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01-08-2008, 20:50
Hi gang! (we might as well keep this thread running this year too - check out post #143 onwards for this year's Tale of Painters)

I'm Colin and I'm gonna be painting Deathskull Orks for the Tale of 40k Painters (To40kP).

I thought I'd start this thread to use as a Work in Progress thread throughout the year for all things Orky. That way we can help keep each other motivated, and offer hints and tips to our fellow greenskins on painting/modelling/armylists.

To start things off, I've posted a picture of my test boy. He'll be part of my Trukka Boy Mob that I'll be painting this month:
12 Sluggaz inc. Nob w/PK and Bosspole, Rokkit in a Truk w/Rokkit+Ram 167

I know from the main working thread that Waddle Dee is doing a Goff clan, so is anyone else doing clans/themes? And what does everyone have in store for us in month one?


02-08-2008, 01:26
Good stuff! Liking that Boy.

Personally I'm sticking with the old Ork fluff, that an army is composed of ladz from all the Clanz. This is especially true in an Epic sized force...

I think it's fair to say that the army leans towards a Goff mentality, with lots of boyz and lots of ded 'ard wagons, and it's lead by a Goff Warlord (name unknown). There are units from all the Clanz except Snakebites, but in spite of the Goff leader there are a lot of Evil Sunz.

For the first month I'll be doing 6 Battlewagons for a Blitz Brigade, and a complete Warband formation of 2 stands of Nobz, Grotz and Stormboyz, and 6 stands of Boyz. That's 10 Nobz, 10 Grotz, 10 Stormboyz, 30 Boyz and 6 Battlewagons, which would make a decent 40K army...

I've posted some pics of this month's stuff in the main ToP thread... but here's a taste of what's to come later on. Some "insperashun", you might say.


02-08-2008, 13:36

My name is Torsten... and I am going to do an Orc mech army with lots of deffdread and Killacans, well as far as I can put into one foc.^^

I am starting this month with ten of da boyz, starting with the nobz.
He is equipped with an powerklaw, 'cos it's good for killin' da humies!;)

I must say that I am not a good painter, although I am into the hobby since eight years. Ontop of that I am planning on a color scheme to paint them quickly

My clan will be Bad Moons, because in the fluff there are the richest of the clans
I can imagine them running lots of Dreads and vehicles

Enough of that here is the WIP first nob!

For the pants I am planning to paint them yellow, hopefully this will not be to bright.:)

c&c welcomed

02-08-2008, 17:40
looks like its going to be a great thread. I've been an ork player for almost a decade good to see more ork armies about.

03-08-2008, 01:53
Ha! That stompa thingy looks like my mom-in-law, lol.

03-08-2008, 05:55
Ok, time to report in! It's been a busy weekend, I've been working on painting some boys who are now more or less done, just need to do the final skin highlight and then teeth, nails, straps, and re-layer the clothing. Nearly there! :) But for now, I figured I'd give a quick and dirty preview of something else I've been working on...


First vehicle I've ever painted! Now this is still WIP, but I'm happy with everything so far except for the crew. I bought this already assembled and painted, so today I've been re-painting it entirely. It actually wasn't as hard as I first thought it'd be, and I'm quite happy with it. I'll post a properly composed and white balance shot once I've got the boys done.

But hopefully this is enuff orky inspi-ray shun to get the rest of yoo zoggers workin!

Waddle Dee
03-08-2008, 11:51
@misterboff: Good idea setting up this thread, boy looks great as well, look forward to seeing the finished mob.

@Mcmullet: Certainly sounds like a lot of stuff to get done for the first month, even if it is epic scale, best of luck!

@tehgeist: I'm liking the look of that nob so far, make sure you drill out those gun barrels though, lets see him finished ;).

@Metaphorazine: Lovely rusty metal there, I can tell that trukk is going to look dead orky :cool:.

As for me, I am indeed doing a Goff army as misterboff mentionned, however I intend to show some subtle variation between certain units to reflect other clans that have been integrated into the main one and have altered their uniform accordingly, so expect to see the occasional nod to other, weedier clans along the way :p.

Currently working on the first boyz mob, i'll stick some pictures up when I have a couple finished (shouldn't be too long hopefully).

03-08-2008, 11:55
Posted this over in the main WIP thread, but the trukk is so nearly done it's not funny, just gotta highlight up the crew. Got some passengers almost finished too. :)


Thanks for the encouragement WaddleDee! :D It's an easy metal mix, if you want the recipe, though it tends to look oilier rather than rusty. One layer of metallics then one layer of inks, job's a gud un!

03-08-2008, 11:58
Hi gang!

@tehgeist: Looks pretty good so far, I've got a PK Nob to paint this month too. What yellow are you using? I think they stopped making Bad Moon Yellow, which is annoying. Being a no-good looting Deathskull I might have the odd bit of Bad Moon Yellow sprinkled about on bits of armour/vehicles that I've looted...

@Metaphorazine: Nice Truk you've got there - did you use washes to get it that dark? I've left the crew out of mine to make it easier to paint, but it's a pain fitting them back in when everything else is already glued in place!

@Waddle Dee: Thanks for the comment. You mentioned in the main thread that you might do a Goff Kommando mob. Will they be wearing Black and White camoflage by any chance?

Another quick question for all you 40k Warbosses. How many of you will be getting Assault on Black Reach to add to your Waaagh?


03-08-2008, 12:08
Thanks misterboff, the metals on the trukk were dead simple, did a roughly 50/50 mix of tin bitz and boltgun for most of it, and then brazen brass for the brassy looking bits like the skull and the glyph plates. Then hit the whole thing with a ink wash mixed up in the ratio of 1:1:2 yellow blue brown inks, which is then diluted 1:1 with water, I mix up a nice big pot of it at a time, cause I use it for every bit of metal that's supposed to be grubby. :) That went straight on over the top, including the first layer of red, then painted blood red over the top to get the faded bit on the sides.

The metal plates on the tires were the same, but they got a devlin mud wash afterwards to dull them down further, and shade the rubber of the tires a bit.

And yeah, definitely getting black reach, mainly for the deffkopters. :P

03-08-2008, 12:38
First thanks for your replys!

@Waddle Dee: Yes, I am doing it right now, sorry but I can't upload pics now because my camera is currently not here. Although tomorrow I might be able to do so.

@Metaphorazine: Really liking your trukk, which ink do you use? I could imagine black. Edit: Sorry overlooked your post... :(

@misterboff: I am using Bad Moon Yellow, I was lucky enough to get myself 3 extra pots of it. My local retailer told me they were not making any more of it. Not a good decision, imho.

The nob is finished so far, only the drilling and the staff of the pole needs a finishing touch.;)

Oh, and YES I am getting one Black Reach box,... maybe two! ;)

Waddle Dee
03-08-2008, 13:21
@misterboff: The Kommandos have something much more kunnin' than camoflague in mind... ;).

I intend to get a couple of Black Reach sets myself, hopefully i'll be able to trade the beaky contents of one box for more Orkses with someone in the store, you can never have enough boyz after all :D.

@Metaphorazine: VERY nice Trukk there, looks like you should meet this month's target with time to spare. Cheers for the recipe btw, will have to try that if I get my hands on any Orky vechicles :).

@tehgeist: Be sure to show pictures when he's finished :).

04-08-2008, 05:15
Hello other To40kP ork painters. For the first month painting I am painting a Ork Trukk and 12 Ork Boyz including a Nob with Power Klaw. The whole army will be lots of Kans, a couple of boyz mobs in trukks, and some other things to be decided on as I go along. Here is the first Trukk that I finished today. The Boyz to follow by the end of the month.

04-08-2008, 07:09
Nice trukk kammek, I like your shading! The front looks nice and mis-matched, I may do something similar with my second trukk. Can't wait to see the boyz! :)

I'm guessing most ork players first month in this tale will be trukk + 11 boyz + pk nob... :D

04-08-2008, 10:46
Well, here is my finished nob and some WIP boyz.

@kammek: Lovely trukk, nice work.

Not much to say this time.;)


05-08-2008, 02:12
Hey there, fellow Orks painters! I only just started painting this month's mob and here's the result of the first two days of work - 17 slugga boys. I still haven't really worked out what exactly I'll paint up this month; either 12 boys (including a nob) in a trukk or maybe I'll throw in some more boys and make them a big footslogging mob for now.


At the moment it's just drybrushed bases, basecoats of black primer and reds and the nearly finished skin (needs some final highlighting). Oh, and the eyes. Working out where to have reds and where to have blacks was the most complicated part until now.

@McMullet: That stompy thing looks nice. Erm. Yes. :) On miniatures like this one, we can see what many people leave away on their 40k scale stompas and Gargants and why (imho) many of those stompas don't really look that good: they often lack big rivets and those stanchion things that give the warmachine a lot more rugged look rather than the quite ...unsolid look of lots of sheets of cardboard/plasticard glued together.

@tehgeist: Are you going to use all GW minis for your kanz and dreads or are you going to scratchbuild them?

@Metaphorazine: As i said in the main thread, your Trukk looks very nice, congrats. Even more so since it is your first vehicle. The new trukk is a great kit and very versatile (at least the basic design of the trukk).

@kammek: Nice, so we're possibly painting up the same stuff this month. Your trukk looks nice; the white is a quite unsuspected touch.;)

@tehgeist: The boys look nice so far but I suggest you get rid of those mold lines. (Gugrate in German :) )

05-08-2008, 05:22
Nice mob Sigur, I like the way the old minis look all together in mobs. Is your whole army going to be 2nd ed models?

05-08-2008, 09:29
@Sigur: I know what mold lines are ;). But of course you are right, I will get rid of them as soon as possible, promised. :)

Rergarding the dreads and kanz, I really like to scrach build at least one of them, but the first one will be just the regular GW Dread. My scrachbuilding skills are not that good so I have to see.
Maybe I will use an Space Marine Dreadnought and do some "konvershion", I really need to order the blarck reach box!


Edit: I have just seen your Orks Sigur, really nice. Cool oldschool miniatures, these are 2ed aren't they?

05-08-2008, 09:49
@Metaphorazine: Thanks and yes, it's all going to be 1st and 2nd edition miniatures although I probably will use the new trukk model for the base of my trukks.

@tehgeist: Sounds good. I guess that Dreadnought prices will drop a bit once the 5th edition starter box is released. Those Orks in the picture actually are 1st edition plastics. Pretty cool plastic miniatures for that time.

Waddle Dee
05-08-2008, 15:18
@Kammek: Very nice trukk, only thing I could really suggest is weathering the front plates a little, as a couple look a tad too clean.

@tehgeist: Looks nice so far, I like the yellow.

@Sigur: Very characterful sculpts there, skin looks good as well, look forward to seeing them finished.

As for me, i've finished a couple of boyz and am currently just trying to set up a decent photo-taking area and decide on what to do with the bases, hopefully i'll have some pictures up in a day or two :D.

05-08-2008, 18:05
@Waddle Dee: The yellow parts are really simple, a basecoat of lyanden dark sun, one layer bad moon yellow and finally two layers of gryphonne sepia wash.

@Sigur: Wow, nice for 1st edition minatures, they are really good ones.


06-08-2008, 12:09
First off, Metaphorazine I LOVE that Trukk!
Second, this is my second 40k army. My first is a space marine army, but was getting kinda bored painting marines, so I thought I would start up some orks. Here is what my army list looks like so far, but nothing in etched in stone yet.

12 slugga boyz with nob and big shoota
12 shoota boyz with nob and rokkit launcha
Big Mek with shokk attack gun
some nobz in a trukk

here are a few pics of the guys I have done.




pics aren't that great, so if anyone can give me some tips for better pics, that would be great!

06-08-2008, 12:14
Hi Chicken_funk, nice colours on those boyz, you're off to a great start! I especially like the metallics on the blorc conversion, looks like poorly maintained pig-iron, which is the sort of tech level I always envisage orks as having. :)

As far as photo tips go, it looks to me like you're either using flash from real close up, or shooting with the light source behind you. If that's the case, try offsetting the lighting so it comes in at about 45 degrees from the front of the camera, setting the camera for a longer exposure, and using a tripod or some books to prop it up, hit the self timer, and see how you go. Otherwise, I'd kind of need to hear more about your camera setup, lighting setup, etc. :)

Edit: Ahh, also, I wanted to say that unfortunately I will not have any updates for this thread tonight! Still working on the details on the last of the boyz, but hopefully I will have a full squad ready to post tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise I won't have anything until next Tuesday at earliest, cause I won't be home to paint this weekend! :cries:

Keep up the good work though, and I hope to see some more inspiring WIPs soon, ya lazy zoggers! :D

06-08-2008, 23:07
Hey folks!

My name is Bart, and I wil build and paint an Ork army.
The plan is to make this army a bit different than most Ork armies. That is why I chose a Mad Max / Heavy Metal theme. Mad Max was obvious. The vehicles, I mean... yeah...do we have to discuss that?
Heavy Metal because I am a huge metal-fan. Metal is fun, so are Orks.

So, what are we going to see?

Starting off, Ill uild my Big Boss to represent Homoungus. With mask and fur hot pants and all the necessary gubbins. Next a big mek with shock attack gun. He will include a good amount of snots awaiting their fate. Youll like that one ;)
All the boys will form a metal crowd. Here we face a problem. Hair :eek: The actual challenge of this army will be, to build the boys so that their hair looks good, and most of all: credible. Other than that well see blue jeans, leather pants and jackets, metal shirts, spandex and all the rest it needs for a good show.
Of course we need bikes. Custom choppers all the way.
Not so sure about the elites choices yet...

Vehicles. Here Ill built the truck that homoungus had in road warrior. Regular trucks will be a school bus, the red truck from Road Warrior (theone with the multi shot ballista) and maybe the army truck from Rambo First blood (its just so cool)
Buggies will include Mad Maxens Ford, a cop car, a coroners car and other assorted stuff.
Finally, there will be a giant truck which will form my battlewagon. I have a truck-kit here which is perfect for that conversion.

Painting wise I will try to keep up my standard (which you can see in my sig-links) As it is only one year to complete the army, it might be a bit simpler.

For skin I will try to do a transition from green to human flesh colour.

A complete list will follow, the first pics Ill post probably this weekend. As soon as I start out Ill make an extra thread for all the wip stuff.

Im happy to be on board



07-08-2008, 07:32
Hi gang!

@kammek: Your Truk is looking good. I particularly like the colours on the Ram, it kinda attracts your attention to the 'business' end of the Truk.

@tehgeist: I like your pants! The washes tone down the brightness well, but it's still unmistakably Bad Moon.

@sigur: Very nice. Goff Slugga Boyz I take it? I think the plastic 1st Rogue Trader stuff looks alot better than the plastic 2nd Edition Goffs. They look more 'serious' and less 'cartoony'. If only you could still put 2 Nobz in a Goff Mob...

@Chicken_Funk: The pics look fine to me. I don't take the best pics, but maybe you could try a white/lighter background? Are you doing any specific clan or just whatever colours take your fancy? Also, what are you gonna use the Black Orc as - an Ardboy, A Nob in 'Eavy armour or something else?

@warflag: Sounds like a great idea to me as a fellow metalhead. I expect to see some old school Iron Maiden stripey pants! For the Elites, how about some Rammstein inspired Burna Boyz in their Tour Bus (a Looted Wagon with Skorcha)?

Finally, a small WiP update from me - the Nob for my first Trukkaz mob. I've quickly slapped the basecoat on him this morning, and hopefully I'll get a bit more done and a better picture tonight/tomorrow.

As you can tell from the looted red bitz, "This month, I have mainly been looting Evil Sunz". The Truk for this Mob is gonna have a few Evil Sunz armour plates too, but most of it will have been painted blue by the eager Deathskulls that nicked it. My other Trukka Mobz will have looted from Goffs, Bad Moons and Blood Axes when I get round to them.

Keep up the good work everyone!


07-08-2008, 08:39
Great ide, Mister Boff! I actually thought of a Burna mob. They should get those gary glittery silver shiny costumes :p

As for the striped spandex, certainly well see those. Just came back from Wacken, and Iron Maiden kicked a$$. They have quite some useful imagery. Ill find a way to incorporate that.


07-08-2008, 13:26
@Misterboff - the black orcs are gonna be used for a Nob squad in 'eavy armor. i was just gonna make them into a 'Ard Boyz squad but they are quite a bit bigger, so Nobz it is.
My color scheme is just something i came up with, blue pants, grey shirt, thats it.

BTW I am doing 1500 pts now, figured I could do 50 more points a month!

07-08-2008, 19:26
@sigur: Very nice. Goff Slugga Boyz I take it? I think the plastic 1st Rogue Trader stuff looks alot better than the plastic 2nd Edition Goffs. They look more 'serious' and less 'cartoony'. If only you could still put 2 Nobz in a Goff Mob...

Thanks. The only problem I have with the 2nd edition Goff plastics is that they are more or less single-pose. Other than that, they look okay designwise. Anyways, here's a new picture. Now I need to highlight the black parts. Yerch.

07-08-2008, 20:54
Hey all, i've just joined the tale doing 1000 points of orks so i thought i better post in here too.

currently i'm looking for some advice on the list.
it is going to be using two Black Reach boxes to give me
1 warboss
11 nobz (1 free in WD)
40 boyz
6 deffkoptas
total 770 points (i'm unsure on their equipment, these are the ponts using my best guesses of what they have, anyone know for sure?)

The other question is what should i add to make ia 1000 point force?
some bikes would be nice for modelling/painting, but i'm open to suggestions as i won't have the models for a while yet.

thanks guys!

07-08-2008, 22:03
Great work, my Orky comrades. :)

Danny76, I think some bikes and a trukk would fit in well with what you have there. That way you could the bikes, deffkoptaz and a unit of trukk boyz (or nobz) as a fast half of the army, with the remainder making a solid core of footsloggers. Alternatively you could add enough trukks for everyone...

Note that my tactical advice is very unsound and I'm making these suggestions on the basis of what looks cool.

08-08-2008, 06:47
Hey all, i've just joined the tale doing 1000 points of orks so i thought i better post in here too.

currently i'm looking for some advice on the list.
it is going to be using two Black Reach boxes to give me
1 warboss
11 nobz (1 free in WD)
40 boyz
6 deffkoptas
total 770 points (i'm unsure on their equipment, these are the ponts using my best guesses of what they have, anyone know for sure?)

The other question is what should i add to make ia 1000 point force?
some bikes would be nice for modelling/painting, but i'm open to suggestions as i won't have the models for a while yet.

thanks guys!

Following up McMullet's idea, I think that a Battleforce would be quite good. You could put the Nobz mob in the Truk and have either 2 mobs of 30 or 3 mobs of 20 Boyz on foot. That should take you up to 1000 points easily.

If you're feeling adventurous you could always try to convert the spare AoBR Warboss into a Big Mek or Weirdboy?


08-08-2008, 14:47
Well, today I think I figured out my Army List for the Tale. Here goes

30 Slugga Boyz
3x big shoota
Nob w/power claw and boss pole

30 Shotta Boyz
3x rokkit launcha
Nob w/big choppa and boss pole

Big Mek w/Shokk attack gun
10 Lootas

Warboss w/big choppa, twin-linked shoota, eavy armor and attack squig
10 Nobz w/eavy armor
4x big choppa
3x power claw
1x Waagghh! banner
Trukk w/armor plates and wreckin' ball

8 storm boyz

3 warbikers
Nob w/big choppa

looted wagon
boom gun
armor plates
aard case

that should bring me pretty close to the 1500point mark.
If anyone sees something they think should be changed, let me know!

08-08-2008, 17:24
Following up McMullet's idea, I think that a Battleforce would be quite good. You could put the Nobz mob in the Truk and have either 2 mobs of 30 or 3 mobs of 20 Boyz on foot. That should take you up to 1000 points easily.

If you're feeling adventurous you could always try to convert the spare AoBR Warboss into a Big Mek or Weirdboy?


Can a 1000 point army be fielded well with only 40 boyz, i'd rather go for different stuff than more boyz.

The trukks look really cool, so those and the bikes would be good to model as McMullet said.
Thinking about storage i'm not sure about trukks, but if so, 2 max.
though i don't want to spend too much more on this army currently so making the warboss into something else with bitz could be a good idea...
how to make it into a character is another matter though... if anyone has any ideas?

08-08-2008, 23:05
Hi gang!

A quick update from me, because I've finished my Deathskulls Trukka Mob Nob. As you can see, he's been looting from some Evil Sunz...

@Danny76: You could get away with just 40 Boyz in 1000 points, but you would get shredded by anything with Rapid Fire. Of course, if your opponent has your Koptas and Bikes to worry about then he might forget about the Boyz for a while!


09-08-2008, 18:04
Hi guys!

Little update time, I have, almost, finished my first 10 boyz. Parts that are not finished like the "teef" and the black parts will be painted soon.


11-08-2008, 21:04
@Mr.Boff: Looking nice and Deathskull-style with all these colours mixed together in one miniature. I really like his helmet.;)

@tehgeist: Nice to see people proceeding with their stuff.

@Danny76: Well, sure you can field an army with 40k boys and get some additional fast stuff. I'm also a big fan of Warbikers and regularly use two mobs of those in my army. Also, the new models are very cool.

On to my stuff now: I might not proceed very fast but at least I do proceed. In the attachment, you can see the current state of the boys. Cheers!

12-08-2008, 13:49
Good to see lots of Orky progress going on ladz!

Chicken_Funk: Looks liek a good solid list.

Danny76: For 1000 points you'd probably get away with 40 boyz. It wouldn't be competitive but you could have fun with it, and if you decide to expand to 1500 later you can always add more boyz. And those bikes are very nice...

misterboff: Great stuff!

tehgeist: Good work as well, that's well over halfway for this month I guess?

sigur: Great pouches!

Here's my progress:


The one on the right in the last picture is the one I was working on before.

12-08-2008, 15:05
Danny76: For 1000 points you'd probably get away with 40 boyz. It wouldn't be competitive but you could have fun with it, and if you decide to expand to 1500 later you can always add more boyz. And those bikes are very nice...

i have no doubts that when i expand the army, quite a while away, i will want 60-80 boyzbut for now - the modelling/painting and time/money aspects leave me with just these boyz probably..

12-08-2008, 18:05
@McMullet: I am planning to do 10 more boyz, that would be 155 points. If I would be pedantic than I would say that's not 20% of my army.;) So I am going to do my first HQ choice this month, a big mek.


12-08-2008, 19:36
Well i have my One Boy tester painted up and done for this month (pics to follow on the weekend), but now i can't do anything until my Black Reach boxes arrive!

14-08-2008, 11:04
Waaaaaaagh! Here's the last WiP post I'll be making before the end of the month. At this stage, everything's almost complete, I still need to finish the eyes, teeth and nails on a few of the boyz, as well as weathering on some of the weapons. I've also started experimenting with the bases, but am yet to find one I'm entirely happy with.

It's been a fun month, and I hope the motivation of the tale carries me onwards to month 2! I'm raring to go though, I figure I'll do another trukkboy squad, and then month 3 I'll reward myself with some more unique models, I'll have to wait and see though. :)


Oh, and yes, my next trukk will look very different. I'm thinking I'll do a bad-moons trukk next, to get some practice with yellows. :)


14-08-2008, 22:34
@Metaphorazine: Looks like you've nearly got month 1 wrapped up - well done! I like the dark/metallic look to your Truk, it's very effective.

A little update from me. I've got the basecoat done on my Deathskulls Truk (which has been looted from the Evil Sunz), but I'm not sure it looks quite right.

Do you think there's too much blue/red/yellow, or do you think I just need to weather/wash/chip it a bit?


14-08-2008, 22:54
I think your main drama is the dags over the roof sections that are painted in alternating colours, makes it look really busy in my opinion. If I was you, I'd probably just do those dags as metal. Take my advice with a grain of salt though, I still don't know what I'm doing when it comes to painting, don't know any colour theory or that stuff. :(

Good luck!

15-08-2008, 00:06
I agree with Metaphorazine, you should paint those drags in one color maybe metal. Also the yellow and red is a bit to bright imho, you should tune it down with washes, with baal red and asurmen blue etc.

Your metal is really good, maybe a simple drybrush with brown would be nice on the wheels.

best regards

15-08-2008, 23:24
@Metaphorazine & tehgeist: I think that's what was bothering me - the red/yellow dags are a bit too much.

I've gone over them with metal, and washed the remaining blue/red/yellow areas with the appropriate washes. I just need to pick out all the rivets on those colours and rough it up a bit...

Thanks for the suggestion guys, and here's a new pic.


15-08-2008, 23:49
Looking heaps better! :) In my opinion the colours are still a touch bright, but that's just personal preference so feel free to ignore me. The trukk itself looks far more cohesive, even if it is a trukk for some weedy deathskullz... :D

18-08-2008, 19:46
Just a small update on my progress. I just got 2 Nobz done. One for the first trukk mob and one for the second. I should have at least 10 boyz done by the end of the month.

Waddle Dee
19-08-2008, 20:32
@Chicken_Funk: Nice work so far, I especially like the 40k Blorc.

@Misterboff: Nob looks good, only thing I can really suggest is maybe paint the gums in a different colour as having them the same colour as the face paint makes it look as though thats the actual colour of his head. Trukk looks pretty solid as well.

@tehgeist: Nice to see the mob coming together, the skin in particular looks very nice.

@Sigur: Lovely work, the pouches in particular i'm quite fond of, as well as the red.

@McMullet: Nice detailing on what I can only assume to be very tricky models to work with, should be a very nice epic force when done.

@Metaphorazine: Great stuff, congrats on reaching this month's quota.

@kammek: Nobz look dead 'ard, look forward to seeing their respective mobs.

Sadly, it would seem i'm probably going to have to use my joker for this month (I expected I would have to, but its still a shame really), as I just cannot get my camera working for the life of me. Hopefully i'll be able to get some decent pics up at some point next month and earn the joker back, such is life...


23-08-2008, 15:12
So, the updates have slowed down a bit, has everyone more or less finished their orks this month? I've still got a bit to go myself, just finished gluing the sand to the bases of my last few orks, still not entirely happy with my basing overall though, so I might re-do it a couple more times yet. I think it's cause I'm still pretty crappy at drybrushing. :( I will persevere though!

26-08-2008, 03:28
So, the updates have slowed down a bit, has everyone more or less finished their orks this month?

Me? No way.:D Actually, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to finish anything meaningful until the end of the month until I finally received my Goff Nobz via mail this morning. After a short consideration of things, I'm pretty positive than I can get two mobs of 12 Orks (including a PK nob) each done which would be 212pts in total, so I'd even get 12 points over the target.

Some moer boys to get 22 sluggas in total:

....aaand the Nobs:

I hope that you fellas have proceeded further than me. ;)

26-08-2008, 03:45
@ Metaphorazine , Those Orks have a nice gritty tone about them, very nice.

26-08-2008, 10:47
@ hallowed, thanks, that's exactly the look I'm going for. I figured ork trukks are held together with grease more than engineering, and the boyz don't really worry about keeping anything clean. :)

@ sigur, those old-skool boyz keep looking better and better, it's a real blast to see them all painted up! Never had any myself, being a relatively new collector, but I definitely appreciate them.

27-08-2008, 12:09
My name is Chris and I am working on a 1500pt Blood Axe army for Warhammer 40k.

The army will be made up of Boyz, Burnas, Dreff Dreds, Killa Kans and MANZ.
They are an army of Jungle fighting Orks (think Apocalypse Now with Orks!), so expect lots of camo and very few tracked vehicles.

Even though I am joining this a little late in the day, I have been working on stuff this month, so I intend posting a looted Rhino (which I am using as a Trukk for my MANZ) and my Warbosses retinue of Mega Armoured Nobz. That should do nicely for this month.

I am in work (on lunch) so I shall post some WIP shots later.

29-08-2008, 01:45
Just to show a sign. I now also have started. A bit late, ok, but at least I started. Here is proof


Started a log in the 40k project forum for more details.


30-08-2008, 12:38
So for month one, while i wait for my Black Reach boxes i want to post more than my single Ork Boy that i have.
Now i have painted up an Ork model, though he is a bit fantasy-ish really, anything you guys think i can use him for?


Any ideas would be welcomed, i only bought it as it was an awesome model, and fancied painting it, so its fine either way :)

30-08-2008, 17:36
As promised, here are pics of my BloodAxe Orks so far.

First up, some pics of the Slugga Boy test model. Notice the subtle camo.



Here are the Nobz in Mega Armour



30-08-2008, 17:36
Some pics of the Mega Armoured Nobz trukk - a salvaged Rhino.




and finally, a group shot


Apologies for the poor quality shots - still getting to grips with the camera!

02-09-2008, 09:09
@kammek: Nice nobz - I particularly like the Bosspoles.

@sigur: Good looking Mob and Nobz, I think the old school Power Klaws look a lot more 'grabby' than 'snippy'.

@warflag: Very heavy metal!

@Danny76: Looks kinda Feral or Snakebite to me. I take it that he's roughly Warboss sized?

@Chris_Tzeentch: I love that camo scheme, and the thought of Blood Axe Meganobz is awesome! I can just imagine them trying to sneak through a jungle with all their pistons and gubbinz making loads of noise...

I've put my Mob for this month in the Submissions thread, but I'll put a shot of it in here too.

Next month, the same again but with a slightly Bad Moons feel...

Keep up the good work everyone.


[Trukboyz Mob 1/3]

02-09-2008, 19:18
@Danny76: Looks kinda Feral or Snakebite to me. I take it that he's roughly Warboss sized?

Yeah he's a head taller than a marine, so pretty good size for a warboss, i just wondered if he was too feral as it were, as he has no futuristic weapons on him really..

02-09-2008, 20:54
Right, I think I have to ask a question. McMullet said the thread would be open till Friday or Sunday or whatever. Does that mean I still have time till then to complete my painting, or just for posting? Does that make sense at all? I mean, I could.. and no one would... err?!?

Yeah, however, this is what I have so far. I hope to finish my 120 p by the weekend and get away with that, or pull a joker anyway.

My gang so far. The leatherjacket guy is a Waaghboss, the klaw-dude gives the nob.


Hope someone can clear the submission problem up for me. Thanks!


02-09-2008, 22:40
Does that mean I still have time till then to complete my painting, or just for posting?

I'd say go ahead and keep painting, and post when they're done. The submissions thread is supposed to be kept clear of chatter 'til the 8th, right? The only reason I can think of for that, is to give everyone a chance to get their finished picture in before the commenting starts.

Those are some truly lovely orks too. I'd love to see a pic of the drinking boy's backside.. I've had problems making striped pants look ok from behind on orks.

02-09-2008, 22:59
You can see them in my WIP thread. Im too dumb to post links. Its called Raising the Waaghflag.
Thanks, for info and comment! Actually, I did it wrong. The stripes must come from the center seam and go diagonally downwards outwards. That has something to do with the nitting pattern. Ill do it better next time!


03-09-2008, 02:17

Awesome, just awesome :D

03-09-2008, 02:50
I think I can see Elvis on the far left :evilgrin:

05-09-2008, 07:08
Just a very small update from me.

I've got the metal done on four Boyz so far, but I'm having a hard time concentrating after what arrived in the post yesterday...


[WiP Boyz, AoBR x2]

07-09-2008, 15:57
Got my Black Reach Boxes yesterday.
Been building and looking over the models. Some great stuff, but now my dilemma is what to paint for the tale for next month.
I'm thinking the warboss so i can at the same time remove all the mould lines from the others. Then i only have to concentrate on one model for the months painting.

On that note:
do any of you fellow Bosses want to trade for the 3 plastic Deffkoptas in my Black Reach box?
I'm ideally looking for 3 Ork Bikers, but other options to expand my Orks would be welcomed :)

07-09-2008, 16:01
@ sigur
love the orks what ed are they

07-09-2008, 16:13
@warflag: Great and amusing work there.:D I hope you're doing more.

@nofx: Thanks. The plastics are from 1990 or 1991 so 1st edition, the bosses are 2nd edition. May I ask you for using punctuation next time? This would help me as a non-native english speaker to comprehend what you're asking. :)

by the way, I just realized I had forgotten to post the final products:

Redgit's Red Gitz:

Bdbag Grimsnaga's mob:

I even managed to paint the household's glyph onto Redigtz' mobs' backplates in time.

11-09-2008, 00:20
Thanks Sigur!

This thread needs more updates. Ill jump in for septembers progress.
The real Waaghboss of my army wip.
When I first looked at the AoBR Waaghboss I had no idea what to do with it. But then it came to me suddenly. A vision of orky authority yet unheard of. Ghazkul, your raids are counted!


Show some of yours, fellow Waaghlords!


11-09-2008, 07:57
@ Warlfag it seems that the time is right to rock out , just ace:D

here is my progress so far

enjoy :)

11-09-2008, 21:19
@sigur: Awesome - I love the mohawks!

@warflag: Is that Lemmy Kilmist-Ork? I expect to see at least one Ace of Spades painted on him...

@agio65: Very good looking Orks there. The blue/red cables are a nice touch.

I've nearly finished 4 of the Boyz for this month, just a bit of highlighting and neatening (is that even a word?) up to do.

I'm guessing there's going to be a fair amount of AoBR stuff for this month?


[Boyz PiP]

12-09-2008, 21:00
Hey fellow greenskins. Everyone is doing great work! I will try to comment on some of it later.
Just got back from GW, bought myself Assault on Black Reach and a Loota/Burna box.
Love AOBR, great models, but was a little disappointed there was no scenario book like Macaggre had. Oh well
Now comes my question, should I make Lootas or Burnas? I like both, but not sure which one I should make first. any advice would be greatly appreciated!

13-09-2008, 09:00
Now comes my question, should I make Lootas or Burnas? I like both, but not sure which one I should make first. any advice would be greatly appreciated!

If you've got some spare Boyz legs from the regular Boyz box (not AoBR ones) you can make 4 of each and a Mek. I've got some of each but personally I prefer Lootas, although being a Deathskull I am biased...


13-09-2008, 12:26
Loving all the green, guys, we're off to a good start! Unfortunately I'm not off to a great start for this month though, it's the 13th and I've only just started basecoating. I've hurt my back and find that I can't sit and paint for long without having to get up and move around. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to avoid pulling a Joker though, I've got some annual leave coming up, so I should be able to get a fair bit done there.

13-09-2008, 16:01
" Hey watch out ":D

@Chicken_Funk : i gess they want us to buy WDs for the scenarios...;)

13-09-2008, 18:58
You actually get a terminator as well as an Ork nob with the WD this month. Not a too bad deal if you ask me.

Anyway, this seems like a great start into a new month guys.

@warflag: Very promising work so far. Keep it up!

@agio65: Cool painting. In the close-ups, the bright metallic streaks on the weapons look a bit weird but their surely look great from an arm's length away. The skintone is very interesting; good work. One question though: Why is one boy's tongue pink while another one's blue?

@Mr.Boff: Thanks mate!

I haven't gotten done too much so far this month since I moved from Vienna to London, had to find a room and all. As I wrote in my log, I had two painting sessions at a GW store so 16 Gretchins and a Runtherd are about half done but this isn't much really. Apart from that, I ordered some boars and the Goffik Rokk Band. Hope that I'll be able to paint enough stuff this month.

So keep painting the whole lot of you and have fun!

13-09-2008, 21:37
@agio65: One question though: Why is one boy's tongue pink while another one's blue?
well thats a good one, because i used the same colour on both .;), so the only correct answer is " Its a trick of the light ":)

13-09-2008, 23:22
@agio65: I see you're working your way through AoBR nicely. It's great to see some different paint schemes for the new stuff, and I love the buzzsaw - ded choppy!

@sigur: Grotz are cool, but so much effort for just 3 points each must be a bit disheartening. I look forward to seeing them though. Are they the plastic ones with Autoguns or metal ones with Autoguns/Autopistols? The old Runtherd models are really cool too.

I've finished 4 of my Boyz for this month, so I might 'reward' myself by doing their Truk next. It'll be similar to month one, but with Bad Moon bits instead of Evil Sunz...

[Finished Boyz]

14-09-2008, 01:21
Ahh, agio, we loves the kopta!

Some wip from me. Seems Ill be on time this month. Progress is acceptable.


Cheers to all greenskin lovers! Well have a damn huge waagh by the end of the tale.


14-09-2008, 05:58
Here are some comments for my fellow greenskins

@agio65- I LOVE that kopta!!! I can't wait to get started on mine.
@warflag- I really like that warboss. the hat is sweet and the spade on his claw is nice
@sigur- those are some nice orks. some of those screaming ones kinda creeped me out when i first saw them
Now for me, I am nearly done a squad on shoota boyz and am working on my AOBR warboss

14-09-2008, 23:10
@agio65: This must be the weirdest and most magic light you're using for taking your photographs.:p The tongue on the right guy looks definately totally blue to me. Weird.

@misterboff: You're right, that's what I also said to a random guy who said my Grotz were looking good but if you could see them little buggers....all the detail, those little faces, those big noses, those grubby little toes.....
I just have to paint them properly (and yes, this means checkers patterns on everyone of them :p). Yes, it's proper metal ones from 1st/2nd edition. Awesome miniatures really.

@warflag: Great output as always. I'm actually surprised to see that you haven't attached the other arm yet. Why haven't you put it on yet? I don't think that it covers up much of the surfaces to be painted or does it?

Well, no news from my painting front. Still didn't paint anything more, still don't have a digicam-laptop-connection cable. But tomorrow I'll take a trip to IKEA and get me at least one proper lamp so I can start working on my greenskins (about time if you ask me).

16-09-2008, 09:53
Great looking Orks everyone, I'll try and comment on some peoples work when I have a bit more spare time ( very hectic here atm ). Here's my WIP for next month, I'm going to struggle to get 10 painted.



16-09-2008, 22:51
Cool Orks, fluffy. Like their skin. Somehow I almost regret going another way on mine. But I still have my 15 pounds classic WFB orcs for that :D

WIP, as the title says:


I just cant let things as they come out of the box.
Talking boxes, I love AoBR! Ha, made for me, the low budget master.

Cheers all
Keep it up

17-09-2008, 07:19
Nice job, warflag!

17-09-2008, 19:51
Finally got some spray! undercoating most of my skull pass stuff on saturday so i'll be getting that painted up.
I've got some Lootas and Burnas to make up too and i've been drilling gun barrels while i waited for the spray.
So i'm still ploughing through my army for the tale.

In the mean time, i was hoping for some help with my list for the tale.
this is roughly what i have so far.

Warboss, Powerklaw, Bosspole -100 points
10 nobz, sluggas and choppas - 200 points
5 Lootas, mek - 75 points
5 Burnas, mek - 75 points
20 boyz, sluggas and choppas, 2 big shootas - 130 points
20 boyz, sluggas and choppas, 2 big shootas - 130 points
3 Deffkoptas, twinlinked rokkit launca - 135 points

845 points

Now i have a few other models i can fit into this, but wasn't sure where to put them, so i thought as we're all Ork bosses it'd be a handy place for advice.

I have a Nob with power klaw but don't know where to put him.
A boy with rokkit launcha, but again, where to put him.
2/3 boss poles, what squads should have them?
and a spare nob who could lead a nob squad, but he is slugga choppa equipped. (if the klaw nob went in the nobz squad, i'd have 2 standard armed nobs for the boys squads.. if of any use).

17-09-2008, 20:35
@fluffystuff: Very neat and proper painting. Just go on!;)

@warflag: inspiring as always. But what about that Warboss?

@Danny76: Well, this list sure looks different. What I would do:

.) Get rid of the bossmob or at least make it smaller, throw in some power claws, at least 'eavy armour and put them in a trukk.
.) Get every sluggaboys mob a boss with a powerklaw and a bosspole
.) make the sluggamobs bigger
.) drop either the burnas or the lootas and make the remaining mob bigger
.) drop the big shootas on the sluggaboys mobs. You want them in combat so they'll spend the shooting phases running
.) meks in loota/burna mobs aren't of much use.

Me, I dismissed the Gretchinpainting for a day and started working on boar-mounted bosses. More pts/model may mean that I can meet the 200pts requirement for this month. And those boarbosses (bikerbosses really) are expensive indeed.

17-09-2008, 23:13
@ sigur, and those interested: The boss is still in building progress. This may sound strange, so I will explain. The right arm has not been attached yet as I thought I might cut off the wristband and resculpt his arm. Purpose: I meant to paint Lemmys tattoo on it. Wont do that as its too much work. More justifiable is this: I will put him on two bass cabinets. The roadie grot will stand on an amplifier. Next to that will be placed a bulldog-like squig. (wysiwyg) His Rickenbacher bass is still in progress. Prob the sickest thing I ever did, though not noticable at first glance. Only so much: The bass has strings! And I mean strings! What in the hell...
I plan on getting enough points done in September to have time for my marines again. They are suffering serious lack of love.

Ill update asap


Rabid Monkey
18-09-2008, 05:39
Sigh!.... This thread really has me regretting my vow for the year. I wanna go green :(..

18-09-2008, 07:43
@fluffystuff: Those are some damn beautiful orks, brilliant execution of the studio scheme! I really hope you can keep that standard up, that will be a fantastic looking army when it's done.

@everyone: I've been thinking I should actually assemble a list for the tale, so I've got a bit of direction. I've come up with one that'll leave some of my collection unpainted, but catches a fair bit of it without requiring too much additional spending. :) I'd greatly appreciate the thoughts of my fellow greenies.

Boss: Warbike, Powerklaw. Riding with
4 Warbikers and 1 Nob with Big Choppa.

4 Nobs on Warbikes with 2 Big Choppas and 2 Powerklaws and the Waaaagh Banner, counting as Troops.

11 Boyz and 1 Nob with Powerklaw, riding in a Trukk with Rokkit Launcher, Armor Plates, Riggers, Red Paint, and a Ram.

11 Boyz and 1 Nob with Powerklaw, riding in a Trukk with Rokkit Launcher, Armor Plates, Riggers, Red Paint, and a Ram.

11 Boyz and 1 Nob with Powerklaw, riding in a Trukk with Rokkit Launcher, Armor Plates, Riggers, Red Paint, and a Ram.

8 Stormboyz (Completely nilla).

Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun.

10 Lootas (Completely nilla).

3 Skorcha Buggies.

Gets me 72 models counting the Trukks, and I like the amount of threat it can put into one location rather quickly. I'm worried it might be a bit of a glass sword though. Have any of the bosses fielded a list like this?

18-09-2008, 11:40
@Metaphorazine: This list looks quite nice but it has incredibly few boys. I tend to run a pretty similar list but instead of all the funky (and probably more fun) stuff (Lootas, Stormboys, Big Mek), I run one to two big (~25 boys) mobs of shoota boys to claim objectives,add to the number of Orks and to do a bit of shooting or I just add in a mob of Gretchins to claim a nice and safe objective for a few turns, just to annoy he opponent. In such a list, there is no place for a gretchin screen.

Remember that Orks got a bit of a problem with initiative now (which is all good and okay) but it means that you'll suffer causualities even before your boys strike back so you'll have to combine charges to get rid of more combat-strong opponent units. In my experience, mobs of trukk-mounted boys (with Nobs and all) just don't really cut it once you're up against anything stronger than a squad of 5 (C)SM. All that aside, I'd swap at least one of those buggies to having rokkits instead of scorchas.

Basically, this list might do well but I'm not sure that it will. It's really pretty light on boys but if that's the miniatures you have, maybe playtest it. Getting some big mob of footslogging boys probably won't hurt though. Good luck! :)

So, concerning my Orks warband, painting on the Boarbosses is proceeding pretty well. I did a bit of freehand glyphs and even started converting a Cyboar (just looks better if them Nobs ride them instead of usual boars.

18-09-2008, 12:58
Loving that hide fluffystuff!
Great owrk on those koptas warflag, I was wondering how long it would be before I would see someone hack up the koptas on warseer!

Keep up the great work lads!

23-09-2008, 13:00
@Metaphorazine: This list looks quite nice but it has incredibly few boys. I tend to run a pretty similar list but instead of all the funky (and probably more fun) stuff (Lootas, Stormboys, Big Mek), I run one to two big (~25 boys) mobs of shoota boys to claim objectives,add to the number of Orks and to do a bit of shooting or I just add in a mob of Gretchins to claim a nice and safe objective for a few turns, just to annoy he opponent. In such a list, there is no place for a gretchin screen.

Thanks for the advice Sigur, you're echoing some of my own thoughts about the fragility of the list. I should have a chance to playtest it soon though, which should give me some feedback on how to mix it up a bit.

23-09-2008, 22:53
@warflag: Oh my Gork - that's so awesome that even the belt buckle rocks! May all his adversaries by killed by death! Your Koptaz are looking great too.

@fluffystuff: I really like those Orks. They're very green but without being too bright, I love that skin tone.

@Danny76: The following are just my thoughts, feel free to ignore/use at your own discretion.

First off, I'd buy a regular Boyz box. Then I'd use 8 of the legs/bodies to build up an extra 4 Lootas and 4 Burnas using the spare bits you have (I assume you bought 2 boxes of Lootas/Burnas in order to make what you already have?). With the remaining 3 legs/bodies, make 3 more Boyz with Rokkit Launchas (using the Rokkit from the Boyz box and the 2 spare Rokkits from the Lootas/Burnas)

After that, this is what I'd do:
# Leave your Warboss and Nobz as they are, and let him lead them as a Troops choice.
# Split your Lootas/Burnas into a mob of 8 Lootas (no Mek) and 10 Burnas (2 Meks). Arm the Meks with either KMB's or Big Shootas for a bit of long range/pre-assault firepower.
# Give your spare PK Nob a Bosspole, and add him to your spare Rokkit Boy and 3 new Rokkit Boyz to form a small 5 model Tankbusta mob.
# Give your spare Slugga/Choppa Nob a Bosspole, and add him to one of your Boyz mobs.

Your list should then look like this:

HQ Warboss (Powerklaw, Bosspole) - 90 points
Elite 8 Lootas - 120 points
Elite 10 Burnas (2 Meks with KMB/Big Shoota) - 150 points
Elite 5 Tankbustas (Nob with Powerklaw, Bosspole) - 95 points
Troops 10 Nobz - 200 points
Troops 21 Boyz (2 Big Shootas, Nob with Bosspole) - 151 points
Troops 20 Boyz (2 Big Shootas) - 130 points
Fast 3 Deffkoptas (Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha) - 135 points

1071 points

Between the Elites and Fast Attack you can deal with anything reasonably well, and you still have a solid core of Troops with the Nobz and Boyz mobs. If you wanted to increase to 1500 points I'd suggest starting with at least another 20 Boyz, either as a 3rd mob or to boost the existing 2 up to 30 strong each.

@Metaphorazine: I'd have your Warboss lead the Nobz, but swap one PK for a Big Choppa (2 PK's should be enough between the 5 of them). I'd also drop the regular Warbikers to either get another basic Truk Boyz Mob or increase the size of your Stormboyz Mob. Finally, I'd put Bosspoles on the Warboss and Truk Boyz Nobz. Like you said though, playtesting will point out the pro's/con's of your list better, so let us know how you get on.

I'm nearly finished for this month, having just got the basecoat done on my Truk. "Dis munff, I av bin mostly lootin Bad Moons!" It's going be the same as the Evil Sunz Truk I looted for month 1, but with yellow/black details instead of red/yellow. I've just got to wash the blue and yellow, then pick out all the rivets and give it all a good roughing up.

After seeing all they new Ork stuff at Games Day it's gonna be really hard to not get overwhelmed by all the shiny new stuff next year...


[Bad Moons Truk]

26-09-2008, 20:51
Just to prove that I am still going I have a progress shot on a set of 3 out of 6 Bikes for this month. And the last pick is some random extra Grots and an Attack Squig to go with the army.

28-09-2008, 07:15
Hi gang.

I've finished for month 2, but go away for a week today so won't be able to post until about the 5th/6th. So here's a little teaser from me - my Truk Boyz Nob who's been looting from some Bad Moons (no offence to bloodsbane or tehgeist!)...


[Bad Moon Nob]

Sheena Easton
03-10-2008, 17:33
I forgot to post this earlier - my Looted Wagon during construction:


The Grot was replaced with a marine Missile Launcher to make a Rokkit Launcha - the riggerz I was planning on using were converted Gnoblars but they didn't look right so they will be used for something else and I'll convert a few Snotlings to take their place.

and painted


05-10-2008, 16:19
@Sheena Easton: As a fellow Deathskull I love the mix of different colours - plenty of Looting went into that Wagon!

I've put my Mob for this month in the Submissions thread, but I'll put a shot of it in here too. Next month, the same again but with a slight Goffs feel...

Keep up the good work everyone.


[Trukboyz Mob 2/3]

12-10-2008, 13:10
Hi Guys!

Long time since I posted something. ;) Anyway I have uploaded some WIP stuff I am currently working on.

Unfortunately the Deff Dread has to wait because I must scratch build the other two arms, my bits shop does not have the parts for the arms in stock. :rolleyes:

So things I am doing this month is the Warboss, almost finished, and the Battlewagon.

best regards

15-10-2008, 08:02

that skin tone is awesome! really good work on those

22-10-2008, 20:55
@tehgeist: Your Battlewagon looks like a worth a fair few teef, very respectable for a Bad Moon. Your Warboss looks great too, I love the way you do your yellows.

As for me, I've just finished the Nob for my third Deathskull Trukboyz mob. He's been looting some Goffs - they put up a good fight though.

Keep up the good work everyone, and don't forget to keep posting all your WiP shots!


[Deathskull 'Goff' Nob]

23-10-2008, 00:39
@Sheena Easton: Well, the looted Russ looks well converted but I think the paintjob isn't too great to be honest. Maybe it's too many different too flashy colours. Maybe one basic colour with some patches of 2 quite similar colours to contrast the basic colour would work best.

@fluffystuff: Very, very neat and clean painting; me like.

@misterboff: Well, the picture is tiny but this job seems to be a good 'un. The Nob looks okay (not too keen on the theme though as my army is half-Goff ;-)) but I think he needs some more shading. A darker colour on the boots would also improve the looks of the model even more I think. But it's a nice job overall and the colour composition works very well.

Alright, time for me to show off some WIPS. As you might have noticed, I had to joker September with moving to another country, enrolling at uni, etc. So I will enter my Cyboar-mounted Snakebite Nobs (who count as Nobs on Warbikes) for October:




I also started working on my Warboss:

23-10-2008, 05:49


I never understood what this thread was about until now, good show old chaps!
Really awesome stuff here but this hover bike really takes my cake.

24-10-2008, 22:55
Got me a trukk puttering along

31-10-2008, 00:02
@sigur: I love the old Boarboy models, and they've got an awesome paintjob. I just hope the banner poles behave for you. I remember they used to bend very easy when I had some back in the day...

@bloodsbane: Is that one of the FW Gunwagons? It's looking good anyway, plenty of glyph plates makes it nice and 'kustom'. I was thinking of getting a Gunwagon to use as a base for a Looted Wagon, could you give me the measurements or would it be possible to put up a picture comparing it to a Truk or a Rhino if you've got one?

Almost there for month 3 guys and girls, I hope everyone's managed to get their stuff finished!


10-11-2008, 08:21
Long time no post!

After 3 months of slowly painting my Orks (taking about 2 hours each!), I've had a change of colour scheme (now taking about 45 minutes each). Hopefully this will enable me to finish this month's mob of 30 Shoota Boyz.

The scheme is based on an old bit of 1st Edition background:

'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

With this is mind, I present the first Boy to receive this new colour scheme. What does everyone think?


[Bonehead front, Bonehead rear]

14-11-2008, 12:27
Here are a couple of pics of last months entry, i only just got them up.
Its my Warboss, still a few bits to do with him, but i like how he has turned out so far


22-11-2008, 00:16
Folks, more love for the orks!

Sigur, grand stuff, as always!

Damn nice Truck there, bloodsbane!

Danny, only a few more detailing and youll have one great warboss!

Last time I posted on the big thread. This ones reserved for the pure orks thread.

First Kopta done, and some dudes hanging out with the cool machine. Greened up the skin on my dudes.

More to be seen in "Raising the waaghflag" in scifi projects.


Cheers Boyz

22-11-2008, 01:51
@misterboff: Thanks for the concern. Yeah, those banner poles tend to bend quite a bit if transported not properly so I really look forward to treat myself with a proper army case this christmas. :)

@bloodsbane: Speaking of christmas...it's weird how I just noticed last week that these FW battlewagons look incredibly close to the RT-era battlewagons so I started thinking if I should get one of those too. Anyway, your work looks superb so far. By the way, what are you using to make rivets?

@Danny76: Looking smooth and nice so far.

@warflag: Great and unusual painting and converting as always, Warflag. The colourscheme of the deffkopta looks great.

The end of November is dawning and we need to get stuff finished, ladz. So here is what I will be entering this month.

Finished mob of 16 Gretchins and a Runtherd:


And my Warboss who is not quite finished:

If you have any suggestions how to paint the feathers on his head, please let me know!

22-11-2008, 11:25
Sigur, try peacock feathers, maybe not all the way, but a try on the eyes?

The gretchin are great! I also like the last editions metal ones, though it was a shame the y had only five or so different models. Yours remind me of my classic gobbos.
The painting is marvelousas always!

Try the peacock thin is my vote.


22-11-2008, 13:32
@Danny76: Looks great to me. Quite a lot of us are using the AoBR Warboss, but seeing a good variety of paintjobs is refreshing.

@warflag: The fist on the Kopta is really cool, and I think the Shoota Boy in blue is the coolest the Boyz.

@sigur: I love the old school Gretchin, and that Runtherd with megaphone is one of my favourites (I also love the one with the peg-leg). How about red/black/white feathers? The Snakebite examples in the new Codex have red/black/white dags, and I think it looks pretty effective.

As for me, I'll hopefully be finishing the last of my Shoota Boyz tonight. I've got some jam doughnuts in, and I'm hoping that they'll help me to paint faster as suggested by Fil Dunn!


22-11-2008, 14:00
Thanks for the comments so far.

@warflag: Cheers, well, there were five with different ones with knifes and Autopistols and five more with autoguns in 2nd edition plus some runtz for equipment-dragging and the crew-Gretchin for the big guns plus the earlier ranges so there's enough variety today to make proper units of them. But you're right in general, there was a bit of a lack of variety in 2nd edition when the only ones that were available were the ones that were released in 1994 and there was no ebay or anything to get hold of older ones.

But I guess it didn't really bother people as in this era, plastics were only single-posed and all armies were 90% metal with only 8 different varients (IG infantry squads) of a single model at best.

Thanks for the suggestion about the feathers, it will be considered. :)

@misterboff: Hmm, that's a new one. It probably would point out the connection to Goffs and might be a good idea. I'll also consider it, thanks.

So as I'm still unsure about those feathers, I started December painting last night.

Here are two terrible shots of a test mini:


...and the testmini boy with some friends of his:

I'm not entirely convinced of the assets of an expensive unit of Slugga boys with slightly exotic special weapons but I think that having them painted will make me want to use them in games.

What do you think of the test scheme? I kinda like it to be honest. Basically a blue zig-zag pattern on dark red base.

02-12-2008, 23:15
@sigur: I like the colour scheme. The 'Eavy Metal red/black always looked a bit too much Evil Sunz to me. The dark red kinda looks brown and natural, and is actually a good colour for camo to match your bases. The blue stripes remind me of the B'Orkan Tau Sept (I think that's the right one). When your sneaky Blood Axes aren't busy stealing 'umie ideas they must be stealing them from the Tau instead!

I've put my Mob for this month in the Submissions thread, but I'll put a shot of it in here too. It's 30 Shoota Boyz, which will become 40 (two mobs of 20) next month when I paint another 10. After all those Troops I'm also gonna treat myself to a small mob of 5 Burnaz/Mekboyz...

Keep the pics and comments coming guys and gals!


[Shoota Mob]

03-12-2008, 07:45
@misterboff: Thanks. I never saw the 2nd edition 'Eavy Metal Kommandos to look much like Evil Suns as red is a very nice supplementary colour to all colourschemes. Apart from that, the suits of the Kommandos were quite orange too. By the way, do you have any closer pictures of your models?

I just noticed I haven't posted my entry for November yet so here you go:


More pictures of the Warboss and of the Gretchins can be seen in my project log or in the To40kP submissions thread, page #1.

Here are some new pictures of the Kommandos:



03-12-2008, 08:53
Whoops, forgive me the double post, but there's another update:




Nothing substantial, just redid the skin, painted some details like the tubes on the axes, knife handles, lenses on the Nobz, some details on the big gun and other minor stuff.

I'm stuck on some issue now though; how should I do the Slugga casings? Black, grey-ish blue or even something else? I'll be grateful for your help and suggestions. Cheers!

12-12-2008, 00:09
Time to get this one up and running again! What up with you all, have you abandoned the Green? ;)

Well, at least I know Warflag didn't. Good job on the November stuff mate!

Here's another little update for my december entry:

And a little conversion:

So these are probably almost done. Apart from the fact that I don't like the reds on the guns (except for the heavy weapon) much as they make the minis look de-centered if that makes sense and a bit "all over the place". Sorry, I don't know how to express myself. Also, two people assured me that it doesn't look too good so I probably will repaint the red bits on the guns to be silver or something.

Apart from that, I started work on what probably will be January's entry:

Today, I highlighted and shaded the reds and started highlighting the black parts. Apart from that, nothing really new and more or less something to buy me more time so I don't have to finish the Trukks.

So let's see what you're working on ladz!

12-12-2008, 00:25
Great! Looks like a mix between a football (US;))team and some evil streetpunk gang.

The skin colour is better now. That final highlight makes it perfectly round and finishes off the classic feel.
Your models are surely made of pure win, and it helps you do the bases instantly, and not like me... I should get that done really.

Thanks for your comment, btw!

Until then, my december wip



It is slightly bigger than a regular dread, but thats mainly because its a tripod. Two feet will be facing inwards, so they can fit on the 60mm base. The 3rd will be in motion.

More as it happens.

So folks, feel encouraged to post your stuff. We know youre at it!


13-12-2008, 05:57
As usual, I am luvin' this.

18-12-2008, 07:14
@sigur: The Kommandos and Boarboss are awesome. Your army is going to be very colourful in an old school way - which is really cool!

@warflag: Your Deff Dread reminds me of a Defiler, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Just a small update from me. I've got my last 10 Shoota Boyz finished, and present my first Burna Boy.

He'll be joined this month by another Burna Boy and 3 Mekboyz with KMB's.


[Burna Boy]

18-12-2008, 15:04
Hah! I just noticed the toque on the 'lumberjack'!

24-12-2008, 18:16
Hi gang!

I've managed to finish my December mobs before Christmas so I can now relax until the new year - woohoo!

I tried to post a pic of one of my Mekboyz, but it kept saying failed. I'll just have to try again later. [EDIT - pic should now work]

Merry Christ-Mork everybody!


Sheena Easton
30-12-2008, 14:07
I finished this months last week so here is a sneak preview of what I was working on...


Sheena Easton
08-01-2009, 20:19
and the end results:



08-01-2009, 23:09
@Sheena Easton: That's a nice rag-tag looted looking mob of Boyz you've got there. Very in-keeping with the Deathskull theme.

When I got home from work this evening I had the FW Ork Skwadron Kommander waiting for me! I'm going to use him as a Warphead (what's weirder than an Ork that thinks he can fly?), but must resist the urge to paint him now...


21-01-2009, 09:29
Although it's not part of my ToP army, my wife got me the 'Orc Raider with Pig' collectors model for Christmas. Being a gift, I thought that I should get it painted first, so here it is.

I'm also getting on with my Lootaz too, and if I can get a few painted will hopefully have a 1000 points battle report (my Orks vs my wife's SoB) up by the weekend.


[Orc Raider with Pig]

01-02-2009, 13:32
I've put my Mob for this month in the Submissions thread, but I'll put shots of it in here too. The battle report that I mentioned in my previous post never happened, but hopefully soon...

Next month, Lootaz and Warbikes.

Keep up the good work everyone.


[Loota Mob, Army to date - 1001 points]

02-02-2009, 01:00
Great stuff there. misterboff, you really keep this thread going. Love how your army is coming along. The colour scheme works very well.

@Sheena Easton: Oooh, great! 2nd edition Orks! May I ask for bigger pictures please? :-)

Here's a little overview of what I've done lately as well as an army shot of what I have painted so far:


(the board is the reason why I didn't get much done over the past month. Took quite some work doing this thing as well as some terrain to go with it)




At the moment I'm working on two Buggies with twin-linked rokkit launchas. For the near future, I have a Dreadnought (really annoying to put together, fell apart again on my trip back to London), some artillery, a bigmob of WIP shoota boys, a mob of Cybork Nobz, ...

Keep the work up everyone!

16-02-2009, 07:17
@sigur: I love that weirdboy (could be because he's a Death Skull!), and your Battle Board goes really well with your bases.

Just a quick update from me. I've finished my final four Lootas (taking my mob up to 15), and have make a start on the Nob for my Warbiker Mob. Only got the metal and blue done so far, but hopefully I'll get some more done tonight...


[Warbiker Nob PiP 1]

19-02-2009, 21:47
I managed to get the basecoat finished on the Nob for my Warbiker Mob the other day, but didn't get round to putting up a pic.

I'm a bit distracted though because I got Dawn of War 2 today (which won't work until tomorrow - grrr!) and White Dwarf yesterday...


[Warbiker Nob PiP 2]

23-02-2009, 22:51
No painting update for me yet, but I finally got a 1000 points battle in over the weekend. Check it out: Orks vs SoB - 1000 points (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=185055)


25-02-2009, 21:10
Nice batrep. I'm pleased to see that the SoB did well against Orks to be honest. Your battleboard looks nice. Simple and works well. Good and clear pictures too. I think this is what is crucial about good batreps. I never managed to make me actually read a batrep that's just text and diagrams.

Now on to the paintin: Do you usually prime your miniatures? maybe it's just odd lighting but the Bikernob looks incredibly unprimed. ;) The painting looks a bit messy at this point but he's just in early stages of WIP so that's not a problem. Do you plan to drill out those muzzles on the deffguns?

For my part....well, I didn't manage to get anything meaningful done for January and I also missed the entry deadline to be honest (at the end of january, I was just too lazy to finish up and enter and I thought i'd have time until mid-February anyway and then I missed the day because I was all busy planning my trip to Warhammer World and the design studio's open day). So I used up my second Joker.

My painting morale is also very bad at the moment. I started three things which I have all about 40% done and constantly hop around between them without ever really finishing any of them things. *sigh* Also getting kinda bored of painting Orks. Maybe I'll go to GW tomorrow, trying to have a game to refuel my interest.

here's some stuff I've done lately:




...then there's the Zzzapp gun, the Dread, the Painboy, the still-WIP shootaboys, the Trukks....

26-02-2009, 07:29
Sigur, yet again you baffle me with awesome work.

How did you do the Orkskin? I'd love to have that recipe for my own Orks.

27-02-2009, 20:52
@sigur: I've been undercoating all of my Orks with Skull White spray. Most people use Chaos Black I think, so that could be why it looks a little different. I don't have a drill for the gun barrels yet, but I'll probably do everything at once later in the Tale.

Your stuff is looking good as usual. Are the armoured Orks going to be Nobz or 'Ard Boyz?

I'll be posting this month's worth of models in the new thread next week, but until then here's my finished Warbiker Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole.


14-03-2009, 13:38
@MisterBoff: Looking nice as always, that Boss. I wasn't sure if it's white primer or no primer at all as it looked quite greyish in the picture. But white primer probably is a good choice considering all the blues you use. The armoured Orks I currently have WIP are going to be Nobz. For 'Ard Boys I'm going to use the old Scarboys models (more than appropriate I think).

So here's a tiny update from me:
http://www.imgbox.de/users/Sigur/thumbnails/buggieswip93_t.gif (http://www.imgbox.de/?pr=Sigur-buggieswip93.jpg)

http://www.imgbox.de/users/Sigur/thumbnails/buggieswip94_t.gif (http://www.imgbox.de/?pr=Sigur-buggieswip94.jpg)

The buggy with the original crew is about done now and the other one only needs some finishing touches (did some more work on it after the pictures were taken). That's 90pts of my monthly 200pts then. The rest will be Nobz.

18-03-2009, 21:18
I just thought that I would post my Kaptin Badruk that I finished today, because I have not posted in this thread in a while. Now that I have a nice stack of points built up in the Tale I am going to start to paint the boyz that I have about 50% done.

26-03-2009, 23:43
@sigur: All the little freehand stuff that you do is amazing. I found it fiddly just doing the checks on my Warbiker Nob!
@kammek: You've picked out all of his bling very well, and you've done an awesome job on the treasure map tabard too.

A small update from me. I haven't done any painting for over a week, but here's a pic of my last 3 Warbikes basecoated. Just the washes, drybrushing and details to do now. Then I can finally get started on my copy of AoBR!


[Waribkes - basecoat]

02-04-2009, 22:11
Another month has passed, so here's an army shot from me. My army so far consists of 4 Battleforces and 4 Loota/Burna boxes, and I've got a copy of AoBR to add to that by the end of the Tale. Check out the new monthly thread for full details.


[Army to date]

13-04-2009, 22:32
This month I will be taking it easy, and painting just 2 models:

Brainspilla Bonehead (Warboss w/Bosspole, 'Eavy Armour, Kombi-Skorcha and Power Klaw)
Da Joka (Weirdboy Warphead - Forgeworld Ork Skwadron Kommander model)

I made the Kombi-Skorcha by simply adding some spare Burna bitz to the Warboss's Shoota. After getting most of my 'basic' Boyz finished I'm really looking forward to taking my time on something a bit more interesting.

After this, I've only got the rest of AoBR (5 Nobz, 3 Koptaz, 20 Boyz) and a Truk to paint for the Tale. What's everyone else got left to do?


[Kombi-Skorcha, HQ to paint this month]

02-06-2009, 21:03
This thread has been a bit neglected lately, but here's my Nobz mob and Truk for this month, and also last month's Warboss (Brainspilla Bonehead) and Warphead (Da Joka).

Next month is 3 Deffkoptaz and the month after that I'll finish off the tale with the 20 Boyz from AoBR.

I hope everyone else's armies are coming along nicely.


[Nobz mob w/Truk, Brainspilla Bonehead - Warboss, Da Joka - Warphead]

10-07-2009, 22:33
This thread's kinda died off in the last few months...

I go on holiday next week, so I'm frantically trying to finish painting the last of my Boyz - only 4 to go! Here's a 'before' shot of my final 20 AoBR Boyz.

Keep up the good work everyone, not long to go now!


[20 AoBR Boyz to paint]

17-07-2009, 22:53
I go on holiday on tomorrow so I've had to get this month's mob finished before I go. I got a bit of an early start on it with only having 3 models last month though, so I'll post my mob now, and save army shots till next months post.

Good luck to everyone in the last month!


[Slugga Boyz mob]

18-07-2009, 20:29
Hi guys!

As a top40ker next tale and painting orks - will you chaps continue this thread for next year?

I hope so as there are some fantastic painted miniatures here. Really like the old school orks sigur! Go team squirrel!

18-07-2009, 23:15
Thanks muchly. Team squirrel definately keeps on going albeit not with Orks (for now). :)

31-07-2009, 14:03
Hi gang!

I've just finished last years Tale of Painters with a 2000 point army of Deathskull Orks, but I need some more! My army consists of Wave 1 and AoBR stuff, so for this Tale of Painters I'll be adding Wave 2 stuff and any other new stuff that they bring out over the next year.

I'm gonna start off by adding some of the new Nobz to my AoBR ones, to give me a full mob of 10. They will be equipped as follows:
4 Nobz w/'Eavy Armour and Big Choppa, 1 Dok w/Cybork Body = 175 Points

I'm going to paint the Ammo Runt too, but save it to be used for a potential Flash Gitz mob later on...

@SuavelyDunn: We might as well keep this thread running this year too. Check out the previous posts for some inspiration from last year's Tale of Painters.


[Waaagh! Brainspilla]

18-08-2009, 22:53
I've finished my 5 Nobz for Month 1 of this year's Tale of 40k Painters, but I won't post them just yet...

I wanted to get them out of the way because I've got all of the new terrain to get made/painted, and I've just started Fallout 3 - which is very time consuming!

I've got a couple of WiP shots of one of the Nobz, and I hope I can get most of my terrain done quickly so that I can start on next month's Stormboyz mob.


[Nob basecoated, Nob washed, Nob drybrushed]

28-08-2009, 21:31
I'm moving this thread to the new WarSeer Painting Support Group Forum.


06-09-2009, 20:44
Evening Chaps,

Just posted this month's entry in the main thread and post the same here;


Let me know what you think.


07-09-2009, 07:06
@SuavelyDunn: Your Orks rock! I love the skin tone, and the Flames on your Truk look great too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these. Are you going to do several different clans over the year, or stick to Evil Sunz?


07-09-2009, 16:52
SuavelyDunn - I'd second what misterboff has said. Can you give us arun down of the skin tone. Also I like the yellow details. Its a good yellow, not too 'in yer face' and highlighted to hell as some people do. I may just have to loot the flames.

07-09-2009, 21:08
@SuavelyDunn: Your Orks rock! I love the skin tone, and the Flames on your Truk look great too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these. Are you going to do several different clans over the year, or stick to Evil Sunz?


Thanks misterboff. The ones in the Trukks are going to be Evil Sunz, taking advantage of red wunz go fasta rule. Haven't thought about the Battlewagon yet...

SuavelyDunn - I'd second what misterboff has said. Can you give us arun down of the skin tone. Also I like the yellow details. Its a good yellow, not too 'in yer face' and highlighted to hell as some people do. I may just have to loot the flames.

No problem. I use Wargames Foundry colours mainly but here goes;
Black undercoat
GW Knarloc Green foundation
Army Painter Strong tone dip
Phlegm Green 28B and then Phlegm Green 28C as a highlight.
Matt Varnish

For the yellow its just Iyanden Darksun foundation, washed and then the main colour again, leaving the shade around the rivets & joins in the metal.

Glad you like them!

07-09-2009, 21:29
Have you thought of maybe doing the red panels blue on the truck ;)

19-09-2009, 19:11
It's been a busy month for me this month. In addition to this month's Orks for the Tale I'm also in the process of painting up 750 points of Space Marines (Fire Lords) for a local doubles Tournament.

I've got 2 Nobz finished, so here's a finished shot of them. When I finish the last of the Fire Lords (only 6 Tacticals, a Captain and a Land Raider to go...) I'll be getting a box of Stormboyz done to make up the points this month.



25-09-2009, 20:38
Only 3 Marines and a Land Raider to go for my 'on the side' Tournament army now, so I've made a start on my Stormboyz...


[Stormboyz basecoat]

02-10-2009, 00:46
My Stormboyz are finished, so I figured that I'd post them in here as well as the submissions thread.

Next month I'm aiming for 10 more Stormboyz and 5 more Burna Boyz (to add to the 5 that I painted for last year's Tale).



02-10-2009, 05:43
I posted on here some time ago, but due to severe strains on my free time, I decided to get my Blood Axe Orks comission painted. Here are the results of the first shooter unit :-






I just have to complete the Jungle bases and transfers. I will be sending my Killa Kans and Deff Dredds off soon, cant wait to see them.

I will also be sending my Forgeworld Mega Dredd!!!

03-10-2009, 17:50
@Chris Tzeentch - they look nice - who is doing them for you?

Anyway, here is my work for September. I know it is only 2 figures, but we are having a big game in October & I needed to get orky stuff glued together. Will be back on track next month.


23-11-2009, 00:02
@Chris_Tzeentch: Those Blood Axe Boyz look great. They look like they'll fit it very nicely with the Meganobz and their Truk (Rhino) that you painted last year. I can't wait to see the Mega Dread!

@SuavelyDunn: Good looking Big Mek you've got there. I like the Evil Sunz style cables and his Squig.

Now, I've posted this in the main November WiP thread, but I thought I'd post it here too, to hopefully get some advice from my fellow Ork players...

I could do with a bit of advice for my Looted Wagon. It's going to be a Looted Wagon with a Boomgun, 'Ard Case and 2 Big Shootas. The Boomgun is the Killkannon from the Battlewagon, and the 'Ard Case is just the fact that the Rhino it's based upon isn't open-topped.

The 2 Big Shootas are causing a bit of a problem however. I've glued 2 spare Big Shootas to the Lobba blast shield (see pic), but it looks very bare above them...

Please can anybody chip in with any suggestions to help me fill out this rather blank looking area? I've got a few spare ammo boxes from the Truk kit that I could use, but if I use them where should I put them? Or does anyone think that the grinning periscope from the Battlewagon kit would look any good above them?

One of my Runtherds is propping it up where it's going to go so you can see how it looks currently. There are other gaps to fill, but I'll sort them out when I've got the Big Shootas out of the way.


25-11-2009, 00:40
Thanks to suggestions from Spar666rawk, hwd and Jonahmaul, I've finished assembling my Looted Wagon.

After much cutting/filing and messing about, here's how it turned out. Now I just need some dry weather to be able to undercoat it...


27-11-2009, 19:22
@ sigur those have to be the world's best nobzi especially like the maiden and the acdc nob