Banner of Wrath - 50
1x Aspiring Champ of Slaanesh - 70 Total: 125
w/ Add Hand Weapon (5) and Mark of Slaanesh (20) - 25
*Sword of Striking - 30

14x Chosen Warriors of Khorne (20ea) - 280 Total: 338
-Add Hand Weps / Chaos Armour
w/ Command (18) and Mark of Khorne (40) - 58
1x Aspiring Champ of Khorne - 70 Total: 145
w/ Add Hand Weapon (10) and Mark of Khorne (15) - 25
*Axe of Khorne - 25
*Dispell Scroll - 25

15x Marauders of Chaos (8ea) - 120 Total: 150
-Great Weapons / Light Armour
w/ Command + Chieftain - 30

Grand Total: 2000pt

18-07-2008, 17:42
Wondering how to change the title of thread to not show "Beasts of Chaos" as the army. Anyone tell me where do you make that change? :wtf:

Lord Dan
18-07-2008, 20:02
I see 3 big, slow-moving, relatively unsupported missile targets. :)

We'll see what you can do when the book comes out. Good work with the points, though.

18-07-2008, 20:45
Had to have the three Core Units so not much I can really do to support them in this point amount other than hope the Chaos Armour helps. Ranged attacks/cannons have always been the bane of Chaos and without even access to Furries in the current listing it is even worse. Just gotta work with what I got for the time being, but I am hoping they add something to help in that area on book release. I was hoping the mobility on the Demon and his spells + the Banner of Wrath would help me some in that dept as well.

The Marauders as usual are nothing more than a flank wall and it is up to the knights/demon to backup the 2 blocks of warriors which will hold center. I could maybe drop one unit of Wars to gimped down Marauders and add 2 spawn or a chariot with the freed up points, but I have not worked out exact point values on it yet.

18-07-2008, 21:16
dont think your allowed take more than 1 unit of chosen warriors on foot, think the limit is 1 mounted, 1 foot

18-07-2008, 21:19
also i usually disagree with people who say dont spend too many points on characters but in this case you have spent 945 on them...

18-07-2008, 21:22
also, 495 points is alot to be investing in T5 4W 5+ save which can't join units, A well placed cannon shot or lucky round of missile fire and I think your day would get a lot worse