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Von Wibble
24-07-2008, 10:14
The thrid list I have posted - I am very much experimenting with different styles of army. This one relies on good magic with assassins in to compensate for lack of fighty characters.

Supreme Sorceress, L4. Has Sacrificial Dagger, Black Dragon Egg, Pendant of Khaeleth. 350pts

Normally I wouldn't give a ward save to a wizard as they shouldn't be in a position to need it. However, with miscasts a real danger and POD also a factor, I felt it more necessary. Also, with T6 for 1 turn and inverse ward she can hold up most uber characters for a round of combat.

Sorceress, L2, Dispel Scroll, Tome of Furion. 180pts

Sorceress, L2, Darkstar Cloak. 160pts

24 Warriors, shields, fcg, War Banner. 208pts

Joined by Supreme Sorceress, and Assassin, Cloak of Twilight, Rune of Khaine, ehw. 141pts.

Sacrificial Dagger and lots of targets....

If the enemy engages this unit hoping for a kill on the general, the assassin should get plenty of them whilst the pendant protects the sorceress from any remaining blows. Then static cr wins through. This will struggle against heavy cav however. With cloak of twilight the assassin also gives my supreme sorceress an escape plan - for this reason he will be revealed quite early (its not like an opponent would expect the sorceress to be unguarded)

13 Black Guard, fcg, Banner of Hag Graef, Tower Master has Crimson Death. Sorceress goes here.

Who needs an assassin with an ASF A3 S6 champion? Well, it would help but I just don't have the points.

18 Corsairs, fcg, Banner of Murder, reaver has handbows. 233pts.

Joined by other Sorceress. Also joined by

Assassin, Rune of Khaine, ehw. 121pts.

6 Shades, gw. 108pts

11 Crossbowmen. 110pts

6 Dark Riders, crossbows, mus. 139pts

2 x 5 Harpies. 2 x 55pts

War machines could really spell trouble so need hunting down.

Hydra 175pts

6 Cold One Knights, mus, Cold Blooded Banner. 201pts

Overall 11 PD with more to come from POD. 6 DD plus Scroll. Only worry is knights. Avoid Bretonnia in plans for world conquest.

Von Wibble
25-07-2008, 12:15

25-07-2008, 14:02
Lacks focus. This army seems to have a sprinkle of a lot of things; it needs focus. Never take just one Hydra, take two or none. Like you said Bretonians or demons with lots of flesh hounds would just steamroll this army. Fix it. You only have the hydra, CoK unit, and black guard unit that can really handle heavy combats. That just won't cut it.

Von Wibble
25-07-2008, 17:03
OK - but be more specific - what changes? If you don't like something state to remove it. If something else should be in state it. The best analysis of a list suggests specific replacements to be made rather than just typing "fix it".

I see the Hydra supporting the Cold Ones for a deadly charge or providing a flank charge on anything that charges and sticks to the warriors or black guard. Not sure why 2 is essential. Useful, yes- but where do I find the points?

I think the warriors and corsairs can also handle themselves with assassins in so not sure I agree about what units can handle heavy combats. The supreme sorceress will absorb several wounds from a killy character and the assassin will cause several. Throw in outnumber and a war banner and it will take a very powerful unit to shift them. Corsairs with Banner of Murder and Assassin are similarly useful - most knights only get a 4+ save from the assassins many attacks.

As to knights, I have thought about this and decided that my supreme sorceress will take Lore of Metal for these guys. Combined with a stubborn BG unit and the cold ones I think there is a decent chance of deflecting their attention. Flesh hound heavy lists will be harder, but also a lot rarer. The knights and hyadra could handle 1 unit and any others would need deflecting.

One change I would consider is replacing the Corsairs with Warriors, Witch Elves, Black Guard or Executioners - the latter 3 for about the same price, the warriors chaeaper. The Executioner's ASL isn't such a weakness with an Assassin to kill enough R+F in in order to ensure the unit strikes. Unlesss its corsairs, Black Guard or warriors the sorceress would move to the crossbows.

25-07-2008, 17:09
I say use that, as it is, it's fine.

26-07-2008, 15:56
I actually like this list alot, I agree that Cavalry may cause you problems if its Bretonnians or an Empire Cavalry army but most armies will have 1, 2 at most, cavalry units and I think you'd be able to knock them out pretty quickly with magic and your combo of Knights and Hydra.

Good list, i'd say give it a go and see how it actually plays before any major changes. I've always found Corsairs to be very useful and would keep them in for now but if you had to change them i'd take more Warriors and stick in a few more Harpies.