View Full Version : 1000pt Slaaneshi Warriors Army

Elazar The Glorified
23-07-2008, 14:46
My first 1000 pts planned out.

Army General - Exalted Champion
Daemonic Mount
HW + Shield
Mark of Slaanesh
Crown of Everlasting Conquest

10 Chosen Warriors
Mark of Slaanesh
Full Command
Great Weapons
War Banner

Aspiring Champion
Mark of Slaanesh
Armour of Damnation

14 Marauders
Musician + Standard
Light Armour + Sheilds

Chaos Giant

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

My list is built this way partly so that any models I purchase now won't be replaced with new improved ones come the new release (excluding the Warhounds but they're more a points filler). I'm thinking a refused flank with the two troops units and the Giant to keep the opposite flankers busy with 1 of the Warhound units.

Any feedback and advice welcome!