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lord marcus
30-07-2008, 22:42
this is a warhammer 40k log, but since it involves specialist games, imperial forces, and tau, i thought it would be best placed in the general section. pics will be added shortly.

lord marcus
30-07-2008, 23:48





lord marcus
30-07-2008, 23:49
cawdor gangers/necromundan 14th sergeant





31-07-2008, 00:00
Ha ha, I know if I waited long enough you'd come back...

The first thing I'd say is turn your cameras flash off and buy a lamp. Can't really see the model in the first 2 pics. Nice feet :cheese:

Second thing, thats a good make of printer and that tau set took me ages to do... I ended up selling mine about 2 weeks after finishing it. Managed to get pics though.

Thirdly, are your gangers finished? I think they did deeper shadows and further highlights to truly bring them out. With Tau, you'll want to use edge highlighting probably, so these 2 would be perfect to practice that on. There maybe a mold line on the first's head too.

If you want any help, I'd be glad too :)

lord marcus
31-07-2008, 00:06
please do whatever you can. as an update offtopic. i've got my sculpting tools and sculpey, and succesfully made a torso (although i didn't like it, but it was a quick mock to see what i could do) i'm having trouble with arms and hands (i'm using super sculpey, so...)

31-07-2008, 00:28
Ah sculpting, my worst enemy.

Maybe post a pic and show us whats its like?

lord marcus
31-07-2008, 01:46
its been flattened and re-moulded onto my 1 pound block of it (i think its 1 "stone"in british terms.) i'll get to it later and take a pic.

Death Korp
31-07-2008, 11:52
Looks good, but i would say thayt the new washes would help bring some shade onto the models


lord marcus
31-07-2008, 20:23
workin on it.