View Full Version : 1,000pts Hell Pit

01-11-2005, 17:10
EDIT: revised list.

Master Moulder, w/great weapon, light armour.
(I'm treating him as a beastmaster chieftain, in with the clanrats. Should I just give him a whip and stick him behind some giant rats?)

Harbinger of Mutation, w/dispel scroll, warpstone amulet.

3 giant rat packs.

2 giant rat packs.

20 slaves, w/musician.

24 clanrats, w/musician, standard bearer.

(These four units will be the core of the army, and hopefully flexible/maneuverable enough to lend eachother support. Do the numbers look okay for that?)

3 throtling packs.

2 throtling packs.

3 mutated rat ogres (brain transplant).

5 wolf rats.

2 rat swarms.

Total: 1,000 points

01-11-2005, 17:28
Keep the swarms. It's better than being unprepared for something. Even if there is no cavalry they do wonders against weak enemy units and skirmishers.

02-11-2005, 07:53
don't give the master moulder a whip keep him as he is he will only get one s4 attack with the giant rats while you'll get 3 s6 attacks with the clanrats

Cpt. Drill
02-11-2005, 17:16
Thats a nice illegal list... YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE CHARACTER!!! (ANAL ALERT!)

also take augmented rat ogers... they are sooo good it hurts!

02-11-2005, 20:13
As a sane person I chose to ignore that. ;) Besides, I'm not entering any GW tourneys anytime soon.
This is only a smallish force, to be added to. Throt or Goritch, and augmented rat ogres, might find their way into it eventually. A chimerat definitely will.

I changed the list a little, once I realised a unit of 19 clanrats could be seen as having one too few. Not too many upheavals, though.

Cpt. Drill
03-11-2005, 17:03
I Would not bother with the slaves though... you should use your giant rats for the job that they do..