View Full Version : 400pts Savage orcs - Warband rules

19-07-2008, 05:01
So, I've taken a long break from warhammer and 40K and I'm trying to get back into it. I've tried painting a whole army since, and I just can't stay focused. So i fugured if I could paint just a few models at a time, I could get something done.
So, here are my savage orcs;

13 Savage orcs - 160
Full command/ 2*choppas

10 Savage orcs - 100pts
2* choppas

4 Spider riders - 52pts

1 Orc boar chariot- 80pts


So, I have just 2 requirements for this warband 1) no magic and 2) savage orc horde.

See, I also plan on making a 400pts Lizardmen warband to teach a new player the game. I figured without magic would be easier and I want the lizardmen warband to be more elite, a saurus hero, a kroxigor, a small unit of skinks, and the rest saurus warriors.