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Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 12:52
Last night i embarked upon a Border Patrol Campaign I had organised at my local games club. I took my Orcs and Gobbos and played 5 different games each lasting a maximum of 40 minutes.

My list included.

Orc Big Boss on Boar, Light Armour, Shield and Martogs Best Basha

23 Orc Boyz, Choppas, Shields, Light Armour and Full Command

10 Orc Arrer Boyz, Musician

5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Light Armour, Short Bows, Musician

Orc Boar Chariot, Extra Orc Crew.

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 13:07
Battle One

Orcs Vs Vampire Counts.

My opponent had two units of Dire Wolves, Two Skeketon Warrior Units 15 strong and a Vampire on foot in one of the units.

Geting the first turn i moved my Wolf Riders up and to the left of the Skeleton Warriors with the Vampire, they stood out of their line of sight. The Orc Boyz moved towards the same unit, with the chariot advancing to their right to neutralise the threat presented by the second Skeleton Warrior unit. My arrer Boyz stayed in posistion on a hill ready to unleash a volley on the nearby Dire Wolves.

The Goblins missed the Skeletons with their Bows and this inspired the Orcs to show em who was da best archer, they let lose a volley sending 3 Dire Wolves back to the grave.

The Skeletons advanced towards my line and the Dire Wolves moved to my right, threatening a flank on my Arrer Boyz. Curse of years was dispelled and Invocation of Nehek was out of range of the Dire Wolves.

My warboss called the Waaagh and his unit surged towards the enemy with the rest of the army deciding not to get all excited and act normally. My main unit charged the Skeletons as the Wolf Riders using the generals leadership, charged them in the flank. The Boar chariot charged the second Skeleton unit so as to prevent them coming to the aid of the Vampires guard. The Arrer Boyz turned to face the Wolves at the base of the hill.

My Big Boss alloted all of his attack onto the Vampire and rended her asunder. The Boyz killed a few more Skeletons and the Wolf Riders downed 6 more. The unit crumbled And so my Wolfs over ran into the second combat whilst my Orcs stayed put. The Chariot took out an amazing 7 skeletons, with the Wolves once again aiding their bigger cousins by killing a few more and destroying the rank bonus. Some Skeletons Crumbled, and then some more did due to the lack of a general.

The remainder of the Skeletons turned to ash and the Dire Wolves declared a charge on the Arrer Boyz. They let lose a volley at the largest unit in response, taking out a few of them. The Wolves decaying jaws couldn't scratch the thick Orc hide and the arrer Boyz unleased their choppas on the pathetic creatures, killing all but a Doom Wolf, who in turn crumbled into the sodden crest of the hill.

Victory for the Orcs.

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 13:27
Battle Two

Orcs vs Ogre Kingdoms

My opponent had a unit of three Bulls and a second unit of three, which had a standard bearer. This unit was joined by his bruiser, a large female Ogre with a nasty looking rolling pin. A Gorger model also sat to the side of the table, waiting to enter the battle later and feast on the green horde.

My Orcs moved forward with the arrer boyz in support. The chariot trundled along on their right flank ready to react to the Gorgers apperance. The wolf riders went off to the left trying to wound some ogres with their bows but failing to make any hits.

The arrer boyz were charged by the unit of three Bulls, They caused a wound on the brutes before they slammed into them, killing all but three of them. It was too much for the Ladz and they broke and fled being caught by the orges and smeared onto the worn earth.

Ignoring the ladz destruction the Leader called the Waaagh, moving towards the Ogre Leader, sensing a worthy foe. He then charged the unit along with his Boyz, at the same time the chariot smashed into the side of the unit straight into the Bruiser.

The wolf riders returned to the Orc table edge to unleash a volley at the Ogres who had slaughtered the Arrer boyz. Causing two wounds on the brutes. Pierced with goblin and orc arrows, one of the hulks smashed to the ground.

As the chariots impact caused the bruiser to explode in a spray of crimson, the Big boss roared at the loss of his opponent and cut down an Ogre in his rage. The Boyz managed to wound another and the Unit fled, to be cut down by the blood splattered mob.

The Bulls that cut down the arrer boyz tuurned and started towards the Orcs on the other side of the table. Whilst the Gorger arrived slightly out of the Orcs line of sight.

The Orcs turned to face the Gorger and the chariot lined itself up for a charge into the combat that was about to take place. The Wolf riders manuvered behind the Bulls and caused another two wounds on them with their bows. Goblins cant miss backs that broad it seems.

The Gorger charged the Orcs in a hungry frenzy Causing two wounds on the ladz. Two wounds were caused in return, but the unbreakable creature stood fast.

The Chariot smashed into the Beast engaged with the Orcs. Again splattering it all over the soil. and continuing on right past the awe struck boyz. It was one of the best things they had ever seen.

The wolf riders downed an ogre with another wound from their volleys.

At this point the battle ended due to time.

Victory to the Orcs

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 13:40
Battle Three

Orcs Vs Brettonians

A unit of 8 Knights of the realm joined by a Hero stood opposite my horde. Nearby was a unit of 3 Pegasus Knights.

The Wolf Riders went down the right flank whilst the rest of the Ladz moved towards the Knights in the centre. Orc and Goblin Arrows were unleashed but none penetrated the thick armour of the enemy.

The Pegasus Knights charged the Wolf Riders who fired another round of arrows in response. One found a weakness and wounded the chargers.

The Pegausus knights kiled two Goblins whilst no wounds were caused in return. The Goblins fled off of the table, with the knights in pursuit.

The Orcs and chariot lined themselves up for a charge on the knights, each at an angle, so the knights could only charge one of them.

The Arrer boyz let a volley off at the Knights but to no avail

The Pegasus knighst returned and landed behind the chariot The knights stayed put, waiting for the ok from their brothers.

Seeing a threat to da Plan the Arrer Boyz surged forward off the hill towards the Pegasus knights, not realising that they could do much better if they stayed put. They unleashed 5 shots causing no wounds on the creatures.

The Knights Charged the Orc Boyz and the chariot recieved a charge in the back from the Pegasus knights. The Chariot fled after recieving two wounds and was cut down by the Pegasus, who then entered the unfought combat between the Knights and the boyz. The Lances splintered on the Orcs, killing many of them, And even though the boss managed to down one of the gleaming soldiers, the frontal assult combined with the loss of the chariot and the Pegasus in their flanks was two much, the ladz broke and fled, cut down as they ran. The knights smashed into the Shocked Arrer Boyz who could do nothing but stand agahst as they in tirn were cut down.

Victory to the Brettonians.

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 13:57
Battle Four

Orcs vs Vampire Counts

Another undead horde faced off against my Boyz but this one was different. 16 Skeleton Warriors stood near a Vampire on a Steed. 5 Dire Wolfs took my right flank and 3 Carin Wraiths with a Banshee upgrade threatened my left.

My Arrer Boyz took to the defence of the flank from the Dire Wolves having done so well against them previously Whilst my Orc Boyz Got into position top engage the Wraiths. Martogs Best Basha hummed in anticipation of cleaving the insubstantial creaures into "Propa nothing".

The Arrer Boyz shot and killed two Dire Wolves whilst the boyz and chariot surged forward. The Wolf riders moved to engage the Dire Wolves and threaten the Skeleton Warriors.

The Banshee unleased it terrible scream, killing two Boyz whilst the Dire Wolves moved behind some Orc Huts to the right, hidden from the Arrer Boyz view. The two lost Wolves were resurected due to the Vampires incantations.

Screaming the Waagh the Orcs moved towards the Wraiths and charged them. The Arrer Boyz unleased a volley at the Vampire, failing to wound. Martogs Best Basha sent the Banshee to the ether, with out their grounding in this world the other two wraiths faded from existence.

The Skeletons charged the Orcs in the flanks which had been presented due to their desire to eliminate the Wraiths. The Dire Wolves moved to within charge distance of the Arrer Boyz flanks The skeletons caused no wounds and the Orcs struck back with their mighty Choppas. Cleaving 4 of the enemy in twain. The Battle was a loss but the Orcs held fast.

The Arrer Boyz startd to argue about who they should shoot at and so did nothing, not noticing the snarling wolves mere moments away.

The Orc Big Boss Manuvered into the fight, cleaving 2 skeletons asunder, The Boyz killed a few more for a draw. The Wolf Riders Turned to help the Ladz, unleashing a pointless volley onto the Vampire as they did.

The Dire Wolves charged the Arrer Boyz but once again they did no harm. The Arrer Boyz struck back killing two of them. The rest of the unit crumbled at its loss.

The Vampire charged the wolf riders Killing two of them and recieving no wounds in return.

The skeletons and Orcs drew combat again and with that the game ended.

The destruction of the Wraiths meant the orcs claimed victory once more

Victory to the Orcs

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 14:20
Battle Five

Orcs Vs Night Goblins

I was facing off against 2 units of 25 Night Goblins, 9 Squig Hoppers and an Orc Shaman. Having such a small force I knew that one or two Fanatics were also present somewhere within the ranks.

My Wolf Riders headed towards The right flanks unit of Night Goblins, hoping to lure out any Fanatics in the next turn. The rest of the amry trundled towards the left flank which housed the Orc Shaman in a unit of Night Goblins.

The Squig Hoppers bounced towards my Wolf Riders, falling short of their target by a few inches. The Night Goblins on the Right stayed put as they argued away and the unit with the Orc Shaman headed towards my Lines.

The Shaman Started to wave his hands around but as the Waaagh energy became uncontrolable his head exploded, streaks of Waagh energy killed 5 Night Goblins in his vicinity.

The Wolf Riders moved forward, triggering a Fanatic who killed two of them and went straight off the table edge. The Orcs also Triggered a Fanatic who fell short and was spinning wildly in front of them and the Arrer Boyz.

The Arrer Boyz, in an unwise move, decided to surge towards the Night Goblins now theyd lost their leader. Unfortunatly this landed them on top of the Fanatic killing six of them and forcing them to flee. Luckily there wasnt enough of them left to bother the chariot which just shrugged as the Boyz fled.

The Night Goblins Charged the Orcs as the Squig Hoppers slammed into their side. Luckily Orcs are better than Goblins and only two wounds were recieved. The Orcs and their Big Boss struck back hard killing 5 night Goblins and a Hopper. Both Units fled and the Boyz persuded and caught the Squigs. The Orcs moved towards the other Night Goblin Unit as the Wolf Riders charged them in the flank. The Night Goblins kept on running away from the battle and the Wolves beat the Unit they were fighting. Yet the Goblins held.

The combat between the Wolves and the NIght Goblins continued with neither side gaining the upper hand. The Orc Big Boss called his last Waaagh of the evening slamming into the combat and breaking the Night Goblins ending the game.

Victory to the orcs.

Gobbo Lord
24-07-2008, 14:23
All in all I won four of the five games I had played. This led me to come joint first with the Brettonian player who had beaten me. He lost a round to a High Elf force during the evening. It was a lot of fun to play a lot of small games in one evening and i would reccomend it to anyone.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
24-07-2008, 15:55
Four of of five...well done, Gobbo!