View Full Version : How would someone make a Tanith army

20-07-2008, 22:56
I was wondering how someone would make a Tanith 1st and only army for IG without having to buy the limited selection of metal tanith miniatures out there.
Could someone make one using the Cadian torso, Catachan legs, Heads from WFB that have appropriately shaggy hair and so on and also green stuff for cloaks,
any ideas,
cheers, :skull:

Slaaneshi Slave
20-07-2008, 22:59
How abuut a Cadian torso, WFB elf legs (cloaks/robes), then whatever head you wanted?

Anvils Hammer
20-07-2008, 23:05
no, its very difficult.

cadian torsos and arms just have way to much armour, Tanith have only a basic black flak vest to protect them, many have bare arms.

The cadian figures are to well armoured and non stealthy, Catachans are far to muscular to represnt the tanith, who are lithe and stealthy, not rambo style.

If it were me, Id sculpt and cast replacement resin torsos and heads with the cloaks, use catachan legs and catachan arms, that would create a reasonable accurate Ghost. if yo uare limited to doing it wihout casting, catchans are probs your best bet, just add cloaks/body armour, and use a file/a knife to remove some muscle from the arms and shoulders.

good luck!

21-07-2008, 02:25
I'd use Catachan bodies+torsos, probably heads and WFB dwarf warriors arms. They are thin like cadians but lack the shoulder pad. Then add some cloaks (I'd recommend wood elf ones, but you'll have to do something about the quivers there).