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03-08-2008, 02:19
Ill be playing Dark Elves using the new codex have come up with a list just would like some ideas on dropping or taking anything. I will be playing against a 3000 point high elf list any thoughts on changed i would like to hear. Thanks.
395 Supreme Sorceress
Level 4, dark pegasus, dark star cloak, pendent of khaeleth, focus familar
252 Dread lord
Heavy armor, magic shield, sea dragon cloak, black amulet, sword of striking
190 Sorceress
level 2, seal of ghrond, dispel scroll
150 Sorceress
dispel scroll, dispel scroll
250 Lokhir Fellheart
225 Black Ark Corsairs*20
hand bow, reaver, musician, standard
225 Black Ark corsairs *20
hand Bow, reaver musician, standard
186 Dark Elf Xbow men*16
Guard master, musician, shield
186 Dark Elf xbow men*16
Guard Master, Musician, shield
456 Black guard*25
Kouran, musician, standard, banner of Hag Graef
175 War Hydra
175 War Hydra
Unit Upgrade (not sure which unit to put him in)
156 Assassin
hand weapon, rune of khaine, hand of khaine,

03-08-2008, 02:35
No BSB at 3k points???

Also, RHBs suck. Take warriors instead, or at least corsairs with 2 swords.

You will probly want more assasins and less sorsori against high elves.

RxBs are better in small units.

03-08-2008, 17:33
I agree with Conotor, I think a BSB would benifit this list very much. You have alot of infantry, which should be staying close togther.

Some things I would change..these comments are just based on my experiance with what high elf players usually take

1) Corsairs should either be changed to 18 strong (6 wide) with 2H weapons, or 10 Strong with double handbows. I say double hand bows because you make them march infront of your regular troops (slightly to the side) and shoot the turn before they get charged. They flee, and either your spearelves get piled into (which you should have some of) or blackguard. OR, there is a failed charge, and you are able to charge next round

2) Your Xbow Elves, should be changed into 10-12 group units. I usually use 12, then add a sorc to each unit to make it 13, so they need to cause 5 casualties initially before they panic

3) Your Black Guard unit is HUGE!!!! which is awesome, I personally love the models, so I tip my hat to you. A suggestion would be this though. If you think it will be ok with your army set up, try and get a Cauldron of Blood with a Death Hag. That will be able to help you out tremendously. But looking at your list, it doesnt really fit in theme wise, so I can understand not putting it in.

4) 2 Hydra's, really good. They are definatly beasts now. I would also suggest trying to get a pair of Bolt Throwers, simply for the fact that they help our armies out so much. Here is a dirty Trick for the Our Bolt Throwers as well. Stick a low level Sorc in the Bolt Thrower crew, then when you need to really make your shot count, you can use the Guiding Eye Enchanted item to re-roll your miss's for that turn. Potentially turning a fluff'd shot into a very acurate one. This also works for Xbow Elves.

Hope these idea's gave you some insite and something to chew on. ^_^

03-08-2008, 17:41
more assasins and take 3 units of around 10 of repeater crossbowmen.

03-08-2008, 19:03
1) Corsairs should either be changed to 18 strong (6 wide) with 2H weapons, or 10 Strong with double handbows. I say double hand bows because you make them march infront of your regular troops (slightly to the side) and shoot the turn before they get charged.

Only the champion can have double handbows, lots of people seem to getting confused on this. but yea they should be changed to 2 hand weapons, handbows really do suck.

As has been said, crop the RxBs to 10 strong adda nother unit in instead (also drop the champion on them, too many points, I'd rather another RxBman.

Lokhir Fellheart is great, personally I think overpriced btu it's ur choice, I'd go for another assassin instead.

Black Guard are too big really, not bad in that size i suppose but I'd drop 5 to get musician and champs on all those combat units, and maybe if u have the points after a unit of 5 harpies.

04-08-2008, 04:55
Thanks guys ill change my list around im still new to this game and dark elves are a hard newbie army. Thanks again :)

04-08-2008, 05:28
as everyone has said drop the hand bows on the corsairs, they look cool but suck it hard.
another thing u might want to look at is dropping the xbow men to units of 10 without command, and then drop 5 blk guard and take more xbow men. The thing to remember about HE is that they are better in combat than us for the most part, unless we sink 90+ pts into an assassin to bring us up to them, as such we are looking at shooting them down and then moving in with combined charges from bigger nasty units (eg charge in the front with blk guard and then flank with a hydra), the other thing to go along with this is as someone else said is get some harpies to screen and redirect charges. also bolt throwers are a gem... try some

04-08-2008, 08:47
Not sure if its been mentioned but one of your sorceress's is illegal is it stands. Can't have a dispel scroll and the Seal of Ghrond, thats 55pts there unfortunately:( . Also, Black Guard cap is 20, though it'd be sweet if it were higher:p. I'll also second the "drop the handbows" thing, at least from one unit. Maybe make the second unit two smaller units with handbows if you already have the models for it.