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18-07-2008, 23:33

I've just started a tzeentch army for the Tale of Painters, and, put simply, I refuse to accept that the new list exists, and thus I am going from the old army book for now. If anyone wants to argue, please go away as taht;s not what this thread is about.

Now that we;ve got that done with. this is intended to be mostly uesd for friendly play, although my main regular opponent is moving towards more powerful lists so 'd like to be able to half compete without compromising what I'd like as the theme/main composition. Also, as I know I;m going to be preseed for time next year I;ve tried to go hero heavy to lower the model count, although adding marauders odes sort of dfeat the point...

Anyway, without further ado:

Lord of Tzeentch, halberd, shield, disc of tzeentch, golden eye of tzeentch, staff of change=499 (Main spellcaster: I know it's a no brainer build, but why not :p)

Exalted champ of tzeentch: barded steed, shield, sowrd of might, gaze of the gods=222 (combat monster)
Aspiring Champ of Tzeentch, BSB, blasted standard=225 (runs with warriors; more magic/general BSB usage)

12 Warriors (6 wide), MoT, shields, full command=230
12 Warriors (6 wide), MoT, shields, full command=230 (maybe run these as chosen with great weapons and drip something, if I can find a way to convert them)
20 marauders, shields, full command=165
5 Warhounds=30
5 Warhounds=30
5 Chosen knights, MoT, full command=295

Firewyrm of tzeentch=75


Thanks for any thoughts! :)

19-07-2008, 02:24
'Reet Mate,
I have to admit I haven't actually PLAYED the new lists yet, 'cos I've been giving me Beasts a run out .In the past though, I always found that you end up with 1 of 2 options. You've either got a soft Marauder army led by by your elite Lords on discs etc (with all your eggs in only a couple of baskets);Or you end up with a pretty standard Chaos Warrior army with a couple of Tzeenchians tacked onto it (losing some of that fine Tzeenchian flavour).I've fielded an army similar to yours, but most of my regular opponents (Dwarves, Greenies, Empire) favour Big Battalions, so I normally end up taking either a large (10+) unit of Knights OR a large (24+) unit of Warriors, with a large unit of Marauders backing them up. I have got a fantasy army I'd like to use at some point- I've got a couple of old discs I've been meaning to convert, so that I could then have my Lord and two hero's on discs, making up the rest of the army with just enough units to give you your Leaders Marks. A lot of it depends who you're fighting against tho! Anyway, good luck with 'em- with the right magic behind you, you can scare even the sturdiest Dwarf!

19-07-2008, 19:36
I think theres too many points spent on your general considering its not even a Greater Daemon, i'd be the first to disagree with people who say too many points on characters works against you but I feel you could get better value for the points you are spending on your general

19-07-2008, 19:52
I'd suggest dropping your aspiring champion in favour of upgrading one unit of warriors to chosen with halberds, and then dropping either the 2nd unit of warriors or marauders, whichever you want, and put the exalted champion in the remaining unit. As it is your infantry units will struggle to win combats, but with these suggestions they should manage by themselves. I'd then use the remaining points buy yourself a pair of chariots.

Just a personal preference, but I actually preferred having gaze of the gods on my Lord on Disc rather than the Golden Eye as it means that you can through him into combat with confidence.

If you can find the points, beast herds can be very useful as well.