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21-07-2008, 15:13
DE list:

on CO, ring of darkness, halberd, seadragon clock, heavy armour

Lv.2 Dark star cloak spells the 1st level d6 st4 hits not shooting and 1 doom bolt

Warriors 15-standard, champ, mus.

archers 10

2 rbt

COK 5-standard, champ, mus

CO chariot

HE List: (I fought 2 type of HE will post on another)

lv.2 ring of fury, level 1 5+ ward save, and flames of the phenix (4th or 5th not sure exactly)

Spear elves 20- standard, champ, mus

lion chariot

2 rbt

archers 10

reavers knights 10-standard, champ, mus

21-07-2008, 15:25
Ok here we go :)

I got first turn:

Marched with all my units excpet rbt (of course ;)) and chariot cause I can't :( oh and passed all my stupidity tests.

Magic phase- got 1 spell off the level 1 spell killed 1 archer so they can't shoot at least.

My RBT's both shot at one of his RBT's and kill 1 woohoo.

Shot with my chariot riders nothing happened.

Turn done

His Turn:

He moved slightly with with chariot and with his reavers to get into a more charable position.

Magic phase- I dispelled his spells however his mage had the ring of fury (flames fo asurian) and killed 2 COK

1 unit of archer shot at my archer and kill I believe 3

Turn 1 dones complete (bnothing to crazy)

21-07-2008, 16:00
Turn 2:

This round was ummm not the best imo

stupidity test my chariot fails so needless to say im pissed:mad:

COK pass and they march up a little further

march with marge in unit of spearelves.

and move up a little with archers

Magic phase

Got extra power dsice due to DE ability I used 2 and got 2 back :P

I cast doom bolt killing 1 yes only 1 reaver knight and then I failed my other spell via mis cast nothign to crazy....

Shooting I shot his reavers kill all but 1 :D

my archer killled like 2 of his archers end phase.

HIs turn 2:

he charged my COK with the 1 reaver

didn't move

Magic phase: castsd level 1 spell 5+ on his unit and tried to cast HE built in spell I dispelled. Ring of fury goes off and kill about 5 of my warriors (where my mage is)

His shooting against the warrior unit kill about 2 more and bolt thrower kill like 3 more.

fight COK kill reaver with out taking damage pretty easily and overrun into chariot.

21-07-2008, 16:06
Turn 3:

ok panic tests.... mage and unit fails :( never to come back again stupidity with chariot again fails (I HATE STUPIDITY but I must live with it:mad:)

So no magic phase....

Bolt thrower shoots at last remaining bolt thrower and kills it nice! other one helps kill archers in one unit

archers shoot again at HE archer unit kills the remaming in the last unit. (nothing to crazy)

COK fight chariot and kill it sweet!!!!:D over run turn done

Turn 3
moves a little but nothing to great

Magic phase: Has 5+ ward save cast easity can't dispel tried to cast flames of the phenix fails. Ring of fury kill all remainign archers.

end of turn.

21-07-2008, 16:15
Turn 4:

My COK pass stupidity and move right up to his spear elve unit with mage.

RBT's both of them kill off last unit of archers..

His turn4:

charges his uses the level 1 5+ ward save on hit units. He hits in cc but does not damage.

COK kill off most of the unit auto run cause of fear and I out number (I love hatred:)) run em over.

The win goes to DE wooohoo:D

The Adept
21-07-2008, 18:26
Congrats on the win. Chillwind is almost custom built to mess with elf archers.

One minor point - you can only overrun if you charged, so when the CoKs killed the reaver, they should have sat there afterwards. Didn't make a big difference (unless you failed the stupidity test and got charged by the chariot), but it can do at times.

21-07-2008, 18:30
@The Adept


I was under the impression that if you wipe out a unit you can overrun or somthing like that.. (I could be wrong on this)

21-07-2008, 20:07
@The Adept


I was under the impression that if you wipe out a unit you can overrun or somthing like that.. (I could be wrong on this)

It says this under OVERRUN! on page 43 in the small rulebook:

"If a unit charges into combat and, by the end of that turn's combat phase all its enemies have been wiped out...."

So, yeah, you wouldn't have been able to overrun. It isn't a big deal though as accidents happen.

Anyways, congrats on the win, especially against our misguided kin. I have still not played a game with the new book so I am really anxious to give it a go.

22-07-2008, 13:19
It's true you can't noooo :(

But it wasn't game breaking that's for sure. Accendents may of happened from both ends so my opponenet wasn't bent about it :)

Well I also fought an undead 500pt army I beat that also however, the games actually went my whole army getting killed except the war hydra which would always kill the vampire :)

The hydra is kick ass imo

29-07-2008, 20:28
DE list:
on CO, ring of darkness, halberd, seadragon clock, heavy armour

For some reason I was imagining Flavor Flav with a giant clock necklace thing in the shape of a dragon.

29-07-2008, 20:50
:O Shame my DE's never beat my friends HE. Ah well, new rules should change that :D