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02-11-2005, 02:31
Im going to be playing against 2000pts of both empire and dwarfs or wood elves so any suggestions would be helpful. Im pretty much using all of my models execpt for maruder horsemen, a shaggoth, a chaos giant.

Chaos Lords- 305pts- Undivided;; Crown of Everlasting Conquest; Helm of Many Eyes; Enchanted Shield

Exalted Sorcerer- 434pts- barded chaos steed, Nurgle; Level 4 Wizard; Dispel Scroll(x1); Power Familiar; Talisman of Protection

Exalted Champion- 251pts- Halberd; Shield; Tzeentch; Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch

Bray Shaman- 166pts ; Braystaff; Level 2 Wizard; Undivided; Dispel Scroll(x2)

Exalted Champion- 168pts Barded Chaos Steed, Shield; Undivided; Sword of Might; Armour of Damnation

Wargor- 96pts Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Undivided; Crown of Horns


12 Chosen warriors 307pts ; Shield; Undivided; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; War Banner

12 Chaos Warriors 259pts ; Additional Hand Weapon; Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Undivided; Vitriolic Totem

10 Chaos Warriors 270pts; Heavy Armor; Halberd; Shield; Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Tzeentch; Banner of Wrath

15 marauders 130pts Hand Weapon; Light Armour; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion

2*5 warhounds 60pts

7 Chosen Knights- 365pts Hand weapons; Chaos Armour; Shield; Barded Chaos Steed; Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer; Undivided

5 Chaos knight 265pts Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield; Barded; Undivided; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion; Blasted Standard

Chariot of Chaos 135pts Mark of nurgle


5 Screamers 165pts

6 Mounted Demonettes 180pts

Beast herd 159pts 8 Ungors have spears/ shields; 12 Gors with shields; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion

Beast Herd 107pts Ungors have spears; 6 Gors; 6 Ungors with Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion


11 power dice
7 dispell dice

06-11-2005, 22:15
I rate it a ZEEERRROOOOO!!

you have entirely too many models..?