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Lord Balor
23-04-2005, 08:46
Well it maybe because i've watched too much Battlestar/Stargate or played Homeworld far too long, but i have a sudden urge to start Battlefleet Gothic.

I've had a look at the GW specialist site and it had the online rules but i found it (the site, not the rules) seriously wanting in any real detail or providing information on the game itself, especially for people wanting to start. As such i thought i'd ask you guys on a quick rundown on the game and the pros/cons of the playable races or even for a site with more detail.


Lord balor

23-04-2005, 10:07
I think you want to check out the specialist games forums. They are actually quite sane. There is a sticky rundown thread in there somewhere.

You also want to get hold of Armada to get the rules for some more fleets except the ones in the "Blue book". It is not available for download yet, so you have to order it if you really want it. (If you want to play SM, Tau etc)

The rules aren't that complicated really, but they can feel a bit strange compared to other GW games. If you just play a couple of games (that's about as much as I've played) you will quickly learn how it works.

23-04-2005, 14:57
Basically, BFG is a very easy game to get into, and is probably one of the best-written rules sets that GW have ever produced (it essentially has very few problems with it, and is surprisingly well balanced). The specialist games site is very dissapointing - it was due to be given attention when BFG 2nd edition was released, but once that was shelved, so was the web site. There is a BFg mailing list at yahoo, forget what it is called(!) whioch you might want to look into.

As far as the races go, Imperials and Chaos are both straight forward and easy to start with.

Eldar are essentially very fast and fragile (exactly as they should be!)

Orks are chaotic, brutal, and to the point but quite hard to play with, although immense fun (as always)

Necrons are generally unstopable, don't know if that appeals!

Tau are a bit boring in my opinion, but are essentially an ordanance fleet (lots of bombers, fighters and torpedoes).

Hope that helps.

Lord Balor
24-04-2005, 13:13
Thanks for the replies and the Starter set has the Rules plus a small Imperial and chaos fleet, both of which appeal to me and would allow me to field BFG and WH40K together in a campaign. I'll check out the forums at specialist to see if there is mroe useful info there!