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rabid stoat
31-07-2008, 11:55
There's a tournament coming up in November apparently. Seems a perfect excuse to finally get my Eldar army painted and complete. Hope you'll see the final product fairly soon.

Here's the few painted models I have so you can see the scheme. My goal with both this and my Ultramarines is to have models that look 'good enough' to appear in WD. Not 'Eavy Metal standard, but good nevertheless.

At the mo I have 14-15 Wraithguard, 2 old and 1 new Wraithlords, and a couple of other odds and ends.

I think I'll go for white guns after all. Different is good. For the same reason, I'll be adding Forgeworld Wave Serpents and a FW Avatar to this force - I already have an Avatar but the Wraithlords are BIGGER and looking down on him - that's just not right!!

Oh, and a Revenant, cause my first Apoc game we were outnumbered about 3 to 1 in the super-heavy/titan department.

EDIT: I'm just a bit concerned the wraithguard are TOO white now, but the loinclothes can't go blue without them becoming TOO blue instead. Hopefully the solution is a quick and easy Shrine of Asurmen symbol in blue.

31-07-2008, 12:23
hey nice Iyanden army :)
im playin Iyanden too, but i have much more blue on my guards and lord, e.g. the shoulder pads, knee pads and the clothes blue, too ...
your yellow is layering or?

here are sopme pics of my army, maybe it helps you to come over with the blue :D




rabid stoat
31-07-2008, 12:59
Awesome. Never enough Iyanden in the world.

Beautiful paintjob. Too much blue on the Wraithlords for my tastes, but I'll look again at blue loinclothes. Mine is a white undercoat, followed by either Golden Yellow or Bad Moon Yellow, then detail outlined in Flesh Wash and then Yellow Ink all over. Bad moon gives a better sheen, but golden yellow is a much stronger, rock-like colour. Yellow Ink ROCKS!

I see you have the Forgeworld Avatar. GREAT paintjob!

31-07-2008, 15:29
thx :)) my yellow paint is a 50/50 mix from golden yellow and iyanden darksun .. an highlights with pure golden yellow and then sunburst... bluw is regal blue, with enchanted blue highlights and ice blue hard highlights ... =)

rabid stoat
12-11-2008, 00:52

Tale of 4 gamers event is giving me reason to get these beauties actually painted! Stay tuned!

12-11-2008, 08:21
another Iyanden! looking good fella keep it up.

Thats the first time I've seen the old and new w'lords side by side, the new one really shows the old one up. Dammit, I'm gonna have to buy a new one now.

12-11-2008, 08:37

I liked the white guns....

Keep it up... Wraith(insert ending here) armys are always fun to look at and plaly against


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