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19-07-2008, 14:41
Not too much talk of warbands on these forums. I've been out of the game for a while, but my fondest memories were just chillin' with my game mates with a cup of coffe on the counter top with a handful of models duking it out. It also never seemed to tire me, and those epic battles of "I'll get you next time!" could be solved with a simple few pencil marks on the list, and an immediate re-match.

So, why not do a tactica? Surely there are people here who love warbands as much as I do.

Let's begin. I almost always saw magic as rarely worth it, I always used a skink priest with my skink warband, but I don't recall him doing all that much, and my kroxigor/worth half the points seemed to make way more an impact.

Horde, Horde, Horde. If you can, try to outnumber your opponent. Sacrificing your character for this is necessary in my experience (playing orcs and lizardmen).

Warmachines like a rock lobba or bolt thrower don't seem worth it for what they do in this small of a scale. However, things like hell blasters(the empire thing) and reaper bolt throwers are good because they pour out shots.

Chariots rock, end of discussion.

Mobility is key. Fast calvary, skirmishers can really turn a warband around, they perform all their normal functions of march blocking and war machine hunters, but they just seem deadlier in smaller games.

So, fellow warseers, I beg you to join me in the re-birth of warbands.

Chaos Mortal
19-07-2008, 14:44
i personaly quite like warbands, what type of points are we talking about here?

19-07-2008, 15:25
I agree with what you said, and I'd like to add that abusing the modified minimum unit size is worth it. Cavalry is amazingly mobile 2 wide, I think fast cavalry isn't even that great in comparison. Minotaurs and ogres become single models too. Also, a horde of 3-4 strong night goblin archer speedbumps is a nightmare: they aren't subject to animosity, they are too small to be actually worth any attention you direct towards them and they shoot you to bits anyway. Ok that's enough venting traumas...

I once played with a list like this at 200 points:
5+5 beast herd inc. champion
3 ungor herd
3 furies
2 chaos knights, MoCU
with a AoD+shield+gw MoCU beast hero and a musician thrown in at 300.
(Yeah, it's shamefully min-maxed...)

I strived for mobility in the confinements of 2 non-core choices, and aside from rolling 1's for Unruly I could usually pick my combats. ungors suck as speedbumps in the 7th edition though... Knights are just plain badass and furies can handily provide that little extra punch or go hunt missile troops.

A pal of mine did this at 200 points: (i forget the exact numbers)
14 orc boyz with shields, inc. champion & musician
4 x 3 night goblins with bows
5 squig hoppers
Some wolfboyz, more hoppers and night goblins and a smaller second unit of boyz thrown in at 300 iirc
That's orcishly simple and effective... Rather few units at such low points match can hope to challenge the largest mob, playing very effective point denial... the archers are a nuisance, and hoppers albeit their unreliability are a slaughterous force of nature. There's not enough bows to shoot them before they get you.

Beyond 300 points I have no practical experience, but I would expect that the 10 unit maximum will become more tangible plus there will be room for a more diverse array of counter-units, and you'll end up with rather more sensible battles. ;D

19-07-2008, 16:29
My group of mates just got into WHFB and 500pt Warbands has definitely been enjoyable so far.

Just last game we did 2v2 and randomised the teams (2 highest dice rolls were paired) so it ended up being my O&G with Wood Elves vs Brets and Ogres. Well to put it simply, we got demolished I think we only won about 60 points due to killing half a unit of gnoblers and the Ogres scraplauncher killing his allies bowmen haha. The dice gods were against us that game (utterly shocking rolls). Needless to say we challenged them to a rematch soon as the game was finished for the next time we play.

As Bluebugs has said rock lobbers and bolt throwers have very limited uses and generally arent worth it. Chariots are something yet to be tested in our group but I think they would be a fantastic choice to go hand in hand with a large regiment of goblins (hordes do very well in low point games).

Magic - just about useless, I dont think it can do enough damage or provide enough utility to justify using the points in such small games. Your far better off with Fighty hero and the LD bonus.

Whilst the large creatures on 40mm bases can go solo for warbands I think its better to keep them in a unit of 2 or 3, you can only have 1 Rare and 1 Special or 2 Special so you might as well bulk out your choice because they normally get shot at first. I field my trolls in a unit of 2-3, they are invaluable when fighting heavy cav or taking on other 40mm base creatures at 500points, 3 for 120pts with regeneration is huge.

Last point about warbands is that it is great for people that cant afford a 2k army and still allows to use any unit in the game you want. If your favourite unit is in special, make 2x3man core units and bulk your points out on the special you want (same goes for rare).

19-07-2008, 19:11
LM must have sallies so cheap in these games haha i laughed my head off when i wiped off half there army with my sally :D

19-07-2008, 19:18
Horde, Horde, Horde. If you can, try to outnumber your opponent. Sacrificing your character for this is necessary in my experience (playing orcs and lizardmen).

playing the same armies ive found 2 things that are pretty constant in my warbands:
salamanders for lizards
chariots for greenskins

sometimes ill take 2 units of 3 goblins, a chariot, and giant more or less, and let the giant and chariot attempt to walk through things...
throwing a fanatic in the mix also funs things up...

also for LM i like to take either 2 krox or a few cold one riders...

and obviously magic is all but useless in warbands...

if you really want to win in warbands games, pick up a couple boxes of ogres...
2 units of bulls and a leadbelcher or two, along with some accessory gnobs or maybe ironguts, will wipe out almost any other army...
add a gorger if you really want to over-do it...

20-07-2008, 04:34
Good stuff here. Here are my visions for my warbands, Orc;

13 Savage orcs - 160
Full command/ 2*choppas

10 Savage orcs - 100pts
2* choppas

4 Spider riders - 52pts

1 Orc boar chariot- 80pts


Also, I don't like Goblins as bulky units. I prefer them as fast calv, warmachine crew, ect. I want savage orcs to bulk up my warband.

As for my Lizardmen I was thinking a krox, a single salamander and crew, a skink hero w/ javelin, shield, and light armor. The remaining points will be a small unit of sarus and mucho skinks.


20-07-2008, 14:20
As for my Lizardmen I was thinking a krox, a single salamander and crew, a skink hero w/ javelin, shield, and light armor. The remaining points will be a small unit of sarus and mucho skinks.


that looks pretty nice if you are doin ~400 - 500 pts...
if you have the points//unit size, make the saurus unit have a champion for use as a commander, so your leadership of general is higher

the last time i played a wb w/ lizardmen i brought 3 sallies, 4 cold one riders, a chief with staff of the lost sun, and like 11 skinks split into 2 units...

Chaos Mortal
20-07-2008, 15:03
salamanders are so powerfull at that level!!! seriousy a salamander could almost destroy the a warband single handedly

El Haroldo
20-07-2008, 23:14
Recently we dug out the warbands rules and organised a regular night for a number of us who play and a few guys who are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to get into fantasy.

Being written late 6th/early 7th ed, a few books had changed since then so we tried to house-rule it to make it fair. I suggested that while lists didn't need to be submitted for group-approval, that people keep things like 'balance', 'fairness' and 'reasonability' be kept in mind. Starting Warband size was 250 points.

I missed the first session, and in the first game one of our VC players took Konrad Von Carnstein, along with a handful of ghouls and 3 Blood Knights, contrary to the 'no special characters' rule we all agreed to, and another guy took a Herald of Khorne on a juggernaught. Proxied, of course. No one stood a chance.

So our balanced, friendly narrative campign based group has become 'character bash, pre-7th ed. need not apply'. I have next to no interest.

21-07-2008, 02:50
El Haroldo - That is very sad! I have a game-mate that always pulls ridiculous stunts like that. Once, in a heated lizardmen vs High elves battle, 3K I believe. He took the special character that is really good with magic/unlimited range, all other lord/hero slots were wizards, minimum core units, and maxed out repeater crossbows. As if that wasn't bad enough he started one unit 24 in away, and the others 36 in away. I later found this was highly illegal and my poor old blood/carnisaur and army did not stand a chance after 2nd turn.

But back on warbands....
I believe in balance. I would never take more than 1 salamander for any point battle under 500. The only reason I don't consider that unfair is because I always roll misfire, eat all my skinks, and then try to eat more.

El Haroldo
21-07-2008, 03:23
Errr what? Repeater Bolt Throwers? Assuming you were both deployed 12' in than yes, your units would have been 24'' inches away, I'm not sure how the remainder being 36in away was illegal.

25-07-2008, 04:59
El Haroldo. We were playing on the floor. I play, mostly poor hammer. So we didn't set up a perimeter (also my mistake), and what ever bolt throwers the High elves have Access to (i've been in college and away from warhammer for the past 2 years, my brain mashes things up) Regardless, I'm trying to block it all from my memory.

Onto other things. Ogre kingdoms. It seems these guys would rock in a warband. However, unless the game is larger, it is hard to gain a commanding model. One must take at least 3 ogre bulls to select a leader (125 pts minimum) which is half the army if your at 250. For Raw, I suppose one could get one bull, and 20 gnoblars with a unit champion, but I would not play anyone who tries to play off a gnoblar as a leader in a warband.

so, what tactics work well or OK at such a small battle?

I was thinking Iron guts, they just seem like they would wreck most units in warbands. St 6 M6, 3 attack each. Not too shabby. Although it does seem LD would be low at a warband under 300pts.

On another note, house rules? I was thinking if one selects a commander from a unit champion, that champion should gain access to their heroic equivalents war gear and up to 15pts magic items. So, A Saurus unit champ, could select spawnings, a great weapon, ect. Just an idea, does this seem fair?

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
25-07-2008, 06:04
I can't find the Warbands rules on the GW site anymore. Thank you, restructuring. I love Warbands, it's a great way to try out an army you don't want to buy all the models for and get a quick game of Warhammer in. My buddies and I are about to start up agian, and this time I'm making everyone paint their figures before they can use them. I figure it'll help us get our armies all finished instead of playing grey vs. grey all the time.

bluebugs, what point sizes do you normally play? I'm having everyone start out at 199. Super low level, no magic items, no rares or specials. It's a good way to get to know your core selections.

25-07-2008, 06:35
For beastmen or high elves, I go with cheap, solid units.

High Elf spearmen are 9 points each. 15 for 135 points. Its cheap and effective. I run two units of 15, a unit of 10 archers, and a noble with Great Weapon and Armour of Caledor. Its easy to fight with and destroys most armies I fight.