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23-07-2008, 18:51
I'm playing in a 1500 tourney in about a month; and for once I'd like to place top 3. So i'm no longer being nice about it. I'll get a lot of crap for draggin 3 chariots with characters; but screw it.

1500 Pts


Black Orc Big Boss 211
Heavy Armour; Shield; Orc Boar Chariot; Sword of Might; Bigged's Kickin' Boots

Black Orc Big Boss 221
Heavy Armour; Shield; Orc Boar Chariot; Shaga's Screamin' Sword

Goblin Shaman 165
Goblin Wolf Chariot; Dispel Scroll x2


30 Orc Boyz 210
FC; Choppa; Light Armour; Shield

30 Orc Big'Uns 380
FC; Choppa; Light Armour; Shield; Mork's Spirit Totem

Goblin Spear Chukka
Goblin Spear Chukka


Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

Casting Dice: 3
Dispel Dice: 3
# Models: 90

So the idea on this list is to pack one great big punch in the 3 chariots. Run them like tomb kings right next to eachother; since they'll be deploying last hopefully I can stick all 3 on a flank after my opponent is done setting up and this will give me the choice of the juiciest but weakest flank to smash into on turn 2 or 3. The wolf chariot can make it's own distance, but the 2 BO chariots will autowaagh on the turn they charge; and the BOrcs are as combatty as I can make them both having 4 ST 5 attacks on the charge. (At least as long as there is 1 enemy character in within 12 inches.) Not to mention the fact that a character on a chariot is US5 thus negating ranks.

I took 1 shaman and morks totem in a unit of 30 to maxamize my dispel dice to keep my chariots alive through magic phase of the first turn or two. Shouldn't be too tough with 6 dice and 2 scrolls.

Shooting phase is really ansillary; but I'll probably use it to weaken whatever flank unit I'm going to charge with the chariots that way I can make sure the damned thing will break or be completely gone after my round of attacking.

Even when you get to the main body of fighting 60 orcs are kinda hard to deal with. I'm probably going to run the totem unit 5 wide to keep the rank bonus longer; but the other unit I will probably run 6 wide for the more attacks.
Thoughts or opinions?


B.T.W.-I'm aware that dwarves and empire would tear this whole list apart with cannons/handguns/S7 bolt throwers, but there is only 1 dwarf player in my area and no empire so I'm hoping I just don't have to play him.

23-07-2008, 19:58
You don't have the units necessary to protect your war machines. Drop the big uns to regular boys and grab a smaller unit of boys or even goblins. You don't need much, just something to keep fliers and fast cavalry from hitting your war machines on turn two.

3 character chariots will hit hard, but won't be enough to defeat an entire army. Back the chariots up with the boys and your war machines get munched. Keep the boys back and your chariots get overwhelmed.

24-07-2008, 15:07
If you really want to go off the cheese scale, change your list around a little.

Make one of your boss chariots a savage orc boss and drop the screamin' sword. Most people don't take a ton of characters in 1500 points so I don't think it will be worth that much. But the savage boss gives his whole unit frenzy, including the boars pulling the chariot. To add insult to injury, drive your savage orc chariot BACKWARDS. That way, no one will bait him into trees and you can decide when to charge (chariots can end their move however you want).

I'd also drop the big 'uns and switch them to regular orcs. Take the points you saved and drop some points on special units. Maybe more chariots?