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23-07-2008, 21:58
I am new to WFB. I own BfSP and I am busy painting each model. Once I am finished painting the starter set I will start collecting OnG. I bought the OnG Armybook and I quite like my impression of how the army plays. My plan is to collect the horde in segments much like an escalation scenario. I also have background fluff in mind.

Dagskar Earscrappa is relying on the Imperial blackmarket, in the lands between Nuln and Skull Pass, to supply and outfit his lengthy siege of Thane Godri's Dwarven Hold. Dagskar has entrusted the clandestine exotic fungus-for-weapons/warpstone/wealth operation to Big Boss Laac of the Hollow Tongue Goblins. In the course of trading with and stealing from sundry cultists, brigands, and alchemists Laac has assumed the title of Lord Laac. Of course, as the flow of illicit trade grows the Goblins are attracting unwanted attention...

I have written up a starting-list for Lord Laac and his band of smugglers.

Goblin Big Boss, Light Armor, Shield; 39 points.

Goblin Shaman, 55 points.

29 Goblins, Full Command, Shields; 136 points.

30 Goblins, Full Command, Shields, Shortbows; 170 points.

5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders, Full Command, Shortbows; 100 points.

500 Total Points
66 Models
3 Powerdice
3 Dispel Dice

Movement Phase: Forest Goblins
Shooting Phase: Shortbow Block, Forest Goblins
Magic Phase: Goblin Shaman
Combat Phase: Two Light Infantry blocks each led by a Basic Hero

I am counting on outnumbering the enemy force and beating him with ranks'n'flanks. I wanted a balanced warband that is a jack at each phase of the turn. It should be fun to play and teach me the game at the same time. :)