View Full Version : 1000pts Empire, no state troops

21-07-2008, 17:07
:eek:Well Im finally purchasing the empire battalion at the end of the week so thought Id write an army list using the models in the battalion and the existing knights and wizard character. Any advice/tactics are welcome but remember the models I have are limited.
Ill mainly be playing against orcs&gobbos which could include gobbo hero, gobbo shaman,2units gobbos,unit gobbo archers,unit of orcs,2 units spider riders,chariots,spear chuka,rock lobber and giant but dont want to specialise my army as hopefully be taking it to local gw store.

Wizard- lv2, wizard staff, doomfire ring=140 Wanted him offensive but not sure which lore to use? Doomfire ring is there mainly to drag out dd and used against the big blocks if possible.
5 knights-musician,standard= 139
5 knights-musician,=123
10 witch hunters(duelists)=90 Converted using the state troops and the pistiolers pistols
10 xbow men-marksman=85
5 outriders-champ-hochland long rifle= 126
6 knights of inner circle-full command-warbanner= 221 "hammer unit"
Mortar=75 Cant resist using this against blocks of gobbos

The witch hunters will be in the centre and try and bait the large block units into flank charges by the 3 knights units. It sounds simple but hopefully rely on my outriders to take out any flanking units and my mortar to weaken my opponents battle line before the knights charge in. Ive found duelists to be very effective and with only 10 state troops in the battalion think would be more worthwhile taking duelists over a weak "block" of troops.