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The Anarchist
26-07-2008, 22:35
ok for all those who have read the Inquisitor rule book will have noticed the passage on page 3. set very shortly after the Emperor has taken to the Golden Throne, we read of an interaction between four individuals, four orginal members of the Inquisition we assume.

i would first ask do we have any knowledge of who the two named people: "Moriana, Promeus" might be. possibly from the HH books so far?

it has been suggested to me that one of the voices might be Nathanial Garro; the deep voice, but his name is not mentioned so this seems unlikly.

as for the remainign voices, that of the two women could be either Eurphrati Keeler (the so called new saint) or Merisade Olition the Remamberancer.

also it struck me the only other indivdual that might have been included at the beging of the Inquisition is Kyril Sindermann. as he does get desribed as hook nosed and aged and increasingly craked.

just a weird question, but I really intrested in the Emperor staying on the throne aganst his wishes conspiricy. so any and all help welcomed.

Slaaneshi Slave
26-07-2008, 22:58
That passage was written long before the HH background was filled out. I doubt those characters were given personalities.

The Anarchist
26-07-2008, 23:04
you have a good point, but GW does soemtimes tie little details together to keep us older players happy.
i was jsut hopeing for it, and its a fairly common belife that Garro was either one fot he founding memebers of the Inqusition or the Grey Knights. so thought they might give us a little tie in. i live and hope i guess.

26-07-2008, 23:09
Right then, this is when things start getting messy.
Right then I can't remember all teh groups and roles correctly, so here we go:
You have some who want to revive the Emperor to the man he was pre heresy and to take the fight to the enemy
There are some who don't want change incase it breaks the fragile balance
Then there are some who want to kill the Emperor to reincarenate him into another body.
This is just the crude version, it gets alot more detailed and messy from there.

26-07-2008, 23:18
The Thorians sourcebook gives a bit on these. Whilst Promeus and Moriana founded the Resurectionists, the other two reveales themselves to the High Lords with the backing fo the Primachs and founded the Inquisition proper.

Moriana and Promius split down the line. Promeus fearful that Moriana would use the powers of Chaos to achieve her goals, mustered his forces against her. Moriana disappeared, possibly into the Eye of Terror. Eventually, centuries after the first conclave, the Promeans and the Inquisition had both diluted their original goal and were fully engaged against Chaos forces, and the Promeans were absorbed into the Inquisition.

In the 33rd millennium the faction known as the Horusians arose in the Inquisition. Either influenced by Moriana's teachings or lead by her thanks to the time-warping effects of the Eye. The true Promeans dwindled as more of their faction became fascinated by the possibility of using the power of Chaos to resurrect the Emperor.

In the 34th millennium a young Inquisitor by the name of Stalia von Dressen came to prominence. At first a devoted Promean, she uncovered the history of the Inquisition's founding and eventually lead a pogrom against all resurrectionists within the Holy Orders. By the dawn of the 35th millennium the Inquisition had come full circle, and the resurrectionists were once more all but eliminated. Thus began a period of relative calm in the Inquisition that lasted until the Age of Apostasy gained momentum.

Green Shoes
27-07-2008, 07:56
This is getting into the whole Star Child territory, and as stated, it is just messy. Remember, though, this is really old fluff.

Pretty much there are two groups in the Inquisition that act above and secretly from most of the institution. One group wants to keep the Emperor on the Throne so that they can retain power of the Imperium, and the other group wants to kill off the Emperor so that the Sensei (humans reborn with pieces of the Emperor's soul) can eventually re-congregate and the Emperor can be born again, a la when he first came about. Meanwhile the other group are trying to track down and kill off all of the Sensei so this doesn't happen. Cypher (the fallen DA) factors in in that he may be one of the Sensei and his super sword is somehow important. The reborn Emperor is supposedly called the Star Child, of which you may have heard about.

I'd have to read it all again, but I think the group trying to save the Sensei is the Order of the Hydra (Ordos Hydra or summin') which could also be an allusion to the Alpha Legion who use the Hydra as a symbol and it has been hinted that Alpha Legion operatives have infiltrated all levels (High Lords and Inquisitors, etc.) of the Imperium. This, IIRC, is all taking place around the 35 or 37th millennium, so the Alpha Legion are not necessarily as evil as they are today, what with new recruits and all that daemon nonsense, so it is not definite why they want to bring the Emperor back, if it actually does work at all. Something else the Ordos Hydra is attempting to do is to plant this half real/half warp creature on as many high population Imperial worlds as possible so that they can somehow tap into and activate the latent psychic ability of as many humans as possible and pretty much bleach the galaxy clean, as it would destroy all warp-sensitive races and warp daemons. Unfortunately, and human with a piece of this hydra in them becomes completely controllable through psychic suggestion, so this could all be a ploy for total control of the human race.

Anyway, I will edit and add more to this after I review it a couple times or questions are asked. As you may be able to tell is it 4 AM here and I need to get to bed.

27-07-2008, 08:04
I've read over this thread a couple of times, and I'm pretty sure that any point made is equally valid. @ Green Shoes, the number of revisions and sheer amount of time and re-envisioning that the story has gone through has led to a great deal of frayed or missing connections within the fluff. I'd recommend the website Lexicanum for a big load of details on most things 40k related

27-07-2008, 19:03
Workshop is slowly revealing more things with thier IP, we saw some great things in Legion so you never know what is going to happen.

Btw, Lexicanum is stunning, i just found an orginal sketch of Jaq Draco - mentioned above drawn like Sean Connery from the hunt for red october, it looks wicked. John Blanche sketch aswell so bonza!