View Full Version : Knightly Orders options (US WD309)

02-11-2005, 02:48
I just picked up a copy of US309 White Dwarf, namely because I saw the article about the knights. I have never really included knights in my army, though I don't know why. I don't really like the lances, I guess, so I only ever got around to putting together (but not painting) a unit of White Wolves. Since I run a lot of militia, and use Warrior Priests of Sigmar so much, I never like to include the Ulricans in my army, as it tends to clash with the theme. After reading this article about customizing the knightly orders though, I think I will have to add some in to my army soon.

I am thinking about ripping apart my White Wolves to replace their cavalry hammers with Morning Stars. Not the most effective choice, since they will only hit at S4, not S5, but I think they would look cool, and be a great themed addition to my militia-heavy army.
The knights will be from the Oder of the Raging Bear, covered in darkened armor, wearing cloaks of fur. The order serves to protect a rural area of the Empire, driving back the foul creatures that would prey on the helpless villagers. Since the expansive area includes thick forest and mountain passes, the knights have adopted the morning star as a favored weapon, one that is less cumbersome than heavier weapons, and still allows the protection of a shield. However, due to their reclusive and barbaric nature, the order has been shunned as pariahs, inspiring suspicion in those who fight beside them.
Another option would be to make use of Humble, since I dislike Inner Circle anyway, but I would like to be able to take a Grand Master in larger games. These knights aren't exactly tournement legal, but that doesn't really concern me. Should I ever enter an event that doens't allow the optional rules, they can always be used as White Wolves.

Anyway, what does anyone think of the new rules for the Knightly Orders? I love the idea of being able to customize units, and I think the conversions could be fun if you wanted to use some of the more exotic weapons. There are a lot of interesting units you could make, especially through some of the disadvantages. I'll be looking forward to converting my White Wolves when I can find the time. I can't wait to have some knights that can fit in with my militia army, although it looks like I will have to find a mounted version of my Beast Mage to go with the unit.