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26-07-2008, 08:06
or lack of...

Is there any info available in the newer sources on what world Horus' capsule may have landed on, and/or his early days before discovery by the Emperor?

The lack of info in the Black Legion IA left me wondering if he ever landed on a planet at all. He was found before the Crusade begun, therefore relatively close to the Sol system. Maybe his capsule was still just floating in space?

After all, a Legion's homeworld was usually the world their Primarch was raised on, yet for the Luna Wolves this was not the case. Their homeworld was Cthonia, an ancient mining colony where their original founding members were recruited from pre-Crusade (except possibly Abaddon).

26-07-2008, 09:26
From Lexi;

Cthonia was the world on which Horus landed after being stolen from the grip of the Emperor. Also, the Space Marines of the Luna Wolves legion were created using the human stock from various violent hive gangs inhabiting the planets Hives.

26-07-2008, 09:32
Cthonia, it says in Horus Rising that he speaks with a cthonic accent

26-07-2008, 09:51
Lol, you know cthonia means right?


Chthonia means earth, or of the earth. Pretty funny name for a planet NOT of earth...


26-07-2008, 09:56
Well Cthonia was a mining planet riddled with catacombs throughout its crust; so perhaps it is a reference to earth in that way rather than the planet earth?

26-07-2008, 10:03
It was the closest planet to earth, colonized very early in mankind's history for its mineral wealth.

It was over-mined, and gangs descended from the forced labor crews took over.

Horus was found while still young by the Emperor- how young, we don't know- but it is implied that he was at least partially "raised" by his father, and Primarchs grew at a preternatural rate.

The Luna Wolves were kidnapped from the Cthonic gangs and imprinted with Horus's gene-seed in laboratories on Luna- hence being the Luna Wolves. This has been somewhat retconned in some murky manner- Qruze is Cthonic, but from pre-Unification days, before the Emperor had conquered the entire solar system (because the eagle was adopted to reflect the union with the Mechanicum). I think we'll have to chalk that one up .to Abnett's ignorance or Merrett's sloppiness.

Hence, Horus landed on Cthonia but isn't, as Loken notes, "truly" Cthonic. He was never fully initiated into the honor culture of the gangs.

As Hellebore notes, Cthonia is the Greek parallel of Terra, or the modern English Earth. Hence, if you study Greek mythology, you will find references to the Cthonic gods, birthed by Gaia/Rhea alone to battle the "sky gods" descended from Uranus. Typhaon being the most famous of these.

EDIT: Norminator, it was another of the designer's jokes from the time. Same level as the Primarch of the Iron Hands being named, in incorrect Latin, Iron Hand, making them the Iron Hands of Iron Hand. Or most of the other Primarch names.

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Thanks guys. This is cool.
I've got to stop asking these kind of questions and just read the dang books. :D

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Thanks guys. This is cool.
I've got to stop asking these kind of questions and just read the dang books. :D
Don't worry. If people did that, 90% of the threads on this forum wouldn't exist :D

26-07-2008, 19:02
Seriously, lol. And I know Horus was the closest to Earth and the first one found, but I thought he landed on Luna and they just used Cthonia for his Legion's troopers. Of course, I could also be wrong.

27-07-2008, 19:04
Cthonia was pretty much a world that was about collapse in on itself. Mined right to the core and populated by vicious gangs and mobs. Horus crash landed on the ashen surface of Cthonia, but was found much earlier then other Primarchs, so never became the all powerful warlord of Cthonia like other Primarchs did on their respective homeworlds (Fulgrim on Chemos, Leman Russ on Fenris etc).

So he never developed a Cthonic accent (the one he has in Horus Rising was learnt afterwards).

The Luna Wolves, like the other Legions, were in existence before the discovery of their Primarchs. Once Cthonia was found, Marines were recruited (when I say recruited, I mean, chained up in their HUNDREDS (as per the IA) and forced to become Marines...not an ideal start to a loyal army...) from Cthonia and the Terran Marines phased out.