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Leman Russ
28-07-2008, 03:22
5th ed Book, page 134

"Space Wolves 2nd Company"

Under both the Grey Hunter and Blood Claw.

All I can say is I hope to Sweet Russ this a Typo of EPIC propotions, otherwise I may just have to +++ =][= Expunged from Records =][= +++

Ya thats what I'll do. :cries:

28-07-2008, 04:05
im not entirely sure whats wrong here. the wolves are divided into 12 great companies loyal to the current great wolf. (not counting all the rogue companies loyal to the imperium). if your talking about how the grey hunters and blood claws are in the same company then i still have no idea what your talking about. there have always been blood claws and grey hunters in the same company.

its probably worded the way so people understand it as normal space marines. its kinda hard to find a 3rd edition space wolf codex.

however if your worried about space wolves we have jervis johnsons solemn vow that the wolves wont be fed up.

Leman Russ
28-07-2008, 04:14
What I mean is Wolves dont have numbered companies.

The wording there implies that they do :(

Khaine's Messenger
28-07-2008, 05:11
If you want to rationalize the numbering away in your mind, it is possible that the label was given by someone with no real concept or understanding of the Space Wolves' organization. Not everyone even knows this stuff in-universe. I still chuckle about the 13th Black Crusade codex comment about the Iron Hands "chapter master," and that was actually in some "in-universe" flavor text!

That said, I really wouldn't read too much into it.

28-07-2008, 05:36
some one has to be logans favorite

28-07-2008, 05:51
Regardless of whether or not the Wolves *use* them, I'm sure some obscure clerk has the various Great Companies numbered in a filing cabinet somewhere...:p

It's not like the Wolves actually *care* what the Administratum thinks after all...:p

28-07-2008, 07:20
Same thing has happened to the White Scars in the new Space Marine Codex. White Scars Companies are called Brotherhoods. Yet the new White Scars character is Khan of the Second Company.

28-07-2008, 07:56
well do you really think any follower of rowboat gulliman would be able to remember Ragnar Blackmanes company or Svens fire wolfs? or Bjorns Seawolves? How about Todbringers Iron Wolves? hell ole 2 gimped out powerfist of the ultras got tired trying to figure out what was what and started counting.

Leman Russ
28-07-2008, 08:58
I guess it might just be a mistake.

I hope it is a mistake

*rocks in corner*

28-07-2008, 14:11
As the lads say, the Wolves don't let it bother them, so you don't need to either. The '2nd' Great Company of the Wolves is simply the one whose Wolf Lord is the next oldest/hardest/smartest/popular etc. after Logan Grimnar, perhaps.