View Full Version : New 2k High Elf list, need C+C please :-)

20-07-2008, 18:19
Hi guys, I'm getting back into Fantasy and thought I'd pick up where i left off with my small High Elf army and expand it somewhat. Here's a list I've come up with as a first attempt

Prince - Star Dragon, Lance, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence - 606

Mage (level 1) - Ring of Fury, Seerstaff - 150

Mage (level 2) - Jewel of Dusk, Silver Wand, Dispel Scroll - 180

14 Spearmen - Musician, Standard - 141

10 Archers - 110

5 Dragon Princes - Standard (Banner of Ellyrian), Drakemaster (Amulet of Light) - 204

15 Phoenix Guard - Musician, Standard (Banner of Sorcery) - 293

Lion Chariot - 140

Great Eagle - 50

RBT - 100

TOTAL - 1,974pts

I was thinking of using the Dragon Princes to flank and charge through cover combined with either the chariot or Prince, Eagle and Prince to march block and hunt war machines, spearmen and PG to add some numbers and protect the mages, archers and Bolt Thrower. The level 1 mage would take high magic and choose the new stubborn spell to keep the infantry in the fight, and with the second mage some magic has got to get through each phase.

I'd like to hear what you some of the seasoned High Elf players think of the list and areas for improvement. I have some ideas on how to fill the points, either...

-drop Seerstaff on level 1 mage and make him level 2, or
-drop a PG and add a Dragon Prince making a unit of 6, and put gem of courage on the mounted Prince

all C+C welcome! Thanks a lot,