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29-07-2008, 21:19
for fun
I love converting and scratchbuilding. Its an exercise for the imagination, eye and hand. Its what got me into this hobby. Im currently working on my CSM army and its good fun. I dont think a single fig in my army will be "out of the box". They will all have small tweaks or big changes. But you need some project on the side. And what is more different from CSM than Eldar? And different can be real fun.

for a challenge
Im not a huge fan of eldar. When I decided to start with 40k a couple of months ago I quickly decided that I wouldnt play eldar. Ive seen some awesome scratchbuilt revenant titans and beautiful eldar paintjobs. But you dont see that many eldar conversions. Everybody and their little brother is doing nurgle conversions. Just poke at some GS with a stick and youre done. But not eldar. And I like to convert so I didnt pick eldar for my team.

Then I found an old WD the other day in a toy store. Its from when the eldar codex and figs were being released. I thought Id buy it since it was cheap, I need to "catch up" on 40k and it had lots of lovely pics of eldar. I thought it could give me more insight into this colorfull race.

I quickly fell in love with the wraithlord figure. Its really nice. So nice that it deserves a much better pose! And some other tweaks... Maybe I should convert one? Now thats a challenge. If I can pull this off then I might be a newb to 40k not knowing the rules etc. But Ill surely be one step up on the ladder in the converters guild. Someone might even aks me to do a commission! :eek: :chrome:

for sale
Thats actually the title on a pretty fun boardgame (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/172), but not what Im talking here. I do love the wraithlord fig but I dont play Eldar. One day I might but not atm. So I need my money back spent on materials for this project. Money I can spend on the next "for fun/challenge/sale"-project! So Im selling this baby ones its done. Im only converting it so you can paint it to fit your army.

nuff! On to pics!
Ive prepped the wraithlord so its ready to go under the knife (from now on Ill call the wraithlord WL for short. Ill be typing that a couple of times...). First though I need to figure out a few things. Lets start with pose. I want a dynamic pose. I like comic figures. They never just stand right up and down. I want this wraithlord to be in a battle stance. Im either thinking inspired by those green scorpion eldar guys, or the dancing female ones. Or FWs charging revenant...

(Well first Ill have to say that Ive been doing lots of thinking and researching by doin some quick concept sketches. Ive borrowd some pics from CMoN and elsewhere to doodle on)

If its gonna be a scorpio-guy then maybe dreadlocks too? Could be cool.

Even if its not getting dreads Im definately changing the position of the head, its size and the length of the upper body. Just slightly longer waist. Since the pose of my WL will be crouching a little the extra height wont be a big deal when it comes to TLOS.

More sketches to come! Now I need your feedback. Tell me if your an eldar player or not. Since one of you will be the happy owner of this one day I need your opinions.

thanks for looking

29-07-2008, 21:22
Another idea for the head.

More to come. c&c please!

29-07-2008, 22:30
this could be interesting, loook at the eldar Alaitoc army in the new 5ht rulebook, there is a fantastic 'stalking' wraithlord in there. I think there is another samm hain one as well.

30-07-2008, 05:58
Oooo I like where you're going with the last sketch. I think you can make the plumes more like... the Japanese samurai helmet ones... you know, the big bushy ones.


30-07-2008, 06:25
Very interesting, could always add more firepower.. dakka is always good

30-07-2008, 08:51
Thanks for the suggestions! Ive seen that stalking WL. Its a cool one. Actually there are soo many different cool poses its hard to decide... But I know I want a battle stance. Light on its feet. Bent legs for movement and feet apart for balance. Crouching slightly as if ready to spring on its prey. The WL is right handed (at least the sword in the kit is in the right hand) so it must have its left foot forward to be ready to strike.

Concerning what gear to give the WL. I dont know! :P So the plan atm is to pop in magnets everywhere so that whoever buys this can decide how to gear im up.

And MF3000. Could you google up some photo to show what you mean? Im intrigued.

And then there is the Revenant. I like that head. Something like this perhaps?



c&c please

My sketches on pose to come!

30-07-2008, 09:38
Okay this is sorta what I was thinking.


And ultimately...



30-07-2008, 14:33
Thanks for the idea! Those are some big bushy plumes. Im trying to decide between plumes, dreads or revenant style face. Im thinking the last atm.

30-07-2008, 15:48
i found these pic in another forum ...
maybe it helps you .. :D


30-07-2008, 16:35
c&c please

This I like, pinching this design.

30-07-2008, 20:06
Wow aRieL'kaze! Those dreads are loovely! I might have to do a revenant head with dreads... Im also thinking thin vines on some plates...

Anywho. The promised pose sketches. Sorry that theyre just quick 40 second sketches, but its just the general idea I want on paper. This is the one Im thinking of doing atm.


Right arm raised and back ready to strike both from above and below. Also sword point forward ready to thrust. A straight thrust at the opponents right opening or a french thrust on the left side. Its a stance I like *grins*


To clear up which arm is which I color coded them, lol. Hope that helps convey my messy sketch. Now Im off to cut up legs and arm. Then the pinning shall commence!


Looks ok? Im also thinking of makin another sword for the left arm. Shorter one. Guns can be mounted on the shoulders... Thoughts?

c&c always appreciated!!! :D

30-07-2008, 21:46
what do think about the second (small one) like the swordguns from ff8?

oh and the dreads are just wire, with the isolation from an headphone cable, the golden pearls are from a hobbyshop ...

30-07-2008, 23:07
i found these pic in another forum ...
maybe it helps you .. :D


i might just have to steal that idea...

31-07-2008, 08:17
what do think about the second (small one) like the swordguns from ff8?

You got a pic of one? Swordgun could be cool. As long as it looks eldar ;)

oh and the dreads are just wire, with the isolation from an headphone cable, the golden pearls are from a hobbyshop ...

I guessed that :P And Ive got plenty of wires and pearls/beads can be "borrowed" from the wife. Will very probably do dreads. Im working on the pose atm, so the head will have to wait.

31-07-2008, 08:25
I cant wait to see where you take this ;)


05-08-2008, 20:53
Ok. Time for an update on this little project. Magnets have arrived so I wanna get the body done so I can start magnetize all the guns and stuff *smile*

First up is getting that pose. I cut both legs at the knees. I cut under the knee pad since I want to make a new bigger one thats coming up from the lower leg.

The legs are pinned at the knees and I green tacked the pose together to see if it works. I think it does *proud* The back foot is one of the bent feet. The front one is flat on the ground. A pose all my martial arts buddies would be proud of *grins*


Im waiting for my order of sculpey stuff (some light grey two part stuff that some awesome sculpter suggested) which Im gonna use to make a new head. Right now Im leaning towards a reventant style head with dreads.

In the meantime I thought Id fix the... what are they called on the back? Wingy-things? I dont want two like a normal wraithlord but one like a FW revenant titan.

So a little plastic and GS will make a bridge and on top of it one bigger fin-thing will be mounted. This is just to show the idea.



c&c is NEEDed & appreciated. Does it look alrite? Any and all suggestions, thoughts and crit is welcome!

ancient god
05-08-2008, 21:37
Good sketches so far! I think, that "bridge" looks a bit flimsy at the moment. Are you planning on bulking it up somehow? Will the cool rune sign under it stay visible?

Revenant with dreads is the way to go. That's the best out of 2 worlds. ;)

Oh, and aRieL'kaze: What board did you find that scorpion Lord on? A link would be much appreciated. :)

05-08-2008, 21:48
Good sketches so far!

Thanks! :D

I think, that "bridge" looks a bit flimsy at the moment. Are you planning on bulking it up somehow? Will the cool rune sign under it stay visible?

Yes, the bridge will be bulked up and "eldarified". The bridge will seamlessly go into the two slots its standing in. The slots will be cut a bit since they are to big atm. You can see a blue mark on the back of the fig were Im gonna cut it.

Why Im doing a bridge in the first place is cuz I want the sign to be visible. So yes, the rune sign will be visible underneath. Easy to paint? Probably not...

Dark Apostle
06-08-2008, 15:13
Cool concepts! I think I'll have to copy your way of mounting the back fin, as I've struggeld to come up with a way to have just one fin.

06-08-2008, 18:25
the guns like these one ^^


maybe you can take the brightlance and and sword edge together .. oO

06-08-2008, 19:19
Go ahead and steal! And tell all your friends were you got the idea from :)

Im away for a couple of days so no updates, but Ill go right back to work on the bridge and new fin once Im back. Im thinking I might make a new bridge that is slightly higher to make it easier to paint (and see) the rune sign underneath. Or Ill just raise the bridge that little while Im GSing into its sockets.

30-09-2008, 21:30
RL's not giving me any breaks lately... *sigh* Finally had some time and Im hoping to finish the WL the coming couple of weeks.

Here's a couple of photos showing the current state of things.


As you see Im working on making the new head from scratch. Im going for a revenant type head. Will also make some dreads and see if they fit.

Im also working on the bridge on the back (pretty much done) and the fin (not done).

The shoulder pads are getting some attention (not done yet) and the left one is removed so I can reposition it to allow the sword-arm to be posed as I plan.

And there will be some more details. Some gems will be removed and some will be biggerized and Im thinking thin vines on some parts.

My big problem is how to ship this beauty. As Ive said Im planning to sell it and hence the need to ship it. And since Im shipping it I dont want to glue it all together (Im currently only tacking it together) since then itll be a pain to pack and you cant be sure that itll arrive in one piece to the buyer. And since Im selling it unpainted itll be easier to paint if its not put together.

So Im currently planning to put pins in all joints but not glue them. Its just the back fin that Im not sure about. I would like to attach it to do some sculpting at the fins base, but if the fin is attached then its one thing Im afraid will snap in shipping. Any suggestions/thoughts??

As always: c&c is MUCH appreciated!

26-02-2009, 11:09
looking sweet carnt wait to see it done lol nice.

26-02-2009, 13:47
xedric would you still have the link/keywords to the black and white wraithlord (on a b&w jetbike :p) you used as a basis for your sketch? I searched CMON a bit but can't seem to find him...

BLAGARG also if you have the link to the scorpion WL... :)

01-03-2009, 17:51
Sorry Nostro, but I dont have any links or such.

And yea, whitewookie... itd be nice to see it done :P Ill post updates as soon as I have any. I havent worked with any of my 40k in a long time. Life has just been to hectic...

But the WL will be finished! Eventually...

01-03-2009, 17:56
i love the scorpion idea and though i see its been done on another forum im so surprised i havent seen anything like it before.

ill be keeping a close eye on this thread (and i might steal the scopion idea :p)

14-04-2009, 09:56
The molding look great man, well done. I'm very curious to see how you pull off the head. I, personally, enjoy both the rev head and the WL head, but I can see how it's lack of detail might annoy. BTW, this may seem small, but the method you have for fine tuning the position of the legs (using a paint pot and sticky tack... not sure why that didn't occur to me) has really helped in my own conversions.
I'm currently struggling with the same issue, that is, conversion of a Wraithlord. I bought a 2nd Wraithlord and found that, like my first, I cannot allow for such a basic pose. I had a few questions for you if you can find the time between RL and modeling (I find little myself).

1. How to you go about separating the leg at the knee? Constant scoring with an exacto blade? or something in the realm of hacking away the unused bits with clippers? or something entirely different?
2. I have always fought against green stuff and up until recently, sworn off the stuff. Yet I'm realizing that subtle cuts and hiding lost details behind bigger pieces (I.E. marine shoulder pads on converted marines) and basing can only get you so far. So I'm curious: how do you get the demonic putty to mimic the piece so accurately? I'm referring mostly to the knee pads, as, again, that is what will be taking the brunt of the damage. Green stuff always tends to stick to me rather than the intended target, and I cannot avoid ugly fingerprints. In summation, how do you apply it so accurately and smoothly without the annoyance of "sticky fingers?"

Made a bit of text wall here, but any input, despite briefness in length, would be appreciated. I admire your work, and look forward to seeing the finished product.

15-04-2009, 19:09
Thanks for complimenting my work Shigeruborg. Its nice and motivating. Ill gladly help you out if I can.

1. I did saw a little, cut a little and then just break it. Slowly and carefully. Then clean the ends with a knife. I chose to go under the knee pad but Ive seen people go over and if I do another WL in the future Ill try that. Either way will prob work fine.

2. First clarify, if #1 is done carefully you wont damage the kneepad at all. But when you bend the leg the space where the pad was will get bigger so youll need to sculpt something there.

Now about the demonic putty. I use magic sculp on the WL. Its not as sticky and hard as GS but still is sticky and the techniques I use works on both MS and GS. Its stuff Ive learned by reading logs from people far more skilled than I (here on WS and articles that GW had more easily available before the new site *mutters*).

I use silicon clay shapers (looks like rubber brushes). Dip in water and shape the MS. Once it sets I carve and file to smooth it out if necessary. A little wet fingertip can rub and shape the surface pretty smooth too before it sets. I know others prefer some oil or vaseline but I dont like to mess with that. I always use water on my fingers and tools to keep the putty from sticking. Works fine with a bit of practice.

A funny thing. Most articles and guides on sculpting shows how to shape the putty to get it to look right. Then I stumbled on one where the fella hardly did any shaping at all. He let it set and then brought out knives and files to cut and sand it to the right shape. I pointed out how nice it was to see an article showing this and he pointed out that a lot of statues we see are cut out from a block of stone. Meaning, dont be afraid to use the knife or file to get the right shape. With eldar, I think that is a useful tip since its pretty hard to get the perfect smooth shape with your fingers or a tool.

Good luck! And come back and push me into finishing this WL..... ;)