View Full Version : Dark Elf Hero choices going Magic Heavy

20-07-2008, 09:18
Hello all!

Just starting on Dark Elves, and I want to go magic heavy.

I'm thinking of two sorceresses (one of which supreme) and an assassin.

The question is, what are your experiences with magic heavy dark elf lists.

Does the magic compensate for lack of hth nobles?

What has worked better for you?

How do you protect them?

How do you compensate for the lack of Hth nobles in your R&F units?

Your Mum Rang
20-07-2008, 09:41
Now that all your combat units have hatred... you have less of a need for combat Nobles.

Assasins do not take up any hero choices. They are unit upgrades now.

20-07-2008, 09:48
...especially with the magic banner that gives Frenzy too...

Having said that, I still find a Dark Elf hero to add a little extra to that unit of CoK... even if it's just for the inclusion of another magic item or 2...

Still, i run with a level 4 and a level 1 in my Wood Elf army to reasonable effect. Witht the additional rules for DE, should be fine.

For protection, I like the look of the Focus Familiar to keep your Lvl 4 out of LOS, and other that that, I go down the route of keep them out of the way :D

Try a sorceress in a unit of warriors, (especially if you take the sacrificial dagger) and then leave the unit just before it gets charged...or put the assassin in the same unit...