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Major Defense
31-10-2005, 14:29
I have a buddy who plays Chaos and he has always been under the impression that there is Chaos (beasts, mortals, demons) and then there are lists like Deamonic Legions and Archaon's Horde. So when we declare armies and I am thinking of standard HE or Sea Patrol, he is thinking of DL, AH or "the trifecta" and then deciding before we go to the table which of the three standard armies he is going to field.

Is this fair? I've noticed that when Chaos players post their armies on this forum they always state which of the three they are playing. Should he declare which of the three he is playing or has he had it right all along? And if you're answering that question please bring some "why" into it.

31-10-2005, 14:42
Why would it matter to you what type of army he fields? Surely you should simply design a good, all comers army which is felxible enough to deal with whatever he puts at you?

31-10-2005, 14:44
If you talk to him I'm sure you can work out an arrangement that works for the both of you. If you feel that the current situation is unfair I don't think he would mind adjusting a little so that you both feel comfortable.

Personally I like it when I don't know what I'm going up against, makes for better armybuilding.

31-10-2005, 14:45
I would normally declare what type of Chaos I'm fielding before the game.

i run a Hordes of Chaos Tzeentch Army.

I would assume it to be common coutesy, but I also agree with Flame. Just dont tell him what you're going to be bringing tio the game. See how he fares then...

31-10-2005, 14:47
Are you trying to emulate tournament gaming? If so, he doesn't have to say a thing before the game. He could be bringing Goblins for all you know.

If you are just playing friendly games - try talking to your friend and agreeing on a style of play that suits you. Communication is always best. I often find that it is more rewarding to speak to my friend/opponent directly rather than asking lots of strangers on the internet.

Major Defense
31-10-2005, 15:30
We did talk about it together and I am only asking here because we weren't sure of the "standard protocol" for Chaos armies. I'm really indifferent about it aside from wanting it to be fair.

31-10-2005, 16:07
If it is a matter of a challenge or some such then you should match your opponent's level of disclosure:

Opponent: "Let's play a game this weekend."
You: "Sure, I'll bring beer."


Opponent: "I am so totally going to pwn you with my Daemonic Legion and my Keeper of Secrets, K'Awfinkle!"

You: "Well, yeah? Over the dead bodies of my Clan Eshin ratboys, you mean! I'm gonna SO Assassinate K'Awfinkle!"


31-10-2005, 18:08
Opponent: "Let's play a game this weekend."
You: "Sure, I'll bring beer."

This would sound like a fair deal to me. :D

31-10-2005, 21:00
I don't think there is a 'standard protocol' because most people do not discuss army lists before the game. If you know what army you are playing against and have a chance to change your list, then you can tailor it perfectly against that list; whats the point in that?

If you are going to discuss army choice before, simply "Chaos" should suffice, although i don't think armies sghould be discussed before at all, it produces all sorts of inequities.