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20-07-2008, 22:33
The Unholy Crusade of Mousillon - Vampire Counts 2500


Vampire Lord Baron Deacon De Frost: (Accompanies Grail Knights)
- Lvl 3
- Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dread Knight
- Blood Drinker, Walach’s Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt 455


Theodric Vampiric Paladin: (Accompanies Skeletal M&A)
- Dark Acolyte
- Flayed Hauberk 155

Gilles Vampiric Paladin: (Accompanies Skeletal M&A)
- Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death
- The Book of Arkhan 185

Wight King Theodric: (Accompanies KOTR)
- Skeletal Steed, Barding
- Sword of Kings 120


Skeletal Men & Arms (Skeleton Warriors)(x19): Full Command 172

Skeletal Men & Arms (Skeleton Warriors)(x19): Full Command 172

Debased Peasants (Ghouls) (x10) 80

Undead Hunting Hounds (Dire Wolves)(x5) 40

Undead Hunting Hounds (Dire Wolves)(x5) 40


Fallen Knight of the Realm (Black Knights)(x9): Barding, Full Command 292

Damned Grail Pilgrims (Grave Guard)(x20): Great Weapon, Full Command 290

Undead Pegasus Knights (Fell Bats)(x3) 60


Unholy Abomination, Resurrected Zombie Dragon (Varghulf) 175

Fallen Grail Knights (Blood Knights)(x4): Full Command 270

Total 2506 Points

PD:9/10 with Black Periapt
DD: 6/7 With Black Periapt

I posted a similar list to this shortly after the VC book came out, however i have managed to squeeze in some more levels of magic as my other list. Other than that the theme is undead Brettonians. 6 points over, not really sure what to drop to bring it to the limit.

Anyway, please tell me what you think


21-07-2008, 03:17
Blood knights absolutely do not need a full command, and in fact get worse when they take a champion. Drop that, then take LotD on you first hero vamp and your lord (I'll get to how). You lord doesn't need Dread Knight since he's already taking magic armor and a magic weapon. Give him a regular mount (it's okay to lower his save a bit, he's still hard to kill). That frees up points for LotD, which is an awesome power. If you don't want to take LotD, you need to make those skeleton units bigger - 25 men at least. If you do take LotD, you can drop the skellies down to 15 to save points.

Your lord should avoid the Blood Knights. They will never see combat with anything worthwhile if he is with them. Best to keep the frenzied cav cheap, and your lord with the heart of your army.

21-07-2008, 03:37
Did you know that you have 2 characters with the same name?

However I would keep dread knight on your lord, but have him join another unit altogether. Also, drop the great weapons on your grave guard, they need that extra armour save the shield provides. And killing blow can bail you out a lot better than S6 attacks.