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General Samuel of the 101
02-11-2005, 01:46
101st Cadian Regiment.

The 101st regiment was created in 067.M41 as a response to the menace of the Black crusades of Abbadon, This regiment was very different from others like the 8th Cadian, The major change was that the effectives were very small counting 200 men at it highest point, another major and radical difference were that it consisted primarily of storm troopers, this was of no matter to Generals of the Regiment as his missions were only to weaken the foe in a fast strike before more conventional regiments could act. The most important Battle to them were when they have to stop a Local Chaos Cult who exterminated the Arbites before they could call for help of the Guard, no regiment was ready at the time as Abbadon 12th Crusade was draining Cadia of his Resources so has the only regiment present at the time so they attacked the Cult Base and a astounding 4 hours the cult was no more, this victory was attributed to the then General of the regiment Kerr Stern who the Commissars called a “Faithful Man”. Sadly in 245.M41 he was killed during a Chaos Raid. The next year his Right Hand Samuel Halder Beh was Named General of the 101st regiment and so remains today.

His Place as General of the commander of the 101st was to face the 13th Abbadon Black Crusade honorably fighting along more famous regiments like the 8th Cadian and the lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed.It was in this time that General Samuel Fame grew and soon could pass his antecessor. Firsts of this victories was the battle of Tirok Fields were the regiment held the Foul heretics back until the 8th Cadian Could act, at this point he earned the Lord Castellan Trust and the two regiments fought together at the blast of the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon. The End of the crusade was a time of great hardship to Cadia but Samuel and his regiment were consecrated

General Samuel of the 101
03-11-2005, 19:31

After the Black Crusade the effectives of the army were very very small and as pay for they actions during the defense of Cadia the Eclessiarch subordinated some inquisition Forces mainly a Seraphim Squad led by Sister Heenigan also Justicar Valent led by the Regiment Valour in Combat pledged his alliance to General Samuel.
But something was not all clear rumors of Abbadon 14th Crusade…..