View Full Version : Mum's 7th Cult of Slaanesh List V.1 (New DE Book)

Your Mum Rang
19-07-2008, 14:25
Here's my attempt at creating a balanced Cult of Slaanesh list with the new DE book. Please note:

- The Anointed is a Dreadlord
- The Daemonettes are Black Guard

"Anointed": Soul Render - Armour of Eternal Servitude - Pendant of Khaeleth @ 225pts
This guy has a Great Weapon with AP for -4 to saves, has the inverse ward save and regeneration making him a tough enemy to kill.
Sorceress: Lvl 2 - Dispel Scroll - Lifetaker - Dark Steed @ 203pts
Sorceress: Lvl 2 - Sacraficial Dagger - The Guiding Eye @ 185pts

15 Crossbowmen: Shields - Standard - Musician @ 185pts
5 Dark Riders: Crossbows - Musician @ 117pts
5 Dark Riders: Crossbows - Musician @ 117pts
6 Harpies @ 66pts
6 Harpies @ 66pts

18 "Daemonettes": Full Command - Standard of Hag Graef - Ring of Hotek @ 329pts
6 Cold One Knights: Champion - Musician @ 189pts
6 Shades: Great Weapons @ 108pts
6 Shades: Great Weapons @ 108pts

Hydra @ 175pts
Hydra @ 175pts


I tend to think of the army in 3 sections, all of which can mix up.

- Combat: The Black Guard with Anointed are a tough cookie with their many attacks and ASF. The CoK hit with decent strength and will make awesome flankers. The Shades with GW's and Hatred are a good flanker and can murder support units whilst the 2 Hydra are a very maneuvrable and hitty unit.

- Missiles: My large unit of RxB can re-roll misses when they need it and also can provide extra PD for my Sorceress. The DR are as they have always been and the mounted Sorceress can also pop off a few shots. The Shades are good shooters and my Hydras have a S5 breath weapon!

- Distraction: The Harpies will be modelled as flying Daemonettes and provide very cheap flying units. The Dark Riders will perform their usual excellent fast cav role and the Shades will also do their bit.

All in all I think this is a decent balanced army that will look awesome once I finish it! Let me know what you think and if there are any ideas I can improve on!

Von Wibble
19-07-2008, 14:37
Like the theme - considering the same myself! Very much a guerilla style force in tactics though - dark wood elves really.

Try Armour of Darkness instead of Eternal Servitude - Low S attacks that break your ward will bounce off the 1+ save!

Are you sticking with the Hydra models or using gribbly spawn monster things to make them?

Your Mum Rang
19-07-2008, 14:58
I am gonna use Galrauch as one of them and use him as a bound dragon and then will look for a second one.

And you're right... the Pendant gives you amazing protection against high S attacks but gets shaky when faced with low S ones. So a strong save will be better than Regen for covering all the bases :D