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Gharof von Carstein
19-07-2008, 18:42
ill be posting my battle reports in here about my battles with my VC army under the commands of Mannfred von Carstein, my vampire lord Gharof the forgotten and his wife Katarina von Carstein. I hope you'll enjoy this fluff. Battle reports coming soon!

The woman rode up in her coach towards the keep. She was afraid, but it was not the same fear she had felt as a little girl, playing in the hills, from where she could see the shadowy keep laying in the ominous opening of the dark forest near her village. No this fear was different, she was not afraid for herself, but for the safety of her friends, her village and foremost her father.

It all started a few moons ago... Mangled animal corpses were found. The villagers had just thought a new predator had made its home in the forest near the village, a bear or a dire wolf perhaps. After a while the attacks started to increase, until one night farmer Kendan's flock of 20 sheep was ripped apart. The cries could be heard at the other side of the village and everyone came out of their homes to see what was happening. The sight was a truly gruesome one... blood everywhere, the live stock no longer living up to its name. A single piece of white woll floated on a sea of gore.

The men had organised hunting parties, they were gone for almost a day. Only one man had returned. He was mad with fear mumbling inconceivably. He killed himself later that night. No one knew what to do, no one but her. The daughter of the mayor, taking up office after her father had grown ill. She had heard the stories from her mother, that a powerful lord lived in the keep in the forest. He never received visitors and was said to have locked himself in, waiting for something. Ridiculous! who would lock himself in just to wait? He was probably just content to be left alone. However she couldn't leave him alone any longer. The village near his land needed his help. The village was too secluded... she would convince him. She just knew she would! She had to...

As the coach neared the gates of the keep she thought she saw something in the nearby woods. Eyes gazing at her, glearing blue like the night had chosen to manifest itself on that spot with eyes of the darkest blueish glow, to look upon a desperate yet beautiful woman forced to action by desperation. Now hurrying to save those she loved and cared for. She shivered and fought the urge to cry as the coach reached the keep. It wasnt fair. She had always ever longed to leave her village and the influence of her rich family to see the world. But being the daughter of the mayor of one of the most strategically placed border towns of the empire required her to be strong and accept her responsibility. She stepped out of the coach and wrapped her golden travel cloak around her as she walked up the steps of the keep.

He watched her... she had finally come, as he had known she would. He could smell her scent from the battlements of the keep. He had smelled her even when she left her village to come here, to his home, his lair. "A strong woman, and beautifull as well" he said as if to the shadows itself. The shadows answered, "I can see why you named her as your price for my request. I have to admit shaking up that pathetic hovel was even slightly amusing" He grinned, "oww brother, sometimes we all succumb to the urge for some mindless slaughter, its...only human" he laughed.

As she made her way through the keep, up stairs, through halls she saw how the keep had lost most of its former glory, still apparent to a keen eye. "hello my lord?" her voice rong clear and echoed on through the halls. "EEK!" the bats that had been startled scared her more than she them. She opened her eyes after being so startled, and what was that in the distance? Was a figure standing atop the stairs to the tower? "My lord? hello? I have come to request your aid" the figure moved up the stairs. "No! wait please!" she ran to follow him. he dissapeared through a door at the top of the stairs and she hastly followed him. "My lord please! You must come to our aid! Our village is under attack by something endangering our lands!" He sat in a chair infront of a roaring fire. She didn't see his face. "why would I help you Katarina Münd? What could you or your village possibly offer me?" His voice felt like needles on her skin. How old was he? She was scared but kneeled down, her face almost to the floor. The dust on the floor so thick she could not make out the patterns of the carpet she was kneeling on. "My lord request of me what you desire, I will give you anything you want in exchance for your help" She had just noticed, he had known her name, but how? how could he know? She was well known around her village, perhaps the lord had heard of her, a female mayor was not common in their world. "Anything you say? Even if I were to ask you for your hand in marriage?" She felt sick to her stomach, marriage? She had never considered the possibility. Would it be such a big price to pay? For the safety of the others? "If you can ensure me the threat is dealt with, than even that will be yours my lord..." She looked up and saw a pale grinning face. But what drew her attention were his eyes. They were the same as the ones outside, yet different. What was this? Was this all a trick? "I accept, it will be done. Do you hear that my brother? You will stop your rampage"

Her head spun around, she had not noticed the second figure lurking in the shadows of the room. When he stepped forward she recognised him instantly. The blood drew from her face as she gazed on the lost and last count of their neighbouring land of sylvania, Mannfred von Carstein. He laughed at her which sounded like a thousand bats screeching through the night in search for prey. "You...no..no..." The last thing Katarina remembered before waking with a great hunger and a greater hatred for all those alive, was that she had cried. Cried for her father, her village and for herself.
Now she smiled as she joined her new husband on the battlements of the keep. No longer Katarina Münd, she was now Katarina von Carstein. Taking the name of her new family. Gazing down at a host of undead so large that it seemed like a endless ocean of movement. Her former village could be seen still, but only because the flames climbed ever higher into the nights sky.

He had kept his word, Mannfred had not joined the fight. This however did not go for his vast number of decaying minions who ripped through the village like the wind through a thin sheet of paper...

Unknown to the world, Mannfred von Carstein had a brother. A younger brother who was given the blood kiss by Mannfred himself. He watched over his brothers hidden keep for countless years awaiting his return. Amassing a great host of undead warriors in the underground caverns of the keep. Awaiting to make war on the lands that would be theirs. This brother was Gharof. He started calling himself the forgotten as the world did not know of his existance. He however kept waiting for Mannfred to return. When his brother finally did he was weak. He helped his brother to rise back to his strength. And the time for rest had ended. Plans were made for the final besieging of all the lands of the world. But first, the empire would have to pay for its actions.

Gazing to the west, Gharof smiled. Im coming for you humans...and their will be no tomorrow for any of you...

Gharof von Carstein
19-07-2008, 18:44
the armies ill be using, please comment with improvements if you can see anything.

1k army
Mayor Otto Münd,
Wight king, skeletal steed with barding, black axe of krell = 145pt
Katarina von Carstein,
Vampire, dark acolyte, summon ghouls, helm of commandment = 175pt
Gharof the forgotten,
Vampire, Ghoulkin, summon ghouls, book of arkhan = 175pt

Dire wolves x6 = 48pt
Crypt Ghouls x15, ghast = 128pt
Crypt Ghouls x15, ghast = 128pt

Cairn Wraith x4 = 200pt

total = 999pts

what im trying to go for here is hard hitting and fast. with ghoulkin and my fast moving units ill be able to storm my opponent like nobody's business. Along with vanhels to get into combat fast. my wight king (Katarina's raised father, keep family close I always say ) will take all challenges and with that axe(chose it cuz its a GW so +2 str which he sorely needs), strike first from vanhels once in combat and reroll hits he will get some insane damage in (hopefully). the direwolves were raised to 6 to fill up my last 8 points and to make sure that with even a few casualties they will still have the US to negate ranks. (what they are there for)

my 2k army revised

Count mannfred, book of arkhan, skull staff = 575pt

Ghouls x 20+ghast = 168pt
Ghouls x 19+ghast = 160pt
Zombies x20+musician = 84pt

Katarina von Carstein
Vampire, Dark acolyte, summon ghouls, black periapt = 160pt
Gharof the Forgotten
Vampire, helm of commandment, Dark acolyte, summon ghouls = 175

Grave Guard x 15+GW+bannerwearer w/ banner o/t barrows+champ = 274pt
Black Knights x5 +F/C+banner of the dead legion = 205pt

Cairn Wraith x4 = 200pt

total = 1999pt

This army uses the anvil and the hammer tactic. the zombies are the anvil but will be raised up before taking that task and im gonna keep those ghouls close. marching them up straight down the middle to attract the attention. while the cairn wraiths and black knights try to move up fast over one or both flanks to destroy them from behind and/or flank. keeping the vamps behind the anvil out of the unit keeps them save and makes sure that the helm doesnt go wasted. giving it to either the zombies/ghouls or the strike unit of cairn wraiths/black knights. ill probably join mannfred up with the knights or keep him close to a strike unit to bring the magical hurt close to the enemy.

Gharof von Carstein
19-07-2008, 18:45
More fluff to deepen out my characters:

Mayor Otto Münd, the wight king:

Mayor Otto Münd had lovingly raised his daughter since her mother died when she was a little girl. His wife made him swear a promise to her on her death bed. "promise me Otto! You will protect her always!" "Always my love...I will let no harm come to my little girl".

The good man tried to raise her as best he could and did not hold back when it came to teaching his daughter what she would need to know later in life. His memories often dwelled on her childhood, which he had tried to keep as uncomplicated as possible. "Let her be a child and play, is what he always said to his friends, she will have enough time to worry about the things of life later on". After Katarina turned 12 her father tought her the workings of politics, the facts of the world and the way of the sword. Being a strong captain of men in his youth Otto could handle himself with nearly any weapon. This skill saved his life more than once, and so he deemed it important Katarina be able to defend herself. When his daughter turned 25, he had noticed his illness growing. He had been having troubles with his health for years, and no priest in the empire could find the cure to whatever it was that ailed the good mayor.

When the problems in the village began, Katarina had bravely stepped forward to take her fathers responsibility. Otto could not have been more proud, nor could he have been more sad the day his daughter told him of her plan to ask for the aid of the lord of the keep. Not even wanting to bring her weapon as a sign of peace and trust towards the mysterious man. He didn't want her to leave, and the thought of his only daughter traveling the dangerous path gave him a uneasy feeling. He insisted she would take his personal coach. It was the only thing he could do to be sure she would be safer than traveling on foot. Otto waited and waited for his daughter's return. Than the attacks came. Undead roamed the streets, slaying all they came across. Otto felt outraged. He gathered what little strength he had and grabbed his battle axe and armour from the weapons chest in his office. Who were these vile creatures to think they could boldly attack HIS village?! Otto knew these undead attacking his village were but minions to a immortal predator. If the village had any hope of surviving, he would have to try to strike down this creature. After mowing through a few ranks of the undead Otto almost collapsed under the weight of his axe and illness. He had to go on! It was his duty! "I WILL NOT BRING SHAME ON MY DAUGHTER BY FALLING TO YOU MINDLESS CURS!" he yelled. Falling onto the ranks yet again with a renewed strength of which he did not know where it came from. After splitting a zombie from head to waste, he noticed it. A dark shadowy figure commanding the undead, bolstering their ranks, driving them ever forward. He screamed a battle cry and swung up his axe. This was it! He would end it here and now! When Katarina raised the hood of her cloak her father's axe stopped in mid air. He could not believe it...his own daughter... impossible! Crashing to his knees, weak, ill and with a feeling of grief and sorrow so deep he felt as if he was drowning in it. His former daughter stood over him, smiling. "What is the matter father? Not happy to see me? I am truly sorry about that. But dont cry, there is no reason to feel sad. You will never have to part from my side ever again. I still have need of your protection and teachings"

That day Otto Münd the man perished. That night his body was infused with dark magic to create a immortal bodyguard for his daughter known as a wight king. He still klings to his old axe, now infused with unholy energies that bring swift death to all. He still holds true to his promise, no harm will come to his little girl...

Captain Keen
20-07-2008, 07:30
I've made a 1k-army to battle Gharof with
Core 1: 9 knights plus charge (d3) banner and command :247pts
Core 2: 13 flagellants :140 pts
H1 : Priest on barbed horse with 2-h hammer and rally-horn to complete knight-ranks, and he makes flag's a Core unit instead of Special:147 pts
H2-3 (two hero-slotter): Valten :215 pts (we agreed that he may join the fray, and last time, I totally used him wrong, by letting him stay as backup, not using his combat resolution bonusses he gives to my other units when he hits)
Special: 15 greatswords with command :180 pts
detachment of gs: 10 spearmen :50 pts

2k-armylist is yet to come, but I think it will involve the steamtank again, and this thime I will protect the flanks, since it may not pivot when in melee, not even when winning the combat. (FAQ in vault of knowledge gamesworkshop site says it must have spend at least one steampoint on movement in order to pivot, you can't move when in melee,so....and SP's are lost at end of turn too...). It must be able to use his canon, or else it is canonfodder...:chrome:

I could replace Valten with one or 2 wizards, but Gharof convinced me to give Valty another shot. Now to the writing desk and let's see if Von Helsing is an ancestor of Valten. (after gluing some speardudes, and white wolf knights). Or should I bring Knights Panther?
Hmm... anybody seen the movie: A kiss before Dying? A Comedy with Dracula...very funny!

Gharof von Carstein
29-07-2008, 10:53
It was a dark night, it was as if light had hidden itself from his presence, even the moon dared not show its glowing visage. "The fools won't know what hit them my love". Katarina stood behind her husband as he stood on the hill overlooking the watchtower that stood between him and his first target. "It is hard to believe that such a small thing stands between us and the beginning of our invasion, isn't it my love?", Katarina continued. Gharof grinned, "it wont be that easy, my darling. A strong champion has formed a small force to investigate our little coming out party. He is here, and he will be a nice challenge." "pfah! A challenge? From a human? That I have to see for myself!" "As you wish my darling, muster some forces, we attack tonight..." Katarina licked her lips, "as you wish my love" she turned away. "coming daddy?" From the shadows the wight king emerged. "as you wish mistress". Gharof took one last look at the tower "My campaign begins tonight and your lives end! that is a promise humans..."

So here we go! battle 1 vs empire. For this little watchtower scuffle we decided to field our 1k army's. Gharof is just starting after all so its appropriate to start small.

My army list:

1k army
Mayor Otto Münd,
Wight king, skeletal steed with barding, black axe of krell = 145pt
Katarina von Carstein,
Vampire, dark acolyte, summon ghouls = 145pt
Gharof (the forgotten) von Carstein -> General
Vampire, Dark acolyte, summon ghouls, helm = 175pt

Dire wolves x5 + doom wolf = 50pt
Crypt Ghouls x15, ghast = 128pt
Crypt Ghouls x15, ghast = 128pt

Cairn Wraith x4 + banshee = 225pt

total = 996pts

Didnt know my opponents army list but it looked something like this:

-about 17 flagellants
-20 to 25 greatswords+ a priest on warhorse +valten
-detachment of spearmen to go with the greatswords
-unit of 20 halberdiers

I win deployment and choose the table half with a forest, the empire player gets the actual tower. empire player finishes first and wins roll for first turn.

Katarina rolls for spells and gets raise dead and vanhels(yay!) Gharof gets wind of undeath and summon undead horde(boo!)

deployment VC left to right: Dire wolves/Ghouls +katarina/otto on skeletal steed with barding (wight king)/Ghouls + Gharof/wraiths+banshee

deployment empire left to right: Flagellants/Greatswords+priest+valten/detachment of spearmen/ halberdiers

see image:http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f238/Gharof/battlereport1.jpg?t=1217116036

empire 1st turn:

My opponent start his turn by moving all his units straight up by their max march. The magic phase is uneventfull as his lonely priest is no match for the power of my 4 dispel dice effectively ending his magic phase (darn! should have bought a black periapt :P)

no shooting happens (weird feeling when facing a empire player) and of course no combat.

VC 1st turn:

my wraiths float for 8" into the nearby forest and set up camp there. Im hessitant to march for my full move due to my opponent than getting the first charge, i dont want that so i choose to move up my ghouls by 6" my wight king by 8" and the wolves by 10" just behind the tower.

My Magic phase is where the action should happen. But it didnt... 2 of my IoN's get effectively dispelled, only one succeeds adding 2 ghouls to the left ghoul unit. I try to get a wind of undeath off with Gharof which miserably fails.(a guy has got to try right?) no shooting happens as my banshee is just out of range of the halberdiers. no combat happens.

image after 1st round:http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f238/Gharof/battlereport2.jpg

Empire 2nd turn:

Strangely enough my opponent doesnt move this turn. Apparently not wanting to be charged first as well, a mistake on his part as this just gives me time to summon more units which i failed to do the first turn.

the rest of his turn ends the same as the first. the priest gets dissed, no shooting no combat.

VC 2nd turn:

Movement consists of manouvering my ghouls 1 inch forward to just keep them out of range of his units. the wolves dont move and my wraiths move to the end of the forest within 8" inches of his halberdiers.

Magic phase was more succesfull as i manage to increase my left ghoul unit by 8 for a grand total of 25 and another wind of undeath fails miserably and my vanhels gets dispelled. In the shooting phase my ghostly howl comes up short (damn that high Ld of empire) and there is no combat.

Here is where it gets interesting.

empire 3rd turn:

My opponent realising his mistake is sick of the waiting game and declares charges with his halberdiers on my wraiths, his greatswords charge my left ghoul unit along with the detachment. after these charge declarations he measures for his flagellants and see's he comes up short. The great swords also fail their charge by a good inch so they move 4" towards my left ghoul unit. the halberdiers are scared out of their minds of my wraiths. they fail their terror test and run 6" inches straight back like whimps. the spearmen als move up 4 inches failing their charge

the magic phase is again shot down by my vampires and no shooting and combat happen yet again.

VC 3rd turn:

All went as planned and so I make my move (literally) I declare the following charges:http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f238/Gharof/battlereport3.jpg

-Wolves charge flagellants (may seem like a tight fit due to the tower, but that just my crappy paint skills)
-Ghouls left charge Greatswords
-Wight king charges Greatswords flank
-Ghouls right charge spearmen
-wraiths+banshee charge spearmen flank

all the fear tests are passed this time (darn) and he holds with all units hoping to make his final stand here.

in the magic phase i raise nine more ghouls on the right unit and raising zombies with raise dead fails (rolled a 3 believe it or not). Shooting takes out one of the spearmen with ghostly howl.

and for the first time in the battle. combat phase:

I first choose to handle the battle on the right of the field. Gharof starts things off by killing one spearmen. the ghouls kill another 2 and my wraiths kill 3. the spearmen dont kill anything and auto break from combat. both my units pursue ghouls move 4" inches but only the wraiths catch the spearmen, moving 11" inches ending up next to the fleeing halberdiers. the spearmen get destroyed.

the middle battle was undoubtedly the coolest part of the battle. here my strategy bloomed. My wight king challenges and valten accepts (hoping for that) I use my helm of commandment on my wight king which hits twice, once for 1 wound and another time for 2 wounds. the 2 wounds get AS'd and the 1 wound sticks. valten hits the WK twice, both of which are AS'd.

Katarina goes to town as she is in contact with my opponents priest who she wounds twice 1 of which is saved (darn). the remainder of the ghouls kill one more greatsword. his priest misses along with most of his greatswords. His only victory is that his champ takes out my ghast (only casualty on my side)

I win the combat resolution and due to outnumbering the unit flee's and are caught by my Wight king. we searched the rules for 15 minutes to see if pursueing units had to be US 5 or greater, apparently this is not so and the wight king takes out the entire unit in pursuit. After this my opponent concedes.

Massacre for the VC!

The tower burned brightly in the darkness, as the crushed bodies of his enemies layed before him, Gharof could not help but smile. The battle went perfect! The attack had not come as a complete surprise. It had not made a difference. The few losses suffered more than weighed up against the carnage he and his beloved wreaked this night. "I told you, it was not a challenge my love" Katarina said. "you were right of course my darling, have you fed enough tonight?". "oww yesssss", she licked her lips, covered in blood. Gharof glanced a smile, "Order the corpse carts to load up these bodies, we shall retire for tonight and plan our next incursion soon. My brother grows anxious, and we wouldn't want him to get angry now do we?" As the tower crumbled the mad laughter of Gharof the forgotten echoed through the night. It had been a dark night for the empire, and if he had anything to say about it, an even darker night would soon follow...

Captain Keen
29-07-2008, 23:29
Yes, I failed....Valten should only hit rank-and-filers (I guess thats where his str lies, with his 5 attack's hits count for every friendly unit 12" CR's). My units must be bigger, and I should field 30+ flaggees I guess (frenzy-imm and unbreak). Some rattleguns/canons wouldn't have hurt either or wizards. But I wanted a sort of Middenheim theme, for all the excuse that will account for. Have you told them how I totally whiped your vampire army in our battle the next day? (by playing them myself, hahaha!!! My plan worked as well!! Nah... I really went for the kill...) I will mail the photo's I shot (yes, I did shoot SOMETHING that day, lol) so you can relink them here...

nm: I am already uploading the pics to photobucket as I type, hehe..


too bad my army isn't painted yet...

Gharof von Carstein
05-11-2008, 13:41
A wolf howled at the full moon passing over the fields in the eastern part of the empire. Gharof listened to it, it did not belong to one of his undead dire wolves. A feral beast in the wild, no more. After the slaughter of the empires forces at the eastern border, the march of his grand army was slow. Traveling only at night with huge numbers was testing his patience. He had endured it. What else could he do? He was bored, and welcomed distraction. Suddenly cries came from the front ranks. A vampire thrall sped towards him and crashed down on his knees. "My lord! Our scouting party's have been destroyed! The slaughter and tracks suggest..."


The cry of the orcs was deafening. Black orcs and wolfriders, even trolls crashed from the treeline to the north, heading straight for the vampire lord and a contingent of his force. Had his forces been of the living they would have trembled with fear. Now the orcs would soon tremble. This attack was a grand mistake and he would show them just how much so. Gharof quickly rallied a army from his front ranks. Catching a glimpse of the black orc warlord Grimgor Ironhide provoked a small grin from the vampire. "Well, I wanted a distraction"

so here we go. my VC vs my mates O&G. he had painted his grimgor up right nasty looking, unfortunatly I dont have pics and the battle report is from memory but bare with me. for it will be a nice one

My army list was the same as i posted it in my hard hitting VC thread. for those who cant be bothered to find it. here it is:

Lvl 3 Vampire lord w/ master of the black arts, summon ghouls, dreadknight, staff of damnation, helm of commandment, gem of blood, biting blade, extra magic level.
= 445p

Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), book of arkan = 185p
Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), black periapt = 165p
Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), 2X dispel scroll = 200p

Ghouls x21 + ghast = 176p
Ghouls x21 + ghast = 176p
Ghouls x17 + ghast = 144p

Cairn Wraith x 6 = 300p

Black knights x6 +bannerwearer. banner of the dead legion, barding = 209p

13PD - 7DD / 2 Bound

total score = 2000p

My mates list looked like this:

-Grimgor in a unit of 20 black orcs
-another unit of 20 black orcs
-wolf riders x 10 with spears and bows
-wolf riders x 5
-trolls x 2
-orc shaman x 3

I wasnt impressed by the size of his army but those black orcs and grimgor were looking pretty nasty.

i win deployment and set up like this from left to right:

black knights, wraiths with behind them my lord, ghouls with vamp (7 wide), ghouls with vamp (6 wide), ghouls with vamp (7 wide)

he deploys:

Wolf riders (10), behind that wolf riders (5), trolls, black orcs with grimgor, black orcs, wolf riders(10) and in between his units the 3 shamans. (he never joins them with units which i think is a big mistake)

the table were playing on has no terrain representing the open field from which he ambushes me. we roll for spells and he manages to score a lot of the same spells. I roll for my lord and get gaze of nagash, raise dead and curse of years. my other vampires get vanhels/raise dead twice and raise dead/curse of years.

he wins first turn.

Orcs 1st turn

he moves everything up manouvering his small wolf rider unit in such a way that they end up in front of the big wolfrider unit without hampering line of sight. in his shooting fase his wolf riders try to go nuts on my black knights and take out 1. hmm not good. the other wolf rider unit shoots the ghouls but due to long range horribly misses. his magic phase consists of him trying to throw a gorks warpath on my ghoul unit. luckily he fails the first casting, and miscasts with his second shaman! ya baby! the waaghh is too much to control and the shaman gets a wound. the other shaman eadbutts another black knight away and i feel like im gonna lose the flank if i dont spend some PD restoring that unit.

VC 1st turn

On my first turn i inch up my ghouls and move the black knights and wraiths up for almost full march. my general positions out of sight behind the wraiths and the left ghoul unit. in my magic phase i raise my black knights back to full strength and than start IoN like crazy with my lord. i add a full rank to each of my ghoul units and try to vanhels my knights against his wolf riders. both castings succeed but two dispell scrolls take care of my attempts. after his dispel dice take care of my last casting dice i use my book of arkhan to charge my knights against his small wolfrider unit. his charge reaction is flee and he passes the panic test on his big wolfrider unit. the book stays and i end my turn.

Orcs 2nd turn

his wolfriders regroup themselves and he takes a look at the board.
As expected he charges his big wolfrider unit into my black knights and adds the trolls to that charge in my flank. black orcs move up along with his other big wolf rider unit. in his magic phase he tries gork warpath again and he rolls a 15 on three dice. i dispell scroll it cuz i dont dare to take my chances. his second attempt is irresistible forced on me... just great. than something really fun happens. its a D6 strength 6 hits spell that can go to other units. he rolls a 1 for strength and my ghouls laugh it off. he rolls for continuation (5 or 6) and rolls a 5. points out my other ghoul unit and rolls for strength. Another 1! my other ghoul unit laughs it off as well and he rolls for continuation again. again a 5... now he rolls a 3 and fails to through fives to dmg my ghouls. again the spell continues due to another 5 and he points out my black knights. again a 1 on strength by this time im laughing and rolling on the ground. until he continues the spell yet again on a 6 and hits my lord... the lord gets 6 strength 5 hits... he hits 3 of them... i have to make at least one armour save or its all over for my army. i roll one dice, and fail, a second and i fail again, if i dont make this its over. i roll and it turns up a 6! i made it! his magic was almost fatal to me and we still have to do a combat phase...
In combat, his wolves fail to strike a blow to my black knights, his trolls vomit all over my knights killing 2 (nasty little manouvre) my knights however slay enough wolfriders to get a push, both of us dont have a musician so i count my lucky stars. oke he got some shots in. now its my turn again.

VC 2nd turn

In my move phase my wraiths roll up and charge his trolls, my ghoul units charge his black orcs and his other big wolfrider unit. my left ghoul unit is not nearly close enough to charge grimgor so i move them up slightly. in hindsight i should have declared the charge and vanhels in magic phase, might have just made it but im just that stupid. my lord stays put in the back, he needs to rest up first. in my magic phase i IoN my lord to full health which costs me 4 dice. but it has to be done. I also IoN my black knights back to full power. i than decide gaze of nagash his shaman on the left which dies. after that I curse of years his grimgor unit to see if i can do some damage myself. rolling model for model i take out a black orc big boss and 3 more black orcs, nice one! :D spending all my last dice from my lord on it my other vampires fail to do anything with their dice. my staff of damnation goes off and i kill 2 more wolfriders in the black knight fight, they pass panic. 1 troll gets a wound, 3 black orcs die in the second unit and i take out 2 wolfriders from the right unit, no panic test. i just have to use my book of arkhan to give my knights hatred and ASF, i test the book and lose it...stupid and unnecessary... in combat things heat up. the wolfriders are destroyed and the trolls fail their break test but gain no wounds, GO black knights... the wraiths try to catch the trolls but fail. i dont want my black knights standing in the way of a very pissed off grimgor (which would happen if they pursue) the wraiths now stand between my hungry ghouls and grimgor. The combat phase continues with the fight between his other black orcs and my ghouls+vampire. his black orc big boss challenges me... oke my vampire will glady kill it. I come short of killing his boss... but he returns the favour and kills my vampire instead...scoring 3 wounds on it for +1 overkill oke minor setback. my ghouls rip into his black orcs but they return the favor i fail my combat by 3 points. the big wolfrider unit on the right gets ripped to pieces and flees. i pursue and dont catch the unit, i do get 2 of his shamans on the run which were right behind the wolfriders. a nice little turn for me. lets see how he regroups from that.

Orcs 3rd turn

Grimgor of course charges my wraiths, he regroups one shaman and the other keeps running for the hills. his trolls regroup. but his wolfriders dont and charge off the table. In his magic phase he doesnt get to do much but dispell the curse of years i had on him. In combat grimgor singlehandedly rips apart my entire unit of wraiths, scoring 7 hits on the unit killing 3 wraiths and wounding one, the rest crumbles to dust after resolution... well that was to be expected. the second black orc unit does even more wounds on my ghouls and after resolution only 3 remain... not good.

VC 3rd turn

in this turn i decide to manouvre my black knights for a possible flank charge in my magic phase on grimgors unit, and to add insult to injury i add my lord to the unit. i charge with my left ghoul unit into grimgor and his thugs and try to charge the last standing shaman who flees like the nancy boy he is. unfortunatly for him i catch him and he is destroyed. in my magic phase the power of my army comes forth as all vampires sink their dice into pumping out some ghouls. i get the entire middle unit back and than some and even get to add 4 more ghouls to the left unit making it that much harder for grimgor to rip through it. take that! my vanhels on my black knights fail with my last 3 dice and due to no more book they dont get to join the party. so here we go. its combat time. i challenge grimgor immidiatly with my ghast. and seeing as my curse of years took out his boss grimgor has to accept or get banished to the back. he scores the overkill of 5 naturally but that was to be expected. my vampire and ghouls sink in some hits but its not enough. we push and due to no musicians it stays that way. the right black orc unit was dishing out mad damage last turn but now its my turn, they start first due to winning last combat and score...2 wounds... unbelievable! miserable dice throws on my opponents part. my ghouls rip through the black orcs like tissue and they break, i pursue and they are caught and destroyed. ending in a new free charge on his trolls who he lets stand.

my friend doesnt wanna quit just yet, the stakes are down but grimgor still stand in a strong unit so victory isnt completly impossible (or so he claims)

Orcs 4th turn

the shaman finally gets to grips with himself and stands at the tables edge. magic phase is uneventfull and we move straight to combat. seeing as i charged the trolls i get to go first. i kill the one with the wound and the other takes out a few ghouls. i win the combat and the trolls flee and get destroyed. grimgors challenges my vampire. i think for 2 seconds...and accept. mistake on his part, he could have gotten 7 smooth kills instead of 2 wounds and 5 overkill, which is not likely on a vampire with armor and decent stats. it doesnt happen as he kills the vampire but only overkills for 3. (he just missed twice, didnt make a single armor save) my ghouls go to town on the black orcs as they get to go first due to iniative. almost all my attacks hit home and after the smoke clears grimgor has only 2 orcs left as his bodyguard. the unit breaks and flees and i just barely fall short of catching them.

with grimgor on the run and his units in shambles my mate concedes.

Massacre for the VC!

The orcs ran off bloodied, Grimgor screamed outraged! "Come Un Ya lazy dogs! Tha smell be too muts for ma noze! We aint wastin no more time 'ere!" Gharof laughed as his ghouls chased down the orcs pulling down stragglers and ripping them limb from limb. "Yes, run you weak cur! your starting to look a paler shade of green already!" Grimgor turned and yelled something to Gharof which would be indecent to repeat in civilised company, this made the vampire lord laugh even more. The night was his, the orcs bodies would feed his army for days and his personal bloodlust was satisfied. The shock of the greenskins shamanistic magic was overwhelming when it hit him, but it would take more than their trickery to take him down. Katarina's coach road up next to him screeching to a halt. She jumped out. "my love! are you alright? the aura of hostile magic surrounds you still." "Ahhh, hello my love, im alright. Your just in time to see our guests off" Gharof said in a mocking voice. "Its not nice of you to scare me like that my love... and to have all this fun without me!" Gharof smiled at his wife. "aww come now pet, we will reach the next empire settlement soon enough, and you'll have all the fun in the world, I promise!" Katarina grinned and danced around like a mad little schoolgirl. "but.." Gharof continued, "not tonight... I hate to admit but the orcs have left me sweating a bit, Im going to rest. I have a nagging feeling that I havent seen the last of that overgrown windbag grimgor and his kin..." They both got on the coach and rode out with the rest of their forces, the corpse carts creaked behind them, the pile of corpses ever growing, leaving trails of human and greenskin blood running on the ground like a red carpet of despair and doom

05-11-2008, 14:44
So many mixed feelings...

Glad to see you decided to put together a battle report thread and it's full of pictures, but then you pick on orcs ; )

Good to see you started off so strongly. I thought that Grimgor might give you some problems (you saw how he ate those wraiths), but you managed to beat them too.

One comment on your list, the helm of commandment can't be used when you are in combat, and since your lord isn't in the front lines you might not be able to use it when you need it (although WS7 is great when you do). You might want to think about dropping it (and a couple of ghouls) and taking the hand of dust. It keeps with your combat theme and is an absolute killer. Your also probably better off just keeping the lance from the dreadknight upgrade rather than taking the biting blade.

Anyway, keep the reports coming.

05-11-2008, 14:52
Thanks for posting. It was a fun read, and I always enjoy it when a BP comes with fluff. I look forward to reading the rest!

Captain Keen
05-11-2008, 16:09
Hmm...another mark for the VCs. I hate it when that happens :>[ . Was this the battle I saw when we were going to do D&D later on? Or is this a fresh kill?

Gharof von Carstein
06-11-2008, 07:07
actually the one you witnessed was the last turn of his rematch 2250 points strong. He had revamped his list, going dispell heavy, magic low and with 2 chukkas and a doom diver. which i think he really liked, and more troops. he lost that one as my blood knight unit managed to keep away from his grimgor while taking out his left flank with black knights taking out his right flank and literally meeting my ghouls in the middle to decimate his army for a nice Solid Victory.

Gharof von Carstein
10-11-2008, 12:12
well last weekend was the big doubles tournament called warhammer frenzy in utrecht in the Netherlands. me and my best friend competed with 2 armies of 500 points of vampire counts. We were only allowed to take one hero which had to be a vampire and the max alloted points was capped at 140. we had to take a core unit and couldnt take more than one rare or special choice per army. Points for winning were decided based completly on the scenario objectives. VP were not a factor until the last scenario. you could score 18 points for a major victory (getting all scenario points and your opponent none) minor victory 14 points(one more objective than your opponent) draw 10 points, minor loss 6 points and utter defeat 2 points. the lists we used were:

Vampire: dread knight, summon ghouls. = 140p
Varghulf = 175p
Dire wolves x 5 = 40p
ghouls x17+ghast = 144p

total = 499p

Vampire: black periapt, summon ghouls = 130p
Wraiths x 5 = 250p
Ghouls x 14+ghast = 120p

total = 500p

Our plan as VC were to capitalize on everybody elses probably weak magic power. Heck we didnt expect to get a single spell thrown at us. Which we were right on. what we didnt expect was people taking dwarfs to effectively double their DD to get 4 in total + any DD generated by their own casters. It looked like we were in trouble.

Im going to try to give small battle reports mainly from memory, the turns were fast and chaotic as was the atmosphere. we did have a total blast btw and at the end of the day all 3 of our matches gave us high praise and full points for sportsmanship.

With our list completed and painted in a similar colour scheme and theme we headed over to the tournament and quickly found our first opponents waiting. they were:


2 gunlines of thunderers x15(i think)

some dwarf hero shooter.

Orcs & Goblins:

black orcs x 10
Goblins x 25
Goblins x 25
Goblins x 25

Goblin boss.

We rolled for deployment and won and we got first turn. The deployment zones were like this. in their left corner was the dwarf with his two gunlines one of which was on a hill the goblins player set up behind a large river with a bridge covering half the table. he deployed his black orcs in the middle next to the hill and his 3 goblin units on the right.

we just had the river infront of us. we deployed our varghulf on the left to quickly get him into contact with the dwarfs. in front of him the dire wolves. the big unit of ghouls in the middle with DK vamp. the second ghoul unit took up a spot near the bridge with caster vamp and the wraiths were beside it on the far right.

the scenario was:

Capture more table quarters than your opponent.

VC 1st turn:

We move up trying to shield the varghulf from the shooting of the dwarves while trying to move up as far as we could. the ghouls move up for their full march each with the right one making a dash for the bridge. the wraiths moved through the river to set up camp on a small island in the middle of it covered with trees. our magic phase consisted of our raise dead (we wanted to create a zombie line infront of the dwarves ) being dispelled but every IoN hit home and our units grew to 20+ size each.

D/O&G 1st turn.

Movement consisted of the black orcs heading around the river infront of the hill to try and cut off our left ghoul unit. (all it did was put them in charge range of our wraiths right infront of the hill :D) the goblins set up camp infront of the bridge and tried to shoot on the right ghoul unit but miserably failed. the rest of the shooting phase was utterly brutal do.... the thunders that were not on the hill destroyed the dire wolves after which the ones on the hill put 5 wounds on our varghulf. my mate rolled for his regeneration saves... and missed 4 out of 5... bye bye varghulf... losing 2 of our units made us cringe and the opponent smile. luckily they had no magic phase so we pocketed a DD with the periapt and were ready to get to work.

VC 2nd turn

We came out swinging in this turn. we declared a flank charge with the wraiths on the black orcs who pass their terror test and moved up both ghoul units. hiding the right one from sight at the edge of the bridge. in our magic phase raise dead went off for 7 zombies planted infront of the dwarves in the field to effectively block their sight. invocation saw our numbers swell even more to 30+ each. Every dispell attempt failed miserably on their part as we now could match them dice for dice. In combat we utterly annihilate the black orcs and overrun them, straight into the dwarven gunline who also pass their terrortest.

D/O&G 2nd turn

The goblin player moves one of his goblin units towards the hill to again try to intercept our left ghoul unit before it reaches the dwarven gunline. animosity did almost nothing throughout the entire battle except that one of the goblins squabbled and stood still at the front of the bridge while the other moved up to the side to prepare to flank charge the right ghoul unit should it cross the bridge. Shooting for goblins does nothing and the dwarves annihilate the zombies. In combat the wraiths destroy the dwarves completly and run off the board but get chased down by the wraiths who pursue off the board to emerge again on our turn.

VC 3rd turn

The wraiths come back and move up the hill to hold there. the left ghoul unit moves further up and will be able to charge the second dwarf line the next turn. the right ghoul unit moves up the bridge. in the magic phase we threw every dice we have at raise deading a line of zombies infront of the gunline which again works and 6 zombies effectively block line of sight on the ghouls. the other attempts were all dispelled.

D/O&G 3rd turn

The goblin player moves his goblins up even further and just passed the hill to be able to help the dwarves in combat should they be charged. the other 2 units wanted to hold however the player forgot to test for his animosty. in all fairness he threw 3 dice at once and said because he forgot we were allowed to allocate them. 2 plans were a good un' and one of them was a 6. seeing as we got to decide we gave the movement roll to the goblin unit flanking the bridge who moved straight ahead right infront of the bridge opening (the bridge itself blocked line of sight so no enemies were visible) this of course opened the possibility to flank charge that unit on our next turn. the zombies were shot down again and our opponents pass the turn.

VC 4th turn

We declare a charge with the left ghoul unit on the thunderers who are not allowed to stand and shoot seeing as we were within 6 inches. they decide to hold and make the best of it, as a flee would probably mean fleeing off the table. i think for a minute about just moving the wraiths off the hill when i decide to just declare a charge against the goblins at the bottom left of the hill. not thinking i would make it we measure and im good for the charge by at least a inch! the goblins pass terror (unbelievable roll of 3) and the wraiths crash into their flank. our right ghoul unit charge the other goblin unit in its flank who also pass fear.in the magic phase we conjure 6 more zombies behind the dwarves. and 8 in the bottom right corner. In the combat phase we completly wrap up the game. the wraiths deal 10 wounds to the goblin unit making it flee and they catch them, pursueing for so many that they land at the left bottom table quarter. the left ghoul unit and vampire clean the dwarves clock who run for just 3 inches but its more than enough to land in the hungry claws of our zombies and they get destroyed. this captures us the upper left corner. the right ghoul unit destroy the goblins who auto break due to fear and cause panic in the goblin unit right behind them. they both run but not far enough. while the pursuit lands on a roll of 9 and so both units get completly destroyed. upper right corner captured. and with the 8 zombies in the bottom right we have every corner with no more opponent left to combat, the game ends!


Postgame thoughts = we were amazed by how well those wraiths operated. they couldnt do a thing against them and with the weird terrain we maximised their usefullness. they were the single best unit that game (turning out the entire tourney). feeling pretty good about ourselves and being just 1 of 3 teams (24 teams in all) to score a major victory we quickly got something to drink before the next match. which was:


1 unit of 10 thunderers
1 unit of warriors x 15
dwarven hero
boltthrower with rune of flaming attacks.

Tomb kings:

tomb prince w/ item that gives flying

3 carrion birds

5 knights with bows
10 heavy cav knights with spears.

DWARVES AGAIN?! and a tomb kings! a army me and my friend knew absolutly nothing about. apparently the two of them generated insane amounts of dispel dice so no spell got even close to going off. spells cast from our side with 2 dice were dispelled by 4 DD a pop... so the magic phase did not come into play in this game.

The field was pretty open terrain representing a desert with a huge rock in the middle of the field. and a ruins in the bottom left in our deployment zone.

The scenario was to hunt and kill each others hero units.

They won first turn and took it. they deployed from left to right: the bowknights the tomb prince and birds. the spearknights, boltthrower, thunderers, dwarf warriors.

we deployed from left to right: varghulf hugging the ruins for cover, big ghoul unit with DK vamp, dire wolves infront of the ghoul unit, the smaller ghoul unit with caster vamp and the wraiths on the right flank.

Our initial plan was to hide from the boltthrower and let the varghulf finish of the bowknights on the left flank and than crash into the tomb prince who was on his own and unable to join units. the wraiths on their part would move infront of the smaller ghoul unit to block LOS and be free to engage the dwarf warriors or thunders at their own leave. This way our ghoul blocks could move to the middle together to intercept the big spearknight block and crush them. the birds were of small importance to us as the goal was to pick off the heroes.

D/TK 1st turn.

The bowknights move into position to take some pot shots on the varghulf, the spearknights move up and the birds and prince hold their position. the dwarf warriors stumble forward. shooting phase gives us a lot of casualties as the bolt thrower can narrowly see the varghulf and inflicts 3 wound on it, with no save as the flaming cancels our regeneration. the knights shoot and fail miserably. the thunderers try to shoot the wraiths but our opponent quickly finds out that ethereal creatures only get wounds from magic attacks :) magic phase is non existant and they pass the turn

VC 1st turn.

Because the varghulf cant be risked to take out the knights with 1 wound on his profile left, we decide to pull him back to the middle of the field to get him into IoN range and possibly move towards the boltthrower while we try to keep him out of sight. we declare a charge first with the dire wolves on the knights hoping that they hold so we can flank charge or that the overrun leaves them open for a flank charge from the left ghoul unit. the right ghoul unit pulls across the middle for a second possible flank charge on the knights and the wraiths cut across the field to block LOS to the right ghoul unit and make charging the thunderers possible in 2 turns. the magic phase is dead to us as every attempt for IoN ffails or is dispelled. our ability for reinforcements is totally gone to us at this point. in combat the direwolves lose and as planned the knights overrun between our two ghoul units. even if he turns and moves hes going to get charged next turn and has no way to charge us as were not in his front arc.

D/TK 2nd turn.

the bowknights move from the left flank to the middle to try and get LOS on something (they get LOS on varghulf in the middle) the spearknights try to make a run for it by turning and moving but come up short to get out of range. to block the right ghoul unit from flank charging the TK player moves his carrion birds infront of them but here is the weird part, he flies the tomb prince along with them! the dwarf player moves his warriors up but curiously enough lets the thunderers hold while they have nothing to shoot at. in the shooting phase the boltthrower and bowknights take aim on the varghulf. and both dont pass their BS test! what luck! in the magic phase the tomb prince tries to cast something but we dispell it. with no more combat they pass the turn.

VC 2nd turn.

My mate and i look at the board. we can charge the knights but it would mean a front charge with no real backup and being outnumbered against 10 attacks with spears... we decide to do it anyway even if its just to keep the knights in place for a possible flank charge. we charge the carrion birds with the right ghoul unit and... i estimated it right! with the wraiths! this totally caught our opponents off guard. as they realise too late that skirmishers can charge to the side. the varghulf moves up to within a few inches of the boltthrower in a suicide run to try and charge it next turn. in the following combat phase the wraiths whipe out the carrion birds with exactly 6 wounds done and overrun into the tomb prince. (thats one dead tomb prince, well... deader) the right ghoul unit try to overrun but come up short as i role a double 1... ehh tough luck. the left ghoul unit does 2 wounds as the knights do only 1. but they have a banner but no musician so its a push.

D/TK 3rd turn.

in the movement phase the bowknights dont move and only the dwarf warriors inch in closer to try and get in range of the right ghoul unit. magic is again dispelled for the tomb prince and in the shooting phase the knights hit but dont wound the varghulf while the boltthrower again fails to hit the varghulf! but passed its terror test earlier. thunderers are still standing there looking worthless. in combat we kill the tomb prince mercilessly and overrun for too little to get into the knights block. with the tomb prince gone our opponent has to do LD tests. he horribly fails on the big knight block which loses almost everything but passes on the bowknights. the left ghoul unit finishes off the knights and pursues a few inches.

VC 3rd turn

in our movement we turn the right ghoul unit around and prepare for the charge of the dwarves. the left ghoul unit turns to head for the bowknights while the varghulf of course has charged the boltthrower. the crew passes its fear test and stand their ground. the wraiths move across the middle of the field to position themselves for a countercharge on the dwarf warriors. in the magic phase again nothing happens. in the combat phase the warmachine and its crew get whiped out by the varghulf.

D/TK 4th turn

the LD test for the bowknights is failed and they crumble to dust. the dwarf warriors declare a charge on the right ghoul unit but and pass their fear test. magic is dead and shooting doesnt happen as well. in combat the dwarf hero challenges my vampire and i refuse. my opponent laughs and says i have to put it in the back rank, i in turn thank him because the vampire had no armour. (i think i spotted a twitch in his eye when i said that). the dwarves kill one ghoul and i kill off three dwarves. the dwarves lose combat by one (they have 1 rank and a banner but i have 1 rank as well) they are outnumbered and break (dude tried to throw double 1 for insane courage and threw a 11 so wouldnt have mattered). I pursue and destroy them. by this time both our opponents heroes are dead and they concede with just the thunderers on the table.


ill post the conclusion of this battle report (the last battle) later on. after this round its nice to note we were number 1 of the 24 contending teams. and with this being our first tournament since we began playing warhammer 4 months ago, we feel pretty good about ourselves. I have to say THANK YOU MALORIAN! your advise helped me create the perfect list. when i suggested wraiths you didnt downplay the option but reinsured me they would be a very good pick. seems you were right ;)

I will tell you what our final match up turned out to be. Ogre kingdoms and Warriors of chaos....


To be continued!

Gharof von Carstein
10-11-2008, 14:16
here we go! final match where the scenario was a normal battle based on VP points.

their lists were:


Bruiser with item that makes you rethrow to wound rolls on him

bulls x 3
yhetees x 3


Chosen knights x4
warrior hero knight

bonewarriors(or whatever they are called) x 10

warhounds x 6
warhounds x 6

These guys didnt look like sloths tactic wise, we had seen them playing and their tactics were flawless. those ogres shined in every game with the support of the chosen knights to make sure they smashed face in every game. they had just 1 minor victory and 1 major victory so we figured a draw or higher would land us a place in the top 3. the first place winner would get a huge golden trophy of a hand holding the hammer of sigmar, now that was something worth shooting for!

we rolled for deployment and first turn, we won deployment, they won first turn. deployment was like this:

OK/WoC: left to right, bulls with the bruiser separate, chosen knights with general, warhounds infront of the knights, bonewarriors with warhounds in front and than the yhetees.

VC: left to right. dire wolves (hoping to help block the charge from the tyrants or knights), small ghoul unit, big ghoul unit, varghulf, wraiths.

Our plan was to get the varghulf in combat with the yhetees with a possible flank charge from the wraiths. this way we could take out the only threat to our killy unit and than clean house. the lack of their magic would leave us free to go nuts on raising zombies to hopefully tarpit the ogres so we could surround and kill them. the terrain didnt help, it was full of hills and difficult terrain, something their yhetees and our wraiths had no trouble with.

OK/WoC 1st turn.

They move everything up and the bruiser joins the bulls. the warhounds infront of the knights take a hill infront of them and the knights move in between that hill and another hill to the left of it. the second warhounds unit turns and moves to the far right while the bonewarriors manouvre to follow the knights. the yhetees move up between two rocks which we had deemed difficult terrain. no shooting happened and no magic so we pocket a DD with the periapt as we had done all day, ready for some havoc.

VC 1st turn.

We move up everything slightly and position the direwolves to be able to manouvre a for the small ghouls unit if the knights charge the wolves theyll overrun passed the ghoul unit. we move up the varghulf to either get a charge on the warhounds next turn or the yhetees with the yhetees being the preferable target. the wraiths move up through a hill and stop on the other side. in our magic phase we raise some ghouls set up a raise dead infront of the ogres to deflect them away from the small ghoul unit. when charged they wont be able to overrun into the wolves or ghouls. any attempt to IoN the unit to a bigger size fails.

OK/WoC 2nd turn.

the yhetees were within 6 inches of the varghulf and passed their terror test.The ogres charge the zombies and the knights charge the wolves. Im still not sure if this is legal but the ogres made a small wheel to position themselves in the zombies flank. when this move was pulled we were too busy to realise this and call a judge to see if it was legal. but due to this little manouvre the ogres could definetly overrun into the wolves and later on the ghoul unit. its exactly what happened actually. the rest of the movement was uneventfull and unimportant, the game was decided here. the zombies were of course whiped out after which the direwolves were wiped out and the ogres fell short of coming into contact with the small ghoul unit moving for only 5 inches while being 7 away. but this blew chunks none the less... the few extra ghouls added earlier to the unit would help but still. the knights had to restrain from pursuit to not get in the ogres way and they did so. next turn they would be able to charge and join the battle meaning the unit would be slaughtered.

VC 2nd turn.

we knew we had to make something happen so we charged the ogres with the ghouls. seeing as they were boxed in. we tried to charge the varghulf into the yhetees but couldnt due to LOS not matching up. the wraiths were also charged into the yhetees, (we had hoped for that double charge and moving the wraiths to the left would get them a charge from the yhetees) the yhetees failed their fear test and would only hit on 6s having a bigger unit size. this ment that the wraiths would get as good as a free turn on them to do some horrible damage. we ended up wounding only 1 yhetee for 2 wounds... the wraiths in turn caught a wound and it was a push. the other ghoul unit had moved up to get ready to charge the warhounds on the hill. in the magic phase we created a zombie unit of 14 strong behind the ogres hoping that the ghouls might just win the combat due to their ranks and hopefully a poison attack or two so if the ogres would flee they would be destroyed. in the combat with the ogres our opponents issued a challenge. not wanting to accept with a vampire with just 2 wounds and no armour and being a general i accepted with my ghast. the ghast actually caused a poison attack and a hit on the bruiser. with 2 potential wounds on his general he used his magic item to make me reroll. i had thrown the 6 needed to wound (and only a 6 would) so i rerolled...and rolled a 6! the entire table laughed it up as well as some onlookers who couldnt believe my luck :) he saved one of the wounds none the less but still the ghast had performed admirably. he killed it with only 2 overkill along with 2 more ghouls. we caused a wound on one of the bulls. and when we added everything up....the ogres lost by 1 point! me and my mate held our breath to see if he would be able to make his LD roll (he had 8 -1 so we had a 50% shot of breaking the game) he rolled 7 exactly to make the test and hold... and we knew that this was probably it....

OK/WoC 3rd turn

The chosen knights charged the ghouls and the warhounds charged the other ghoul unit. bonewarriors were moving a little and the other warhound unit was taking a tour of the country side on the far right of the board. no magic, no shooting, but plenty of combat! in the combat phase the yhetees got to fight first due to their high initiative. they slaughtered the wraiths completly. (i felt so stupid declaring that charge but moving the wraiths around would have taken em out of the action completly. he had deployed the yhetees after i had deployed the wraiths so they were bound to meet up) the left ghoul unit got completly wasted and my general died of crumbling, meaning the zombie unit he had raised crumbled with him... My mate however beat the warhounds with his united and overrunned onto the hill out of LOS of the bonewarriors.

VC 3rd turn.

my mate declared a charge with the varghulf on the yhetees and turned his ghoul unit around to make sure he could charge those bonewarriors in the flank. in the magic phase any attempt to raise undead failed and in the combat phase the varghulf wrecked the yhetees single handedly (they had one wound from the wraiths and the varghulf caused 5) the yhetees broke and got overrun and destroyed. the varghulf landed deep in their deployment zone near our ghoul unit.

OK/WoC 4th turn.

They turned and manouvred the knights and bulls to go after our last ghoul unit and the bonewarriors fled out of LOS and turned to get LOS for a charge.

VC 4th turn.

our varghulf moved up to the hill overlooking the bonewarriors who were effectively keeping the knights and bruiser from getting near. the ghouls positioned for a charge while raise dead failed again.

OK/WoC 5th turn.

the bonewarriors wanted to charge the ghouls but failed their fear test. the bruiser and knight moved closer.

VC 5th turn.

by this time we got the announcement to finish up as time was almost up. the varghulf and ghouls charged the bonewarriors and destroyed them completly and each overrunned. the ghouls for 11 and the varghulf for only 9. the varghulf was within 6 inches of the bruiser and his crew. the knights were further away but set up nicely for a flank charge on the ghouls. our opponents wanted their turn to turn this into a solid victory however both failed their fear test (the knight werent allowed to charge the ghouls and the bruiser +bulls would not be hitting the varghulf) however we made a crucial mistake. our opponents and us mistook the test for a terror test and ran with the bruiser and bulls. meaning they were fleeying and they would sacrifice their point worth. when we added everything up with the unit of bulls and bruiser as a fleeing unit it was a draw. (10 points)

however we realised later before the scores were tallied we had made the mistake. my mate and i insisted we changed the scores in our opponents favour although they didnt want to. seeing as they had a excellent game and thought a draw did it justice. we still changed the scores do. as we didnt wanna win due to stupid mistakes. this turned the game into a minor victory for them and a minor loss for us (6 points)

our opponents came in 2nd and we came in 4th... so no podium honor for us and from what we heard the winners of the tournament had done miserable in the tournament itself. it seemed that paintjob and theme counted so heavily for point makeup that the numbers 1 (both winners of several painting awards that day) had gotten the full 32 points!!! for how their armies were painted. WHAT A RIP OFF!! a tournament was won by people without skill in gaming but skill in painting... but hey we had a blast and we still felt like winners.

all in all, i think my mate and i will be checking out more tournaments in the area to see if we can hone our skills some more :)

10-11-2008, 16:00
Painting has it's own trophies, it should effect the tournament score... oh well, glad to see things went fairly well for you and looking forward to see more reports :)

Gharof von Carstein
10-11-2008, 20:00
iv been challenged for several new 2000 games and im planning to use this list:

Lvl 3 Vampire lord w/ master of the black arts, summon ghouls, Death knight, blood drinker, crown of the damned extra magic level. = 425p

Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), book of arkan = 185p
Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), black periapt, helm of commandment = 195p
Vampire w/ dark acolyte, avatar of death(shield), hand of dust = 200p

Ghouls x20 + ghast = 168p
Ghouls x19 + ghast = 160p
Ghouls x15 + ghast = 128p

Black knights x 6, bannerwearer, banner of the strigoi, barding = 219p

Fell Bats x 4 = 80p

Black coach = 200p

Dire wolves x 5 = 40p

13PD - 7DD / 2 Bound

total score = 2000p

what do you guys think?

Captain Keen
10-11-2008, 21:20
I'm not a VC-er , I only get kicked by them :p. Are you going to repaint your army? Was it painted that bad? From what I know of your painting skills, it is fine...but that doesn't cut it?

Gharof von Carstein
02-02-2009, 21:31
Gharof had travelled for days growing strong once again. In the distance a portal appeared, curious he ordered his army to move through the portal. What he beheld was incredible! He saw a great field where several races were taking the fight to each other in horrible fashion. Not wanting to miss any bloodshed himself the great count of the vampires threw himself into the fray with his beloved wife by his side.

Tournament battle reports! :D

The tournament was awesome. Im definetly thinking of doing something like this again. Below the first of 3 reports where I defend the honor of my count.

First match!

VC vs Chaos Dwarfs.

Imagine my suprise seeing this army pop up in front of me I never even knew it was tournament legal but apparently it was. i shrugged and started setting up for what was gonna be a good match. I won deployment and went first.

As i said in won deployment and went first. the terrain consisted of 2 buildings in his left and middle deployment zone with a big forest in the middle of the table on the right. In my deployment zone i had a building on the left and a small hedge in the middle. I choose that side on purpose as the forest would serve my wraiths very very well. the building was to be neglected.

the scenario was conquest. meaning tabletops gave no points but you got points for unit strength in certain zones of the table top, getting most points for your opponents deployment zone and less for the middle of the table and almost none for your own.

I off course used my list:

Gharof von Carstein - Vampire Lord
Wizard lvl 3
-+magic level
-master of the black arts
-forbidden lore (lore of the vampires)
-summon ghouls
-crown of the damned
-helm of commandment
-flayed hauberk
= 445p

Katarina von Carstein - Vampire
wizard lvl 2
-dark acolyte
-avatar of death
-book of arkhan
-talisman of the lycni
= 195p

Vampire thrall
wizard lvl 2
-dark acolyte
-summon ghouls
-black periapt
= 160p

Vampire thrall
wizard lvl 1
-avatar of death
-hand of dust
= 195p

Ghouls x 14+ghast = 120p
Ghouls x 14+ghast = 120p
Ghouls x 14+ghast = 120p
Ghouls x 14+ghast = 120p

Corpse Cart+balefire = 100p

Varghulf = 175p

Cairn Wraiths x 5 = 250p

Total = 2000p

His list was something like this:

-Chaos dwarf on beast
-Chaos dwarf wizard with lore of fire (he took fireball)
-Goblin hero on wolf

-8 goblin wolfriders
-20 black orcs
-2 units of 20 chaos dwarfs warriors
-a unit of 6 centaur like guys (no idea what they are called)
-a unit of around 15 snotlings
-a unit of 16 arrer boys
-unit of 15 chaos dwarf gunmen
-a spearchukka
-a earthshaker cannon

he deployed from left to right.
the wolfriders with the hero behind the building on the left, unit of chaos dwarfs warriors, spearchukka and earthshaker, the shooty chaos dwarfs, his lord on flying beast, the arrer boyz behind the building in the middle, the black orcs, the second unit of chaos dwarf warriors and the snotlings screening both in one long line in front.

I deployed from left to right.

Ghouls 6 wide with periapt vamp, Varghulf, ghouls 5 wide with Gharof,corpse cart, Ghouls 6 wide with hand of dust vamp, ghouls 5 wide with katarina, wraiths near forest.

Pre-game thoughts:
Man no idea what these things do. the only things familiar to me are that spearchukka and the other O&G units, faced those plenty. well guess ill deal with those and the dwarfs will come secondary. the war machines troubled me due to my heavy core so i wanted to use the varghulf to quickly take them out of commission. I moved my ghouls up by 4 inches to get some ground while staying out of range of his shooty.

VC 1st turn:

Oke here we go. I move up for almost full amount to get ready to kick butt. the wraiths stash themselves in the forest waiting to cause some hurt on what he has packed there. my varghulf heads for the building hoping to run into those wolves for a world smack o hurt, i didnt want to see them flank charge me to cause trouble. In my magic fase my army shines unbelievably. every ghoul unit gets a average of 7 ghouls added and i cant believe my luck with the casting. he tries to dispell but horribly fails. he scrolls(wtf!!) my miasma of deathly vigour. oke fine with me, your not in charge range anyway. I am not in charge range anywhere and so I dont use the book afraid of blowing it up on nothing. there is no combat and i happily end my turn.

CD 1st turn:

He turns his wolves around and runs them back behind the building on the left (wussy) apparently afraid of my varghulf. He moves his chaos dwarfs to set up for a charge on the varghulf next turn. moves up his shooty dwarfs, flies the lord to the right flank (scared of those wraiths are we?) moves the arrer boyz into the building and moves up the snotlings, chaos dwarfs and black orcs on the right flank. In his magic phase i easily dispell his attempt at a three dice fireball and pocket a DD in my periapt ( i did this every turn of his wont mention again). Than he started his shooting phase... he takes aim with the earthshaker and hits the dust vamps ghoul unit smack in the middle crippling it severly and making sure that it and the ghoul unit and cart near it dont get to move more than half their movement in my next turn. sucks... his chukka takes aim at the varghulf which saves the wounds the chukka tries to cause. his arrer boyz try to shoot but horribly fail. there is no combat and he ends his turn.

VC 2nd Turn:
I choose to charge the snotlings in the hope to just kill them and the black orcs after. He runs with them and my wraiths crash into the black orcs behind them. I move the rest up and start my magic phase. I heal some dmg on the dust vamps unit by raising 5 models back (he took like 7) my lord than tries to take out the crew of the earthshaker with a wellplaced gaze of nagash. i grab 3 dice to guarantee a cast and!!! i miscast... ouch, not with him. i roll a 8 on the table which makes sure the magic phase ends and my lord saves the wound it would have gotten. that blew... if the turn would have progressed everything would have been in combat... we move to the combat with the wraiths which swing and miss a lot (i only hit 3) of those black orcs but end up killing 3 anyway. due to static combat resolution i end up crumbling for 1 (ranks 3 and outnumber) so i add a wound to a wraith and we get to his turn.

CD 2nd Turn:
My opponent had rolled for animosity in his previous turn but nothing interesting happened. he however squabbled on his wolfriders this turn, after this animosity was no longer a factor so i wont mention it again. he charges my wraiths with his chaos dwarf lord and moves the rest up, rallying the snotlings. his magic phase was me dispelling again. Shooting phase however was dangerous. his shooty dwarfs apparently got to shoot twice with str equal to ranks being in range of the unit they were targeting. he targets Gharofs unit and gets close to taking it out completly. after the dust settles Gharof and just 6 ghouls remain. his earthshaker takes aim on my corpse cart and hits it dead center. the cart saves the wound but the earthshaker makes sure i am not going to move that much anymore. chukka luckily barely misses my varghulf while the arrer boyz show why no O&G player should ever use them. they shoot and whiff my completly. in combat the lord cleans the wraiths clock big time and i lose the unit. he weirdly enough doesnt overrun with his lord but restrains it (overrunning would have put it in my ghoul unit which wasnt that far off) apparently not confident he could handle the ghouls. he than passes turn.

VC 3rd turn:
I start with charging his wretched dwarf shooties with my general, he is so close they dont get to stand and shoot and they choose to hold. my dust vamps unit charges the arrer boyz (luckily close enough) and katarina orders her minions towards his lord. the other periapt vamps unit moves to intercept his chaos dwarfs. in the magic phase i get a good go again vanhelsing the periapt vamps into the dwarfs, failing to vanhels the varghulf against his warmachine and vanhelsing katarina against his lord. (go book of arkhan) he scrolls a curse of years on his black orcs and i sneakily activate my corpse cart after. he tries to dispell and actually rolls a 2 on a single dice to fail. i summon zombies behind the arrer boyz unit to make sure they die this phase (he tries to dispell but fails) as i activate the hand of dust. it blows half the unit of arrer boyz up and they run out of the building due to panic into the hands of hungry zombies. the combat phase starts with my lord targeting and annihilating his wizard while my ghouls rip into dwarf flesh and win by so much there is no striking back and the unit runs. i fail to catch them. the lord gets katarina in his face and actually takes a wound. he does more wounds and i crumble for 1. the chaos dwarfs on the left and my ghouls end up in a stailmate with a few wounds on each side. I end my turn.

CD 3rd turn:
He charges with the black orcs to the aid of his lord. his bull dudes manouvre to get a charge on my varghulf and the wolfriders finally get to the left of the building hoping to aid the dwarfs. He rallys the shooty dwarfs and does nothing with the snotlings. he has no more magic phase and his shooting phase is as good as non existant. the only thing he did was breathweapon katarina's unit causing a measily one wound. the machines failed beyond mention. in combat katarina puts another wound on his lord due to the ASF from the corpse cart my ghouls slaughter the front row of the black orcs and just 2 get to strike back. all in all the CR does me in and i crumble for 1 same goes for the combat on the left with the chaos dwarfs. (could have been way more) he ends his turn.

VC 4th turn:
My general charges the shooty dwarves again which stand and shoot causing a few wounds on my unit. I manouvre for a flank charge on the black orcs with my dust vamp and turn around my varghulf to face his bull dudes. in the magic phase i reraise some wounds on katarina's unit and vanhels the varghulf into the bull dudes. they pass terror and stand. the vanhels on my dust vamp turns into a miscast doing nothing but allowing him to cast a spell of his own, he has no wizard so that plan is foiled. while my book gets dispelled and dissapears but my ASF goes off once again (good old cart). in combat my general finally does in the last of the shooty dwarfs and overruns ending just behind the canon. while the big ASF battle ends in more of my dudes crumbling. the combat on the left where my vampire was epically failing the entire battle decided to stop doing that and destroys the dwarfs who flee and are caught (he fleed against the building)but those wolves of his are going to join the fight soon :S. the varghulf does enough wounds to push the combat while getting wounded 3 times himself (failed regeneration three times :S)

CD 4th turn:
Around this time we here we are short on time so we need to finish up soon. he charges with the wolves and he manouvres the snotlings to get points in his own deployment zone. his magic is non existant and the warmachines have no targets save for the zombies which he kills. he fights and does not wound my varghulf while my varghulf ends up beating more of the bulls to a pulp leaving 2 remaining. he still has same unit strength as me and makes his leadership roll. katarina's unit keeps standing (what a trooper huh?) while crumbling some more and jacking the black orcs some more (which really saved me). the left ghoul unit stops epically failing some more and wins combat. his wolf riders are brought below half points while my vamp challenges his goblin hero. he has a stupid item that says that we dont actually fight that round (the hero and the model its in base to base contact with) i still win combat and he gets to run, too bad he doesnt run far enough and i destroy the unit. he quickly passes turn in the hope we can have one more turn.

VC 5th turn:
I turn around my generals unit and charge the black orcs with the dust vamps unit. magic phase rolls around and i gaze of nagash his earthshaker crew to bits. vanhels epically fails on the generals unit and i decide to raise dead for points seeing as this is my last turn. this makes sure i have unit strength in every zone save the middle one but heavily contest it (meaning we each got a few points but not a lot) corpse cart does its thing again. in combat his lord survives but is still on 2 wounds while his black orcs die heavily he loses combat but runs far enough. my varghulf bites the dust as i fail epically against his bullmen. with this all done there is no more combat to be had.

CD5th turn:
He rallys his lord (bastard!) and gets to charge a ghoul unit with his chaos dwarfs. this way he gets the dust ghouls unit down to half strength. after this we were asked to rally up points.

Gharof watched with glee as the Chaos dwarfs and their goblin and orc allys fled and were hunted down by his undead minions. The battle had gone well as his magic was enough to show the dwarfs that true power does not need to come from chaos.

I had over 800 more VP than he did. so i score a solid victory and am feeling mighty pleased with how my vamps took on a enemy i knew nothing about.

post game thoughts:
hmmm those wraiths epically failed. hope that doesnt happen again...

i had two more games that were very exiting indeed! but thats for later ;)

i will tell that it was against dark elves (never fought those) and Tomb kings.

To be continued...

02-02-2009, 21:35
Thanks for the report and nice to see the chaos dwarf's get a run out.

Gharof von Carstein
03-02-2009, 19:46
After the dwarfs had been routed, Gharof set his sight on the horizon. Who would be next he wondered? and would he ever be truly defeated? The horizon did not answer his questions, it just showed his next challenger. A dark elf army came up from over the hills upon the battlefield. Gharof knew he would need reinforcements soon and dispatched messengers. The dark elves, did the same apparently requesting additional aid themselves against the vampire lord

As you might have guessed from the fluff, this scenario was messengers. we had to field 4 extra models serving as our messengers. they had WS4 a 4+ ward, move 5 and could march (even mine without help from a vamp) but not charge. they could themselves be charged. they had 2 attacks and T4. the objective was to walk them to your opponents deployment zone, the middle of the zone was 200pts (if you could walk them off there) the left and right were 100pts each.

i played a nice french guy who played Dark elves. I had never played against dark elves myself and was pretty confounded when i saw the amount of shooting he had. This might prove tougher than i thought...

His list was something like this:

lvl 4 sorceress on a pegasus (at least thats what it looked like, most of his army was painted but not everything)
-2 sorceress
-a char on manticore

-a hydra (off course)
-2 chariots
-1 unit of 5 repeater crossbow riders
-1 unit of repeater crossbowmen (im guessing around 10 in a single line)
-2 repeater bolt throwers
-a unit of scouts (no idea what they are called)
-a unit of 5 cold one riders

VC vs DE

He won deployment and picked a table top with almost no terrain on it save for a hill on the left side of his deployment zone. I got stuck with a gigantic piece of impassable terrain on my right side deployment zone stretching out to the middle of the table, along with a impassable terrain piece on my left. in the middle there were some small ruins which we classified as being difficult terrain.

He deployed from left to right:
2 of his messengers behind the hill, on the hill his 2 repeater bolt throwers, his repeater crossbowmen, his manticore char, his cold one riders, his sorceress on flyer, the hydra, chariot, the unit of crossbow riders, chariot, his 2 other messengers. His scouts were placed on the left of my deployment zone behind the impassable terrain.

I deployed from left to right:
Katarina's ghoul unit to the right of the terrain (5 wide), dust vamps ghoul unit (6 wide), my generals unit to the right of the middle piece of terrain (5 wide), a messenger behind it, corpse cart, wraiths, messenger behind them, periapt vamps unit, varghulf, and to the right of the second big impassable terrain my other 2 messengers (they had a open line to the other side from the get go)

after deployment my ghoulkin is activated (wanted to close the gap to the shooters fast) and i move everything up by about 5 inches, unsure of the charge reach of his chariots and cold one riders.

He lets me go first.

VC 1st Turn:
I pass stupidity on Gharof and inch forward my units while running my right messengers forward for the full 10 march. the ghoulkin and move up made sure his scouts had to walk around the hill to even get to do anything (which they couldnt for the entire match)
the magic phase is not kind to me as i fail a lot of one dice invocations only raising unit strength on the general and right ghoul unit (bum, the left ones needed it most). no combat so we move on and i pass turn.

DE 1st Turn:
He passes all stupidity and the manticores frenzy test. he moves up everything but the repeater crossbowmen and his left messengers (huh? thats the scenario dude!) his lord flies to my left flank and the manticore moves there as well. his right messengers split up, one goes to the center near his chariot while the other heads straight for my messengers. his magic phase is a bitch when i get to learn what black horror is... katarina's unit is decimated to under half size while he tries to magic missile my wraiths. i succesfully dispell it twice and dispell a second attempt at black horror from his other mage. oeff, what a arsenal! than he started shooting... he decimates katarina's unit even further (just 4 ghouls left) with the repeater bolt throwers. he takes big chances by trying to shoot twice on almost everything but mostly just fails. there is no combat and he passes turn.

VC 2nd turn:
I pass stupidity again and move my messengers up even further thinking ill be able to swing them into his middle field and than off the table. I than move the varghulf to get a nice big ol' charge on the crossbow riders next turn. the wraiths run up as well (nice to know they cant be damaged by a thing he has cept for his chars on the far left) my ghoul units all move up and i take a gamble. seeing as i have magic superiority i feel i can move my left ghoul units up far enough to get a vanhels charge off on both his cold riders with katarina and on the hydra with dust vamp. guess what ill do if he connects? the cart joins them in case the ghouls fail to connect they will at least be ASF. my magic phase however is bum all as the only thing i manage to do is reraise some wounds on katarina's unit. failing every attempt at vanhels. my book and cart catch his two scrolls (is that new? dispelling bound spells with scrolls???) and im forced to end my turn and wheep for katarina.

DE 2nd Turn:
his cold one riders fail stupidity! yay! however the lumbering forward puts them into contact with katarinas unit. WTF! i didnt think i was that close! the hydra charges the dust vamps unit(thx dude that was the plan afterall!) his manticore charges katarina as well. the chariots move up to the middle of the table and to the left of one of his messengers. his scouts move around the hill to get into shooting range. the repeater crossbow riders swing behind the varghulf apparently thinking he can charge it next turn. in his magic phase i manage to dispell everything. in his shooting phase he again epically fails except for a few wounds on my right ghoul units. on to combat than... katarina's unit was buffed my last turn so i hope she wont just die... off course she totally does and the manticore overruns into the next combat (great... bye bye book of arkhan) while the cold one riders hold. the hydra unloads on my vampire but does not manage to do a single wound on it (haha take that!) one of the handlers however gets lucky and scores a wound...his manticore whipes out the left side of the ghoul unit. i manage to actually put a single wound on the hydra while my forward ghouls can do nothing but attempt to hit it but dont wound... (i threw almost no poison attack out this battle) although i crumble for a lot the unit is still on the table and i have good hopes that my hand of dust might switch things around fast.

VC 3rd Turn:
i turn around the varghulf confident that my lord will push him into combat in the magic phase. the wraiths move up further while my generals unit positions in the middle of the field and turns towards the big combat. the right ghoul unit moves up to threaten his messenger. my messengers run along with the wraiths and further up the table on the right. the cart is positioned to aid my left ghoul unit who is in serious trouble. in the magic phase i pull off a few bloody miracles. he FAILS to dispell my miasma of deathly vigour by throwing double 1's. i manage to get off 2 vanhels. one on my varghulf putting him into combat with the crossbowriders, and one on my wraiths who charge his messenger in the middle of the table in the flank. i raise dead a unit of zombies in a line to cut off his right messenger from taking the small path beside the terrain i did to the other side of the table (remember they cant charge) so he is forced to manouvre towards my units. my last dice go to my left ghoul unit to add back some wounds. i reraise one stinking model as he dispels almost every attempt. effectively using all his dispel dice... :D i activate the hand of dust and get 8 str5 hits on the hydra wounding 7 of them! however... i come one wound short of annihilating his hydra as he saves a lot of the wounds. the ghouls and vamp pull a epic fail inspite of WS7 from my general. the unit is effectively destroyed after crumbling but he doesnt get a overrun or pursue so im safe for now. the varghulf crushes the riders. my wraiths simply murder his messenger overrunning into his chariot :D yay!

DE 3rd turn:
He fails stupidity on his chariot that isnt in combat! thank goodness now i can overrun into that one next turn! :D he charges my generals unit with the hydra and manticore. the manticore gets a flank charge. this does not bode well... he moves the scouts closer and turns around the crossbowmen. He also moves the cold ones to get in a charge on my general next turn. he tries to cast but i luckily dispell everything he throws at me or he fails his rolls. shooting sees my right ghoul unit targeted but not damaged. in combat my generals unit fails to cause enough wounds to win combat and crumbles for 4.
my wraiths destroy his chariot and i overrun into the second chariot. after this he ends his turn.

VC 4th turn:

I move my messengers across the table and next turn 2 of them will run out for 200 points each. the other 2 are on the side about to enter the middle to run out. I turn around the varghulf and move it towards his crossbowmen. the right ghoul unit manouvres to aid my generals unit. in the magic phase i dont get off a single spell to help me. the only thing that does work is healing more ghouls back to life or undeath whatever. in the combat phase i choose to handle the battle with the chariot first. this way my wraiths will overrun into the hydra to help tip the scales in combat. it works as the chariot runs and i catch it after i win combat. i pursue into the tail of the hydra and the wraiths get added to the combat. and although they kill the hydra, it didnt help much... as my general gets targeted by the manticore and gets some serious hurt thrown on him. 3 wounds are dealt and i have to roll for armour saves (4+) i fail all three. oke no matter i still have my ward save (4+) and i faill all three of those as well... my general dies and due to this i lose combat by 2. not that it matters as my army starts to crumble. the ghoul unit of my general dissapears completly and my wraiths crumble down to 2. (very unlucky rolls on my part) the right ghoul unit makes its leadership test and seeing as the varghulf doesnt have to test its oke, i do lose my little zombie roadblock. im pretty much in the clear for now with not too much lost.

DE 4th Turn:
he moves his manticore out of the charge range of my wraiths and positions for a possible charge on the right ghoul unit in his last turn with the manticore and his cold one riders. his lord flies down the board to make sure his 2 messengers that broke through get to move further. his third messenger isnt march blocked by zombies anymore but still has a long way to go. his crossbowmen move to face my varghulf coming near them fast. the scouts move along with the messengers to escort them. in his magic phase he immidiatly tries to throw black horror on my last ghoul unit...BUT MISCASTS!! :D rolling a 6 he dodges a wound on his lord but i get to cast any spell i can. i cast wind of undeath and he fails to dispell it (base casting value) i cause a wound on his lord, manticore (not rider), his bolt throwers, his third messenger, and on his repeater crossbowmen. these 6 wounds caused give me 2 spirit host blocks that i position right behind his cold one riders. seeing as my turn is next i get to charge them for sure. his shooting wounds my ghoul unit below half strength and whiffs on the varghulf doing absolutly nothing. he than passes the turn over to me.

VC 5th turn:
Around this time the judge tells us to wrap things up, there will be no time for a 6th turn. I have to test for crumbling and miraculously i pass the test of the spirit host! (threw a 5) too bad the wraiths did crumble to dust. i charge the varghulf into his repeater crossbowmen (hoping to overrun into his repeater bolt throwers so i can rake some more VP) they stand and shoot but dont even wound him. I than charge the spirit host into his cold one riders rear and charge his manticore with my right ghoul unit for a all out assault! 2 of my messengers score the full points running off the board and i have to settle for 100pts on my other 2 messengers. in my magic phase i manage to heal back some wounds on the ghoul unit although my opponent tries to match me roll for roll (he fails twice and i fail once) but the unit is still below half strength. in the combat phase my spirit host tear up 2 cold one riders that cant strike back, due to rear charge and the 2 wounds the cold one riders run but not far enough, the spirit host catch them and destroy them on the spot. my vampire and ghouls get their smarts on by targeting the manticore and not the rider, they deal 3 wounds and my opponent says oke he still has 1 left. I go erm didnt he get a wound from the wind of undeath? erm ya he did! so the manticore croaks and i get big VP for it. the varghulf gets his pwnage on and makes sure the repeater crossbowmen break and are captured and destroyed.

with this hot action the game is called and we count up points. he scored way more VP than i did as a lot of his more expensive guys are still on the field (his characters, scouts, repeater bolt throwers and the manticores rider) he killed my general, scored a table quarter to my none and killed most of my more expensive guys. however i made up for it due to the scenario.
the thing is he didnt get any messengers across the table and i got all 4 scoring myself 600VP extra making sure we draw.

post game thoughts:
why o why did Gharof have to go croaking?? i could have had that entire game on lock and pull off a solid victory! my wraiths were fine, the extra healing from gharof would have made short work of his hopes of actually getting anywhere with his stupid shooting and i would have been able to take out his lord who already had a wound due to the wind of undeath! ah well, crying wont solve anything and i didnt lose. i put too much faith in my vanhels capabilities, i should really stop doing that...

Broken, beaten and alone the lord was later found by his thralls and pulled from the battlefield, they had chased the dread Dark Elves off, but at what price? His wife and himself would have a great deal of feeding and recovering to do before the next opponent would present itself. As the blood fed to him washed over his lips he swore to himself, this never again.

03-02-2009, 21:54
When I saw your opponent had that manticore character I knew you could be in trouble. Flying large targets with killing blow are never a good sign for vampire generals... (even more so when you mix in bad saving throws)

Don't get discouraged, it happens.

Looking forward to the next one.

Volker the Mad Fiddler
03-02-2009, 21:58
Katarina goes to town as she is in contact with my opponents priest who she wounds twice 1 of which is saved (darn). the remainder of the ghouls kill one more greatsword. his priest misses along with most of his greatswords. His only victory is that his champ takes out my ghast (only casualty on my side)

I win the combat resolution and due to outnumbering the unit flee's and are caught by my Wight king. we searched the rules for 15 minutes to see if pursueing units had to be US 5 or greater, apparently this is not so and the wight king takes out the entire unit in pursuit. After this my opponent concedes.

Did he remember the hatred re-rolls for the priest and unit? Probably would not have made a difference in the long run, but Empire troops need all the help they can get.

Gharof von Carstein
04-02-2009, 07:41
thx mal. well i got mid term preparation to do today but ill probably be writing my final match of the tournament tomorrow night. its against tomb kings. that battle was hard fought from the get go as im relatively new to this game i didnt know what to expect from the kings either. my inexperience shows early game but youll read it later.

and to reply to the post above me, ya he did, i had just scored too many hits, he got to roll with his priest and like 2 swordsmen but totally whiffed his rolls on wounding. sad but true :S

Gharof von Carstein
10-02-2009, 08:54
And now the final battle report of my tournament at full tilt in belgium.

Gharof healed up in time for his next challenger, the Tomb king rode up on his chariot to order the vampire to let his army return to the ground from whence it came and retreat immidiately. Cackling Gharof turned and ordered his forces readied, we would see who was the true master of the undead this day.

VC vs Tomb Kings.

I had never played tomb kings in a big game but I knew they had funky casting and were undead like me. While I got ready for the undead smackdown, I couldn’t help but notice how many units my opponent had. Damn he had more than me!

His list looked something like this:

Tomb King – magical weapon that does d3 wounds, chariot
Hierophant – flying and the item that gives 2 extra PD.
Two tomb princes on horse

2 units of horsemen x5
1 unit of skeletal archers x10
carrion birds x6
3 units of 3 chariots
3 tomb scorpions
1 skull catapult.

The princes went with the horsemen and tomb king went with a unit of 3 chariots.

He won initiative and went first. The scenario was a normal pitched battle. I roll for spells and get nothing worth mentioning except for katarina getting vanhels.

The table looked something like this: big building on the left of his deployment zone with a small rock in the middle and 2 fences on the right. A small rock in the left of my deployment zone with a building in the middle and a fountain on my right. The fountain and rocks were deemed impassable terrain and the buildings were enterable. Unfortunately both did not have any windows on the front. Meaning you couldn’t shoot out them.

My opponent apparently forgot this as he deployed from left to right: unit of chariots to the left of the building, horsemen behind them, archers inside the building with the hierophant sneakily hiding behind it, unit of chariots with his tomb king. Carrion birds, catapult, final unit of chariots, horsemen on the right.

He placed his tomb scorpion tokens close to my lines in between the terrain pieces hoping to pin me into place or get a rear attack when they would surface.

I deployed from left to right: wraiths (hoping to quickly sweep a path across his chariots and horsemen to finally end up close to his tomb king to pincer it), periapt vamps unit, my generals unit, corpse cart, hand of dust vamp, varghulf, katarina’s unit.

After deployment I used ghoulkin to move onto the scorpions tokens. I figured that since they couldn’t surface till turn 2 it be safer to move past them asap.

TK 1st turn:
He moved everything up and tried the move spell a lot to get free move. I dispelled a few attempts but he was able to charge his tomb kings chariot unit into my left ghoul unit. His shooting didn’t do much as his archers which he deployed inside the building couldn’t fire and his catapult miscast not being able to fire for 2 turns. His lord went ******* on my ghouls and they were destroyed in one turn. He overran into my wraiths after that. Gee… that was a fun first turn…

VC 1st turn:
I moved everything up further, unable to support my wraiths in combat I tried to at least position myself for a great vanhels or two. The corpse cart was moved close to the wraiths to at least guarantee a ASF to annihilate his lords pants. Unfortunatly my magic phase brought nothing but disillusion, I failed to get vanhels off three times, my raisings were dispelled mostly and the book of arkhan and corpse cart were dispelled and scrolled… unbelievable…In the combat phase my wraiths were destroyed completely and I was very very sad…. It was just one turn and I had lost around a quarter of my army already! The hell!

TK 2nd turn:
One of the scorpions surfaced a few inches away from the back of my generals unit while the other two failed to come up. In the movement phase he moved up again while the tomb kings chariot unit swung around for a possible rear charge on my generals unit. Together with the tomb scorpion. In his shooting phase nothing happened, in his magic phase try as I might I failed to kill all his movement spells and soon my generals unit was beset on 2 sides. In the flank by his carrion birds, and to the front by a unit of chariots. The impact hits didn’t do much and I was glad that in the combat phase he did almost no wounds to me making sure my generals unit only crumbled for 2. my general had about 9 ghouls left at his disposal.

VC 2nd turn:
It was time to get my evil on. I moved everything into charge range to his chariots that were hitting my generals unit. In the magic phase I got my groove back and finally got a vanhels off to launch my hand of dust vamps unit into the chariots hitting my lord. He had used most of his dispell dice to stop me getting off vanhels but failed to do that, his last 2 dice took out my hand of dust and my corpse cart from wreaking havoc. I still had some dice left so I decided to raise dead a line of zombies behind my generals unit to screen them. the tomb scorpion and tomb kings chariot unit would have to charge the zombies and when aligned would smack into the building I was next to. That hurts chariots if memory serves :) at least it would keep them out of my hair for a bit. The last dice I had were golden as well as I used them to return my generals unit to a healthy number of 18. instead of using my book of arkhan to macabrepult the varghulf into the combat as well I choose to gave my generals unit hatred and ASF. Now lets get to that combat ;) in the combat phase the carrion birds were struck down to just 3 models, this way I got my ranks back in the combat resolution :) the general knocked away a chariot while my ghouls whiffed on them. Off course I won combat and both the carrion and chariots crumbled to dust. Well I got some vengeance. I pass turn.

TK 3rd turn:
The remaining scorpions had different fates. One died trying to surface while the other arrived right behind katarina’s ghoul unit. In his movement phase he charged the scorpion into katarina’s unit and the other tomb scorpion into the zombies. His other chariot unit moved into position for a flank charge on my hand of dust vamps unit. while his horsemen manoeuvred for flanking position on my generals unit. In his shooting phase his catapult swings and misses on my varghulf landing into a building doing nothing. His archers still aren’t in position to shoot and we move on to a critical magic phase. He runs even more rampant with his move as my hand of dust vamps unit is charged by chariots and my zombies by his tomb kings chariot unit probably hoping to overrun (I made sure that wasn’t possible) he flies his hierophant across the field to be close to his tomb kings unit and fails to get his righteous smiting through due to my dispelling efforts. In combat his scorpion might have the rear covered but I win combat none the less. The scorpion would have taken one wound due to crumbling but due to its ability doesn’t get it. I get a free manouvre and turn my unit around to face his scorpion. The zombies are utterly obliterated and the tomb scorpion overruns into my corpse cart. The hand of dust vamps unit gets thinned out due to impact hits and fails to do enough wounds back to cause some dmg. I crumble for a lot without being able to strike back.

VC 3rd Turn:
I charge his horsemen with my varghulf to keep them from going after my generals unit next turn. My generals unit turns around to help the corpse cart from being destroyed by a scorpion and possibly the tomb kings unit. In my magic phase nothing gets off but a invocation or two on my generals unit. In combat the varghulf whipes away the horsemen while the corpse cart stands his ground against the scorpion. The other tomb scorpion finds his demise at the hands of my lady vamp katarina. The second chariot unit destroys my other vampires unit and holds. I cant do anything anymore and pass turn.

TK 4th Turn:
He turns around his tomb kings unit for a charge on my corpse cart. His second horsemen are manoeuvred for a flank charge on my generals unit (if he gets two moves off)his chariots turn for a charge possibility on my varghulf. He moves to shooting. His catapult whiffs again and his archers do the same trying to shoot my varghulf (fail). In the magic phase his tomb kings unit connects with my corpse cart and would they destroy it they would overrun into my generals unit. The horsemen don’t get to move as I am able to dispel those spells and righteous smiting sees a wound on my corpse cart. In the combat phase the cart is croaked by his tomb kings d3 wound weapon . his tomb kings unit gets a nice overrun opportunity into my generals unit but doesn’t make it as he throws triple 1! He than reluctantly passes turn.

VC 4th turn:
Smelling my opportunity at getting into combat with no tomb scorpion and no horsemen and no impact hits I charge his tomb kings chariot unit with my generals unit. The varghulf goes archers hunting and is able to charge them and does so. Katarina moves behind the building to get a possible flank charge on the tomb kings chariot unit next turn. Magic phase is uneventful as I only get to reraise a few wounds to get my generals unit in the best shape possible (around 20 models in total). We go to combat and I reach for my dice when my opponent yelps, challenge! With my tomb king! If I except I might possibly be able to destroy his king with my general, who is pretty defensively tooled. I could also accept with my ghast and wreak havoc on his chariots… I take a chance and accept with my general. I go first and my lord hits everything. I roll for wounds and deal 2 wounds to his tomb king. He strikes back and whiffs me, regrettably the ghouls whiff as well while the chariots do some wounds. He ends up crumbling for 2 and loses a chariot. This is going well! My varghulf takes out half his unit of archers due to hits and crumbling the unit goes poof and my varghulf overruns to get closer to the generals unit and the battle.

TK 5th turn:
Here is where lady fortune turned into a bitch and decided to rip me a new one. I had the game on lock, sure I lost around 750 points but he was about to lose a lot more! What happened was the following. His horsemen move up some more and try to help out his tomb kings unit. His chariots also turn and decide that getting into that combat with my lord is imperative. In the magic phase I focus all my dispel dice at countering that move spell. It works! Only to see the final few dice go to healing his lord and chariot back to health… son of a ! he than uses his last dice for righteous smiting which does nothing. In the combat phase my lord gets to strike first, I hit with all 4 attacks and roll for wounding, 4 ones… ARE YOU KIDDING ME! his tomb king than gets to hit, he hits once and wounds my general. I throw for my armour save, nothing, no worries I still have a 4+ ward, three…oke oke so you wound him big deal, he rolls for his d3 wounds and rolls a 5 meaning 3 wounds… my general is dead… NO FRICKING WAY! Immediately after the phase I have to test for crumbling, luckily nothing crumbles for too much except my now leaderless ghoul unit is mopped up and he passes turn.

VC 5th turn:
Oke that’s it! Iv had it, I roll for crumbling and pass on everyone ha! This is turning into a serious loss if I cant take out some more of his costly units. My varghulf charges his chariot unit which it can just see due to some lucky overrunning last turn. Katarina falls short of charing the tomb kings chariot unit and I curse my luck. In the magic phase this is corrected as katarina pulls off a miracle vanhels of her own to get into contact with the chariots. In the combat phase the varghulf enraged rips the chariots to absolute shreds and gets to overrun again, into the tomb kings chariot unit! Double whammy pleasure for everyone! It’s a hard fought battle where my rolls go my way, I score 5 poison attacks with the ghouls which cause 2 wounds while the varghulf causes 3 wounds of himself and even katarina does her part by causing 1 wound. Due to outnumbering, flanking, and my ranks and wounds the entire unit crumbles to dust taking the tomb king with it! Ha take that!

Now I wish someone would have told me that a hierophant controls the crumbling of a tomb kings army instead of the tomb king himself… very logical if you ask me :P the last turns he ran his hierophant from my forces while capturing a table quarter, I pass my crumbling tests again in my phase and get to manouvre one table quarter to his table quarter. This way we tally up points and its 100 points in his favour, which means another draw… well I could have done a lot lot worse, especially with my unlucky first turn and losing my general to some serious luck…
I placed 49th out of 130 people scoring big points for my painting (unexpected) all in all it was a fun tournament, the 2 hours car drive was definetly worthwhile. Next stop! A new big tournament where ill definitely be replacing those stinking wraiths with something more useful. The varghulf is not going anywhere and the corpse cart im not too sure about… I might swop it out together with some other things for double varghulfs.

both undead armies, weakened and failing withdrew from battle having tested their strength against each other. Pulling the corpses of their leaders from the field they let each other leave. Enough damage had been done this day. While his army marched out of the gate, Gharof and Katarina regenerated in their coffins inside their black coach. The only thing heard beside the creaking of the carts and the coach was a forboding voice whispering, "wait until next time....we will get them....next time...."

Thx for reading everyone!