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23-07-2008, 23:34
hello all, i havnt played WHF for many years but have a large VC army dating back from 4th ed and updated with some 5th ed and 6th ed units/ models, so i pretty much have at least 1 unit of everything

now my regular 40k opponunt has recently started high elfs, he intends to make a 1k magic heavy list designed to rip VC a new one

his army will be made mostly from seaguard/ spearmen, mages, a unit of silverhelms, shadow warriors and bolt throwers, mabey a unit like swordmasters thrown in

what would people recommand i use in a magic heavy 1k VC army to destroy these pesky elfs?

Heros? units etc

any help would be great as i seriously havnt played for so long and would like to get back into fantasy with this sparkly new 7th ed VC army book


24-07-2008, 12:12
well, against ASF a chariot is always a reasonable option, so a black coach is a thing You should find usefull, not as a main offensive option but a good support, it also terrorises the enemies and is hard as a rock with T6, 4+ ward save and 3+ armour save

26-07-2008, 04:32
I would recommend NOT taking the black coach. It costs an insane amount of points and unless you're playing a big game with lots of magic it probably won't do much.

High Elves are definitely one of the tougher armies for VCs to fight, what with +1 to dispel and multi-attack ASF infantry.

I would probably recommend two caster/raising vamps with LotD and Dark Acolyte. You don't really have the points for combat items so just keep them out of combat! Two units of armored skellies are good units against any opponent, though HEs can dish out the hurt against such light infantry. Make sure to raise them large enough so that they can absorb casualties and while they wait for flank support. You'll win games with your flankers, so take a unit of black knights and a Varngulf.

As you're starting to play stick to fairly simple hammer and anvil tactics. Skellies pin the enemy in place, knights and varngulf flank. Use magic to keep your units up to strength and danse whenever you can to get flank charges.

26-07-2008, 06:44
I'd have to say a good solid idea would be just as has been mentioned. Stick to the solid VC tricks up your sleeve. The IoN and danse will be what wins you the day. Avoid the heavy, hard to cast magic tricks. You'll win the battle with numbers and attrition with keeping your units up, and grinding down the opposing units. As was also said, flanks with good units sound like the best idea.

26-07-2008, 11:32
i think the coach is an excellent idea, dispite the fact that it costs quite a bit. after all, it steals power dice, it causes impact hits and presents a nice opportunity for your opponent to waste his bolt throwers.

take corpse carts with the -1 to cast for enemy wizards within 24"; two of them made a mess of my slann until i could kill them. (if you don't have any i'd suggest buying one)

26-07-2008, 22:09
chears for advice so far

im split between using a black coach or one of those new Varghulf things, good thing i just bought a varghulf and a corpse cart and some blood knights to update my army :)

i was considering a different aproach to magic heavy VC and instead going for a more blood knight vampire aproach, smashing my foes magic casters with hth characters, ill gain more smiting power but loose extra raising goodness :(

mabey fellbats for magic caster and bolt thrower removal

26-07-2008, 23:42
Blood knights are not a terribly good unit, especially against high elves. They'll spend all game chasing around units half their cost (assuming your opponent takes anything fast - if he takes eagles instead of bolt throwers you'll be even more screwed) then perhaps get flank charged and crumble. You can take a non-magic army, but Vargulf/Wraiths is still the better rare choice. For cav, stick with black knights.

27-07-2008, 09:53
blood knights are definitely a waste. they're too expensive (even more than the black coach) and will either spend the game running after things or getting shot to pieces with RBTs.

You can take a non-magic army, but Vargulf/Wraiths is still the better rare choice.

wouldn't T3 wraiths be a bit of a liability against a magic heavy HE army? i.e. ring of fury, fury of khaine, fireball, anything like that. varghulfs will also be killed easily if he chooses the lore of fire.

28-07-2008, 07:38
fellbats are a must, as we don't have anything to declare flee with a 3 bat strong group is invaluable to redirect charges or simply to be annoying ;) i find them often struggeling with machine crews, but even if they don't win, they can still keep the machine busy for a turn or 2

28-07-2008, 08:41
You can create "blinders" for your Blood Knights with wolves, blocking everything in LoS but forward. It's a bit tricky to get right and kinda costly at 1k.

A magic heavy VC list should be able to dispel his magic missiles and Ring of Fury without any problems. So yes try Wraiths and send it against a smallish unit that can't break you through CR.

But you don't really need any tricks. Taking Ghouls and Grave Guard and setting up for a straight on fight can get you the victory.