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31-10-2005, 19:52
Aboard the Battle Barge Sword of St Nicolas. In the Depth of the void mutiple Strike cruisers come into real space and sent a series of thuderhawks silently though the void. a few stayed on the Battle Barge but most returned after droping of the possabile furture of the Warseer chatper. The strike Cruisers then left sliping back into the nightmare of the warp.

The small ships unloaded the their cargo but instead of weapons or ammo or armour. It was humans young men most around age 10 some as young as age 8. they were lead by serfs of the chapter they were lead into different holding areas. there was crates of food and water in each of the rooms then it was locked again.

OoC/okay you all are in the same holding cell. your all pretty shook up. so start talking to each other talk about your life or what ever you feel like start makeing freinds enimes if you feel like. you may know what a space marine is you may not. there is food and you all are starveing. just so you know but your character doesn;t you are being wacthed by the marines./OoC

31-10-2005, 20:22
I wasted no time grabbing some food out of the crate in the room we had been thrown in. I can't remember the last time I ate but the tightness in my stomach told me it had been too long. I greedily tried to swallow a large chunk of food and instantly regretted it. My throat had forgotten how to swallow properly and the food felt like it would choke me from the inside. Eventually it worked its way to my stomach and feel heavily into it. I let out a sigh of relief to have found edible food. Grabbing one of the contains of water I quickly moved away from the crates to allow the others a share.

"So where does everyone hail from?" I asked looking around at the assorted children that I had been crammed in with. I certainly recognised none from my city of Incoln, indeed I thought most had a distinctly foreign look to them. I didn't find this too surprising though, no one ever said the Celestial Knights only took those of his region or country. "A pray tell does anyone know what our present location is? I expected paradise to be some how more warm and inviting." I mussed while looking around our bare room, "Not that I am ungrateful to have been selected to come here, I am deeply humbled." I added quickly, it probably would not pay to appear unappreciative least our hosts changed their minds.

31-10-2005, 22:01
Ruben smiled weakly, his hair a mess and his face grimy, oddly he didnt seem cold at all liek the other childern, anyone who looked cloesly would see he was in a slight sweat. "hi,... my name is Ruben and i come from malphesteron, its an ice world far from here" He smiled as he ate food and drank from the water bottles "thank you... brother, that is wahte we are to become, brothers am i not correct?, I too am proud to be select, i hear some recruits die in training but i hope to become an adeptus astartes" his eyes began to look dreamy 2i loved to see the squadrons of black templars at home, marching through the snow swept streets, their balck suits gleaming" he recalled.

Ruben knew that not many were chosen to become the adeptus astartes, the space marines, he was privilged and the scruffy urchens around him would be come closer than anyone, they would become his family, his brothers in arms.

Grand Warlord
31-10-2005, 23:44
"I am from Tyrion ... i was defending my lord in combat and suddenly the world was darkness ... anyone know what s going on?"

He clearly knew nothing of the space marines or the imperium for that matter ... he was built like a foot knight ... he seemed unsur eof the surroundings but was exploring the room none the less.

"My name is Luthor nice to meet you all."

He seem to speak with a variation of the gothic language so he was understandable...

01-11-2005, 00:34
"You come from a different world?" I asked Ruben, not attempting to hide the shock and disbelief in his voice. I did not realise there were other planets inhabited. Sure I had heard the tales of a time long ago when our ancestors had come from the stars but I had assumed they were just myths. Yet this child claimed to be from the stars. And he seemed to know why we are here from what I gathered from his heavily accented speech.

"Please forgive my ignorance, I am but a humble knight's squire, but what are 'Space Marines' and 'Adeptus Astartus'? And what have we been selected for? And training?" I had to pause to get my mental bearings and stop myself becoming frantic. It would not do to be viewed as mentally incapable or weak, no matter how far out of depth I was.

01-11-2005, 03:53
I open my eyes & take in my surroundings. Bleak walls & furniture, & many other scruffy looking boys. This certainly wasn't Asteron.

Asteron... I remember my last sight of it, unrecognisable, burnt away into darkness. Ash & death. Tears well in my eyes & I shuffle into a corner. The other children are talking, but I don't care what they're saying. All I can think of is my home & my father. I close my fist on something cold and sharp. I turn my head to look at it. I'm still holding my father's dagger. More memories of home flood back, the royal banquets, the grand hunts, the festivals.

All gone.

I begin to sob quietly in the corner.

01-11-2005, 07:09
As soon as I am herded into the room I can smell it. Food.
There is a crate in the middle of the room. Filled with unfamillar objects. But they smell so good.
Beside them is a water trough, with containers next to it. I fill one and start drinking. Then I look around. Others are eating the food, And I start to nibble at it. The gnaw, soon I'm taking huge bites. I finish the food and dive back through the mass of boys alll trying to get some. Theres far more than enough for everyone here several times over. But still I have to elbow my way through.

I take my food and wrap it in a fold of my Cloak, I sit out side the scrum in the middle and slowly eat my food.

Finished I Cross my legs and start in to observe my surroundings. The language and accents around me are bizzare. I can barely understand them at all. Suddenly I pick out the world Astartus, the Spirts of war from the sky.
I go over to them in long strides

"Astartus, Prithee, What other peoples or tounges know of the mighty hunters of the sky. What tale of the Astartus is this Friend"

Rabid Bunny 666
01-11-2005, 09:07
the room fazed back into view, the dim light leaving swirling patterns on my retina. i hurridley blink them away. the room is teeming woth other people, gathering food. i quickly grab a few morsels, a few bits of bread and a flagon of water. the people around me were clustering together. better get into a group now, or the rest of his uneasy future would be alot more difficult. he walked towards a group of several others

"hello, my name is Jack, where are we, whats going on?"

01-11-2005, 11:51
While I sit in the corner,I begin to feel pains of hunger. The others are eating & drinking. I remember all my tutelage on etiquette & manners, & feel foolish at my behaviour. It does one no good to appear weak in the eyes of others. I gather my composure & rise from the corner. I grab some food from the crate in the middle of the room, & water from the trough.

I hear an accent that sounds familiar, & head over to a group of boys talking about the Adeptus Astartes. I'm shocked to overhear that one of the boys has never heard of them. Does he know of the Emperor, the Heresy, or even the Imperium, I wonder? This boy must be told of the galaxy he lives in, for his sake.

"The Adeptus Astartes are the mighty knights of the Emperor, praise be to Him. They fight His righteous battles and defend the Imperium from both xenos & the dread chaos legions."

"Surely you must know of the holy Emperor & the Imperium?"

01-11-2005, 16:14
"The Space marines are the greatest warriors in the galxy, I have never met anyone who knows not of our glorious imperium or our god emperor" Ruben spoke, his voice shocked and suprised.

01-11-2005, 16:24
"Nay, the Astartus are the Huntsmen of the Great Emperor. The Emperor of the Hunt. Where is this 'Galaxy' or this 'Imperium'. All that is is Earth and Sky."

Ad'lan was from a primitive world and could not understand a word of what these people were saying. Unfamilliar names and words in an unfammiliar accent.

01-11-2005, 18:54
Alas, there was another boy who didn't know about anything beyond his planet. From the sounds of it, it is a backwater stone age place, where the Astartes have become a myth. There would be too much for me to tell him before he understood, better he learns from experience & his own eyes.

"I'm sorry if you don't know of the most holy Emperor, or the rest of the Imperium, but in time these words will make sense & you will see this with your own eyes. Especially if we are to become Adeptus Astartes as this boy says." I said in a calm & knowing tone.

It was just then that it really hit me. We were going to be Astartes. But I knew nothing of what it was to be an Astartes, I was raised from infancy to be a Lord & Imperial Governor. Still, to be chosen to be one of the Emperor's finest knights, that is a true honour & a privelege.

"By the way, my name is Angelus, I know Jack, but what are your names?"

01-11-2005, 21:01
"My name is Ruben aurilius Quinn, I was raised from a loyal imperial family but they were killed in the war on my homeworld an i was forced to survive on myown, they say that is why the astates chose me" Ruben explained.

01-11-2005, 21:02
"My apologies my friends I have quite forgotten my manners of which even in such... unusual circumstances there is no excuse. I am Marcus Smithson, squire of Sir Boxley of the glorious city state Incoln." I spoke proudly until I realised Sir Boxley was no longer my master since he had been skewered by the enemy troops. I tried not to show my sadness by concentrating on this barrage of new information. Although I was no too keen on the almost shocked tone some of the boys were taking, but it was not inexcusable given the circumstances.

"On my world The Emperor is the lord and master of the entire planet but he resides in paradise on top a throne made of purest gold. I always been taught that paradise was within the next realm of existence not a world some where in the stars." I paused as I fruitlessly tried to imagine it. "And you all come from separate worlds again?" I shook my head and felt my knees go slightly weak so decided to sit down slowly before I fell down.

"These Adeptus Astartes, space marines you call them. We know them as the Emperor's Celestial Knights. They have appeared infrequently to spirit away the young brave fallen from a battlefield that are deemed worthy to paradise as a reward for their valour." I do not know why I am telling the others this, it hardly seems important especially since the others appeared to know the truth of the matter. As I began to feel very small indeed my mind latched onto another thing Ruben had said that had been lost in the tide of culture shock.

"Surely we cannot become one of these space marines though. I have heard tale of them possessing god-like powers. One Celestial Knight decimating a coven of heathens hundreds strong with a sword that glowed with the Emperor's fire and an artefact that spat explosive projectiles of brimstone. None of our greatest heroes has ever come close to such acts or abilities in a hundred life times, and yet you say we are some how to achieve this greatness?" My mind raced with images of what a glorious hero I would make with the capabilities of a Celestial Knight, even while my mind balked at the possibility of it. I feared my future would become very interesting.

01-11-2005, 21:09
"The space marines are the mot glorious and powerfull knights, they purge xenos and heretics in the name of our gid emperor, you a right in saying they posses magnificant powers" Ruben agreed

01-11-2005, 22:39
the door opened in the cell and every one went slient. A man in robes beckoned them to come they followed the man threw the ship on some of the wall grand paints of the Warseer chapter were painted some showed grand victoiores other showed former chapter masters. then contuined to follow until they came to a grand ach way the man stayed behind and opened the door for them.

it was a musty room not very large also extremly hot. in the center of the room stood a Space marine he was fully armoured execpt for his helmet. He had many scars on his face but he looked proud he was missing one eye which was replaced by a Bionic one and he was bald as well. on either side of him was shelfs with different weapons. he waited until most of the Boys where in the room

his voice was loud and stern it echoed thourgh out the entire room as the door shut behind them.

"You all have been selected to join the Ranks of The Warseer Chapter. But this will not be a easy road that you have been chosen to embark on. It will be long and most of you will not make it. But those of you that are strong enough of mind and body will become the liveing children of the empoer. and serve under the most powerful army in the Universe. You will be shown no mercy no quater for your foes will show you none." he paused and let this sink into there minds it would take for one of them to die before they realized it.

"now grab a weapon! find a partner and fight!"

OoC/grab what ever weapon you want if you can think of it its there they are not wooden weapons they are real. you could kill some one with one. so take that in mind. and you will get cut and hurt. one of you may acdentaly kill some one but use common sense/OoC

02-11-2005, 04:21
OoC/ I'm guessing that the weapons aren't bolters or any similar ranged weapons, I very much doubt 12 year olds could hold a bolter.

I took a second to register what the Marine had said. Ruben was right, we were to become Astartes! Perhaps somewhere in the depths of space I will be able to avenge the death of everything I knew & loved. But, thoughts of revenge would have to wait, now is the time to fight.

I grab a sword from the rack, it glistened in the dim lights of the ship & was exquisitly detailed for a weapon of war. My training had included swordmanship, so the weapon was not new to me, yet it felt different to my sword, lighter but harder. I swing it round a few times to get familiar with it, then search for my partner. I hope it isn't one of my new friends.

Grand Warlord
02-11-2005, 04:28
Luthor grabbed a simple long sword and dagger bowing to +helbrechts character+.

"I am Luthor nice to meet you .... shall we?"

02-11-2005, 09:27
"I am sorry I didn't introduce myself to you before, Luthor. If you wish we can fight"

I plant my feet & hold my sword before me in both hands. I stare into Luthor's eyes. Who would strike first?

02-11-2005, 10:15
Vheissu Potemkin had kept himself exiled from the others, not talking to anyone, but now he grabbed a Speer and quickly spun around slamming the flat edge of it into Rubens chest, knocking him to the floor. Taking step back he prepared himself for the retaliation.

Grand Warlord
02-11-2005, 12:49
Leading this a high slash towards his chest he feinted and brought the blade up in a reversal strike trying to catch the warrior off guard.

+stupid work ... be back in 8 hours :mad: +

02-11-2005, 16:00
Ruben scolwed at Vhessu, he then jumped up and grabed a sword from the rack. He charged at the assailent and wildly swung the blade. Ruben wasnt experienced with blades but he would learn quickly. Vhessu swung up his spear, blocking the wild blow with the spear shaft. Rubne swung tiwce more, both blocked, his swings were slow, but vhessus blocks wernt that of a trained fighter.

02-11-2005, 16:37
Ad'lan was still looking wonderously at the weapons, while the others were already fighting he was marvelling at the amount of metal used in their construction.

Selecting carefully he picked up a heavy staff, weighted at each end with vicious flanged heads.

Spinning it in the war dance of the tribe he turned, a vivious glimmer in his eyes.

"Who will fight?"

02-11-2005, 18:44
I saw the high slash & recognised the technique Luthor was about to use. When the feint came, I was ready & managed to blocked the strike. This boy was good, very good. Still, I love a challenge.

"You can do better than that, surely"

I turn & swing at his exposed side. He blocks. He fights like he'd been trained all his life. But so had I. I bring my sword over his head to the other side of him & feint a swing. Then I jab forwards catching him on the chin. My sword leaves a small cut. Before I get a chance to react he strikes me in the chest. I feel the cold metal slice effortlessly through my skin. The pain shoots through me. I swing at his sword arm & feel it cut through flesh. He drops his sword in shock. I think I've won the fight, when I feel a sharp pain in my leg. He'd stabbed me with the dagger. I take my cue & throw my sword onto the floor, then draw my fathers dagger.

This fight was about to get very interesting.

Brother Smith
02-11-2005, 21:00
Dracul picked up a wooden-shafted spear (the only wooden-instrument) and snapped the shaft in half.

He lunged at Scatim, spinning as his opponent tried to retaliate, and plunging the broken-off wooden shaft into his leg. He then placed the full force of his foot into Scatim's knee, snapping it, very loudly. As Helicon fell to the ground, Dracul raised the spear end above his head, ready to launch it into Scantim's face.

OOC: Sorry if this is abit brutal, Helicon_One, if you want to retaliate in kind, please, go for it.

02-11-2005, 21:12
OoC/yes they are just simple basic melle weapons/OoC

Juiles looked on they had found good boys this time. they were hard they were also fighting and not pauseing when the acuattly drew blood. It was important to instill rivialy at this stage. Survial of the fittest was how you made it to become a Marine. He had did it him self. he had killed a few people before he had even become a Scout. Juiles was allready thinking of where he would take these young boys after there numbers "thinned" a bit

02-11-2005, 22:30
"Now grab a weapon! Find a partner and fight!"

The boys in front of me almost fall over each other in the rush for the racks of blades and clubs. For just a second, I stand in disbelief. We've only just got here, we were introducing ourselves as friends and comrades a moment ago, and now we're being made to take arms and battle each other? What manner of maniacs are these Space Marines?

A boy lunges at me from my right, and as I turn to face him he drives a great tree trunk of a spear shaft into my leg. I yell out as I hit the stone floor next to the weapon shelves, hard, and the breath is knocked out of me. As I regain my vision my assailant stands above me, the point of his spear half held above him.

Nice pose, I think to myself, but you're wasting valuable time. I reach over and pull at the nearest shelf, rolling aside as it topples. My opponent nearly gets out of the way as it smashes down, but the corner slams into his ankle, bringing him down and tearing an ugly gash in his foot. As I attempt to get to my feet, one leg gives way, and as I look down I realise my kneecap is badly broken. With the adrenalin rush, I hadn't even noticed.

I look around for a weapon, but then an inner voice hisses to me. Dammit, Helicon. Play to your strengths. These other boys clearly know how to use weapons all too well. We didn't have any battle axes or flails to fight with in the orphanage, we learned to fight with our fists. If I start waving a sword around I'll probably take my own arm off with it. Rising to my good leg and one arm, gritting my teeth against the pain in my knee and thigh, I leap towards the other boy, landing on his chest. I hold down his spear arm before he can bring it up to defend himself, and issue a vicious headbutt that crushes his nose into his face. He gets a second one for good measure, and out of pure spite I drive my good knee into his groin.

I need to disarm this one before he recovers, and so both my hands go to his weapon arm, prising the broken spear from his fist. A mistake. He comes to his senses faster than I thought, and his free arm connects with my jaw with a crack. I fall on his spear arm as he rolls up behind me and wraps his arm around my neck, trying to choke me. The momentum of his counter attack rolls us over a couple of times, and his arm comes away from my neck as he reaches out to steady himself. I take the opportunity to sink my teeth savagely into his wrist, and squirm loose from his grip, delivering an elbow to his cheekbone as I do so. I scurry a couple of metres away from him and turn to face him, crouched down on my good knee as he rises from the floor himself.

"You're good," I grunt, "but you're no Purestrain." I neglect to mention that seven of us faced the Genestealer I had killed back in the City, and only two of us had survived it. "Why don't you introduce yourself properly, so I know who you are before I snap your head off?"


Grand Warlord
02-11-2005, 23:16
Bowing low he did the same and dropped his sword bowing again holding the dagger high.

"May the lord of heaven protect us."

03-11-2005, 03:07
Vheissu stepped back again, parrying another strike, the speer was to hard to use, ment for someone much larger then he. He stepped to the side quickly, as one of Rubens swings went wide, setting him off balance, Taking his chance, he swung the blade, aiming so that the flat edge would knock his opponent to the ground, without hurting him.

03-11-2005, 03:32
This time I shall take the initiative & strike first. I lunge at Luthor, crashing my shoulder into his chest & knocking us both to the floor. Something snaps, but I don't know if it's my shoulder or his ribs. My entire body is stinging with pain, but I know I must press on if I wish to make it & become an Astartes.

Blood flows freely from the deep wound in my leg, I begin to feel my energy draining. Then a sharp pain in my other shoulder breaks my concentration & I turn my head to find his dagger embedded there up to the hilt. The pain & adrenaline coursing through my body fills me with an animalistic rage as I begin to lay into his face with my fists. I smash his nose and blood flies out, his blood & mine meeting on the cold floor, brothers in humanity, enemies in combat. I bring my dagger to his throat & manage to voice one word


03-11-2005, 04:07
sethos was hungery but he did not dive into the food and water like the others. he took the food slowly and ate and drank at a normal pace. he listened to the others speek of things he had no clue about but tried to learn as they spoke. He did as he was told and fell into place with the others as they entered another room and begain fighting. He took a broad sword and started to spar with another boy. he did not make any atempt to kill his sparing partner even though the boy was doing what ever he could to fight.

03-11-2005, 07:13
Ad'lan took his Staff and started to fight with it in a different style, Smashing it in vicious side sweeps into Sethos blocks, Battering his guard away he was infuriated by sethos lack of vigour.

"Fight, Man, Fight!"

Suddenly bringing his staff up, he brought the mace head crashing down, vertically straight onto his opponents arm.

Rabid Bunny 666
03-11-2005, 12:41
viewing the weapons with confusion and interest, i slowly take up a sturdy, but small dagger, and test it for balance, it handles well

"what now?" i mutter, slughtly confused as duels break out around the hall

03-11-2005, 14:22
I stand in awe of the giant before me. He radiates such power that I can begin to believe the stories I heard about the Celestial Knights. He tells us to all grab a weapon and fight but I stand there for a second unable to comprehend. I had been hoping for answers to why we were here, instead I find us being pitted against each other like slaves. Still it does not seem to bother a lot of the others as the boy next to me collapsed to the ground with a wooden shaft sticking out of his thigh. That was the encouragement I needed to move to the weapon rack and pick out a weapon.

I pull out a large double handed sword, though it was designed for a warrior much bigger than me so I felt I should need and extra two arms to wield it effectively. Still I had gotten used to my master's old war sword which was of similar styling so did not feel uncomfortable.

"What now?" I hear a boy with a small dagger mutter.

"I believe we are expected to test our skills against one another. Shall we?"

I bring my blade up in front of my face and then swing it round at Jack's stomach. It was a slow and clumsy strike and I was not surprised when Jack hoped back out of my reach, still it had done its job and given me some space and started to warm up my shoulder muscles. Letting the sword continue to swing round and up I guided the blade into a downward slash which Jack sidestepped. I turned my body with the sword as it continued to pick up momentum and speed to complete a three hundred and sixty spin for another horizontal slash at Jack which was dodged. I had my momentum going now and my continually moving sword was getting hard to dodge. I doubted anyone would be able to parry or block one of my blows now without breaking their guard or pushing them back, which should give me time recover and strike the winning blow.

Not that I should get over confident, Jack still had the advantage of speed and I should not let him get within my guard or I would have trouble fending off his dagger. Perhaps I should have chosen a smaller and more manageable sword.

03-11-2005, 16:18
Ruben falls off balance and the falt of he spear hits him hard in the leg, sending him to the ground. Ruben dropped the sword as he fell and more pain shot through him as he hit the hard ground. He sat up, lip and forehead busted open. He held back the pain and glanced up at vheissu, "Nice atack, you are obviously experienced" He said politly as he pulled himself up. he realised he would possibly be spending the rest of his life with the people around him and he shouldnt make enemies.

Brother Smith
03-11-2005, 16:22
"Why don't you introduce yourself properly, so I know who you are before I snap your head off?"

Scantim's opponent laughed. 'Dracul.' He said, before spitting some teeth out.

He grinned and picked up the spear end of the pole, launching it at Scantim.

Luckily he shielded his face with his arm, but now he had a spearhead lodged in him, weighing him down. He fell to his knees, trying to rip the missile from his body. As he did so, Dracul landed his foot squarely in Scantim Helicon's face, knocking him to the floor.

OOC: GM this can't go on for much longer or half of the characters here will be dead.

03-11-2005, 21:13
OoC/am going stop it today not time to psot right now/Oo

03-11-2005, 23:20
[OOC: Brother Smith, hehe... Its 'Scatim', actually...]

Adam's foot connects with my face, and I crash down to the floor. As I land, instinct kicks in, literally, and I lash out with my good leg, catching him on the knee. Adam's leg buckles, and I hook my foot behind his other ankle and pull, sweeping him from his feet.

I'm seeing stars. That was a good kick, damn him. This stone floor is getting too familiar, my inner voice grumbles. At the same time, I realise that the spearpoint is still embedded in the meat of my arm. It'll have to come out sooner or later, and so with a grunt I wrench it from me. I may have a ruined kneecap, but at least now I have a spear too.

By the Emperor, my leg hurts. I'm not sure its supposed to bend at its current angle either, and its trailing rather uselessly. There's no way I'm going to be able to walk on it, or even stand. I look down to see Adam trying to raise himself to his feet, and realise that I have to keep him down. Once he's back up, I'll be at his mercy.

I spin on my back, slash at Adam's leg with the edge of the spear, tearing an ugly gouge out of his shin, and I roll towards him onto my stomach. He yells in pain, and drags himself away just as I drive the spear hard into the stone where his thigh was not a second earlier. The spearpoint breaks free of the shaft and skitters away across the floor as Adam launches a wild kick which merely glances my shoulder. I kick off the floor and throw myself at him, smashing the end of what is now merely a staff into his chin, which snaps his head back and stuns him.


Rabid Bunny 666
04-11-2005, 08:54
duly dodging out of my opponent's clumsy slash, i back off, raising my dagger high towards the other shoulder. circling my opponent, i start taling, hoping to distract him

"so, whats your name?" i say, before i lashed out clumsily towards his chest, alomst stumbling as i lose balance. skidding across the floor, i ready my knife for another swing

04-11-2005, 12:24
"STOP quite. you all did well today those of you that were injured you need to work harder. You all are fee to roam the ship and get and food you meedcial attetion you need meet back here in 16 hours for your next training session"

OoC/ so just roam about the ship and talk and what not/OoC

04-11-2005, 14:22
Vheissu nodded to the man who had spoken to them, then turned to Ruben.
"Aye thank you, i have fought many battles for my people, it is not uncommon to me. You on the other hand, you seemed unsure of your ability, learn to trust yourself and your weapon more, without them you have nothing. Come on get yourself patched up then feel free to join me for a feed." The young warrior was still unsure of this place, or of these knight like warriors, he knew that it was an honour to be chosen by them, but there customs were unknown to him, and who was this Emperor people kept mentioning. So much was going through the boys head he couldnt concentrate on what the others were doing

Rabid Bunny 666
04-11-2005, 14:37
"thank you for the duel, i wish it could have lasted longer" i said, a sly smile growing.

Brother Smith
04-11-2005, 17:33
Dracul rested his head on the ground. That was a good fight - he hadn't had one like that in awhile. He gave hsi hand to Scatim.

'You fight well, what's your name?'

OOC: Sorry about getting the name wrong.

04-11-2005, 18:48
[OOC: No prob]

I glance around me as the sounds of fighting die away, and look at Adam, holding his hand out. Uncertainly, not knowing whether he is going to try to attack again, I reach out and take it, sitting upright.

"I'm Scatim. And, from you, being told that I fight well is a real compliment, so thank you." As I speak, I tear a strip of fabric from my sleeve and wrap it around the wound in my leg, as it is bleeding the most. "That was quite a fight. I hope the Space Marine isn't going to get too mad at me for pulling his shelves over and messing the place up." I give an exaggerated grin.

A few of the other boys have taken a good beating, too, and as I sit there several of the Chapter's serfs enter the room bearing medical kits. One of them spots my leg immediately and runs over, asking me a bunch of stupid questions as he inspects the injuries. Another of his colleagues helps me onto a stretcher, and I'm carried out to the Medicae. As I leave, I call out to Adam.

"I will get you back for this, you know!"


Brother Smith
04-11-2005, 20:15
'For what? The fight, or having enough injuries to warrant being carted off?!' Dracul yelled as Scatim was taken away.

His wounds were severe, and he wouldn't be suprised if Scatim and he were given time to heal.

Still, he would continue regardless if not.

04-11-2005, 22:07
The mace head smashed into Sethos arm just as the space marine Shouted stop.

Ad'lan pulled back as soon as he heard it, but still felt the cruch of bone as it connected.

"My pardons friend" he said, "You would only block my attacks, why did you not fight back?"

05-11-2005, 00:16
As I hear the Astarte's words & withdraw my dagger from Luthor's throat.
"Thank you for the best fight of my life, Luthor".
It had been the best fight of my life, all my trainers refused to even try to hurt me. After all I was son of the Lord, & it probably isn't best to kill a lord of a planet's son.
I pull the dagger out of my shoulder as the medical serfs arrive. They instantly beginning tending to my leg & shoulders, while others tend to Luthor. As I look around the room I see boys, in pain, but happy. I realise that we are now brothers, this is our family. I may have lost my home but I had found a new one, & the sadness at my loss began to aleviate.

05-11-2005, 03:15
OoC/gonna be gone till late sunday so just chit chat you are free to roam around the ship if you see a space marine they will not talk to you neither will the serfs execpt to give you food medcial aid and what not enjoy the ease while you can/OoC

06-11-2005, 14:05
Ruben smiled at Vehessu before wndering out of teh training room. The ship was mistifing, dark and gothic yet welcoming. shrines and candles lined the walls andsymbols of the god emperor were everywere. Ruben washed his face and hands of blood before making his way to the dining hall...

Grand Warlord
06-11-2005, 16:19

Smiling I accept his hand and bow in honor to my fighting partner. I head towards the medbay and get my wounds patched up and some food in his belly.

06-11-2005, 16:35
"If it had lasted much longer I would have been too tired to swing properly." I replied as I replaced the sword on the rack and rotated my arms to stretch out my muscles to prevent any cramp setting it. Looking around the room I decided I would have been lucky to get out with as little as cramp. I was surprised how quickly the simple exercise of duelling had been taken to near fatal levels by some of the boys around me. Was it really necessary to attempt to kill each other on the say so of a space marine. The thought briefly passed my mind that we were here for entertainment not to be elevated to their rank.

I pushed the thought aside quickly, after all who was I to attempt to discern the motives of these warriors who were much more knowledgeable than I could hope to be. I was certainly not in any position to try and morally judge them. I decided to follow orders until I was asked to do something truly reprehensible. Even then I wasn’t sure I’d have the courage to speak out.

06-11-2005, 17:04
Ad'lan replaced the Mace Staff back on the rack. He gently buffs of the oils from his hands with the one of the furs he is wearing, cleaning the weapon respectfully.

He wanders around the room, still marvelling at the weapons.
Suddenly he bumps into one of the other boys.
"My Pardon Friend" He asks, apoligising for not looking where he was going.

07-11-2005, 01:22
Julies stood in the hanger bay after this small adventure he would be done with the boys that had survied they would then move on in there training. he walked over to a vox box and entered a few commands and set a intercom across the whole ship most of marines weren't on the ship. They were off on the Eastern Fringe Julies wished that he could be with them but if it were for ones like him the chapter would not grow. Juiles was a simple scout when they were allmost destoryed he'd rather not think about those times.

"all Chosen Youth report to the Hanger IMDEATLY!" Julies would brief them when the boys were in the hanger. He allways belived that the best way to train a soldier was to put him in the thick of it.

07-11-2005, 03:17
I hear a booming voice over the ships intercom.
"report to the hangar immediately!".
It would be best to do exactly as these Astartes say, so I quickly set off to find the hangar. As I search I realise that all the corridors look the same, & for all I know I've been walking in circles. Suddenly I stumble into someone.
"Ruben, are you searching for the hangar as well?"
"Yes, do you know where it is?"
"No unfortunately. I think we should stick together".
"I agree. Let's start in this direction".
So I head off with Ruben, through the bowels of the ship, searching for the hangar.

07-11-2005, 04:58
Sethos droped his blade and held his arm. it was clear he was in a lot of pain but did not cry out. "Why kill a sparing partner? if I killed every person I practice with who will be left to spar with me?" he used his other hand to put the sword away and fallowed adlan. "What is a hanger and how do we find it?"

07-11-2005, 07:09
"Can't you smell him?" Ad'lan sniffed the air, following the faint trails of space marine, sweat, incense and somthing unfathomable.

Soon they were bustling along corridors seeing other groups of boys also trying to navigate the corridors. ad'lans nose couldn't follow a trail on smell alone, not after so many people had passed the same way.

"I do not know which way he went now" Ad'lan growled, Spitting in frustration.

"I tried to kill you because we were commanded to fight, to reach the next stage of the after life you must obey those who have already attained honour and glory and who hunt with the Great Emperor

Rabid Bunny 666
07-11-2005, 08:51
the rest of the recruits streamed towards the hangar after an announcement, so i duly followed

"who was that giant?" i asked, breathing heavily

07-11-2005, 17:07
"One of the Hunters of the Sky" Ad'lan replied, exsplaining the legend of the Astartes
"The Great Huntsman, who sends forth his Hunters from his Gold Mountain Seat calls forth the mighty to be reborn as his Hunters. They who walk amidst the stars and shoot arrows of fire. They are his Chosen warriors, plucked fresh from their kills or battles."

"The Great Huntsman knows you, and at your first victory, if it is great enough, He takes you to join his hunt in the sky."

07-11-2005, 19:43
Ruben had only just finished his meal when the vox message filled the ship. He got up and ran, it took him aa while o find it but he eventualy entered the hangar. Some other boys and the space marine were already there.

07-11-2005, 22:17
OoC/the marines are extremly good at fixing there trainnees up so if you have a injury it has been healed at least so that you can use it some what/OoC

"You all are about to begin on a journay. We shall be going to a worl far far away form here. I will lead you for there is the possabiltiy of things that might even been beyond your capably where we are going to be but I WILL NOT SAVE YOU FORM EVERTHING" Julies said some of his fellows marines did not like risking the youth in such a way but they needed the strongest men possabile.

"please step aboard the shuttle and into one of the glass tubes

OoC/your all being put into cryo sleep post what you dream about then what your character does after words/OoC

Juiles walked to the front of the clipper this was the smallest warp capable ship that they had he begun to set in the coordanaties they were going to Luxon IV aworld that would be the next in the face of the Trynid fleet. he left the rest up the ships naviagator and put him self into a deep trance something he had not had much time to do these past few years

Juiles was awoken by the navagators tap on his armour. He looked out the port and saw the Nid ships had allready begun to start landed "Death Spores" as he called them.

"take us down Planet side out side of the hive city near the woods" Juiles had allready picked out the coordiantes for the ship to land on the way down.

Juiles walked to the back of the ship and begun to wake up the youth form there cryo sleep

(few min Later)

the ship was beging to tear threw the atmosphere and much of the boys where allready up. he had brought Carapace armour for all of the youth to cover there torso and legs but left there arms un armed. He had brought a assortment of long range weapons and close combat weapons as well. he waited until the youth figured out that it was up to them to decied what they would take.

OoC/there are blot carbines but not blot pistols or Blotguns or heavy weapons of any kind all of the close comabt weapons are normal but a high quality as well. You may pick one clost comabt weapon and long range weapon. you may have one double handed weapon and one single or 2 single handed weapons weather they be long range or not. and yes i did steal that for 40K:p we'll be landing soon and Juiles has allready told you that nids are on the planet/OoC

08-11-2005, 04:07
I step into one of the glass tubes as the Astartes told us to. As soon as I was inside the cover closed shut & a strange smell began to fill the chamber. I felt dizzy & tired, my eyes grew heavy & sleep took me.

I was back on Asteron. The beautiful green fields stretched for miles & miles, the air was cool & carried the smell of flowers. Tears ran down my cheeks. Was it all a dream, the other boys, the Astartes, the ship? Was my mother back in the palace waiting for me? I felt intense joy & relief, everything was alright, it was just a terrible nightmare. I dropped to my knees & ran my hands through the grass. It was cool to the touch, & the blades felt like silk against my skin. I closed my eyes as I lay down & rolled around on the ground, overjoyed. Everything was alright. Everything was alright.

I opened my eyes. The sky was pitch black, no clouds, no stars, no moon. Something wasn't right. I looked around me. The grass was gone. I lay in ashes & bones.


I jumped to my feet, my eyes wide with terror. No! Not again! I couldn't move, frozen where I stood. Suddenly the sky began to change & warp, the ground began to run like water. The colors mixed & flowed together into a terrible image. The creature that I fought before I was taken. It's black carapace glistening with light that came from no source. It's soulless eyes penetrated my flesh & turned my heart to ice. Slowly it opened it's jaws, reavealing row upon row of sharp teeth. It hissed at me as it lept at my face. I closed my eyes & waited for the pain, waited for those terrible teeth to slice my flesh & mutilate me. But I felt nothing.

I opened my eyes. Dark metal walls greeted my eyes & for all their cold uncaring demure I loved them. My nightmare was over, the tube began to open & as I looked around I saw the others boys awakening. The Astartes came up to me & pulled me from the capsule.

"Here, you will need this".

He handed me what appeared to be armour, different to what I was used to back home. I put it on without a word.

"You will also need a weapon, choose from that rack over there".

I glanced over in the direction the Astartes was pointing. There were all the weapons that we had when we were dueling, but there were also guns. I moved over to the rack & chose a longsword almost identical to the one I had chosen back on the larger ship. I hadn't had much training with guns but I had seen their power & decided it was best to take one. It was heavy & I slung the sword over my back. I wonder if we are going to duel again?

08-11-2005, 07:06
Sethos did as he was told and got into the tube. He still had no idea what or who this emporer was or how he was now sailing in the stars. He felt the effects of the cryo tube as he quickly fell to sleep. He was in his fathers fordge waiting for him to return with a shipment of ore from the mines. As Sethos hammered away on a sword he was working on a giant of a man came into the room. he was dressed in ornate robes and carried a staff of metal unlike anything he had seen before. He man pulled back his hood showing his face. It was human but it had a strange glow. "Continue your work lad." Sethos was unsure about the huge man but something about him also made him feel a great power. Sethos nodded to the man.
"As you wish good sir, my father should return soon with fresh ore if that is what you are here for." The man smiled at Sethos. "Oh no I am here to see you actualy I want you to take this but never show it to anyone unless you see the same symbol it bares." He removed a small gold amulet and gave it to him. The amulet was not what starteled Sethos but the mans hand was covered in a metal he had never seen before. Just before he took the amulet the man spoke. "Remember speek not of my passing we will meet again lad." once he took the amulet there was a flash of light and he awoke cluching the amulet in his hand.

The marine came to him as he tried to hide it back in his shirt but stopped when he saw that on the marines breastplate was the same symbol. he let the amulte the lybrarian gave him years ago stay outside of his shirt. He nodded when he was told what to do. 'was that man from my past this emporer or another of these giants who serve him?' he thought to himself as he took another broad sword and a spear. he sheathed the sword on his back and took the spear in his hands. he had never seen a gun befor and did not want to bother asking any questions unless he was given permision to do so.

08-11-2005, 08:13
Ad'lan stepped into the strange tube of glass, and fell instantly asleep.
He was back on the mountain where he died. He was skinning the beast. Starting from the slash across the throat that had ended it's life, he worked his way down pleeling back theflash and when finished he wrapped the bloody skin around him.

He awoke from the dream and was slepily organised.

The Space marine Gave him a suit of armour, unfamillir concept to him. But he recongised it's use.

He took from the wall a vicious axe, like a billhook 2' long.

He had never come across a gun before. But randomly picked a double barelledone, long with a carved wood stock. there was a place for one hand, and almost instinctivly a place for the other. He slung the belt of metal that was wrapped round it under his fur cloak, not willing to leave behind somthing so that the previous user had obviously considerd important enough to keep close to it. Maybe it was a lucky charm?

He was ready to face, come what may.

Rabid Bunny 666
08-11-2005, 10:08
i step cautioulsy into the glass tubes, the giant beckoning the other boys into them. thew front slams down and the temperature drops as i slowly fall into unconciousness.

screams echoes through my mind as distant memories of the night terrors attacking his village what seemed like years ago, but was less than a day ago

the room fazed back in, the rest of the recruits staggering out. i shiver before seeing the giant again, pointing to the guns. his mouth is moving, but my hearing is still fuzzy from the cryo tube. i know what he wants. i stagger over towards the armour, picking up a baroque suit, a light grey in colour, before placing it on. the rack next to it was covered in a myriad of weaponry, including the Mars Pattern lasguns he had seen from patrols and the bulky autogun that was familiar to his fathers. he picked up a bulky gun, recognising it to be an autogun, and was surprised at the weight, before stocking up on 3 clips lying around before walking forwards to the weapons rack, blades slung across like some crude butchers rack. he picked a long, thin blade that he slid down his back, the cold steel soothing his aching back.

his usual unsureness stayed with him as he followed the fully armnoured recruits forwards, but one thing he was certain of; there will be blood

08-11-2005, 10:15
Ooc/ Rabid Bunny, you & Grand Warlord seem to have slipped between 1st & 3rd person. I'm not trying to be the grammar gestapo, but it does make things slightly confusing at 1st glance. /OoC

08-11-2005, 13:28
I stepped into the tube of glass and felt myself falling asleep. I didn't try to fight it I was too tired and just wanted to rest. I found myself on the walls of Incoln. I often wandered up here when I had some free time to gaze across the rolling landscape. It wasn't peaceful along the walls though as many archers and men-at-arms were running along the battlements. Arrayed across the rolling plains was a vast army of enemy warriors as far as my dream eye could see. I found myself looking down towards the city's gates and watched my master and his knights sally forth, followed closely by their squires including myself.

I stepped off the wall of the battlements and flew over the charging knights to watch them smash through the first ten lines of enemy troops and begin cutting down enemy troopers down with every attack. I felt fear and sadness well up in me as I saw the spear men that would kill my master closing in on him. They glowed compared to their faceless comrades and were easy to pick out. I screamed wordlessly down towards the battle as the first spear struck home. There was nothing I could do as I hovered over the scene and screamed silently in futility.

I awoke to the sounds of the glass tube opening and I stumbled out onto the ships metal deck. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I was reminded of my master's death and being torn away from my home. I quickly wiped my eyes and tried to make it seem due to the glass tube. I didn't expect anyone to have time for such weakness or nostalgia. The others were taking weapons out of a selection on the wall and I followed suit. I picked out a long sword, paying attention to how badly I handled the larger swords earlier. I noticed some of the others picking up what appeared to be handguns. I had seen some of the experimental weapons wielded by the more... eccentric nobles with devastating if erratic effect. Surely these space marines would not give us weapons that would harm us, would they? I decided it would be worth the risk for the potential power of the weapon.

Brother Smith
08-11-2005, 19:10
Dracul stepped into the cyro-chamber. How similar to my fathers, he thought.

He did not dream.

When he awoke, he was greeted with armour and weaponry. He donned his armour, and chose a bolt-carbine. It's shells would come in handy.

He chose inferno, helfire, frag and high explosive clips.

He walked to Scatim.

'Stay close.' He muttered.

OOC: For my characters background: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=310791#post310791

I've changed the name from Adam to Dracul, seems more fitting with my background.

08-11-2005, 20:19
Ad'lan, Scatim, Sethos, Adam, Luthor Ruben...Omar tried to place the names he heard with their faces. He had no clues as to what the other boys said either to him or each other. He followed suit whenever the other boys did something. All the other boys grabbed weapons from the wall and sparred, Omar snatched a dagger from the wall and ducked the swings of his opponent. He was unaccustomed to sparring but well aquainted with killing. Once the excercise was finished, he quietly followed the largest group of boys trying to piece together words and phrases.
Now the lead soldier gestured towards the wall adorned with weapons and again the boys helped themselves to what they wanted. Omar scanned the array of weapons disappointedly. No rifles. He lifted a heavy carbine from its place and slid a serrated dagger into his belt. He and the other boys had already donned their ill-fitting carapace armor and stood ready to follow the lead of their superior.
Omar couldn't believe this unheard of training method. Even the Guardsmen he had dispatched over the years must have had some sort of formal training. Was this some sort of ritual suicide he wondered in silence watching for his next cue.

08-11-2005, 21:29
Julies looked at the youth they were ready. At the moment no matter what they had all seen they were soft. That was his job to make them hard to make them fear no evil for they could become fear incarnte. Juiles went over to his personal weapons crate and pulled out His Modifed Bolter It was a combi bolter with a long barrel along with a bolt action for Stalker shells, and his drum maganzine with Bloter shells. He looked at the close combat options he had. He decied to take the Lighting claw he was more profecient with a power sword but haveing the draw it could end up with a youth dead.

Juiles grabed his helmet and sealed it with a smal twist a hiss of air.

"slow down the ship and bring us close to the ground" Julies walked over to the hold door and hit a button the door slide open they were buzzing aroudn 10 feet above the ground in a large filed it was covered in high grass Juiles looked back at the youth and simplely nodded.

"To Hesitate is to die" Juiles said just before he jumped out of the clipper onto the ground he rolled and brought his weapon up to his shoulder

OoC/yes you are execpted to jump out of the space ship just don't jump out dumb and you won't get hurt just a few cuts. TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND :p /OoC

08-11-2005, 21:31
As ruben was strapped into his carapace he felt fear bubbling inside him. What were they doing?, he didnt shake but he was quiet and his voice wavered. He walked over to the shelf and grabbed a word, similar to the one he was previously using. he then turned to the guns, he carefully took down a bolt carbine and jammed the clip into the place that was marked with an arrow.

He gingerly aproached the giant that was jules "umm... master..I... i dont know how to us this" Ruben asked, his voice showing fear of the great warrior towing above him.
Jules lookeddown at the boy through his helmet "Youll lear, stay close and you'll be okay" He boomed, Ruben gulped, nodded and walked to the exit door.

He looked at the ground, seemingly far below him and jumped, eyes closed. he hit the floor and his legs gave way to a roll, he got back up, fine.

Brother Smith
08-11-2005, 22:41
Dracul leapt out of the ship, crashing into the gound. This place was lined with tall grass, leaving areas of ground between blades empty.

Dracul heard noises but he coulnd't see anything...

08-11-2005, 22:50
Ad'lan jumped from the ship, hitting the ground at a roll and tumbling into a sprawl. Instantly he picked him self, copying the hand position of the others, who held the long sticks tight into the shoulder.
His hands rested in a natural position on the gun and he felt an urge to close his finger on the little hook it rested on.

08-11-2005, 23:10
I was shocked when the Celestial Knight leapt out of the flying ship we were in. I was both shocked and dissappointed when he landed on the ground in a roll, part of me expected him to be able to fly and was dissappointed that he could not. The fact that he couldn't fly raised my levels of surprise that he had jumped. Needless to say really that the sight of some of the other boys jumping out shocked me also, though by this point I felt I was being desensitised to any form of shock.

I revised that assessment when I realised I had thrown myself out of our flying ship. I let my legs bend underneath me and roll me forward as I hit the ground, thankful for all the days spent jumping off the stable roofs that had built up a good rolling technique. I wasted no time acting surprised and instead ran closer to the Celestial Knight while peering around the landscape to give an idea of who or what we were fighting.

09-11-2005, 00:56
Juiles looked around quickly he didn't see any Nids in the Plain but he saw spores comeing down allready there were harradins and gargolyes in the sky they would no doubt spot them soon.

"Take the ship back to orbit and await my singal we should be down for a few days" sent a vox transmisson to the navigator/Pliot of the star ship. the youth had all made it to the ground safely good he was worried that some one would jump worng twist or break an ankle. something he did not want to deal with.

"to the woods. Run!" Juiles spoke loud enough for the youth to hear him they took off some garagolyes were about to make a attack run on them. Juiles Crouched and took aim. as he put a shell into the gun and cocked it into place. he then shot one garagolye out of the sky 2, 3, 4 droped to the ground more were comeing but when the got in the woods they would be safe form sky for a while at least. Juiles then ran behind the Youth keeping a eye on the woods and one on the sky.

Juiles kept the boys running for at least 2 miles into the woods at a good pace the marine wasn't even breaking a sweat. but the youth were about to pass out due to the heat.

"take 5" the youth all stoped some bent over and put there hands on there knees trying to cacth there breath.

Juiles looked around both Imperial and Trynid figthers flew over head obvlious to the small ground squad in the woods. it had allready turned to night.

once the youth had caught there breath and Juiles knew there was no danger he begun

"We are to make our way to the city" Juiles pointed at the tall hive spires. some were light up others had no lights or fires comeing out of them.

"your task is to get to the top spire and activate the Hive's automated defecnes to repel the Foul Xenos" Juiles was puzzled the Hives defences should be in full effect but not a single shield was up nor gun fireing something was amiss.

"Keep a wacthful eye for the Xenos are a tricky Foe"

the Marine and youth walked quilty threw the forest and were able to gain accses by a ventalation shaft that was in the woods that lead deep into the hive. Juiles was the frist out but he quickly disappered into the shadows He had told the youth how to get to the top spire.

OoC/ okay Juiles is wacthing you and will only intervene when one of you or the group is faceing something you can't handle. your in a mantince area and in front of you are some Gaunts and ripper swarms and 4 half human half genestealer hybrids have fun/OoC

Grand Warlord
09-11-2005, 02:15
Luthor nearly doubles over in fear he takes a few steps back but feels the eyes of the blessed upon him and this redoubles his resolve. He grabs his sword, a sword that most resembled the weapon he was trained with on his planet, and he raised his bolt carbine with his free hand and fired a single bolt into the prey ... he was lucky but felt as if his shoulder should have shaddered.

09-11-2005, 03:20
The Astartes had left us alone, in the dark. The creatures that had attacked us earlier seemed familiar, though I don't think I have seen them before. I step forward cautiously, my eyes searching the shadows for any sign of danger. I held the gun before me, as I had seen the soldiers back home do.

Suddenly one of the shadows flickered with movement. I flinched for a second before unloading a few shots into the dark. My shoulder stung with pain again. The recoil of the gun had aggravated the shoulder wound I had sustained while dueling. In the flashes of light from the gun I could see the creature, twitching. I went over to where it lay. By then my eyes had adjusted to the light & what I saw stole all the warmth from my blood.

It was the thing from Asteron, one of the evil monsters that destroyed my home. Fear was replaced by blinding rage as I threw the gun to the ground & drew my sword. I began hacking at the thing, dark ichor spitting from the breaches in it's flesh. All I can feel is hate, pure hate & terrible anger.

"Angelus, what is it?".

The sound of one of the boys voices brought me back to reality. I looked down at the monster. It was unrecognisable, ripped to pieces.

"These things, these abominations, they destroyed my home, killed my father, everything!".I shouted

"Angelus, we must press on, the Celestial Knight gave us a task & we must accomplish it".

I nod silently. There may be more of these creatures & I will see to it that they are all broken & killed. I pick up the gun & sling it over my good shoulder. I would have to use the sword alone.

09-11-2005, 07:24
Ad'lan sniffed at the dead tyranid organism then sniffs the air around them.
The thick oily stench of the maintenence bay is strong, but on the eddies of wind whipped through the sheds and piles of equipment brought him a scent so similar
"There are more of them here some where, close in here" He turns to the others "We cannot ignore them if we must reach the top, I do not think they would let us pass with grace"

He turned Angelus and asked him about the long stick he had been given and was instructed incredibly briefly in how to load, and shoot a shot gun.

"If we split into a few groups of two we can clear the ground quickly, but we must all stay within shout reach."

09-11-2005, 08:25
Sethos was not a worn out as the others seeing as he had spent long hours working te fordge. He was totaly amazed at the hives and the fighters. all this technology was so new to him. the creatures in the sky and the one killed in the hive reminded him of a large reptilian creature from his homeworld. though these where clearly different. He held his spear at the ready and did as he had done when his father and mother took him to hunt Drouks(large reptile). "Adlan is right, there are more, I can feel it."

Rabid Bunny 666
09-11-2005, 09:19
Jack jumped from the ship, the ground rushing to his feet, the impact jarring his legs for a minute or two. with a groan, he got back up, readying his autorifle.

a creature leapt into the air, screeching as it went. he pulled the trigger, the first bullet impacting in the beasts chest before the recoil pulled his gun up, caving the creatures skull in. he hit the ground as the Hormugaunt's corpse slammed on top of him. the recruits were attacking the creatures around him, the maelstrom of fire deafening. he pushed off the corpse and dragged himself to his feet, snapping off a few shots at some hideously deforemed humans, claws for arms and a temper to match their hideousness. the creature took the bullets, before turning towards jack

09-11-2005, 14:25
Omar tried to relax and calm his breathing as the frenzy of combat commenced. Slow, measured shots popped from his carbine and one of the monsters fell clutching the remanents of its eye socket. The other boys stormed into melee but Omar circled instead watching for a clear shot. A boy to his right (Jack?) fired madly into one of the hybrid creatures slowing it but not stopping the monster. Omar raised his carbine and again aimed for it's gleaming eyes in the dark. The carbine kicked twice and the beast's eye shot out of it's malformed head. Screaming for vengence, it charged Omar.

Rabid Bunny 666
09-11-2005, 14:43
the hybrid reeled from an impact to its head, snarling, it ran for Omar. Jack stood up and readied his sword before swinging it at the creature, taking two of its arms off as it focused on Omar before bringing the blade down on the wretched thins kneck, nearly severing its head completely

"i thank you, Omar, these things move like quicksilver, but, by the looks of things, plenty more to hunt down" a feral smile creeping onto his face.

09-11-2005, 15:19
Omar felt a cold chill run up his neck as he tried to decipher the boys words and saw the wild look in his eyes. Was he actually enjoying this?! He watched the one called Jack as he leapt back into the fray but a noise nearby focused his attention. Wide mouthed monstrosities that scuttled across the gound lightning quick were converging on their position. Omar slapped a new clip into his weapon and began shooting them on the run.

Brother Smith
09-11-2005, 16:48
The boys had begun to fight. And so did Dracul.

He lifted his bolt carbine and slammed a hellfire clip into it. He dived into a corner, spraying the area around him with bolts.

Logical? No. Practical? Yes. The area in front of him was a seething mass of fire, and it consumed some small Tyranid that was trying to attack him.

The fire was out in a matter of seconds, and Dracul rolled out, taking cover behind a Bulkhead. He loaded his weapon again, this time with high explosive. The recoiless action of the boltgun made aiming simple. Point and shoot.

He moved out of the way when the now headless genestealer crashed into the steel floor in front of him.

09-11-2005, 19:04
Ad'lan copied the others, and did as the limited information dictated.
'What had the other boy said? squeeze trigger, then reload?
He pointed, Squeezed and a scatter of shotgun spray hit one of the beasts in the side of the head. One side of it's face a bloody mess but a mouth full of sharp teeth and out streched talons running towards him.
He squeezed the shot gun again, the other barrel lauching it's load into the bell of the monster, but on it came still.

Slinging the gun over his shoulder he Readyed his axe and met the charge.

A Swift over arm strike crunched into it's shoulder and drove it's blow to the left. Getting within it's own reach he pulled the axe around in a cricle from the shoulder, slamming it into it's other flank and skipping back out of it's reach before it could use it's good arm.

09-11-2005, 19:42
Ruben was very scared, he looked around as the other boys began fighting, this gave him strength. He aimed his carbine at one of the lumbering hybrids, closed his eys and pulled the trigger. He opened his eyes, teh shot missed by a long distance, at least 10 inches. He was suprised by the recoil, there was hardly any.

He fired again, and again and again. The third shot hitting the hybrids left arm, it stumbled back then came at him. He fired two more rounds, both missing. The thing got closer now, he fired again, hitting the left shoulder. It mimiked its earlier action then contiuned to lumber towards him. Ruben steadied his aim, he fired again, hitting just right of the left shoulder.

Thie was usless, he was no good at shooting, The gauge showed he had 7 bolts left, he remembered he had failed to pick up any execess bolt casings. He aimed and fied tow more of his presious shots, his nerves caused him to miss both. he had 5 shots left. He edged back and fire another volley of 3 rounds, yes, they hit the hybrd across teh chest. It stumbled back as if to fall over but managed to keep its balace and came at him. He fire two more shots, one vollying off, the other hit the weak shoulder.

The hybrid gve way, now slumping towards Ruben. He placed his gun on a back strap and looked around desperatly. He wandered if his brothers would help him, no, if he was two weak they would leave him to die. He looked around franticly, his eyes rested on a forklift truck [40k equivilant]...

10-11-2005, 11:18
Sethos and one of the creatures circuled each other but befor Sethos could attack it it was gunned down by one of the other boys. Thats when he sensed and noticed Ruben's fear. He took up his spear and through it at the hybrid. the tip burst through its neck ending its life at last. He ran to Ruben and pulled the spear out of the hybrid and stabbed it in the back of the skul just to make sure it was dead. "Come on there are more!" He turned his attention back to the battle at hand.

10-11-2005, 11:53
Juiles was pleased with the youth they were doing much better then he thought they would, He looked around to make sure there was nothing they couldn't handle comeing there way. He looked to the at a large blast door and realized something was trying to get threw something quite big. Juiles needed to get the boys out of here. He jumped down form his postion directly ontop of a Hybrid killing it

"This way!" Juiles ran to the elavator and opened and waited for the youth to get there. he pulled out his Bolter and begun to pick off some of the Creatures that the youth weren't Imdeatly in combat with.

10-11-2005, 13:29
Omar watched as the madman who lead them opened a door and urged the boys to enter. For the first time Omar registered fear on the big man's face. Ducking inside the elevator, he marvelled at how their superior instinctively felled the remaining creatures around them with his awesome weapon.

10-11-2005, 16:20
Ad'lan left the bloody work of severing the canines spine and loped towards the elevator, once inside he cleaned off his axe on a scraap of fur and tried to load the shot gun.
The shells didn't go down the barrel and infrustration he threw it down, It snapped in half and in embarssement he picked it up again. The He saw it was still joined and swung freely on some sort of pin.
Loaded from this end he fitted two of the shells in after removing what was left of the first two. He managed to click it back together and slowly rested, still wearily glancing round and sniffing. The Elevator was filled with unfamiliar smells.

10-11-2005, 16:48
"Thanks Sethos" ruben tkanked before turning and running for the elavtor. He ducked inside and drew his sword motioning to the oher boys to hurry up.

Brother Smith
10-11-2005, 19:19
Dracul rolled into the elevator and kneeled down, aiming his bolter at the Tyranids.

OOC: Remember Dracul has had an almost full Imperial Education as a former noble, he knows what Tyranids, Bolters and Marines are.

10-11-2005, 19:35
"Dracul, come on" Ruben scgreamed "we have to get out of here" he motoned to teh door that was being smashed open.

11-11-2005, 02:48
Juiles shoot a few more then slamed the button on the elavator he pulled out a greanade off his belt and threw it out of the elvator just before it shut Juiles saw what was reffered to as a bio titan and a few carinfex's smash open the blast door.

The invasion was further along then he thought but this elavator would be around 30 minuties just to get to the next stop. Juiles pulled off his Empty Bold drum and slaped in another and then spun it much like one would spin a revolver.

"Bandage your wounds reload your weapons, we have some time but when the doors come open be ready to fight for your life."

Rabid Bunny 666
11-11-2005, 10:57
jack had narrowly made it into the elevator, breathing heavily, his clip empty. looknig around, many of the others sported injuries, but he remained relatively unscathed

11-11-2005, 17:36
Ruben looked at his body, he had no wounds. he felt a little ashamed, his brothers had charged in and fought, none of them afraid. he was too scared, so scared he forgot to retrive asecond bolt casing, so scared that he failed to get into combat and had only slightly wounded an enemy.

12-11-2005, 02:53
I leapt into the elevator just as the doors slid shut. I looked at the other boys in that cramped space, some heavily wounded, others seemingly unscathed. Ruben appeared to be hiding his face, as though he was ashamed of something. I looked over myself, my entire body slick with the ichor of the monstrosities I had slain. It was time for vengeance, a time for these terrors to feel the pain that had brought upon me & to have their crimes paid for in blood. I steadied myself in the elevator & my hands tightened their grip on the dripping sword.

What horrors lay before us, I wasn't sure. But they would die all the same.

12-11-2005, 03:39
Juiles looked at the top of the Elavator allmost there

"Prepare for battle" Juiles said firmly as he cocked his bolter and brought it up to shoulder level. as the Elavtor door opened 10 storm trooper with large rifles cocked them and pointed them at Juiles and the youth at frist he was about to shoot but then he stoped a man in a green vest and Combat Fatiuges steped up.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE" he yelled as he held up a hand the men relaxed but still kept there weapons pointed at them.

"what on Emperores Holy Terra is a Space marine doing with a Group of Juve Gangers?!"

Juiles was confused he thought all Imperial Citzeans had been Evacuated form the Planet Weeks ago

"A better question what are you doing here?" Juiles searched his mind for the face of the man "and Who are you and who are these men"

the man was slow to act something was worng

"Doesn't matter all you need to know is that Your Silly little Empeor isn't hear to protect you now!" at the end of it all the mens clothes seemed to rip open with they all were genestealers how, why, the lead one was compeltly normal he begun to run away up a flight of stairs

"OPEN FIRE" Juiles Poured Hot Bolter rounds into the Gene stealers take 2 down he didn't have time to reload so he hosltered the bolter with one hand and fire his lighting claw up. Blue fire jumped between the claws and he charged and begun to fight with the genestealers. Juiles rolled and cut one in half but its still came at him takeing a large chunk out of his armour he proceded to stab it threw its skull but not before on jumped on his back ripping his armour

OoC/ 7 Genestealers just try to surive you might be able to take a few down but don;t execpt to come out of this one harmless. and if you attempt to go into close combat (which you will have to there not just gonna wait for you to shoot at them) try to stay alive/OoC

Grand Warlord
12-11-2005, 07:12
Luthor opened fire fireing bursts into the genestealers unknown was the damage he had caused. He drew his blade and prepared for combat.

12-11-2005, 12:09
Sethos charged forword into the closest stealer with his spear. He slammed the spear home into the beasts chest and pushed it back. He had no time to pull it back out so he drew his sword and quickly decapitated the wounded monster before him. He jumped back as another came at him. he was fast enough to avoid major injory but its claw still cut through the chestplate he was wairing and cut into his flesh. He roared both from pain and from rage as he counterattacked.

12-11-2005, 12:23
Ruben pelted out the lift utterly terrified. a genestealer was coming at him but he managed to roll away and dive towards something he had spotted earlier, a wepons belt. He swung it round his shoulder, it had bolt and las clips, he grabbed a bolt casing and jammed it in his carbine, now ready to proved himself.

He looked around and saw sethos in close combat, he aimed his carbine carefully and fired a volley of acurate shots hitting the stealer up the left side, the beast fell back slightly and Ruben ran next to Sethos, blade drawn. "Come on, lets take this one together" he suggested, preparing himself for close combat.

12-11-2005, 12:36
Sethos Nodded to Ruben. "alright let us send thisdeamon back to hell!" He charged forword with Ruben to dispatch another stealer. He could feel Rubens fear. it was strange for him to suddenly start to feel what the others felt. he put it out of his mind for now as he had other things he needed to focus on.

12-11-2005, 12:59
Ruben roared, letting his fear out. He hit the stealer and hacked it with his sword. He cut a small chunk from its arm and then jumped back as it swept for him. He managed to parry one of its arms before it was upon him, leaving its side exposed to Sethos.

(hint, hint)

12-11-2005, 13:52
Sethos saw the opening for a fatal attack and took it as his blade bit deep into the creatures side. the force of the hit made it stumble before it turned to him but much weeker then it had been before exposing its back to Ruben.

12-11-2005, 14:12
I leapt forward, out of the elevator, sword held in front of me. I smashed into one of the foul creatures, my blade slicing a clean gash through its chest. We both crashed to the ground, my sword buried in it's ribcage up to the hilt. It bucked & writhed, lashing out with it's terrible claws. I drew my sword from it's warm flesh I drove it straight into the beasts head. The twitching stopped.

Filled with adrenaline & righteous anger I picked myself up & turned to face the next, only to see a curved talon impale me just beneath my shoulder. I yelped in pain & shock as the terror lifted me over it's head & threw me clear into the wall. I collided with a heavy thud & for a second my eyes fell dark. As I opened them I saw the horror coming at me, it's cold, dead eyes seeking more blood.

All hope left me & I felt completely alone & helpless. Everything seemed to freeze as a cold realization swept over me. I would not leave this place alive. Images of burnt fields & a starless sky came back to me. Suddenly my eyes filled with a glorious light & I thought I made out the image of a titan standing over me, yet I felt completely safe & warm in his presence.

"Stand, young warrior. Now is not your time"

The light disappeared & the world unfroze. Fear was replaced by fury, helplessness by hope as I stood, ready for whatever this monster was about to do. It raised it's claws over it's head, ready to plunge them down on me. I took my sword in hand & swung with all the power, all the fury, all the strength I could muster. I watched in disbelief as my blade clove straight through the thing's waist & it fell, in two, at my feet. Then, my last ounce of energy expended I fell to the ground, darkness taking me. But I had survived & two of the creatures had been slain by my blade. I was in the hands of my new brothers now.

OoC - I'm not dead, in case you were wondering, just unconscious after killing 2 genestealers. - OoC

12-11-2005, 14:35
[not being funny helbrect but fully grown space marines can be killed by genstealers, yor but a wee lad]

Ruben hacked at its back, the 'stealer screeched and spun round slamming Ruben across the floor, it charged him. He quickly got up and ran but it was to fast, he managed todoge a couple of blos but the base of its hand slammed into his shoulder dislocating his arm. he fell, clutching his arm in agony, sethos however was in position to finish it off.

12-11-2005, 15:23
Juiles tried to grab the stealer that was on his back soon it would acces his power armour power source and they all would be dead. He then slamed his back into the wall he heard some of the genestealers bones snap but it was still weakly alive. Juiles ran at it and slamed his lighting claw directly into the creatres shoudlars imobileizeing its arms. quickly He pulled out his bolter and sent a single bolt screaming into the creatures skull. Juiles was so close to the thing face he could spit on it and would if were it not for him helmet.

Juiles activated his vox

"Bring the ship down to my current postion" the navigator paused before sending a reply

"yes blow you'll have to blow a hole in the city to get us" Juiles sent with a smile

Juiles Pulled out his bolter and reloaded this was to much for the youth to handle but they had proved them selves to him. He put the rest of the stealers down with carefully placed shots to the skull of each of the foul beast.

Juiles was about to holster his bolter just when the man came back

"good show boy good show" He was claping Juiles didn't take a chance but simple blew the mans head off with his bolter he then hosltered it. begun to walk to the youth when the man Lept at him

Juile spun around and grabed the man but he begun to change. into a much larger he looked exactly like a space Marine

"YOU!" was Juiles last word as the man summond a great ball of engery and slamed it into juiles chest killing him insantly. The man raised his head back and let out a massive blood curlding scream. He got up and looked at the youth

"well what do we have here the furture of Warseer is it? You tell your masters that They can not hide there past for ever"

At that moment a large explosion blew open the side of the hive wall and the clipper was there with the ramp to the Cargo hold all of the youth ran to it

OoC/Hellbrecht some one grabed your character and brought him abord/OoC

as soon as they were all on it shut and the ship took off over the intercom they could hear the Pliot

"we got Nid figthers inbound get on the guns!"

OoC/ Alot to take in I know, the clipper has mutiple turrents so get on one and defend the ship the turrents are Large Auto cannons /OoC

12-11-2005, 15:47
Ruben dived into a turret, no idea how to use it. hismind raced, his master was dead and what the hel just happened. He moved the joystick up and the gun moved up, he pulled the trigger and teh gun fired, simple.

12-11-2005, 20:55
Ad'lan was bustled into the ship, his shot gun still smoking and shoved into a gun turret.

With Curiosiy rather than any sense of understanding he started to play with the controls, finding up down, rotate clockwise and anti clockwise. Having exsplored the sticks, he now felt it was time to press the large shiney buttons in the middle of them.


Two shot bursts of whistling forw were launched, looking through the glass he could see they went an an almost perfect line.

He Grinned, a massive bow must be conected some how, well he knew how to shoot with a bow.

Huge Flapping terrors hove into view, screeching around the ship.

He Swivled and fired three shots in quick sucsession, all of them missed but he had a feel for the cast of it now.

Swiviling and Shooting he blased at the biomonsters, blasting open bellys and breaking wings.

13-11-2005, 18:27
ruben mved his turret to aim at the large tyranid organisms coming at them. he fired, the turret and stick rattling but hundreds opf shots spraying out. Some pattered on the tyranid flyers but they were barely harmed. He fired more and more smaller gargoyles falling away rom his hail of fire.

14-11-2005, 00:58
The Clipper screamed threw the atomsphere it had taken some damage but was still able to fly and more importantently able to make the warp jump.

The engines were at maxuim output as it dodge nid vessel's and incomeing missle's and fire for the nid ships. Normal it was a bad idea to attempt a warp jump with in a system but the navagator had no choice. The ship ripped opened up tear in realitly and went into the warp.

OoC/okay your on your way back to the Battle Barge theres a few medical supplies and some food onboard you are all in shock form juiles death so talk about it or what not. do not attempt to talk to the navagator he his plioting threw the warp and looking into the warp isn;t a good idea :) /OoC

Grand Warlord
14-11-2005, 01:59
Luthor's body ached in protest of what it had gone through but he did his best to keep it hidden. Those turrets were a lot rougher on his system than he had anticipated. He had only days before been a member of his lords personal knight unit now he was still getting use to everything that was happening around him.

Rabid Bunny 666
14-11-2005, 09:02
jack looked around him, the rest of the recruits were bloodied and battered, the Space marine dead. the turbulance increased his headache as the sounds of guns echoed around his head

"how could this happen? a space marine pulled down?" thoughts flashed around his head, the fatigue overcoming him and he slipped into unconciousness

14-11-2005, 10:15
Ad'lan slowly clamberd out of the gun turret, a mad grin plasterd on his face.
He Tied the axe to his belt with a strip of leather and slung the shot gun over his shoulder.

The Air conditioning was warmer than the cold mountains he was used to, he unwrapped some of his furs and fashiond a crude back pack.

Wandering around the ship he found a medicine bay, the automated servitors providing plasters, antiseptic sprays and stiches for the deeper wounds.

The nicks and cuts that6 passed unnoticed in the heat of battle were healed but he was hungry. He nstarted sniffing the air and looking round for the food store.

14-11-2005, 10:33
Silence. Light.
I open my eyes as if I had only just been born. At first I didn't know where I was, my memories of my entire life were a blur. Then, all in the space of a single second, reality screamed back into my consciousness.

I was no longer on the planet, I was back on the ship we had left for it in. I looked around, my sense of sound having not returned to me fully yet. My brothers seemed exhausted & many of them sported terrible wounds, still fresh from battle. I remembered the monstrosities we had been fighting, the same ones that had put my homeworld to the torch. I also remembered the strange titan, who seemed made of light. Was that the Emperor? No it couldn't have been. I am just a small boy, why would He choose to show Himself to me?

Something nagged at the back of my mind. Something I was seeing wasn't right. I realised a few seconds later & quickly asked Omar, who was sitting near me.

"Where is the Astartes?"

14-11-2005, 14:40
Omar rubbed his arm trying to bring the feeling back. After exiting the elevator and being greeted by the Genestealers he watched the boys launch themselves into them. Omar snapped off a few shots at one of the ugly beasts as it was about to devour the one called Hellbrecht causing it to turn on him. Hellbrecht was acting strangely, as though he were in a trance or something had taken over his body. The Stealer smashed into Omar sending him sprawling several meters away. Several minutes later, when he came to his senses, a general evac was in progress. Omar snatched the delusional Hellbrecht with his good arm and dragged him aboard the ship.
Now, as the feeling was slowly coming back into his presumably broken arm, Omar watched Hellbrecht intently wondering what had gotten into the youngster during the melee.

Brother Smith
14-11-2005, 16:35
Dracul was staring out of them clipper. He loved space.

He decided to investigate the ship. It was the size of a meeting hall, and the Adeptus Mechanicus must have considered it a labour of love. What was strange was that he couldn't see any crewmen.

He shrugged and returned to the other boys. He didn't feel any sadness at Julies death, just gratification for saving the boys' lives.

14-11-2005, 16:41
Ruben sat dwon at a bench slowly, the adrenaline surging from his body. Julies was dead, he had just fought aliens, nids. he tryed to comprend this but found it difficult, he remained silent.

his arm now hung looslley by his side and he noticed the pain. It was dislocatde, it had happened before on several locatiosn. Why hadnt he been hindered on teh turret, thinking back he couldnt remember using his right arm on the turret at all.

On teh streets he had learned about injuries like this and new how to stop them. he clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. Withe his remaining hand he slowly pushed his limp arm inwards then.. yanked out. He keeled over from teh pain and slowly opened his eyes and looked, his namr was fine. he slowly lifted it and beagn to painfully exercize it.

15-11-2005, 21:51
Sethos had gone to the med room and been patched up his chest still hurt and would have a scar to remind him of the day a brave man gave his life to save his and his comrades. He walked out of the med room to see Ruben snap his arm back into place. He felt a tingle of his pain and was taken back by it. What was happening to him? he didnt understand but shook it off as a new feeling washed over him. he felt the hivemind around the planet it was a numb feeling and he hated it. he shook his head but it would not go away. he could hear voices too but they where so faint he could not make out what they where saying. the noise in his head just got more intense and he fell to his knees grabing his head. "GRRAAAA GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" He screemed out not from pain but from fear and frustration.

16-11-2005, 03:29
The clipper ship ripped threw the warp and made contact with The Sword Confused that the autorazation code was not given by Juiles 3 Thunderhawks were sent to bring the ship into the hanger bay. When the Cargo Bay of the clipper opened up and the youth were pointed at with large heavy weaponary.

"STAND DOWN!" Yelled a large marine in Blue armour with only one sholdar pad with the tradiantol warseer colors. He past the other marines and held his hand out to push down there weapons. He carried a Large staff with some unknown Xenos skull attached to the top and with a seemingly odd shaped metal hood around his head. He had no helmet on his face was rough but with a warm quailty to it long brown hair fell over his armour.

"Why did you not return with Brother Juiles?" Said the Marine as firm as Juiles if not rougher

16-11-2005, 07:25
Ad'lan knelt in supplication, one knee on the floor.

"He fell hunting man who was not man, who became as he was. He did slay the man who was not man, But the Man who was not man did not die."

16-11-2005, 07:34
I listened carefully to what Ad'lan was saying, as I too wanted to know what happened to the Astartes that was leading us. Unfortunately he spoke in a strange tongue & I could not completely understand what he was saying. I thought for a second that he said he fell in combat, but surely I misheard. The Emperor's holy angels do not fall.

Rabid Bunny 666
16-11-2005, 09:23
the heavy thud followed by shouting woke Jack up. one of the Giants was asking where the Marine was, one of the boys told him he was dead. The Giants face stayed blank, no emotion upon it. the rest of the boys milled around, cradling wounds, waiting for the go ahead to leave the ship. Taking up a piece of loose follr grating, he carved the words into the side of his Autogun

Fidelitas absque Comparo

OOC; http://www.math.ubc.ca/people/faculty/cass/frivs/latin/latin-dict-full.html

this is gonna be useful, but i couldn't do Death By Glory in latin :(

16-11-2005, 13:28
Omar struggled to follow what was being said and thought he understood what was being asked of them by the Space Marines. "There was nothing to bring back sir!" he blurted out in his native tongue and then in broken Imperial added, "He was blown apart...sir"

16-11-2005, 14:43
Jonas was confused this made not sense that world was left for dead. The Navy was only there to make sure the VIP's were able to get safely off world. who would be on the Planet one let alone that could kill a space marine such as Juiles but leave the youth alive.

"why were you able to survive why did this Man that is not man not kill you? did he say anything to you?"

OoC/The man that is not man (thats his name for now) he did say something to you to tell the warseers rember?/OoC

16-11-2005, 18:51
Sethos dragged himself forword . he was week from the assault on his mind and the libraryan could sense it. Sethos fell to his knees and his voice was not more then a whisper but he used ever once of focuse he could so the huge man before him could here him. "He said....well what do we have here the furture of Warseer is it? You tell your masters that They can not hide there past for ever"

With that said Sethos passed out

17-11-2005, 00:41
Jonas was shocked it could be just a chance.

"take these boys to the Truth booth's I shall met them there" Jonas said as he walked out the Chapter master needed to be warned of what might have come back for them.

Jonas intergatted the youth there was no doubt in his Mind Yes the one known as "Eathus" had come back.

OoC/okay you guys have a choice you could contuine your training OR start the changeing process i have Plots set up for either so make ur choice /OoC

17-11-2005, 04:57
OOC:I am good for eather personaly

Rabid Bunny 666
17-11-2005, 11:02
ooc: i'd prefer the marine-making one

17-11-2005, 13:13
I'm looking forward to being a Scout!

17-11-2005, 20:12
occ: changing prosses for me, i want to be a scout!

Grand Warlord
18-11-2005, 05:06
OOC: I am pretty sure its scouts lol

19-11-2005, 03:57
OoC/okay then here we go!/OoC

The youth were trained for a for 3 years proveing that they were ready for battle to become a Son of the Emperor. during the time there were being beaten into the ground by their trainers. the rest of the chapter was being mobilzed. for as soon as word of Eathus they had been able to follow him and knew his location.

The chapter was in need of every single serf, servitor, tech-preist, and Marine. It was time for the youth to change form not men but to Marine.

each Youth was straped to a large metal slab they was a small organ. then blackness over took each of the Youth.

Next moment that they rember was being thrown into a room and coughing up blood. during the next days there body was racked by massive growing pains as the Gene-seed begun to work its effects on the humans body. for what seemed like a lifetime was in fact only 3 days the youth emerged as marines.

by this time the entire Warseer chapter was assembled 3 battle barges one strike cruiser for each company and the large number of escorts.

Eathus had been tracked to the Regan system much like the Cadia System Regan was the launching point into the Maelstorm. Until recently the system was safe until a Rebillon occured with in the Armed forces of the system.

The Warseer chapter has decied that under usally circumstances they would crush the rebillon but there is not time the Warseer fleet is in need of Weapons, Fuel and other suppiles.

the newly formed scout sqaud was sent on the Strike Crusier "Sword of Light" Under command of Jonas. they were to take the small plaent "Lahem" to stage further attacks form deeping into the large system.

OoC/okay you guys are now scouts with scout armour and you can upgrade your weaponry but as allways use common sense, You are all prepping for drop onto the planet so choose your weapons wizely but you can talk and you are now fully a space marine/OoC

Rabid Bunny 666
19-11-2005, 12:57
OOC: empoer :wtf:

Brother Jack picked up the sacred boltgun from the rack in front of him. the eyes of his fellow brothers were upon him and theis mission.

19-11-2005, 15:18
[no offence bmax but it takes several years for a youth to grow into a scout]

Ruben swung around a large machette like blade, practicing before holdtering it, he grabbed a shotgun and plenbty ofammo along with a couple of frag grenades and a smoke grenades, he alsotook a silenced bolt pistol and holsered it on his thigh. He aproached jack.

"Well brother, our first day as scout, I look forward to the upcoming mission and hope to do well i the emperors service" he said.

Grand Warlord
19-11-2005, 15:40
Luthor stood up and walked around for a little bit eventaully making his way to the weapons. He grabbed a bolt pistol and a fairly simple bladed weapon.

It felt awkward and yet he was the same ... but only ... he felt different.

19-11-2005, 16:32
Ad'lan thought back on the long (Years? It takes atleast 3 or 5). He had changed from the Callow feral hunter biy into one of the huntsmens own chosen. A Scout of Warseer.
His likeling for his ancestral weapons had not changed, one of the chapters artificers had made him a fitting axe. Finest tooled steel with a monomolecular edge, xenos leather wrapped handle and magnetic clamps to his backpack. It was swift and deadly in his hands.

His skills in Sight, Scent and judgement had not been missed either, and he took out his spotless sniper rifle. The blackend steel and subdued heraldry did not glow with polish, but were obviously much used and well maintained.

His Furs were still with him as well, the neck of his cammo cloak had the perdators furs sown on to it.

He Once more checked over his equipment, every inch superhuman.

19-11-2005, 17:51
OoC/sorry was a bit unsure about that I'll change it wrote this late last night after a show so a little out of it/OoC

Jonas looked at the marines that were with him much were in prayer or prepareing there weapons. Jonas read a readout on a data slate so far the planet seemed to have small skelton crew just to out fit the ships that would come for in resupply. The Orbital platforms were slinet no lights shone form. the Sword of Light contuined closer to the planet. slowly dropping into low orbit to begin the drop.

Jonas looked up and grabbed his staff and scared bolt pistol with special Psy Cannon bullets that he him self had spent months createing in only had 2 clips of those the rest were regular bolt shells.

Jonas pressed a button on the data slate and the kalxon begun to sound off for the marines to make there way to the drop pods. Jonas knew either this would be simple or they were walking into a trap. Jonas nodded at the New scout squad as Jonas Straped him self into the drop pod. Something was different about them one had allready shown possabilty of being a Pysker. Jonas muttered a prayer to the the Emperor and slammed the drop pod lauch button and his stomach was now in his powered armoured chest as the Warseers Rocketed to the planets surface.


Jonas rolled out of his Drop pod something was amiss he could not scan for his fellow brother marines He looked around and saw only the scouts exiting there drop pods. He looked towards the sky and saw that the rest of his marines were landing over a mountain range. Jonas ran over to the others

"we have not much time" jonas said as the sky expolded with Anti-aircraft fire in a attempt to shoot down the drop pods.

Jonas then begun to make his way threw the woods keeping a carefull eye out for a trap which would surely be here.

19-11-2005, 18:45
Ad'lan loped through the woods, keeping pace just behind the Librarian, though with power armour on the psycher could keep running far long than a scout.

As the main force began to drop pod in the scout squad hurdeled fallen trunks and skirted puji pits. Trip wires were strung and deadfalls set but not one was set off by the scouts.

19-11-2005, 19:51
Jonas made his way threw the woods avoiding all the traps on the way then Jonas senseed something and he paused He looked over the ridge that they were on and looked down onto the road tanks and soilders were makeing there way how ever was not in a tank was holding onto one of running as fast as they could. one tank seemed to be lagging behind it was a chemria Jonas jumped down ontop of the tank and shot the driver threw the front window. the troops in the back then begun to scramble out but instead of carrying normal las guns they had strange tan weapons

OoC/have some fun with your new space marine powers its a fully loaded chrima they have Tau pulse carbines /OoC

19-11-2005, 20:07
Ruben creeped through some bushes ans slowly pushed out his slienced boltpistol, he fully crouche to get a better aim. He eyed the sight and positioned the doton teh back of a rebels head, he squeesed teh trigger and the sound of a muffled blast was followed by the man falling to the floor, his head exploded.

By teh time the others turned round a smoke grenade had gone off and Ruben stood up fully "FOR THE EMPEROR" He roared and fired off two shotgun shells. As he ran out into the open and shot down another rebel who went sprawling to the floor joans dropped ontop of the chimera.

Ruben rolled to teh ground as pulse fire streamed overhead. he rolled ointo the smoke an emerged at the chimeras opening door, he fired another shot into a confused sentry who was stood in the chimera.

He threw a pair of frag grenades over te chimera into a midst of rebels, probably killing a couple.

19-11-2005, 22:25
Ad'lan crouched, curled prone on the tree branch. Perfect for shot to avoid hitting his breathern

With his breath nutral he slowly squeezed off a shot, The Bullent passing through a mans armour, flesh, through his spine and out into anothers foot.

Suddenly seeing an opening his chamberd a round and carefully aimed. There was a space around the fuel ports, where the armour was weakest and the tank of fuel was ripe for.....


....an inferno round.

With a dull crump one of the fuel tanks burst, spilling burning liquid all over one side of the Chimera.

19-11-2005, 22:35
Ruben looked up as teh fuel tanks exploded and the burning liquid hit the chimera. he turned away and butted a rebel with his shotgun butt.

20-11-2005, 06:04
Jonas then turned and hosltered his pistol he then slamed the head of the staff into a traitor;s head crushing then spinning and knocking another traitor to the ground. with out even looking jonas pulled his pistol out and shoot another traitor that was going to attempt to hit him with the butt of his gun.

"pacth up that fuel tank" Jonas said as he stepd onto the Chermia hopefully it would have enough fuel. to make it down to the rest of the traitor troops.

"someone drive this thing" Jonas yelled as he motioned with his one hand shooting dead the rest of the traitors

20-11-2005, 12:46
Ruben unloaded his remaining shotgun ammo into a traitor before holstering it and witdrawing his balde and pistol "i'll drive" he offered and clambered onto the chimeras roof. He climbed through teh top hatch int teh drivers compartment, next to him was the main gunners seat.

He grabbed the steering wheel, the pedals were move forward, stop, turn right and turn left, he flicked the ignition switch and the chimera spluttered to life "lets go" he shouted.

Grand Warlord
20-11-2005, 15:40
Luthor fired at the enemies ahead of him aiming for the joints figuring a disabled abomination was good enough ...

20-11-2005, 15:47
Ad'lan lept down from the tree, his camo cloak flying out behinf him as he skidded down the slope.

feet slipping over the uneven slope and hurdeling low branches he raced towards the chimera.

Hitting the rode at a sprint he jumped up onto the back of the verchiel. His comrades hands hauled him up and a a grin broke his face.

"Thats was a close run thing" he mutterd, as the engine splutterd into life.

Brother Smith
21-11-2005, 16:10
My computer died on me and we had to fix it. Any chance on a summary of what i've missed?

21-11-2005, 16:12
Ruben drove under the direction of jonas into the middle of the tank brigade. The rest of the warseer's were dug in unable to move pinned down by the Tratiors tanks.

Jonas waited untill it was night fall and then told each of the youth a certain task to do.

"Ad'lan I want you to find the CO here and take care of him" Jona grabbed a few melta mombs that were in the carrier

"Ruben I want you destory the Balisk's remain undected"

"the rest of you are comeing with me, you all have your task's to do do not fail" Jonas then opened the door of the tank and made his way with the youth that he was leading out and around attempting to reach the warseer battle line

OoC/Brother smith we are all now scouts and the entire Warseer chapter is going on a crusade. right now we are trying to secure a small planet to use as a launching point deeper into the system, the Warseers all droped poded in but are now sourruanded and pinned down by a enitre tank brigade./OoC

21-11-2005, 17:16
Ruben nodded and took the bombs before moving into some nearby bushes. He removed a telescope from his belt and zoomed in, flicking it to night vision, a line of basilisks stooda few hundred metres ahead, firing barrages over at the warseers.

He holsteredthe telescope and crawled along the ground, sandy soil pooling around him. He moved into a crouch and began to move through a marsh area, the water got deeper until it was up to his neck, his actions were muted by the constant artilery barrage.

A sentry lazily patrolled a bank, carbine held loosley at his side. Ruben used his had to climb up the bank and withdrew his knife. He creeped up on the man and quickly grbbed the head, the knife moved across and hacked the throat, a half scream was let out.

Ruben looked up, a second senry stood, shocked. Ruben quickly pulled out his silenced bolt pistol and pulled the trigger several times killing the traitor silently. He dragged both cporpses into the bushes before continuing.

He crawled along te ground, a cloak pulled over him slightly adding to his night disguise. He got closer to teh enemy position, he could hear voices and see light coming from a trench...

21-11-2005, 19:44
Omar awaited Jonas' next command. His sniper rifle slung casually over his shoulder he watched the other scouts disappear into the murk. So brash he thought to himself. Like himself they had these genetically modified bodies but still had the minds of over zealous teenagers. The Emperor rewarded courage but there was no glory in foolhardedness. Omar hoped the Librarian knew what he was doing as they stalked toward the sounds of battle.

21-11-2005, 19:58
Ruben cralwed behind the trench and up to the side of a basilisk. He pulled a melta charge and set it to 25 minuites he placed it under the basilisk and taped it on. He quietly moved round the basiliks to the second and did the same, setting teh cahreg to mimik the previous one, so they would detonate at the same time...

Ruben snuck behind a corregated iron structure an knelt ebhind some crates while two sentries waled past, he had planted charges on 4 basilisks, 18 minuites left. He ran round amnd entered the building, a storage center. He quickly found some melta bombs and demo cahrges, he took them all, any he couldnt carry he rigged to explode just after the basilisks.

He moved out, narrowly avoiding a senntry parol. He moved down towards a fuel dump, past several akeshift structures and planted more charges, he liered more melta charges around teh makeshift buildings, 9 minuites left. He moved furthur behind the klines and hid amongst some crates, 7 minuites left...

Brother Smith
21-11-2005, 22:14
Dracul was in the trench. He could see his 'brethren' around him.

He missed Scatim - He was a worthy boy.

21-11-2005, 22:15
In the dark adlans eyes worked overtime, their genetic augumentaion and natural ability making a world of grays visible in sharp clarity. Lit better by the occassional flare fired by either the surrouned warseers or the Tank brigade.

Slinking through the night, his cammo and fur making him almost invisible when he used his hard learn't skills of stalking. Moving at a slow stride, measured steps, not noiseless, but the noise of a small animal, ocassional snuffles and scrapes of feet blending so perfectly with the local wildlie.

One local carnivore only just stopped short of snapping at his feet in mistake. Luckily the unfamiliar scent deterd it.

Luckily for the carnivore.

Climbing one of the out crops of rock, perfectly placed to over see the battle field he slowly raised his head, eyes searching the grassy plataeu.

He wasn't the only one who had realised it was the perfect out post.

Grand Warlord
21-11-2005, 23:08
Taking pot shots where he thought he had a valid shot he aimed for the small openings in the tanks.

"I just had to take a bolt pistol and blade ... smart move on my part."

22-11-2005, 01:30
Jonas and his scouts made there way until they finally found a trench that seemed to lead towards the space marine battle line. allready haveing to dogde incomeing baslisky shells and gun fire it was no wonder now why the Warseers could not move on the horzion a space port could be seen sending off figthers and even a few escorts and a small crusier in the night sky above them it could be seen that the Sword of light had been ambushed amognst the asteriods that surroded the planet there must have been squadrens of escorts prehaps even a few cruisers.

Jonas and the scouts made there way down the trench until they made a corner bullets flew by them Jonas peaked over and could not belive what he saw what apperead to be form what he could see some sort of bio mech it could truly see what it was but it stood high above the trench which was around 7-10 feet tall. it had 2 massive arms which were mostly ogranic with a metal exoskelton and massive power fists at the ends. then 2 just as equallly massive arms that were completley mechncail with what appread to be a plasma cannon in one "arm" and in the other a autocannon. and instead of legs it had four mechncails legs. its "face" was mostly robotic but what was organic apperead to be a human face

"KILL THE ABOMANATION!!!" Jonas yelled as he pulled out his bolt pistol and begun to shoot at the creature in the hand with his staff he begun to twirl it and a Blue light begun to follow both ends of the staff.

Jonas then dove out of the way as a massive plasma shot vaporized where he just stood jonas let the clip in his bolter go while rolling and hostlered it when he stood up he grabed his staff in two hands and slamed it into the ground with blue lighting circleing the staff then strikeing the creature. what should have blown up a tank only seemed to **** this creature off.

Rabid Bunny 666
22-11-2005, 09:30
ooc: meh, no interrzaweb at the weekend, what are we actually killing?

22-11-2005, 12:07
OoC/a bio mech 1/4 human the rest machine but its not possed or anything else that supper natural just a regular OoC

22-11-2005, 13:29
Omar prayed for the Emperor to guide his hand as he sought for weak spots in the machines joints. Loading an explosive shell, he aimed for a bundle of cooling hoses under the arm that spat plasma and squeezed. Before he saw what damage the blast did he was up and running from the spot he had taken the shot from. his highly senstive ears picked up approaching voices from somewhere behind the mechanical monstrosity.

22-11-2005, 16:02
The Creautre screamed in rage at the wounds begin inflicted apone it black ichor ruptured form it along with oil. it slamed its arms into the ground and screaming at the scouts and Jonas it then with odd agilty for its size kicked its legs forward allmost pinning one of the scouts under it's foot the power fist's then craclked to life. form under the massive creature small human like creatures appeared carry small rifles that ebgun to fire small razor disc at the marines

Ruben contuined to make his way along the ground being carefull to make sure that he wasn;t spotted then something caught his eye. he thought he saw a shimmer behind him but when he turned there was nothing. 4 mintuies to go


Aldan pulled out his sniper rifle and begun to search for a command tent seraching he had seen tanks crews moveing around but they were not his objective he had even seen ruben place his metla bombs then he saw a large tent apon close look it was infact some sort of opentoped vehcile with wicked barbed edges ontop humans were busy moveing around. and seemed to be takeing orders form some one in black robe but something was different he was taller then the rest of the humans but aslo taller. it reached a hand out and it was a strange lankelyness like a human arms strenched to tight

22-11-2005, 17:20
((Why are you rping my character? and misspelling it to? He has to deal with who is on the rock first))

Ad'lan crouched back on the rock face, he counted 6 men, a small scout force. Clearly looking out for the enemy. Him.

Drawing his axe he it dawned on him they had a radio, he couldn't kill all of them in the time it would take for a warning to get out. He had to try somthing different.

Suddenly he hit upon it, and as he fiddled with his own microbead he tuned into their coms.

'What luck' he thought, they were still using the old imperial codes, and he then began to tune to the particular band used by those on the outcrop....

.... As the last soldier made his way off the rock, ad'lan slid up and made his position fast, a small trench coverd by his cloak ready for him to hide if necessary and perfect for a prone shot.

The large Command tent was infact a command vechaile, open topped and with vichous edges underlings were scurrying around apparantly taking orders from a large black robed figure.

As he Looked through his scope the figure reached out, an ar unlike any human arm, seeming stretched and distorted.

These were heretics indeed.

Chambering a High exsplosive round he took aim at the figure. breathe in. breathe out. Hold.
the scilenced round went....


22-11-2005, 17:30
[Bmaxwell can rp your character because hes the gm!]

Ruben turned back and continued moving, it must have been noting, 2 minuites to go...

22-11-2005, 17:31
OoC/sorry when you said he wasn;t the only one realizeing it was a perfect outpost i thought you meant the canaviore Editing now and the reason I rped your character was to show something that otherwise wouldn;t have been seen/OoC

22-11-2005, 17:41
((Ok, got ya, thought it might be some such gming powers. Thanks))

22-11-2005, 20:16
Omar watched in horror as the razor discs began to slice up his brothers. He knew his sniper rifle was of little use in close assault so instead he doubled back and threw a frag grenade in the midst of their attackers. Nearly leaping over the trench, he landed next to Jonas and tried to push him out of the way of the lethal discs. In doing so, Omar barely felt the top part of his ear sheer off or a pair of deep gouges on his face, the meat cleanly sliding away.

22-11-2005, 21:01
The Scilence round had found its mark it hit the figure it the heart and it fell dead to the ground but it was not a human it was a eldar and a older one by the looks of it had it heard the shot it would have moved out of the way or deflect some how but rather then be worriord or discuraged by this the vehcilue simplely took out it turned out to be some sort of eldar skimmer skiff as it made its way to the space port. at the same time the baslikis begun to expolde no longer pinned by gunfire the warseers lept out of the trenchs and begun to slaugther the tank bridage.

but the creature still was a proplem Jonas pulled Omar behind him and loaded up the special psycannon rounds and fired the entire clip at the creature razor disc's stuck into jonas armour but he did not flater. then he hit the creature in the head it seemingly going blind wave its arms around killing the mutanted dwarfs under neath it Jonas took this chance he ran to the creature and stabed his staff throw its head sending pyshic engery threw it s body causeing the creautre to fail around until it finally died Jonas useing the staff to support him self got to his feet then a warseer squad came apone them.

"Sweet Portent what happened here"

"im not sure Brother, Please inform me of what has happened" Jonas said as he begun to walk to the temporay headquaters that had been made

OoC/okay some chill time Jonas is talking with some head warseers so heal up get ammo and do some talking /OoC

22-11-2005, 21:09
[fun time]

Ruben stood up as teh basilsiks exploded, these were followed by the fuel depot and several buildings. He ran towards the armoury, a senrty ran out of the hut only to be cut down by rubens bolt pistol. Ruben climbed into the hut and grabbed a bolter, holstering his weapons he grabbed some more ammo and headed outside.

A guard ran towards him, quickly ruiben unleashed a hail of bolts cutting him down. Pule rounds sailed over Rubens head, he turned to see three sentries. he ran, seeing a jeep typevehicle he climbed in, small arms fire pattered from the sides. Luckily teh engin roared to lfe at teh push of teh button and Ruben slammed down on the accelrator.

He raced passed the smoking basilisks and tpwards the rest of the squad. He span the vehicle round and it screeched to a halt outsde the trench. he clambered out and jumped down to his squad "it is done brothers, their line is broken" he reported triumphantly.

23-11-2005, 02:13
<OoC> Sorry I couldn't post through that whole battle, had exams all through this week. </OoC>

I felt a terrible pain in my calf, but when I looked down the razor disk was on the ground & the wound was already healing. I could really get used to being an Astartes.

I walked over to the monster that had attacked us before, rolling it over on it's back. I had never seen anything like it before, such a monstrous thing. And the dwarves that lay in droves around it, they had strange weapons, completely alien looking with an unnatural shimmer. I saw one of them move out of the corner of my eye, & instinctively shot it square in the back of my head with my bolt pistol.

I had enjoyed this battle immensely & hoped there would be many more like it.

23-11-2005, 14:03
Omar busied himself by meticulously cleaning his rifle quietly reciting the litanies of weapons service. He wondered if the Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos had ever catalogued the strange mutated dwarves they had encountered as he checked his ammunition. He felt the fool for trying to protect Jonas and thought himself lucky that he didn't interfere with him killing the creature. Once Omar finished with his rifle, he moved to the edge of the group and crouched near a low outcropping of rock, scanning the surrounding area through his scope.

23-11-2005, 17:48
Ad'lan clambred down the rocky outcrop, skirting the clear areas and scrambling through dense copses and thickets to avoid to much attention.

However this did result in him falling foul a few times, his axe was wetted not with blood but with sap. And he had left a claer trail throguh certain areas. It's hard to disguise axe cleard vines.

Running the last few dozen yards he rejoined the rest of the scouts. Saluting Jonas and greeted convivially by the rest.

23-11-2005, 18:24
"Good to see you return safley brother, i trust your mission was a sucsess?" Ruben asked.

24-11-2005, 09:54
"Yes Brother, have you succeeded in your objective?" I asked, half knowing that Brother Ad'lan wouldn't have returned until he had finished his task, he truely has the warrior's spirit as do all my Brothers.

24-11-2005, 16:19
"Indeed my kin, the Commander is dead." Ad'lan turned to Jonas
"Good master, there is more, the Commander was not Human"

24-11-2005, 16:28
Ruben frowned "hmm, xenos scum, prehaps that is were they got their weaponry from" Ruben offered

24-11-2005, 17:38
Jonas took in what Ad'lan was saying.

"What did this xenos look like? much of this is not makeing any sense."

Jonas picked up a carbine that was broken in half

"this is not a tau made weapon. The compents are made of what is commonly used in imperial weapons but it is the Tau desgin." Jonas was puzzeld though there was xenos weaponry here he had seen no massive xenos prensecne only muntant humans and regular humans. its all most as if the Traitors in this system had traded with the tau for something but what?


above them the battle in space was over the Sword of light had to retreat but was able to make a strong counter attack with much of the fleet. currently heavy weapons and other such things that would aid in the segie of the massive space port. though the arieal and space prensec of the traitors had been netrualized on the ground all traitor forces were retreating to the space port to make a last stand.

24-11-2005, 18:05
"Perhaps we can capture this dead xeno Commanders body seeing as the traitors are in full retreat" offered Omar never taking his eye away from the scope of his rifle.

24-11-2005, 18:41
"Yes, we could move in and recover the body, there will be little resistance, pehaps i could take the vehicle i capytured and distract whoever is left so teh rest of you can move in and get the body?" Ruben suggested.

24-11-2005, 19:19
"it would do no good we can not wait anylonger. if the traitors can send out a distress beacon we can not hod off a entire System full of a Traitor fleet and Emporer knows what else"

Jonas then on a toppled over drop pod pulled out a deck of cards. He begun to lay the cards out in a seemingly random patteren Jonas moved his hands over the cards some of them even the artwork on them moved.

"the figther, the traitor, and the storm" just then massive Thunderhawk landers begun to drop off tanks, rhino's, even the sacred dreadnought Ogard offered to help with the seige.

"Brother Jonas we are ready." said a Marine loading up into a land raider. Jonas Grabed the deck of cards and put them back into their pounch.

"now lets see what your truly made of Young ones" Jonas said as he hoped into a razorback. along with the rest of the scouts


whirlwinds shoot down some of the more dangerous defences of the space port along with the thunderhawks and land speeder makeing surgical strikes. the warseers were all in tanks normaly this was not allowed but all the tanks and such other heavy support was on loan form the enitre chatper for this segie.

Jonas and 3 other rhinos along with a landraider full of termanatiors rushed threw a massive blast gate unable to go any farther with out risking the tanks and the passagers in side. the transports unloaded on the other side of a downed fighter.

Jonas gave out a war cry and begun to aassault

OoC/okay you got your squad, Jonas 3 rhino's full of space marines and a land raider full of terminators this is a heavily defened corridor/OoC

24-11-2005, 21:06
Omar snatches a bolter from the rack inside the Razorback and shoulders it. Reluctant to leave his rifle behind, he clamors up the side of the downed fighter to scan the upper area's of the corridor and with the help of the night filter on his scope the dark corners ahead. Behind him, Omar can hear the heavy footfalls of the Terminators as they disembark from their Landraider.

24-11-2005, 21:12
Ruben followed Omar, his newly recovered bolter. Outside in teh corridor a hail of fire rocket from te traitors, lookily th rhinos and terminators seemed to lap it up. Ruben crouched behind some crates, leaning out and firing down the corridor into the massed traitors. Suddenly a lasgun monted on a wall activated and spun round, Ruben was almost hit as a las balst sheered his shoulder, he destroyed teh turret with a burst of boltfire.

He jumped back up and behind the crates "Brother omar, prehaps we can get these traitors in a cross of fire" Ruben suggestedwhile he realoaded.

24-11-2005, 22:22
Ad'lan crouched behind the crates with ruben.
Slinging his sniper rifle on his back he got up, bent almost half to stay in cover.

"Brothers, can you give me covering fire, That huge amount of wire must lead somewhere"
He pointed at the wires and cabels running through the building and leading up through an open hole in the cealing.

"if I can get up there I can Cover you in return, then we can maybe cause enough distactions from the electrics to play merry hell with the enemy"

24-11-2005, 22:31
"Good idea brother ad'lan, I will cover you, just say when" Ruben offered readying his bolter "i will thorw a smoke grenade to cover you too" ruben said, praperaing a circular canister...

[feel free to rp Ruben for your cover :P]

Grand Warlord
24-11-2005, 23:01
OOC: I am going to pull myself out of this for now ... my work schedule doesnt give me the kind of time currently to post like i wwant to ... so someome kill me off lol

25-11-2005, 00:50
OOC:If someone could give me a summery of whats happened so I can get back into place thanks

25-11-2005, 07:31
Sethos Took a bolter off of the weapon rack and made sure he had ammo for both it and his bolt pistol. The spear that he and one of the artificers of the chapter made was on his back. He made it to Ruban and Adlan. "I will cover you brother." he gripped the bolter and nodded that he was ready.

25-11-2005, 13:24
Omar follows Ad'lan to the wires and then moves further up the corridor. From this forward position he should be able to give the rest of his battle brothers reports of the enemies movements.

Rabid Bunny 666
25-11-2005, 15:02
ooc: i'm not posting in character for this bit, but if someone PMs me after the current mission, i'll join in

25-11-2005, 15:31
Jonas crouched and sqeezed the trigger on the bolt pistol killing 3 traitors. He hostlered his pistol and grabed his staff twirling in a whirlwind of death tripping his foes breaking bones and skulls.

The Terminators strode unhindered by the tide of tratiors moveing slow and purposefully killing with their heavy flamers, autocannons, storm bolters, and powerfist's.

OoC/okay Im sorry i guess i wasn;t clear about what this place looks like its a open top allmost sort of road into the space port its about 8 lanes wide. there are nothing but traitors/OoC

25-11-2005, 16:03
Omar scouted ahead and found himself surrounded by traitors in a matter of seconds! He started to lay down a blanket of bolter fire to cover his immediate retreat!

25-11-2005, 16:34
Ad\'an had run, following the wires, behind omar. But all they could see were traitors, Hacking desperatly with axe and knife, they broke out and raced back to the squad, who's covering fire was all that had prevented thier deaths.

"Ok, Bad Idea"

25-11-2005, 18:25
Ruben loaded his last clip into his bolter and fired again "we should move forward, we can move in behind the terminators" Ruben offered, laying down a hail of ammo...

25-11-2005, 20:56
Omar followed Brother Rubens lead and fell in behind the Terminators hoping they wouldn't get in the way of the deadly killing constructs. There wasn't much use for scouting in a corridor full of enemies so Omar did his best to keep the traitors from flanking their right side. Each of his short bolter bursts tore one of the traitors apart as he kept up with the unyielding Terminators until his boots were caked in gore up to his knee's.

25-11-2005, 21:06
Ruben looked upon the terminators in awe before turning to Omar. "Cover me while I move to cover" Ruben asked, omar noddd and unleased a volley of fire while ruben ran to a burnt out car, he preaperad to cover Omar...

26-11-2005, 03:51
OoC/gonna be gone till sunday afternoon/night just as a heads up /OoC

27-11-2005, 23:16
Jonas countied to shoot but he was of no use here. he looked around and busted down a door with his foot and strode threw it activateing his night vison as he killed the tratiors that were going to spring a attack on the space marines.

ahead of them 4 sentiels with powerloaders ran towards the advanceing space marine line.

28-11-2005, 16:26
Omar dashed out from behind the relentless advance of the Terminators and joined Ruben behind the wreck of a car. "I think we've lost Jonas" remarked Omar as he couldn't see their team leader in the melee next to them. Suddenly the wreck of a car the Scouts are using for cover is ripped straight into the air as a Sentinal loader prepares to smash it on their heads. The traitor operator in the cockpit laughs manaically as he brings the hammer down!

28-11-2005, 18:54
"holy throne" Ruben retorted as the seninels bashed through The car and preapeared to bring it down, Ruben had to save brother Omar so dived onto him and the pair crashed down just outside the area were the car smashed to the floor.

Ruben rolled behind some crates and turned to omar "brother ill destract it, you get the pilot" Ruben offered, he jumped out and littereed the cockpit with boltfire...

28-11-2005, 19:33
Omar ducked under the ricochetting bolter rounds and pulled himself up one of the loader arms. The Sentinal turned sharply throwing the Scout several meters away where he rolled as best he could with the impact. A second later, the krak grenade he had tossed into the cockpit exploded causing the driverless walker to lurch forward a step or two before toppling over.

28-11-2005, 19:57
"well placed brother Omar" Ruben congratulated as the sentinel collapsed to the floor and he ducked back into cover. He pulled a smoke grenade from his belt and threw it to were the sentinel was, "that should give us some cover" Ruben hoped as more sentinels lumbered towards their position.

28-11-2005, 21:05
Ad'lan dashed through the smoke, his cloak wipping behind him as he sprinted, head down and axe already drawn.

Scurrying through the mist he got behind a sentinal, slowly chipping and hacking at the back of it's legs, trying to cut the lightly armoured power cabels and Hydraulic Fluid lines.

28-11-2005, 23:18
the rest of the space marines contuined to fire but now the lines were close enough that close combat ensued. it was ovboius that the traitor forces where in full retreat as a mutildute of space craft attempted to leave the space port some where shoot down by the thunderhawks but the faster or more heavily armoured ones were able to make it to space were they did not fare much better aganist the space craft of the Warseer chapter.

OoC/okay boys clean up/OoC

29-11-2005, 13:46
Omar picked himself up from the debris. A wild eyed traitor was about to smash his skull in when a well placed bolter round blew a fist sized hole in his upper chest and sent him cart wheeling away. Omar tried to acknowledge the Marine who had saved him but he'd already moved on to the next opponent. Unable to find any of his weapons, Omar pulled a chain sword out from under the mangled corpse of one of the traitors and searched for Jonas or his squad.

29-11-2005, 13:53
Ad'lan chased after the rout of the traitors,following the orderrushof imperial might.

Bolt pistol and Axe he cutdown traitors in the hurly burl of melee.

29-11-2005, 16:06
Jonas reached the place were the spac craft were takeing off. he quickly reloaded his bolt pistol as tratiors ran tworads the space craft he took carefull shoots killing each one of them. As he walked forward. so far he had no clue of why and who had started this rebellion the Xenos and xenos weapons only confused and compounded the proplem.

He saw a small but sleek ship he imdetaly reconized it as a Eldar Vessel. Jonas faster then the eye could see begun a full sprint towards the vessel he could tell that whoever may be in it had just begun to start up. Jonas then Jumped onto the back of the Eldar Vessel just then if fired up Jonas haveing to stay in a crouch postion as he attempted to gain accesse to the cockpit looked down.

He couldn't get to the cockpit with it going this fast and if he waited any longer he would not survie a fall form this hight. thats was if he would to beguin with.

Jonas rasied his Staff above his head then slamming it into what apppared to be the engine of the vessel pychis lighting pourded out cacthing the vessel on fire. ripping out the staff jonas just simply let go of the vessel and fell down to the earth. He slamed down on the landing pad cracking his armour and the rockcrete beneath him. he had a few broken bones but they would heal as he sliped into darkness

OoC/Okay guys cutting this one off If you look in the RPG fourms Im starting another Warseer RPG its gonna pick right up were this left off and you can keep your character since they would have turned into a marine or you can make a new one hope you join. You all have been wonderful to GM/OoC