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25-07-2008, 17:07
I apologize for my 2nd thread in an hour.
it's a rainy Frriday afternoon here in lovely Manchester.
Wondered if we could get some discusssion going...
What are you're favourite (and by extension) least favourite Horus Heresy books and why?
What are there strengths, weakness, and why do you like.
naturally any and all opinoons are more then welcome.
In my opinion, Fulgrim and Legion are the best books. Fulgrim because of the depth of the story, the action and definately the involvement of the Iron Hands who don't usually get much fluff attention.
Legion, due to the majestic skill of Dan Abnett was just brilliant. I loved the Geno Regiments and that concept, the depth to the Alpha Legion (I'm being discreet so no spoilers here) and ofc the comedic nature of some of the Guardsmen scenes. Pure excellence.
Horus Rising is thrilling as well, **SPOILER**
Especially the Mecharachnid bits, pure class :)
As i say people, contribute!