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29-07-2008, 11:57
Would it be fluffy for Alaitoc to host a swordwind?

Love the idea of them, and want to expand from just ranger based, and think it would be excellent as the rangers would mark the main target and the swordwind would move it to finish off the what the rangers strated.

Also are guardians on jet bikes counted as part of the swordwind? I know the idea is having all aspects but with guardian jetbikers they have spent a long time training to use the jetbike.

Anyway any advice is muchley appreciated.

29-07-2008, 12:00
Guardians aren't Aspect Warriors though, and thats what a Swordwind is, the combination of all the Aspects into a single unstoppable assault. If you want to include jetbikes in a Swordwind, use Shining Spears. So while the Guardians have spent a long time training on their bikes, it wasn't ritual training, intended to bring them closer to Khaine.

As for its use in Alaitoc? I'd say go for it, as Alaitoc should have loads of Aspect Warriors anyway, what with their fanatical devotion to the Eldar Path.

29-07-2008, 12:19
Great thanks,
already got 5 Shining spears but got 2 squads of guardian jet bikes, coming to around 174 points so might pull these out and use the fluffyness of alaitoc to field a single unit of 7 pathfinders to support the swordwind.

do rangers/pathfinders count as an aspect or is it only a outcast path?

29-07-2008, 12:29
The rangers and pathfinders are Path of the Outcast only.

You could, of course, have an army which simply has a larger proportion of Aspects in it than normal, rather than the full Swordwind.

29-07-2008, 12:34
very true, suppose it could be a 1850 point swordwind or 2000 Alatoic wind ;)

Gorbad Ironclaw
29-07-2008, 13:25
At the scale 40k operates on, most Eldar forces would likely be entirely or almost entirely aspect warriors anyway, regardless of what Craftworld they are from.

Remember, the Aspect Warriors are the army of the Craftworld. Guardians are a citizen militia, brought in if there is a desperate need for more manpower and as reserves and support in big battles. 40k doesn't have big battles, and most of the missions is exactly the kind a thing aspect warriors would do in a combat zone.

I think the Swordwind list from the old Craftworld book is a lot closer to what your standard Eldar list should look like than either of the Codex since 2nd have been. That it isn't is because 40k tries to force themes and strategic differences into a small unit tactical scale and so it ends up looking odd.