View Full Version : Know your Role

31-10-2005, 17:09
Has anyone seen or played this?

I was wandering through Another World this lunchtime and amongst the WFRP and D&D books, i noticed 'Know Your Role' The RolePlaying Game for WWE wrestling.

So is it any god / vaguely entertaining

Or is it just a cheap crappy piece of merchandise deisgned to screw more cash out of WWE fans

(which I'm not particularly BTW, just curious...)


Zark the Damned
31-10-2005, 17:18
I've had a quick play of it, it works pretty well generally.

Haven't had much of a play through for post-match interviews etc, but the fighting system is great, especially the manouvre system for designing your moves (and modifying them on the fly). The matches are fast paced and rules simple enough that after a few practices you wont need the rulebook or a mediator.

I'm not even a wrestling fan, but a mate of mine (who is) introduced me to the game, and I'll definitely join if he gets a campaign set up.