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22-07-2008, 06:23
I was making combos for my army general and came out with two possibilities for character/ lockers. Which one do you guys think would be most effective (they're both armed with the same equipment, but different weapons) and should I take the Blessed Mark of the Old Ones to help with armor saves.

Old-blood- Light armor, enchanted shield, blessed spawning of quetzl, aura of quetzl, jag. charm, piranha blade: 258 pts.


Old-blood- light armor, enchanted shield, blessed spawning of quetzl, aura of quetzl, jag. charm, sword of might: 243 pts

Speed: 18"
Armor save: 2+ shooting. 1+ close combat
Ward save: 4+ vs. str 5+

One at 5 str 5 attacks w/ -4 to enemy AC
one at 5 str 6 attacks w/ -3 to enemy AC

I could give 'em the Blade of Tzunki, but would have to drop their armor and speed (unless I mount him).

22-07-2008, 11:57
take spawning of sotek... with mv 9 you'll get the charge.

22-07-2008, 16:22
this is a little off topic but it is an interesting oldblood on carnosaur combo.

I used to give mine the blade of tzunki but it was a bad idea becuase
1. i was trying to make him a character/cavalry killer which he is simply not good for
2. i was wasting a lot of points on magic

I also used to give him a deadly 2+ AS which was a bad idea because
1. people just shoot him with bolt throwers most of the time
2. people always attack the carnosaur in cc for easy combat res.

to solve all my problems i decided to do this

light armour
gleaming pendent
aura of quetzel
sotek, tzunki and any spawning other than quetzel

now there´s no points wasted on the blade of tzunki or a huge AS, he´s able to dish out a decent number of attacks wounding most units on 2+ with -3 AS, he gets to strike first on a turn he doesn´t charge and he´s still marginally more difficult to kill than the carnosaur.

anyway to answer your question i think you should take number two, but give you´re guy a helberd and ditch the sword of might and enchanted shield. if you can´t kill the three guys in cc with you with 5 S6 attacks then you shouldn´t have charged. the aura of quetzel will save you if you need it against characters, and by spending your magic items on a gleaming pendent you can take an enemy´s charge without worrying about armour.

22-07-2008, 18:57
I agree with kroq'gar, take the spawning of sotek +1 attack is great for 20 pts. On your question use the sword of might for str 6. I would still use a GW over either though.

22-07-2008, 18:58
I'm better off giving him a great weapon than a halberd. Lizard's init is so low to begin with, he'll go last in extended combat anyway. His main purpose is to hunt characters anyway, so he shouldn't be fighting very many boys.

with movement 9, even fast cav. are going to have a difficult time charging him so thats not an issue.

As for the Blade of Tzunki; thats a knight kill for sure, something you take against Bretonians.

22-07-2008, 19:10
So far 2 votes for the Sword of might + BS sotek. 5 attacks (6 on the charge) that wound most characters on a 2+.

Since I wouldn't be fielding a lord in anything less than 3k, he'd be accomanied by a scar-vet which is my general now (light armor, great weapon, jag.charm), but prolly mounted since I can't take two jag. charms (no matter how much I would like to).

22-07-2008, 19:25
I vote for great weapon and sotek...