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31-07-2008, 15:16
Boredom :)
Quite constructive boredom, though.

Great Mantis

9 7 4 6 4 6 7 4 9

Wood Elves, US 6, 50x50 base

Rules: Fly, Terror, Flammable, Scaly Skin 5+, Hiding, Limb Attack, Fast Stike

Hiding: Is not deployed at the start of the game. Instead, may appear on the start of any of your turns counting from the second on a roll of 4+. It will appear in a wood, facing any direction and counting as having pursued off the table. If an enemy is within 6" of a wood right before the roll, add 1 to the roll.

Limb Attack: Counts as a throwing weapon with S 6, a range of 4" and Multiple shots x2. May only be used if touching a wood, may be used on the turn of appearal.

Fast Strike: Always Strikes First. Opponent always receives a -1 to hit when targetting it. If touching a Wood, may opt to make a flee move before combat resolution. It will flee 2D6" instead of 3D6" and may flee in any direction, but it must touch a wood after the flee move.

Great Sphinx of Khemri

4 4 0 7 7 6 1 2 10

Tomb Kings, US 16, 100x100 base

Rules: Undead, Terror, Large Target, Diabolic Construct, Slaves, Sandstorm, Gaze of the Sphinx

Diabolic Construct: 2+ Scaly Skin save. Cannot be auto-killed by items, effects and spells, but will suffer any other damage as normal. Each hit made by it in close combat counts as D6 hits (on the unit or model).

Slaves: The Sphinx is accompanied by many Skeletons which grants an additional 10 WS 2 S3 attacks in close combat.

Sandstorm: Everything within 12" of the Sphinx counts as being cloaked in a sandstorm. A sandstorm counts as hard cover. Enemy movement in a sandstorm is halved. Flying creatures may not fly or end their movement in a sandstorm.

Gaze of the Sphinx: Enemies test for Terror at 12", instead of 6". In addition, once per turn during the Shooting Phase, the Sphinx may target an enemy unit in line of sight. The unit takes D6 S4 hits and must make a Leadership test with a -2 modifier - if failed, the unit takes another D6 S4 hits. Units which are Immune to Psychology are not immune to this, but suffer a -1 modifier instead of the normal -2.

I'll add more later. Not in the real mood now.

31-07-2008, 16:34
Chaos Mammoth

M7, WS6, BS0, S7, T7, W8, I2, A7, Ld9

Hordes of Chaos, Big ass base

Special Rules- Terror, Large Target, Stubborn, Trample, Howdah, Roar, Shaggy Hide

Trample- When it charges, work out damage as normal. For every wounding hit (before armour saves) it may make an additional attack. These also benefit from Trample. This does not work when it is charged, or in the second round of a fight.

Howdah- Any infantry unit of up to 20 may be garrisoned in the Howdah, as well as one Character. They benefit from a 2+ armour save and can see over intervening regiments. The howdah contains Harpoons which may be thrown. These have a range of 15" (it's really high up!), Strength of the wielder +1, and suffer no penalties for moving or long range. Any characters may cast spells as normal, and measure range from any point in the howdah.

Roar- I don't know what the Elephant trumpet noise is called, but it's that. Instead of attacking in combat, you may choose to use this. You automatically win the fight by 3, regardless of any other combat resolution. The enemy may not attack if it has not done so this turn, and in the following turn all units within 12" must test for Terror, rather than 6".

Shaggy Hide- The Mammoth has a 4+ Armour save.

31-07-2008, 17:59
That's why I didn't include any costs : )